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Chapter 2: The Spider Realm, Max's dream.

You're Lilah still and you are in a factory with a giant mechanical Spider in the middle. Like any spider, this spider has 6 legs. There are scaffolding around the legs of the Spider. In 4 of those scaffolding you can climb up to a so-called Balcony. So there are 4 balconies and on each Balcony you have to solve a certain puzzle. But that will all come soon. For now, stand still at your arrival point and look in front of you.

You will see one of the "feet" of the Spider. This is Feet 1. The feet blocks a grid in the floor. On the right you see a turning wheel with a red handle

Aim the yellow forward arrow to the grid and then go forward and ... you look down through the grid and ....... Max appears and talks to you.

Max says he has  ended up in some sort of command center and he thinks it's Ceres. Max wants you to open the grid so you can come to him. When Max is gone again, step back. You are then back at the turning wheel with the red handle. Now click with the green cursor on the wheel and .... the foot of the spider goes up slightly but then falls back and keeps blocking the grid. It seems that there is no other option than to restart this factory to get the Spider out of the way.  Now click with the yellow forward arrow to the left of the foot to move forward again and ..... you have to swap CD 2 for CD 3. So do that. When CD 3 has started you will go forward automatically. You end up at the next feet of the spider. This is Feet t 2. There is a wooden pallet against the feet. You can now go diagonal left forward, rotate left or rotate right

Turn right. You will now see the first inlet of the factory. At the back of this cove is a round Water Tower.

You can enter this inlet there is nothing to do. However, you will end up in this inlet later.

Turn left again to foot 2 of the spider. Then turn left again and ..... you will now see the Spider's mouth.

Turn back to the right, to feet 2. Now look for the oblique left forward arrow, to the left of the feet, and then go forward 1 click again.

When you stand still again you are between feet 2 and 3.

You can move left, right and further diagonally forward. Turn right and look into inlet 2 and you will see the Oven in the back of the inlet.

You are standing in front of the stairs that go down to the inlet.

Go straight down the stairs  1 click. You are then on the front landing.

Turn right and go forward again 1 click and .... you go down the right side staircase and then stand still again.

Turn left. You are now to the right of the platform and above the bottom staircase.

Go forward 1 click again and ..... you now walk all the way through the inlet and come to a stop in front of the oven.

There is a Red Button in front of the oven.

Click the Red button and ..... briefly there will be a fire in the oven, but the fire will also go out immediately. You can click endlessly on the red button, but the fire in the oven does not stay on. The fire in the oven must be lit and stay lit, because only then will the Spider start to move. Turn left. You will now see a yellow cable car cabin.

Go forward to the yellow cabin. You end up in the cabin. Turn left. You will see a red and a green button.

Click the Green Button and ... ... enjoy the ride to the balcony. During the ride up you get a total picture of the Spin. The cable car will deliver you to a docking station on top of a high pole. Turn counter clockwise again to the buttons. To the right of the button box you get the diagonal right forward arrow. So click to get out of the cabin diagonally to the right. You then end up with a console with 4 levers.

You can pull any lever down but ..... nothing happens when you pull the them down. Apparently, these levers also need power first. We may have to come back here later. Turn around and go back diagonally forward to the yellow cabin. Back in the cabin, turn right and click the Green Button again to go back down. The cabin will deliver you back to the oven inlet floor.

Aim your cursor at the large cable rollers to get the yellow slanted right arrow. Then click and you end up back in front of the oven. Turn right. The oven is now right behind you and you are now looking at the center circle with the huge mechanical Spider on it. Find the diagonally left arrow and then click and you automatically walk back to the landing.

You automatically go up the left stairs. Turn right, 1 click forward, turn left and 1 click forward up the top stairs. You are back at the Spider. So you are between Feet 2 and Feet 3 of the Spider. You see a scaffolding at the Spider. The scaffolding is built around the spider's leg.

Turn diagonally left to the scaffolding. You end up in the scaffolding. Move your cursor up until you get the blue up arrow. 

Then click and .... your screen "tilt" and you are now looking up through the scaffolding and you get the yellow forward arrow.

Click the yellow forward arrow and ... you climb up in the scaffold. When you reach the top you are facing a Light Blue Round Gate. 

This Blue Gate is the door of the "Air Balcony". Go forward and .... The gate opens and you go through it and you end up at:

The Air Balcony:

You are in a huge box with balls. There is a cannon in front of you. In the background, a Tornado moves across the screen. With the hand cursor you can move the canon back and forth and fire. Fire a shot at the Tornado and see what happens. The ball you fire creates a column in the path of the tornado.

You should now get it done so that with one shot of the cannon you get the Tornado clamped between a number of columns. How? I'm going to explain that to you. Now move your cursor to the bottom of the screen first. You will get the blue down arrow, so click to look down. You see  a pipe with a hole in it. Go forward into the pipe. You will end up at a huge Pillow.

Go forward to sit on the pillow. But your screen will now stand upright and the pillow will disappear. It was not a pillow, but the lid of a ball box. You will now see a large square with a light green smaller square in it. The light green square has dots. There are 9 Balls. On the outside of the large square you can see brown bellows. There are 3 bellows on each side. What you have to do now is to use the "bellows" to place the 9 balls on the green square so that an empty space remains exactly in the middle of the light green square. So you will have 1 ball left.

You can use the remaining ball to block 1 side at a time. It's not difficult. So you click on the bellows to move the balls. With the top bellows you blow the balls down, With the bottom bellows you blow the balls up, With the right bellows you blow the balls to the left.  With the left Bellows you blow the balls to the right. It is not difficult but you have to be careful. That's how it should be in the end.....

When you have  succeeded, click twice with the yellow back arrow to get back out of the pipe. Then look up via the blue up arrow and you are back at the cannon. Point the cannon at the Tornado and fire the cannon and ...... When you have solved the bellow puzzle correctly, the Tornado will now be caught between pillars. The Tornado disappears and your screen will now wave up and down.

Turn around again. You see the light blue gate again.

Go back through the light blue gate and .... 

you will not return to the scaffolding, as you might have expected, but will now be brought to the Cosmology Room via a video scene

Cosmology Room:

Windows will go open. Then you see the Universe with the stars. In the middle of the starry sky,

 Max's head is formed by the stars and you hear Max telling you that you are now living his dream of the mechanical spider

A photo will fly in. The Photo ends up in the bottom center of the screen and is a photo of the cannon on the Air Balcony.

Now put your cursor, left or right, next to the photo to get the blue down arrow. Then click to look down.

You will now see the Control panel. On the Control panel you see 5 photos. Below each photo you will see a slot

The middle photo is of course the SPIDER and the others are schematic representations of the 4 Balcony's.

Number the 5 photos, from left to right, A, B, C, D, E.  Photo B represents the Air Balcony. So above the Spider (Photo C) is the photo. Pick up the Photo with your hand and then drag the photo to the slot below photo B. Then click the photo into the slot and .... You will also look up at the Universe again. You hear a voice that says "In the beginning Max created a Machine. But the Machine was small and weak." At the bottom right a Constellation is drawn that looks a bit like a ladies shoe with a stiletto heel. In the center of the universe you will see a few bright white dots, which represent stars.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this chapter, there are 4 Balcony's where you have to solve a puzzle. So you've already done the Air Balcony. After every Balcony puzzle you end up here in the Cosmology Room. You then insert the photo of the balcony you came from into the slot and more white dots appear in the Universe. You have to connect all those white dots with lines and eventually you will have drawn the Spider. You have to wait to connect the stars until you have solved the last balcony puzzle. 

So don't do anything else here, turn around using the turn arrow and then go forward 2 clicks, back through the round gate. You end up on a lift and the lift takes you back down. Click forward to exit the elevator. You are in water tower inlet of the factory. You always end up here from the Cosmology Room 

Go forward 1 click, then diagonally left forward to the landing. At the top of the platform, turn right and go forward 1 click again. Then turn left and forward up the stairs. You are back at Foot 2 and see the spider's mouth again. Turn right and go diagonally forward left again. When you stop again, the Oven Inlet is on the right again and the scaffold to the Air Balcony on the left. Now continue 1 click diagonally left forward. You pass Feet 3 of the Spin and are right in front of Feet 4.

You can turn diagonally left forward, left and right. Turn right.

You look into the Forge inlet. A huge S is painted on the wall. We are not entering the forge.

Turn clockwise. You will see Feet 3 and the scaffolding to the Oil Balcony.

However, we do the Oil Balcony last, so turn right again. You are now looking at the behind of the Spider.

Turn right again. You look at Feet 4 again. 

Now go forward 1 click diagonally to the left and when you stop again you are past Feet 4. In the distance you see feet 1 and 2.

Turn right. You look into the Bellows inlet. A large E is painted on the wall. We are not going there either.

Turn left, or right, 2 times. You now look at a side of the Spider again and see 2 Scaffolding

The Left scaffold takes you up to the Metal Balcony and the right scaffold takes you to the Fire Balcony.

We are now going to the Fire Balcony first. So go diagonally right forward into the right scaffold. Look up in the gantry again and then climb all the way up in the gantry again. You have reached the top at the Orange Round Gateway of the Fire  Balcony. 

Click forward to the gate. The gate opens and you go through it and you are on the:

Fire Balcony:

You are in an sunset sky above an barren landscape. In the middle of the red sky you see the yellow Sun. Under the Sun is a strange bare tree. The 5 branches of the tree move up and down. There are 5 luminescent poles in the ground in front of the tree. The tips of the branches each touch one post.

Click on the Sun and ..... From the Sun there will be lightning flashes that also go to the posts. The Lightning Flashes hit the posts in a certain order. You must now make sure that the branches of the tree hit the posts at exactly the same time as the lightning flashes. The lightning flashes and the branches must therefore hit the posts simultaneously. Number the poles, from the rear right to rear left 1 to 5. Number the branches, also from right to left, A to E. 

Branch A hits pole 1, Branch B hits pole 2, Branch C hits pole C , Branch D hits pole 4 and Branch E hits pole 5.

Click on the sun again and look closely at the order in which the lightning flashes hit the posts. Record the order in which lightning hits the posts. For me this was 2, 3, 4, 5 and 1. Compare the order in which the lightning flashes hit the posts with the order in which the 5 branches hit the posts. So this does not match. So you have to get the order of the branches equal to the order of the lightning flashes. If you manage to do that, the branches hit the poles exactly at the same time as the lightning flashes hit the poles in the same order as the lightning flashes. To put it more clearly: The branches must hit the posts in the same order, and at the same time as lightning.

So you have to change the speed at which a branch goes down to a pole. Do this by clicking on a pole with your green cursor, exactly at the moment that the tip of the branch touches the pole. You then stop the movement of that branch. The longer you hold the post, the longer you "freeze" the branch. In this way you can influence the speed of the branch and the order in which the branches touch the posts. Do this branch by branch, post by post. Then click repeatedly on the Sun to see if the lightning and the branch hit the pole at the same time. If this is the case, you will hear a music tone.

It is a terribly difficult puzzle and it takes an infinite patience to get it done. So I wish you a lot of patience and good luck in solving this puzzle. If you manage to get all branches in sync with the lightning bolts, the tree will catch fire when you click on the sun again.

When the tree is on fire, turn around, using the blue turning arrow at the bottom right. The Fire Gate now floats in the middle of your screen.

Go back through the Fire Gate and ..... via the universe video you will end up in the:

Cosmology Room:

The photo of the Fire Balcony swirls through your screen and is placed above the spider. So look down at the console again. Grab the photo and then put the photo in the slot below photo E. You will then look up at the starry sky. You hear the voice say again: "In the beginning Max created the machine. But no fire flowed through the veins of the machine. Fire means nothing to Max, but to us fire is the blood of our ancestors." At the top left, a cord / plug is drawn which then changes into a candle. Also 4 new white dots appear in the universe.

Turn around via the blue turn arrow and go forward twice through the gate. Again you go down with the elevator and you end up in the water tower inlet of the factory. Well ... now follow the same route as the 1st time and go back to the 2 scaffolding of the Metal Balcony and the Fire balcony, so at the Bellows inlet

Stand straight in front of the 2 scaffolding and then go diagonally left into the left scaffolding. 

So look up again in the scaffolding and then climb all the way up again. 

At the top of the scaffolding you stand in front of the gray round gate of the Metal Balcony.

Go forward through the gate. You are then on the:

Metal Balcony:

The Nanobot factory

In the distance you can see the factory. A slide goes from the factory to a jetty. There is a thick pipe at the jetty. In front of the pipe is an orange box with a burning green lamp. At the bottom right of the screen you can see the opening of another thick pipe. You get the diagonally right arrow to the pipe opening. So go diagonally right into the thick pipe.

You then automatically go through a very long pipe and end up at the Factory

You are in front of a red button and a conveyor belt. The red button has number 4. To the right of the red button is a pipe above the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt has stopped. The conveyor belt goes into the factory through doors. Click on the red button and ..... A green rock falls from the pipe on the conveyor belt, but because the doors do not open, the green rock cannot enter the factory. The green rock then falls off the conveyor belt. So there is something wrong because the doors do not open and so the green rocks cannot enter the factory. Those green rocks are part of the fuel for the metal factory. Place your cursor on the conveyor belt to get the yellow diagonal right arrow. Then click and you go forward to the courtyard.

Turn left. You are standing in front of a cupboard where you apparently have to place something in. Turn right again. Left you see the doors of the Laboratory. Right in front of you will see part of the production line of the factory. There are Nanobots on the production line, but nothing moves. The factory is dead and your job is to get the factory going again. Go forward 1 more click, then turn left and enter the Factory through the double doors. You go through a number of doors and then end up in:

The Laboratory:

You are standing in front of a mixing installation with 3 cups. There is a monitor on the left and right. To the left is a rack of fluid tubes. Tubes of red, yellow and blue liquid hang in the rack. On the right is also a rack and in that rack hangs 1 green tube. In front of the right gate is a sign with the number 4. To the right of the left monitor hangs the button to empty the top left cup. To the left of the right monitor hangs the button to empty the top right cup. The bottom cup is the Mixing Cup. You will see a red button on the Mixing Cup.

Turn clockwise. You are then standing in front of a shelf hanging on the wall. There is a monitor on the shelf. Below the monitor you see a slot and the monitor has 3 buttons on the left. To the right of the monitor are 2 Floppy's. The 2 Floppy's explain what to do. Pick up the left floppy and then insert it into the slot below the monitor. Once you have put the floppy in the slot, the monitor fills your screen. Then, left click on the top button and .... watch the video.

First you see a chemical formula and then you see how a Nanobot makes the fuel for the factory by mixing the liquids in the mixing plant. When the video of the left floppy ends, you step back, using the yellow back arrow. Take the floppy back out of the slot and put the floppy back on the small shelf. Then put the right floppy in the slot of the monitor and then press the top button again and ... the explanation continues,

When you have watched the videos of both floppy's, you know which liquids you have to mix to make the fuel for the factory. So you first have to make Orange of a certain composition, that if Green is added an Orange of a different composition yields. Turn back to the left. You are then back at the mixing installation. Now look up first. Above the mixing installation is a panel on which you can see the mixing ratios of the liquid you have to mix.

Look down again at the mixing installation. If you empty a bottle from the left rack into the upper cups, you can see on the monitor next to it how many dots that bottle has. It goes from 1 to 6. Now number the tubes in the left rack from left to right as follows: Red Tubes = R1, R2, R3, R4. Yellow Tubes = G1, G2, G4 and G5 (G3 is not there). The Blue tubes are not important.

We are now going to mix and I will immediately give you the correct solution of this mixing puzzle:

Step 1:

Pick up red tube R1 and click on the top left cup. You empty R1 into the cup.

Pick up yellow tube G4 and empty it into the top right beaker.

On both monitors you now see the number of dots of R1 and G4.

Press the red button on the bottom Mixing Cup and ....... In the Mixing Cup R1 and G4 are now mixed together until Orange consists of R1 + G4. This orange stuff ends up in the top right cup. Now pick up the Green Tube, which is in the right rack, and empty it into the top left cup. Then click again on the red button of the Mixing Bottle and ... The top left cup now contains Orange, which is made up of R1 + G3. The green in the top right cup is not important.

The Orange R1 + G3 is the mixture that will restart the factory. Orange R1 + G3 is made by first mixing R1 with G4 to Orange R1 + G4 and then adding the green liquid. So if you put a bottle of Orange R1 + G4 in the number 4 box outside the assembly line and mix it with a green rock to get  Orange R1 + G3, the factory will start running again and the production of Nanobots will restart. .

Step 2:

Now empty the two top cups with the buttons next to the monitors. Then make Orange R1 + G4 again, so put the red tube R1 in the top left top cup again and the yellow tube G4 in the right top cup again. Then click again on the button of the Mixing Cup and .... in the top right cup you have Orange R1 + G3. Now click on the top right cup to grab it now. The orange cup disappears to your inventory at the bottom of your screen.

Turn around, using the down arrow at the bottom left, and then click forward to go back out through all the doors.

Outside again turn to the right. You see the conveyor belt again and also that cupboard in which you have to place something.

Go forward 1 click and then turn right. You are back in the closet. Click on the holder in the cupboard and ......

..... the cup with orange R1 + G4 is now placed in the cupboard.

Turn left and go forward 1 click again, to the beginning of the conveyor belt. Then run right 2 times and ....

... You are back at the red 4 button. Ok ....... Click on the red button and .....

The conveyor belt gets going again. Green rocks are now transported through the doors via the conveyor belt.

The green rocks mix with the Orange R1 + G4 to Orange R1 + G3 and ..... the whole factory gets going again and you see how the Nanobots roll out the factory.

The video brought you back to the courtyard. Turn around using the reverse arrow. You look at the conveyor belt again. Go forward diagonally to the left and .... You go back across the terrain to the thick pipe. On the way you see the Nanobots coming out of the factory and going down the slide to the jetty.

You dive into the pipe and go through the pipe and then you are back at the Gray round gate.

Well ... go through the gray gate and via the Universe video you will end up in the:

Cosmology Room:

The photo of the Metal Balcony is coming in. So look down at the console again. Take the photo and put the photo in the slot below photo D and .... listen again to the Voice that says "to Max the metal means nothing, but to them metal means flesh and blood". The Anvil is now drawn in the sky and 4 new white dots appear again.

Turn around and go forward twice through the gate. The elevator takes you back down to the Water Tower inlet. Walk forward through the inlet and then back to the Spider's mouth via the landing. There is still 1 Balcony to go to and that is the Oil Balcony. For this you have to go back to Feet 3 of the spider. When you stand in front of the spider's mouth again, turn counterclockwise. You are looking at Feet 1.

Now go forward twice diagonally to the right. 

You are then back between Feet 4 and Feet 3 and so at the scaffolding to which you will be taken to the Oil Balcony. To the left is the Forge inlet.

Enter the scaffold at an angle to the right and then climb all the way up in the scaffold.

You have reached the top at the yellow / black gate of the Oil Balcony.

Go through the gate. You must load CD 5. When CD 5 is started you end up on the:

Oil Balcony:

You have ended up in a desert. Right in front of you see a Sand Castle. At the bottom of the screen, the number 038-1 is written in the sand. You can go straight ahead or diagonally right forward to the right side of the Sand Castle. Go diagonally forward on the right. You will find a kind of funnel behind the front of the castle. You will see a red button with 2 digit displays underneath and red arrows next to it. Now put the number 038-1 using the red arrows. You only have to click on the left red arrow until 038 is shown in the left display.

Then press the red button and see what happens ....... Oil is sucked into the sand castle via the funnel. Step back, via the back arrow at the bottom left. You are then back at the numbers in the sand. Now go 1 click straight ahead, so via the yellow straight arrow. You end up at the front of the Sand Castle. You can go even further, but don't do that just yet. Turn clockwise 2 times. You look back at the sand castle, but you are now at the front of the castle.

Place the diagonally left arrow on the castle and then click and ...

You go to the castle yourself and via the drawbridge and a long spiral staircase you end up in the upper room of the castle.

You look at some windows and at a red turning wheel. Turn left. You are standing in front of a large green panel on which you see a line pattern.

This is the main puzzle of the castle but you can't do anything with it yet because the puzzle has not been activated yet.

Turn clockwise again and then go forward diagonally left, then turn left again and diagonally left forward again.

You are then standing in front of a table with a black screen. In the screen you will see a red cross. This is the Coordinates table.

Take another step forward to get the table in close-up. White lines will then appear on the screen. The screen is now a Geological Map. With the 2 red turning wheels you can set coordinates and then the map moves to those coordinates. The funnel, which is outside of the castle, will then be turned to those coordinates. But which coordinates should you set here now? You don't know that yet, so you need to find this out. Step back, turn left and go forward one click diagonally left and then turn right. You look back at the table but also at the spiral staircase.

Aim the yellow forward arrow to the stairs and then click and ..... via the video you will end up outside the sand castle again.

Back outside you go forward 1 click and .... You end up at the Ocean.

The Ocean Waves Puzzle:

You see a separate segment in the ocean that waves. The waves consists of 9 squares. There are 3 rows of waves and each row consists of 3 waves.

The waves roll back and forth but they don't roll nicely in sync.

You have to make sure that the 3 waves per row fit together nicely so that each row of waves is then 1 large wave and the 3 rows then start to wave nicely and then wave beautifully onto the beach. This is a very difficult puzzle and I cannot offer you much help with it. It is also hard to explain how you can solve this puzzle, but I will try.

If you put the cursor on the waves, the movement of the waves stops. By clicking on the edges of each square with the green cursor, you can change the shape of each wave to make it fit together nicely. You can also click on the flat part of the squares to flatten the squares. So this is another very difficult puzzle that requires a lot of patience and meticulousness to get it done. So you have to equalize the 3 waves, per row, so that together they form 1 wave per row. There should absolutely no space between the waves, because then the puzzle will not solve. This next screenshot shows the waves almost solved but not yet exactly solved...I'm sorry but I can not offer you a better screenshot

If you manage to connect the waves, the entire segment will be lifted out of the ocean, creating a large hole in the ocean. 

The wave segment then floats into the air.

So you can achieve this by clicking on the squares. You can then change the shape of any wave in any square by clicking on it. You have to make sure that you first make sure that the waves run synchronously with each other in a row and then you have to let the rows wave in synchronization with each other so that one smooth wave movement occurs. Only then will the wave segment rise from the ocean. It's hard, but start with getting the back row nicely in sync. If you succeed, the wave segment is lifted out of the water. 

Then turn right 2 times and go forward 1 click. You are then back at the Sand Castle. 

Do not enter the castle again but turn around. In the air you can see the Gulf segment hanging.

You see a side of the wave segment and on it you see a pattern of lines. Draw that pattern over on a piece of paper because you have to reproduce the pattern in a moment. Turn back to the sand castle and enter again. Through the video you end up back in the castle. Turn clockwise 2 times and then go diagonally right forward again to the Coordinates table. Then turn counterclockwise so that you are right in front of the Coordinates table again. Through the window you can now see the side, with the line pattern, on the wave segment hanging in the air. Turn left and go forward 1 click diagonally left. Then turn 2 times counterclockwise and .... you are again in front of the Green Panel.

The Lines Pattern Puzzle:

The line pattern on the green panel is mix-up. You need to restore the pattern to the pattern as you just saw it hanging in the air through the window. Take a good look at the lines on the panel. You notice that it has 10 lines from top to bottom. With your blue hand you can slide each line left and right. You can also slide the lines up and down to switch places with each other. Number the lines, from top to bottom, 1 to 10 and then do the following using the blue "hand"

1 = Move line 1 (the top one) 2 times to the left
2 = Drag line 5, up 3 lines (so line 5 becomes line 2)
3 = Drag line 8, 5 lines up (so 8 comes on line 3) and then slide it 2 times to the left
4 = Drag line 6, 2 lines up (so becomes 4) and then slide it 2 times to the left
5 = Drag line 9, to line 5 and then slide left twice
6 = Move line 6 to the right 2 times
7 = Drag line 9 to line 7 and then slide 2 times to the right
8 = Move line 9 to the right 2 times
9 = Move line 10 to the right 2 times and the pattern is restored.

NB: I'm not 100% sure my solution is 100% correct. It is possible that I have made a mistake within my solution. If so then I apologize but I can not correct it anymore because I do not have the game anymore

If you make a mistake, turn around and back again to return the puzzle to the starting position and start again. If you have the pattern on the panel exactly as you saw through the window, you will hear some music and you will get the Yellow Forward arrow on the panel. So click the yellow forward arrow on the panel and ..

The panel slides backwards and you go through a very long pipe and end up underground at the Oil Tornado.

Look up and you will see the Coordinates of this Oil Tornado which are 133-5.

These are the coordinates of the wave segment that is now in the air.

Look down again, turn around and click forward on the blue screen to go back through the long pipe.

You end up back in the castle room. Turn clockwise and return to the Coordinates table.

The Coordinates puzzle:

Zoom in again on the Coordinates table. You should now set the red cross to the coordinates you just saw at the Oil Tornado. With the left wheel you put the numbers in the left display and slide the map in the screen to the left or right. With the right wheel you put the last digit in the right display and slide the map up or down. First put Coordinates 038-1 in the 2 displays. This is not even easy. First turn the right wheel, left or right, until you have the number 1 in the right display. Then turn the left wheel, left or right, until you have 048 in the left display. The red cross circle is then shown on the map at Coordinates 038-1.

Now from 038-1 you are going to set Coordinates 133-5 with both wheels.

 First make sure that the 5 is again in the right display and then set 133 in the left display. The circle of the red cross is then at coordinates 133-5.

Step back, turn left, diagonally left forward, turn right twice and go diagonally left to the stairs and ... you will end up outside the front of the castle. Turn counterclockwise 2 more times. You look at the castle again. Go to the right of the castle, 1 click straight ahead, towards the yellow / black gate. You are then back at the yellow / black gate. Turn back to the sand castle and go diagonally right again to the funnel, which is at the front of the castle. Now, with the red arrows, set coordinates 133-5 on the displays to direct the funnel to the Floating Segment.

Then press the red button and ..... The floating segment is drawn to the castle and the oil from the segment disappears into the castle.

The Sand Castle is now completely metallic gray. You have solved this Oil Balcony.

Turn around to the Gate and go forward through the gate.

You have to put CD 3 back in your computer and when that is done you end up via the universe movie and you end up in the:

Cosmology Room:

The photo of the Oil Balcony is placed above the spider. Look down at the console again and then put the photo in the slot below photo  A. The Voice now tells you "For Max oil is no more than raw material, but for them it is wine". An oil can is now drawn in the universe and 4 new white dots appear again. Now you have to connect all the white dots, in the middle of the universe, with white lines to draw the Spider in the starry sky. To connect dots, click on 2 dots with the green cursor. You always connect 2 dots with a white line and so you draw the Spider

When the Spider is ready you will hear the Voice again that says: "The Machine is complete and Max is now redundant". You are done on the balconies. Turn around and disappear twice forward through the gate and ... the elevator brings you back down to the Water Tower inlet .... Step forward out of the elevator and ....... The huge Mechanical Spider is now coming to life ..... Go forward one click and .......

The huge mechanical Spider walks down the round platform and ......

... you will now meet the Conductor who is going to talk to you for a while.

You then end up in:

Chapter 3: Bismuth Realm:

2009: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2020: English translation by: Louis Koot