2017: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw en Louis Koot

  Text Dick Leeuw. Screenshots by Louis Koot

2018: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw and : Louis Koot

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After starting the game you choose new game, you get an introduction movie. If you have control again you are in the sick bay of the spaceship, you see a message about  "press F1" for help with the controls. You see in the corner on the right a number of devices including a computer and a hologram projector, both do not work because there is no power.

If you move your mouse over the projector you get a hand cursor, interaction is possible. You can click on the glass of the projector and the glass will rise

 If you click on the clamps you get the message that the clamps are tight, they do not go loose. You need an instrument that you still have to find.

When you are zoomed in, go to the bottom of the screen to zoom out. You can zoom in on the computer but now you get the message that there is no power on it. 

On the wall behind and above the computer hangs a camera. Turn left, you see a door on the left and a door at the end of the corridor.

  Go forward, the door on the left is closed. You need a pass to open it. There is a terminal next to that door, but it also has no power.

 Click on the door in the back, you become dizzy and blurry, you will be told that the door is blocked. Turn to the right and look down, close to the table you get a hand cursor. 

Click with that and you pick up a green card (keycard), which is placed in your inventory.

 Walk back to the locked door and click right, your inventory appears with the green card. Click on the keycard and then click right, you are now out of your inventory and you have the pass to your mouse. Click on the card slot with the card and the button will turn green, your card will be in your inventory again.

 Enter the room and you will be notified that your goal has been updated, click on Tab and you will see what your goal is for the moment. You have to find a way out of this space. 

You are right in front of a scanner and when you click on the control panel you see that the scanner has no power.

  To the right in the corner are a few computers, on the left box is a pen (stylus). Grab this Pen (Stylus).

  If you are there, look down between the computer and the scanner, there you see a small door, zoom in on it and click on the door. 

You see a battery and a switch, click on the switch and you hear a device start up.

  Click next to the door, you zoom out and you see that there is now voltage on the scanner. The computers now have power. 

You see a cupboard on the right with a grid above it, walk towards it and climb on the cupboard. If you try to remove the grid, that does not work.

  Climb down again and go to the front of the scanner and zoom in, click on "Calibrate" and you will see something go wrong with the scanner.


    There is a beam coming out and that causes a burning spot on the ground, you canít do anything with it yet.

  Previously you needed a sharp object and that was the case with the hologram projector. Walk back to the projector, click on top of the glass to zoom in and then again to open the glass.

  Now take the Pen (Stylus) from your inventory and click on the clips. The clamps rise and then take the reflector out of the projector.

  Turn around to the computer with the medical archives, you can see the latest medical reports here. You will need this later.

    Then click at the bottom of the screen to zoom out. Return to the room with the scanner and walk to the corner with the computers.

 Turn around, you will now see the burned spot on the ground. Now take the Reflector and put it on the burned spot.

  Walk back to the control panel and press the button again. Again a beam is created but this is now reflected and burns a hole in the grid.


  Ventilation shaft:

  Climb back on the cupboard and take the grid out of the opening.

  Climb into the tube, click ahead and turn to the left.


  You see a rotating fan and a crowbar (Prybar) in front of it. Take the crowbar (Prybar)


  A cable runs alongside the fan. Take your Prybar from your inventory and click on the cable at the top, the cable is broken and the fan stops. Take the piece of Cable from the left corner.


  Zoom in on the fan, grab a fan blade and turn the fan so that a blade is straight up.


    You can now crawl under the fan and you come to a grid in the bottom of the tube. Click on the grid and it opens, click in the opening and you enter a room.


  You have now reached your goal and you get a new assignment, press your Tab key to read which one it is. You are now in a storage room.

  Look around in this room and on the floor under the grid you can see a piece of the grid -Shard, pick it up.


  You can look at the rest of the stuff but you cannot do anything with it. Turn around and click on the door.


  Level L2

  Behind you is the door of the storage room, at the end of the hallway you see a big door. You are here in the corridors of the 2nd floor, L2.


To the right is a door, enter there. It is very dark and you cannot do anything now. Turn around and go back to the hallway. You now look in the left corridor, at the end is a heavy Fire door. There is a room on the left and 1 on the right, left is closed. Walk to the end of the corridor, halfway there is a ventilation shaft. Here you just crawled through. Just behind the shaft hangs a few monitors on the wall that you can view with your eye cursor. Walk on to the large fire door and click on it ....... unfortunately ..... the fire door is closed (too little power?)

 Turn to the door on the right, this is the door to the sick bay and this one is blocked.

  Take the Prybar from your inventory and click on the door. You open the door and go through it and you are back in the sick bay.

For this moment you canít do anything in the infirmary, so turn around and go back to the L2 hallways. Walk straight and then left and to the door at the end of the corridor. This is the elevator door, but this door does not open. So grab your Prybar again and force the door.


You enter a lift shaft. On the left you see a ladder against the wall, the elevator hangs a floor higher and below you see a lighted panel, to the right of the ladder. Click ahead on the ladder and go down 1 floor, then step down the ladder to the right and then look left. You see that illuminated control panel, with this you control the lighting on the floors. Zoom in on it and then turn off the lights on level 3 and on level 1 on half.


  Step back on the ladder and go further down, click on the door (2x) and you guessed it. Grab your Prybar and click on the door.

  Level L1

You enter a dark corridor with a few lights on the side. You are now at level L1 and this is a service corridor. On the left is a door with a green light. That door gives access to the Power Control Room. Do not enter yet, but first walk to the end of the corridor, halfway there is a locked door on the right. At the end there is also a locked door on the left, you can also see a number of cylinders here.


On the left cylinder is a Key..... Take the Key .  

  Turn around and walk back to the elevator shaft, but if you are still one step away, turn right. You are standing at the door of the

Power Control room:

This door has a green light to indicate that you can enter. Click on the door. ...... you go inside and are now in the poorly lit Power Control room. Go down the stairs and walk to the left to the control panel of the machine. No power, you can zoom in on the display but you have nothing on that now. Look down and you can zoom in on a hatch on the front right side.

  Click on the hatch and you will get a dizziness and blurred vision again ..... if you can look normal again, click on the black box .....

  this black box is a battery but it is empty or broken, so you need another one ..... you get a new goal to complete.

In the infirmary you saw a battery and it works as you know, so you have to return to the infirmary. Up the stairs and through the door to the hallway, right to the elevator and click on the elevator door. Climb up 2 floors via the ladder and go back through the L2 door


Walk through the L2 hallways to the fire door in the other hallway and then go right again through the door to the infirmary. Enter the room with the scanner and walk on to the computer to the right of the scanner and look down at the shutter, zoom in and click it open and you will see the battery again

  On top of the battery is the gray bracket that secures the battery. 

Take the Key from your inventory and click on the gray bracket above the battery, it is now disconnected and you can take it now, so grab the battery.

Go back to the Power Control Room down on Level L1 via the elevator shaft. Go back to the panel where you previously removed the broken battery. Zoom in and open the cabinet. Take the new battery from your inventory and place it in the left corner, take Cable the from your inventory and connect the battery to the machine.  If the switch is off (0), turn it on (1)


Zoom out and look at the monitors on the top row. Above the monitors you see a burnt-out coil. Go to the right monitor and see the "Conduit Access" button, click on this button and you can now remove the burnt-out coil. Now you must put something in its place here, take your Prybar from your inventory and place it on the spot where the coil was.  

Flash boom bang, you go all the way to black and slowly the image comes back. All lighting in the room is now on, there is also a report about the Central computer control room. You go there in a moment, but first you have to search the room here. From now on you will regularly hear messages about the broadcasting system.

  Zoom out of the control and go back to the stairs. To the left of the stairs is a cupboard and a workbench. 

On the workbench you will find a PCB B7R5 print board, and inn a box to the right of the workbench you will find a Stun Baton.

Grab both and these are now in your inventory.  

  To the left of the stairs there is also a LCT- Local Communication Terminal, you can read messages on this, read the messages, 2 of them are  sound recordings.


In one of the messages you come across the name Zemith, who works in Central Computer Systems. You also come across the name Vryse who mentions something related to ANNIE. You have also encountered a terminal in the infirmary, maybe there is more information available on that terminal. Go back to the long corridor ...... there is now light in the corridor. You can see if you can enter anywhere but no, all doors are locked up too, the key card does not work here. Go back to the elevator ........ You can see that the light next to the door is now on, so the elevator probably works again. So press the button and the lift will open, you can now also go to the other floors.


  Go to L2, walk through the hallway and go back to the infirmary. To the right is a terminal (TCL). Zoom in and read the messages.  

  Go to the computer with the medical archives.  

  Now read the medical reports more carefully by ....... You come across a number of names with corresponding ID numbers, write down these names and their ID numbers because some you need later.  

  So make a note of the following ID numbers: R. Seccara ID 92559; Saia Lorvet ID 72724, M.ren Silari ID 41348 and R. Zemith ID 58426.

You can also play with the hologram projector for that you have to replace the reflector, the reflector is still on the floor next to the scanner. You can get it and put it in the projector, but it is not necessary for the game. Leave the sickbay and go to the left, you can now walk into the room right in front of you but it is still dark. Turn left to the elevator and go up to level L3 with the lift.

 Level L3

L3 has a different layout as L2 and L1. Immediately right next to the elevator is a door, enter here. You get a blackout again. Look around and you will find 2 boxes on the floor and on the first shelf, you can zoom in on both boxes but only in the box on the floor is something you need later. Take the print board PCB B7R5 here.

  This was all here so go back to the hallway, turn right and walk to the end and turn right. You see a door on the right.


    Go to that door, it is a door with a card reader but unfortunately the keycard that you have in your inventory is not valid here. 

Walk back through the corridor and enter the side corridor, at the end you see two doors.

  Go through the door on the left first and search the room.

  An LCT hangs to the right of the door, read the messages. 1 of the messages is about a URC.  

  Here, too, a camera is hanging on the wall, further to the back is a console. On the console is a device, this is the URC, take it.


    There is also a hologram table, you can turn it on but what you have to do with it is still unknown. Leave the room and enter the room opposite, look around for a moment.

Again there is a camera here, on the left you see a video wall with a console with 3 screens in front of it. The left is for the key card management, the middle one is for the cameras and the 1 on the right is a kind of fire control panel. The cameras do not seem to be at all right. Zoom in on the left screen.


 Take the key card from your inventory and swipe it through the card reader on the right. The card is from Dr. Reitessa and this is not valid for that other door. You have come across 2 names: Zemith and Vryse, from Zemith we have an ID number. You are now going to program the card for this name, first click the arrow button to delete the data.


  Then enter the ID number of Zemith - 58426- and pull the card through the scanner again, the card is now reprogrammed.

  Zoom out the screen and then zoom in on the box to the left of the screen, click to open it and you will see a circuit board - G4L1 - take this board. Now the video wall and 2 screens are out.



  Leave the room. Go back to the room with a card reader, your key card will now be accepted. Go inside.


  You get a new assignment. Turn to the left and go to the LCT and read the message.

    Turn back to the right and go to the central column, you will see a red screen. Zoom in, it looks like the computer is offline. Click the maintenance mode button.


  You now see 4 machines coming up from the floor.


Zoom out and look around, on the monitor 3 machines are red and 1 green, on the machines you also see 3 x red and 1 x green. Go to each of the 4 red machines and open the drawer under the status lights, you will see a number of printed circuit boards, 1 of which has burnt out. Click on it to remove this board, note which board it is and take the same board from your inventory. Click the plate in place and click on the button to change the color so that it is different than any other. The order of the colors must be red, orange yellow, green, blue and purple.


  If you have done this well, you zoom out and you will see that the status lights are green now, also do this with the other machines ...... you have 3 printed circuit boards and in 3 of the 4 machines is a burnt out circuit board ,replace the boards with the right boards from your inventory. When you have you replaced the circuit boards then you go back to the monitor, you see that now everything is green.

 Now click on "Initiate start-up" and ..... A.N.N.I.E. start up again but the computer is not completely okay yet.

  You will receive a new order again. Walk in the direction of the exit, on the left you see the big screen that is working now. You can see that ANNIE is now operational for 21%.


  You will also see a notification that ANNIE must have access to the Data archives that you find on L2, so go to the elevator and go down to L2.

  Level L2: Store Room:

  On L2 you go to the dark room, ANNIE now report that you have a new interface. So you are a robot, right click and you will arrive at your new interface with 4 tabs. You can view it now but we will come back to that later. You can find all messages here.


  Right click again to close your interface, ANNIE reports that she has activated something else and that is your improved view (e-viz).

  Press F2 to turn on e-viz, you do not need lights in the room now because you can now see in the dark.

 Walk to the end of the room and you will hear from ANNIE that they think they know what is wrong. You have to go to L1 to an Energy substation to activate it in order to divert the current so that it can enter this room. Turn around and walk back to the door, halfway you see a console in front of cabinet 5. This can be opened, inside you will find a laptop.

It does not work now, no power, but click on the plug to take the laptop with you

Leave the room, if you have not turned off e-viz do it now because otherwise you see nothing in a lighted room. Go to the elevator, in the meantime you get a radio uplink from ANNIE, she can now communicate directly with you and can also see what you see and react to. In the elevator click on L1 and downstairs you leave the elevator, the doors that were closed first are now open.

  Level L1:

  Go to the door on the right halfway down the hallway, go in there and you'll come to another hallway / walkway.

The first half of this corridor is lit, the rest is dark. You can walk to the end, there is a door but unfortunately no power. 

Halfway down the corridor is a console with a connection point for the laptop (BELOS), so take the laptop out of your inventory and connect it here.


 Zoom in on the screen, you operate this laptop with your keyboard. Type in HELP and click enter and you will see which commands are possible. You read on the screen that there is a current deviation in P504 and you want to correct the current so just type: ACTIVATE P504 and click on enter. You now hear electricity crackling, you want to look at it so type QUIT and click enter, you are now zoomed out from the laptop screen.

There is a liquid on the ground and the electricity flows through it, you cannot get through it. You also see that the light in the whole corridor is now on and that the door now has power but you cannot go there yet. Click on the laptop again to zoom in and type OPEN D21, click on enter. Now the door is opened remotely. Now type DEACTIVATE P504 to turn off the power and click on enter. Type QUIT again and click on enter and you are zoomed out again.

The light is off again but the door is no longer locked so walk back and go through the door, unfortunately now there is no light but that is no problem. Press F2 to switch on your night vision. You will also receive an update from ANNIE. Click on the tab-key and you see your new assignment, you have to get power to this room.  

  Walk to the elevator door on the other side of the room, to the right of the door is a large wooden Board)

Take this wooden Board and go back to the hallway / walkway. Press F2 to switch your night vision off again. Walk back to the console halfway and lay the wooden Board over the pool of liquid.


 Zoom in on the laptop and type ACTIVATE P504, click enter. Click on the plug of the laptop to take it back.  

The power has been restored and you can now walk across the shelf to the door, enter the room again. Here the light is also burning now, this is the manufacturing room (Manufacturing) You will receive an update / reminder of your order to activate the energy help station. Here 2 workstations are active in the room, go to the middle of the room. On the left you see 2 illuminated screens, on the left the FACTORY POWER and on the right the FACTORY WASTE.  

On the left screen you can read that the automatic start-up does not work and that there is a problem with the waste pipes. Click on the right screen, there you see 2 red indicator lights. A service control valve and in section B waste processing give problems that have to be solved before you can restart the FACTORY. On the left in the corner is ALERT, click on it and you see a message between 2 employees.


   You can try the elevator here, but unfortunately it also has problems. 

So go back to the Service corridor via the corridor / walkway, turn to the right and walk to the end of the corridor. Go left into the room.


  Go down the stairs and turn to the right, there is the LCT. Read the messages.

The top message tells about the shut-off valve in the Service corridor that is automatically closed when you close a valve in the lower part of the Waste processing. You must manually reset these later when the problem is solved. You will find the shut-off valve in the Service corridor just next to the entrance to the Waste processing.

  Go forward and zoom in on the screen to the left, you will see that the valve in pipe B is closed. It must be opened manually.


    Go through the door to the walkway, turn right and go to the lift platform.


  Press the button to go down, walk to the back and you will see the pipes A, B and C. B is closed and there is no lever on, you have to make something to open that valve.

Right-click to open the inventory, grab the "Shard" and click on the broken "Stun Baton". The side plates are now unscrewed. Pick up the "Shard" again and click it again on the "Stun Baton". Now the broken core is removed and you have a rod with a hole in the middle, so a lever for the valve.


  Now click with the "Stun Baton" on the bolt in pipe B, click and turn this rod horizontally so that the valve is now open.


  Get the powered Stun Baton back again because you will need it later. Zoom out.

  You will receive ANNIE messages every time from now on. Go back to the lift platform and click the Up button, here you can walk around the walkway but that does not have any extra value. Enter the office again and look again at the screen on the left. Everything is now green, so click on "Flush Waste". You hear that liquid is flowing again.


    Go up the stairs and to the Service corridor, to the left of the stairs you see a slider with a yellow light next to it. Zoom in and the slider opens, you get a green light.


    Walk halfway into  the Service corridor and turn left, go down the stairs and walk across the walkway to the other side. Enter the room - Manufacturing.



Halfway the room you turn to the left and then zoom in the right screen, all the lights are now green. Click on "Activate" to send everything to Waste Processing.


  Zoom out and zoom in on the left screen, witch is the Factory Power System. You see that a manual start has to be done.

  Click on "Start-up" and in the next screen you see a list of subsystems and 3 flow circuits.

You now have to divide the different subsystems over the 3 current circuits, if you overload 1 circuit then the puzzle will reset. There are several solutions, this is one of them. Click on the square in the subsystem and drag it with a mouse to a circuit. Number of subsystems from top to bottom 1 to 6.


1. Drag the square from 2 (orange) to A, wait until it is lowered and then drag it to C.

2. Drag the square from 3 (yellow-green) to A, wait until it is lowered and then drag it to the remainder at C.

3. Drag the square from 1 (red) to A and wait until it is lowered and then drag it to B.

4. Drag the square from 6 (purple) to A, when it is lowered drag it to the remainder of B.

5. Drag the square from 4 (green) to A.

6. Finally drag the square from 5 to A.

When you have done this all correctly you will get a message on the screen and a start-up button will appear. Click on the "Start-up" button and you get the compliments of ANNIE but she asks if you want to come to the Data archives because she has problems there.

  You have to go back to L2, read the messages on the LCT left of the door.

  Now go via the walkway and the Service Corridor to the elevator, to L2 and then to the Data archives, that is the room left in the hall. The light now burns here.

  Data Archives  

Walk to the end of the room, you will see a large screen with a console in front of it.


If you click on it you will be notified that an error has occurred, you have to find another way to consult the archives. 

Just below the display you will find a HAC connection.


Turn around and go to the console in front of cupboard 5, this is the cupboard where you found the BELOS machine. Open the cabinet and connect the BELOS LAPTOP to this cabinet again by clicking on the socket with the laptop. There is now power here so now you can use it here. Zoom in on the screen of BELOS and type HELP, click on enter. You will now see which commands are possible here.

In your inventory you will find a HAC chip and if you move your mouse above it you will get an explanation and also a keyword: POWER SYSTEMS. Go to the screen of the BELOS laptop and type LOOKUP POWER SYSTEMS, click enter. You now get a memory address: 2-702-30. Now type LOAD 2-702-30 and click enter. You can now reach the archives. Return to the console with the large screen and click on the HAC slot below the display.


    You now make a trip through the memory and you enter a yellow column. At the top you will find a file named "SCHEMATIC", click on it.


  You cannot do anything with it yourself, but ANNIE now has access to that data through you. If ANNIE has read the data, she is able to reprogram your HAC chip.


You can read a few files here, but that is not necessary. Click down a few times and you'll be back in the room with the console, you will get an message from ANNIE that you can now download the camera buffers. You will find a new tab in your inventory: cameras. You can now download and listen to the buffers of the cameras everywhere. You can also look up other keywords via BELOS and read things in the archives.

  Take the BELOS Laptop back and leave the room,


  You  now must go to the Security room. Go to L3, turn left into the hallway and then right into the room. Click on the camera to download the buffer,


  Go to your inventory and listen to the camera's recording.


  You will hear a conversation about a fire alarm and a code to bypass this: 6649. Go to the console, only 1 screen works, the fire control screen.


  Enter the code 6649 here and click on continue, the fire alarm is now cancelled and the fire doors are no longer blocked.


  Exit the room, go to the left and at the T-junction you go left again. Follow the corridor and you will see that the fire door now has a green light. 

Go through the fire door and you come in kind of large greenhouse full of plants,


    You can see the starry sky through the window. So you are in space.


 On the walkway you see different types of machines, most of them are for controlling the temperature and humidity in this room. Just next to the door there is an LCT with a camera above it, 

Read the message on the LCT. Then download the camera buffer and listen to the conversations of the 2 cameras in this room.

 Walk along the 3 glass domes to the end of the walkway, you will see a ladder against the wall. Click on it and go down.


  Turn clockwise or counter clockwise that does not matter but behind you is a cupboard / machine. Walk towards it and zoom in on the rectangular hatch with a keyhole.


  Take the Key from your inventory and click with key on the keyhole.


  The hatch opens and inside you see two blocks with a yellow lamp on it, take the left one

This is a kind of battery and you needed this for your Stunt Baton that you found but that had a broken battery.

 Go to your inventory and click on the battery, then click with the battery on the Stun Baton and last you take the plates that you have previously removed from the Stun Baton and click with the plates on the Stunt Baton with the new battery. You now have a fully working Stunt Baton.

  Zoom out and turn to the window, walk along the window to the other side of the walkway. You will see a cabinet with an open panel and a connection point for BELOS Laptop. So connect the laptop here


  This point has been used by the mechanic Teleda to regulate gravity in the cafeteria. So now looking for the cafeteria. 

Turn around and return to the walkway, follow it to the end on the other side. Click on the door and you will enter the cafeteria.



  It's a mess here, an explosion has taken place. You get a few messages from ANNIE. There is a crack in the window and the elevator is blocked by debris.


 Your new assignment is to remove this debris so that you can use the lift again. Or you have to enter the elevator shaft via another entrance. This lift has an connection with Manufacturing chamber on L1. So go back through the walkway, through the fire door, to the elevator and then to L1. You are back in the service corridor, halfway you go right down the stairs and through the door. You are back on the walkway, at the end is the door to the Manufacturing room. Go in there and walk to the elevator, there is a camera.

  Download the buffer and when you listen to the recording you will hear that the doors of the lift will automatically open in the event of an electric shock.


So use your Stun Baton on the elevator door, a moment later you're in the elevator shaft. You see a ladder against the wall, you can only go down because the upper part of the ladder is broken down. This part is on the floor of the elevator shaft. Go down and of course the elevator door is also closed here so use your Stun Baton on the door.

  Cargo Bay

  You are now in the cargo bay (CARGO). Further on you see a box, walk towards it and zoom in on it. Click on it to open the box, you get a hand on the objects in the box but as soon as you take 1 of those things you get a blurry vision again and the game continues automatically.


When the picture is normal again, ANNIE says that you have committed the sabotage and she breaks the connection, she also switches you off. A little later you will be restarted and ANNIE says she has searched all logs and data, which shows that someone has changed your program and that the sabotage was happening outside of you. She restores the contact, she also says that you have saved the mission by restarting ANNIE. There are explosives in the box, seismic charges, and you now have 1 in your inventory.  

 You are done here now, you have to go back to the cafeteria. So go back to the elevator shaft and climb to the Manufacturing room, go across the room to the walkway and via it to the Service corridor. Enter the elevator and go to L3, follow the corridor and go through the fire door.

Greenhouse / Cafeteria

  You are back in the greenhouse. On the other side in the right corner is the entrance to the cafeteria.


  Enter the Cafeteria again. It is still a big mess there but you also see that there is a crack in a window.


 If you can have an explosion to take place at that window, then there is a big chance that decompression will occur in the room, so all the junk will also be sucked out the room. You have an explosive charge in your inventory, to make it explode now without you being close to it you have to combine a number of things. You need a detonator, you can use the Stun Baton for that but then you are still around when it explodes so you need a remote control. In the description of the Stun baton and also in that of the URC you can read that you can connect them to a universal port. Well, let's find out how to operate the URC.

In your inventory you are now going to combine a number of things. Grab the Shard and it on the packed explosive charge, you now have an explosive sphere. Combine that Explosive Sphere with the Stun Baton and now you have to combine it with the URC, if you have looked closely you saw on the URC the number 2250, this is the frequency of that URC. Now you can detonate this remotely.


  Walk to the window with the crack and zoom in on it and then lay the explosive Baton before the crack on the windowsill  

  Leave the cafeteria and walk through the greenhouse to the corridor at L3, follow the corridor and enter the side corridor.

  Enter the left room, in the left corner at the back of the room, you see the console with 3 screens. Go to the console and zoom in on the middle screen


  This middle screen is a signal generator. In this screen, set the frequency to 2250 and then press the transmit button.  

  ........ but the explosion is not going to happen yet because according to ANNIE the rubbish is still too heavy to be removed by decompression.

Earlier you heard and read in the emails and on the camera recordings that one Teleda was busy removing the clutter by turning off gravity. So you have to go to the greenhouse and then to the right , to the corner with the ladder. Go down the ladder and walk past the window to the other side, to the chest with the open panel ......  

If you had not connected the BELOS laptop here yet, you can do this now by clicking on the socket with the laptop. Then zoom in on the screen of the BELOS laptop and ....... Type HELP and click on enter to see the commands that are possible. Now type in FLOATCAFE and click on enter, you will hear the door of the cafeteria close and also ANNIE will put another penny in the bag. Now type QUIT and click on enter, you are zoomed out.


  Return to the room with the signal generator and press TRANSMIT again and ........


  ..... You get a vision of the cafeteria and you see the explosion and also that all the rubbish is blown out.


  You also hear ANNIE and also that she has closed the shutters in the cafeteria and also that the pressure is also recovering. ANNIE also says that the spaceship is oriented differently by the explosion and that it is now picking up a weak signal. Because you are here now you might as well now look at this first.

  Zoom out and zoom in on the left screen, this is the controls  of the antennas.


 Change the Pitch and the Array until the signal becomes clearer. You hear the Morse signs better and better. About 60 for both adjustments is good.  

  ANNIE now receives the message and decrypts it. You now hear from ANNIE what happened. 

The crew went to NEW LETARR with shuttles and are now in trouble because they do not have many more supplies.


    You will have to make sure that there are new stocks with a shuttle is sent there. You are now done here so go back to the greenhouse and to your BELOS computer.


  Zoom in again on the BELOS Laptop screen and type RESTORECAFE and click enter. Gravity is restored and you hear the door unlock, type QUIT and click enter to zoom out.  

  Take the BELOS laptop back by clicking on the plug.

  Now go back to the Cafeteria. The mess is gone and you can reach the elevator. Enter the elevator.


You see that there are 5 floors, 1 to 4 and CL. CL is the cargo bay where you have been before, so L1 is the Manufacturing room. 

You are now on Level L3 so you have Level L2 and Level L4 to investigate. You first go to L2, so click on 2. Leave the elevator and you are in a hangar.  

Shuttle Bay

  Turn to the right and you will see a camera on the wall, go with your eye cursor on the camera to download the recording and listen in your inventory (Cameras) to the recording


Turn slightly to the left and walk in the direction of the door with the number 01, you come to the place where the shuttles were. Unfortunately no more to see. ANNIE says that the shuttles are all launched and you have to go to L4 to find the bridge. But you go search the hangar, take the stairs upstairs. You will find a fire door that is closed and also the control panel of the crane.


Go back down and go to the control room of the hangar. Just next to the door there is an LCT, zoom in and view the message. A camera hangs on the opposite of the door, download the files. Listen to the recordings in your inventory. From all these messages you learn that 1 man stayed here trying to repair the spaceship.

Walk to the back of the control room, on the left you will find a pair of magnetic boots (Anti-gravity boots). Take these.

  Go back to the elevator and go to Level L4. Turn left and up, there is a camera. Download the files and listen to them. It seems that someone is still aboard the ship.

 Turn around, there is the door to the bridge but it is closed with a lock that responds to voices. Only certain staff members with a specific sentence have access. ANNIE will try to help you with a recording of such a sentence and voice. Enter the elevator and return to Level L3. Walk through the cafeteria and go to the greenhouse. Turn to the right and walk to the corner, on the right in the corner you see an opening of an air ventilation channel. Climb through the opening and continue walking until you are in the HABITAT SILO, temporary living quarters. There is no gravity here so you are floating around.  

  Go to your inventory and pick up the magnetic boots and drag them to the right to the WEAR box.


 You're wearing these boots now and now you can walk here. The door with the red lights is the airlock to the outside, donít use this door but turn around and walk to the other side. Then turn slowly to the right while you look down. You will find a connector with yellow lights on the floor, go with your eye cursor on it and your download again a message and an email. Read these messages.  

  Walk back again and find the entrance to the air duct, crawl through it to the greenhouse.


  Turn to the right and go through the fire door, follow the corridor and walk into the side corridor. Enter the room on the left.  

 In the back of the room is a console with 3 screens, zoom in on the right screen. ANNIE has already loaded the voices and fragments there.


  On the left are 3 names, click on the name R. Ren Keterek because of that you have enough samples to be able to put together the right pattern.

  Drag the samples to the empty box so that you get the same pattern as the top box and click on test.


  If you've done well, ANNIE will tell you that she sends this pattern to your HAC chip. Now you can open the door to the bridge. Now go back to the cafeteria and to the elevator there and with the lift back to Level L4. Click on the lock on the right of the Bridge door, the recording will now be played and the door will open.


    Go through the door and you are on the Bridge and standing in front of the console. Turn around, a camera is right next to the door, download the recordings and watch them.


  Turn back to the console, in the middle you see the screen that looks like the LCT. Zoom in and read the messages. Just below that screen you see an orange key card, click on it to grab it.


Leave the bridge and when you are back on the corridor ANNIE says that you can make a new shuttle at the factory. You now have to go to Power-Control and from there to propulsion control. Go with the elevator to L1, go to the other side of the room and through the door. Walk across the walkway to the service corridor. Turn to the right and walk in the direction of the elevator, on the right you will see the Power-Control room.


  Enter this room and walk to the other side, there is also a camera, so download the messages and listen to them again in your inventory


    Then go up the stairs to the door and use the orange key card,  


 You are now in the Propulsion. Right in front of you hangs an LCT and to the right you see a closet with a Hazard Suit in it.

Read the messages on the LCT and there you read that the combination for the cupboard is the date of the birthday  of Raphe Secarra

What is the birthday of Raphe Secarra ??? For that you have to be at the security console but you donít have to go there now because it no longer works because you have removed a G4L1 card to repair ANNIE. So you need another G4L1 card. Turn around and you will see 2 doors in the corner, right in front of you is the door you came through so go through the door on the left. What a mess, this is or was the CORE CONTROL ROOM. On the right hand side of the wall there is another camera, you know by now what you have to do with it.  

Go to the door on the left in the corner, if you want to go through you will be told that you need a Hazard Suit. Turn around and look at the beam that lies on the ground, in the middle you can see something protrudes. Take that thing, it turns out to be a G4L1 card.


  Now you can go back to Security to look up Raphe's birthday. So back to POWER CONTROL via Propulsion, then to the Service Corridor. Turn to the right and enter the elevator. Go to Level L3 and enter the side hall on the left and then the room on the right. Walk to the console. Zoom in on the box to the left of the console and click on it to open it. Take the G4L1 card and put it in this box, the system is operational again.  

  Now go to your inventory and go to the voicemails, there you will find a patient-report of Secarra .... Read this email and ..... you read that the ID number of R. Secarra is 92559  

  Zoom in on the left screen of the console .....


  Make sure the screen is empty by passing the green keycard through the slider. 

Then enter the ID number 92559 and you will receive the data from R. Secarra on the screen. The birth date of R. Secarra is 10.23.76.  

Go out of the room and take the elevator back to Level L1. At the service corridor you immediately go left into the room and on the other side leave the room. You are back in the room with closet containing the protective suit. Zoom in on the number panel and enter the date of birth of R. Secarra 102376 and then click the arrow at the bottom right.

  The cupboard is now open, so open the cupboard and take out the Hazard Suit. Go to your inventory and drag the Hazard Suit to the WEAR box,


You have now put on the Hazard Suit. Your view is limited. Turn around to the entrance and walk towards it, turn to the left and go through that door. You will receive a message from ANNIE that she will lead you. Go to the door on the left in the corner and click on it, now you can do it because you have the suit on.

 If you are through the door you see very little (You can turn on your night vision via F2) ....... however follow the directions of ANNIE and if you do that correctly then you will eventually end up at a control panel. When you click on the console everything becomes clear again. You can view everything here now.  

  You see normal again and because you have clicked the console, ANNIE is now almost 100% back. Look around here


   Now go back to the POWER CONTROL room, go down the stairs and turn left. Here you will find the POWER ALLOCATION console

  zoom in and grab the orange key card from your inventory. Click on the slot on the right.

  Two Endings


To explain a bit ....... There are 2 ends to this game and this is a good place to make an extra Save game if you want to experience both endings without having to go through the whole game again to this point. ATTENTION: it is also wise to go back to Research to get the spare navigation module. You need this navigation module in both endings, otherwise you have to make this trip twice.

  Ending 1

  Here you have to make choose now, there are 2 profiles: profile of ANNIE and a profile of ALAVAJI. 

ANNIE makes a shuttle and ALAVAJI repairs the ship, if you have chosen you cannot change anymore.  

  Here is that extra Save game useful then you can play the other end later. Now choose the profile of ANNIE and slide the 4 controls, 2-3-4-6, to full and then click execute.


The Factory now has enough power to build a Shuttle, but for that you have to get the blueprints from the DATA archives. You need a new password: SPACECRAFT. Now go back to the DATA archives. Go to the other side of the room and then to the service corridor, go up the elevator to Level L2. Walk straight ahead and go left into the door.


  Connect the BELOS again to the console for cabinet 5.

  Zoom in on the screen and type: LOOKUP SPACECRAFT and click enter. You get a memory location. Now type LOAD 4-112-10 and click enter. The data is now loaded. Type QUIT and enter to zoom out.

  Walk to the end of the room and dive into the archives.


You have to find 3 blue prints and view them so that ANNIE can load them. 2 you find on the bottom layer of the tower and the third on the top layer, you recognize them by the name SCHEMATIC. Click on all 3 files so that ANNIE can also read them. If you have found all 3 of them, ANNIE says she will forward them to the Factory.


    Go down and back to the Data archive room. You have to go back to Manufacturing now. Go to Level L1 with the elevator. Halfway through the service corridor you go right on the footbridge to Manufacturing. Walk to the elevator and turn to the left, zoom in on the screens there: Factory Master Control.


    ANNIE has already loaded the blue prints, at the top right, see the diagram for Part 1.


 You see 3 entrances on the left and the end point on the right at the green dot. At 1, 2 and 3 raw materials come in and they must arrive at the different stations at the same time. A turn takes 1 second and a straight 2 seconds, the stations indicate how long it takes: A and C 8 seconds, B 4 seconds and D 2 seconds. You must now make the pipes so that the substances from 1 and 2 arrive at A simultaneously and that the product from A and the substances from 3 also come to B at the same time.

 Shuttle Part 1

 There are several possibilities, this is one of them.

  If you have built the pipes, click on start, then the manufacturing process starts. Is it good then you see that the part is made and otherwise the pipes must be adjust and try again. 

After part 1 is made then you return to the screen and now the blue print of part 2 is shown on the right.

  Shuttle Part 2:

  This is also one of the possibilities


    Click on start and you will see that part 2 is being made. Back to the screen for part 3.

Shuttle Part 3:  

  The shuttle is made and brought to the Shuttle Bay.


    Go with the elevator back to Level L2, the Shuttle Bay, and you will see the shuttle, you will also receive a message from ANNIE that you have to take the supplies to the settlers.


  You can use the crane for this, the controls can be found on the top platform. Walk back to the elevator and go up the stairs, walk to the other side of the platform. 

There you will find the control panel of the crane. Zoom in and the cargo is loaded.

  It is time to fly so go down and enter the shuttle. Click on the console and ANNIE reports that you need a new navigation module because it is burned out.

 ANNIE reports that there is still 1 in Research, you cannot go directly there because of the explosion. She proposes to go to Research via Waste Processing and a space walk. Take the elevator to L1, go to the other side of the room and via the walkway to the service corridor. Turn right and at the end go up the stairs and into the room. Go down to the consoles.


    The right-hand console controls the dumping of waste. Zoom in on it and click ON, you will now see how a tank is filled and then goes outside. Another tank is now moving up.


   If you want to use that exit you have to stop the next tank by sabotage the conveyor belt. Zoom out and go outside through the door to the walkway,

 follow it to the other side of the room until you are at the conveyor belt with tanks.


  Zoom in and you will see a cover plate above the conveyor belt and on the left a key card reader. Take the orange master card out of your inventory and click it on the card reader, the cover plate will open. Now take the SHARD out of your inventory and block the conveyor belt.

  Go back to the control room and zoom in on the right screen again, click ON again. The tank is refilled and discharged again.

  Now no new tank can replace it, you can now enter the airlock through this opening.


  You have to put on your Hazard Suit again,

  then click on the button to enter the airlock. Now pull the red handle on the left, the lock gate opens and you make a space walk.


  You come to the hole of the explosion, it is very dark here so press F2 for your night vision. On the other side you can see a camera hanging, download the data. You then hear that a probe is ready to be launched. You will also hear the explosion before the probe is launched.

  Turn around and walk back to the hole, turn to the left and walk backwards. Click on the big tube on the right. You will then see the probe, click on it and then take the navigation module.


  Turn around and walk to the hole, turn to the hole and click in it. You take another walk and you come back into the airlock.


  Turn off your night vision. Click on the yellow button to leave the lock. Then click in the opening upwards to return to WASTE PROCESSING space.


  Pull out your safety suit. Now go back to the shuttle via the service corridor, turn left onto the walkway. Through Manufacturing to the elevator, go to L2 and you're back in the hangar.


    Climb back into the shuttle and place the navigation module in the console.

  Click on the console and you will see that the shuttle is turned and then launched. The colony is saved with the stocks in the shuttle.


    This was the first ending, you can now play the other end.


  Now load the extra save you made at the POWER ALLOCATION console and zoom in again. Pick up your orange master key card again and click on the slot on the right.

  You have to choose a profile here again, that will now be the ALAVAJI's profile. Now put slider 1 and 5 on Full and click on start,  

  ANNIE does not agree but helps you anyway. She says that you now have enough power to start the engines. Go back to the Propulsion Control, zoom in on the control screen.

  Set everything to 9 and click ACTIVATE.

ANNIE now also says that you have to start the greenhouse again, that requires CO2. Go through the service corridor and the elevator to L3, enter the side corridor and then the room on the right. Behind the console is a container with a red band against the wall, click on it and you will find a container with CO2.

  Go back to the hallway and walk to the fire door, just before that fire door hangs another container CO2 Take this too.


  Go through the fire door to the greenhouse, walk straight ahead. Halfway on the left is a monitor and two poles on the right and left of it. Here you have to place those 2 cylinders with CO 2 gas.


  Zoom in on the screen and turn the arrows upwards, the leaves will turn green. Click ACTIVATE.

  Now with the lift in the Cafeteria, return to the bridge on Level L4, click on the console and you will see that the navigation module is off-line.

  Turn around to the cupboard to the left of the door and click on the module. ANNIE indicates that it is broken.


  Navigation module in RESEARCH

So now you have to go and retrieve that Navigation module in Research and so you have to do the whole thing with the Waste again, as you did at ENDING

So first here with the lift back to Level L1 and then back in the service to Waste Processing.


  Then follow Waste Processing ENDING 1 until you are back with the new Navigation module from RESEARCH.

  After you have retrieved the module you go back to the bridge. Place the module, but then something else appears to be wrong.


  Below the module you will see an inspection hatch, click on it. You then hear that HAC chip is broken.


  ANNIE looks for another one but there is only one other and that is what you have. Take the HAC chip from your inventory and place it in the machine.


  The endgame starts now, sit back and watch.



2017: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw en Louis Koot

  Text Dick Leeuw. Screenshots by Louis Koot