2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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This walkthrough is for the German version of the game but you can use the walkthrough with the English version. The English version is slightly different here and there.  Obsidian is an older Windows 95 game, but can be played with WindowsXP. You only have to adjust the settings of your screen / video card because Obsidian only runs with 16 bit colors. So set your screen to 16 bit colors. It is also useful if you set the resolution of your screen to 800 by 600 pixels. If you don't, you play Obsidian in a very small screen

Because of us humans, the problem of air pollution on Earth has become very serious. Scientists have therefore started a project in 2050 in which Nano technology attempts to solve the air pollution problem. Scientists Lilah Kerlin and Max Powers are the leading 2 scientists of this project which they have codenamed Ceres. Ceres is a satellite orbiting the Earth's atmosphere. The Ceres project is a success and that's why Lilah Kerlin and  Max Powers have decided to take a break together on a well-deserved camping holiday in the Rocky Mountains. During their camping trip, Lilah and Max encounter a strange rock that seems to grow a little bigger every day. Lilah and Max decide to study this rock, the OBSIDIAN rock, so they camp near the rock. The game starts in the Forest.


The forest

You start the game in a clearing in the forest. Move your cursor to the right edge of the screen and then click the blue arrow.

You turn to the right and see a forest path that goes to a tree. Click forward with the yellow arrow and ....

You now walk through the forest and get the first look at the Obsidian rock and the title of the game appears.

When you see the red cursor again, move it to the bottom of the screen. The red cursor then becomes the blue down arrow. Click the blue down arrow to go back a few steps. Then click again with the yellow forward arrow to walk back over the forest path and ..... The Credits appear on your screen, because the game is now really going to start.

Stay patient because you will now walk through the forest and end up at your tent:


Turn counterclockwise to your tent.

Enter the tent. There are 2 sleeping bags in the tent. Click with your green cursor on the right-hand sleeping bag. You then open that sleeping bag. 

There is a device in the sleeping place. Click on the device to get it in close-up. This device is the PDA.

Click on the PDA cover to open the thing. You will then see the PDA screen in your screen.

The PDA:

At the bottom right is the green on / off button. Click the on / off button to switch on the PDA. The PDA then first does an internal scan and then a warning appears on a screen because some files have disappeared. At the bottom of the PDA screen, click the red "Continue / Weiter" button to dismiss the warning.

You will then enter the main menu of the PDA.

Each of the PDA's main functions, Mail, Journal, Projects, Videos and Network, can be selected from here.

You can also open and close the various PDA functions with the buttons on the right. View everything you can view in the PDA, so read all documents and watch all videos. In documents you also have to scroll down through the texts via the red SRL arrows. You don't have to read all the documents and you don't have to watch all the videos. However, there are 3 videos and 3 documents in the PDA that you should watch and read. If you forget to open one of these videos and documents, the game will not continue when you leave the Tent.

These are the videos and documents that you must open in the PDA.

In the MAIL / POST section:

15/05/66: Hello Leute. You see a video with Lilah and Max at the tent.

17/5/66: Obsidian Wachstumbericht. You can see in a video how the Obsidian rock grows bigger and bigger.

13/055/66: Bon Voyage: This video shows you the farewell party for Lilah and Max.

In the PROJECTS / PROJECT section:

Redeentwur. Click on the hyperlinks in this text file

Traum-Spinne. In a video, Max talks about his dream. He tells about a giant mechanical spider.

Traum Rotes Klebeband. Lilah talks about her dream and also draws her dream.

When you have seen and read these 4 videos and documents you can close the PDA. But you can also view the other files to get some more information about the CERES project. After viewing the necessary files, turn the PDA off again with the green on / off button. Zoom out via the yellow arrow, to the left or right of the PDA. You are back with the 2 sleeping bags.  Turn left or right 2 times and then leave the tent. You automatically take a few steps forward outside the tent and then stop. Turn left and ..... you hear a terrible scream........ It's Max screaming.  Max is now being sucked into the Obsidian rock. 

If you do not hear Max screaming now then you have to go back to the tent because you did not viewed all the necessary files in the PDA, as mentioned above. 

Click forward and ..... You will now be taken to the Obsidian rock.

So you are ..... Lilah. On the left you see Max's cap on the floor and in the reflective surface of the rock you see a reflection of yourself.

At least you now remember who you are. Max has been sucked in through the Obsidian Rock and ......

The shining surface of the rock then breaks into a thousand pieces and .....

You are also sucked into the rock, as it were, and a video scene starts with a lot of Nanobots as main characters.

You will end up in:

Chapter 1: Lilah's Dream:

2009: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2020: English translation by: Louis Koot