2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Repentant is the sequel of the game Little Kite and will show us how Oliver get a chance to redeem himself for the terrible things he did to his wife Mary

It's been a 3 years after the events that has happened with Mary and Oliver in Little Kite. Mary has left Oliver and they are divorced.  Oliver suffers from a strong sense of remorse about the terrible things that he has done to his ex-wife Mary. His attempts to restore the relationship with Mary has failed and this failure has worsen his condition and alcohol dependency. But there's hope for Oliver as he witness a robbery that's committed by a young girl. At that moment Oliver gets the opportunity to pay for his sins by helping another person. But who really needs help and who is the victim? 

  • To open the Game menu you press the Escape Key or you click the icon at bottom left corner of the screen. 

  • The inventory goes open when you move the cursor to the top of the screen. 

  • You can see all the hotspots in the screen by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, at the bottom left corner of the screen, 
    but you can only do this 20 times. 

  • The game saves automatically at fixed points in the game. When the game saves a tape recorder appears in the
     bottom right corner of the screen. 

  • The auto-saves are individually stored and you can load them back in to the game via the "Load" function on the main screen.

  • You can play the game with English, Russian and Dutch subtitles.

Oliver listens at home to a telephone message from his ex-wife, Mary, and then from a guy called Sergei. 

Mary has enough of the fact that Oliver is constantly calling her and she wants him to stop this.

 Sergei has a job for Oliver, but it isn't quite legal so Oliver mustn't come by car but he should take the subway.

Oliver goes on his way to this Sergei guy and he's indeed taking the subway. Take note of the girl who's also in the same subway car as Oliver.....

Oliver doesn't know it yet, but that girl will alter his life forever.......Then Oliver arrives at the:

Mini Market


At the mini market we meet the girl from the subway again, but she hasn't enter the mini market yet. 

Walk to the girl and try to talk to her......but the girl doesn't want to talk to Oliver. 

The girl stand at one of the pillars and on that pillar hangs a strange device. You also see that one of the windows of the mini market is broken....there's a hole in that window. Above that broken window you see one of the lamps. Try to enter the mini market.....but Oliver doesn't want to go in...he wants to call Mary first. Well...there is a public phone booth hanging on the pillar, so click on the phone booth....

Oliver tells that it is to dark inside the booth...he can't even see where he must insert his coins. Oliver has to make it brighter in the phone booth. 

Look around......use the magnifying glass to see all the hotspots in the screen. The car that stands behind the phone booth has a mirror. In front of that car lies a brick and an empty soda can on the ground. Behind the phone booth stand an electrical cabinet against the mini market. The bottom part of that electrical cabinet has an metal plate as cover. Between the mini market door and that electrical cabinet are some crates and a waste bin. In one of those crates stand a crowbar. Beside the waste bin stand a bottle that is half empty

Take the Brick and take the soda Can

Click on the car mirror......Oliver tells that the mirror is broken. Take the Brick from inventory and use it on the car mirror to break the mirror off from the car. 

Go to the crates and take the Crowbar and also take the half empty Bottle that stand aside the waste bin. 

Use the Crowbar on the Metal Plate of the electrical cabinet, to take that metal plate.

Walk to the girl and the broken window.  Above the broken window you see a lamp....Oliver has to redirect the light of that lamp into the phone boot. 

Take the car mirror out inventory and place the mirror in the hole of the window......

the mirror reflects  the light beam of the lamp. Take the metal plate out inventory and place it on that strange device that's on the pillar where the girl is standing.......

...the beam of light is now directed to the ground.  Take the half empty bottle out inventory and place it on the spot were the light hits the ground and.........

.....the light is now shining into the telephone booth. So Oliver now has light in the phone booth.  

Click the phone booth and then take Oliver's coins out inventory and click with the coins on in the phone booth.......

.....Oliver use one of his coins to call Mary but.....Mary doesn't want to talk with Oliver so she hangs up quickly. Now enter the into the Mini Market.

Mini Market:


The shop owner stand behind his counter and he's not a very friendly guy, as Oliver is about to find out.

Talk to thy shop owner and Oliver ask the guy where the soda drinks are.....The soda drinks are in the back of the shop.  The game now makes it's first auto save.

Try to go a screen to the right and.........

The chaffy shop owner now recognizes Oliver from a newspaper article

The shop owner has read about Oliver's alcohol problem in the newspaper and what he did to his wife....Oliver looses it and hit the shop owner on his noose.

To the right of the shop door are a couple of boxes standing at the shelves....... on the top box lies a Stanley Knife / Box cutter.......Pick up that Stanley Knife / Box cutter

When you have picked up the knife then go a screen to the right.....Oliver will be in the back of the store. At the back wall are the cooling with cold drinks and a soda machine. 

Open the right glass door of the soft drinks cooling......Oliver doesn't want any of those drinks, so close the door again and....a rod / tube falls on the ground......pick up that rod / tube...

Now click the soda machine......Oliver tries to take a soda drink from the machine but it get's stuck inside the machine

A stack of large cans stand beside the soda machine. Above the stack of cans you see a ventilation fan in the wall. A bucket stand under the stack of cans and next of the cans stand a fire extinguisher

The large cans are being hold together with two belts. Look at the bucket and look at the ventilation fan. Click on the fire extinguisher......Oliver can't take the fire extinguisher because it is stuck on the shelf, but he opens the fire extinguisher briefly...Smoke comes out the extinguisher but the ventilation system takes care of the smoke

Go back to the front of the shop and talk to the shop owner again and ask him everything. Ask the owner about the soda machine......but the guy isn't very helpful

See on the left of the shop door a device with a coat hanger hanging on it......the coat hanger is attached to an electrical wire.

Oliver can't take the coat hanger because of the electrical wire. Now follow the wire on the ground to the left.......behind the counter you'll see the door of the storage room. You'll see hat the plug of the coat hanger wire is plugged in a socket that's on the floor. Pull the plug out the socket

Now Oliver can take the coat hanger, so go back to the shop door and now take the coat hanger from the machine.

Go back to the soda machine at the back of the shop. Use the coat hanger on the opening, at the bottom of the soda machine and........

.....Oliver takes the can's out the machine and in inventory you'll have a full soda can

Go back to the counter.......But Oliver can't fight the temptation any longer so he grabs a alcoholic drink from the shelves and.............

 then we see why that girl had come to this mini market...... 

The girl pulls out a gun...she want's to rob the mini market and she's holding the shop owner at gunpoint.....She wants money....

You can try to talk to the girl but she's not want to listen to Oliver. So go back to the soda machine, in the back of the store. Go stand in front of the pile of cans and the bucket. Take the Rod / Tube out of inventory and put the rod / tube in the ventilation fan, to block the fan. Then click on the fire extinguisher again and see what happens......

Oliver presses the fire extinguisher again and now the shop gets filled with smoke, because you've jammed the ventilation fan.....

While the shop is full with smoke you go back to the front side of the shop and.......

The shop owner has overpowered the girl and he's holding her at gun point now... Cut scene.....we see what a "nice" guy the shop owner really is

The game saves here again

Get rid of the Tough Guy

If you want you can talk with the girl and with the shop owner. 

Then leave the store......Oliver want to call Sergei, but a tough guy uses the cell phone.

Talk to the tough guy man, but he doesn't  not hang up and he says that he is a professional boxer. Try to give him the alcohol bottle....

But this tough guy doesn't drink alcohol but if Oliver gives him 5 protein drinks then he will leave the phone booth. The guy says witch drinks he want.

Go back in the store and ask the store owner about the protein drinks.

Oliver may take any protein drink he can find. So Oliver has to find 5 cans with protein drinks. The first can stand in the rack right next to the shop door, so pick up that can

Then go to the back of the store. You see a hanging advertising folder, on the rack against the windows. If you click on that advertising folder, you will see other advertising products on it. The rack, left of that advertising folder, are full with dairy products and in those shelves you can pick up Can 2. On the right site of the advertising folder is the rack with alcoholic drinks and there you can pick up Can 3.

Open the cooling cupboard again and take Can 4, witch stand at the bottom.

One can to find......Go back to the front and try to open the door of the storage room. The door is locked so ask the owner about the key

The shop owner has lost the key, so Oliver has to find it. At the wall, behind the owner, you see a stain on the floor...

....Click on that stain and Oliver tells that there was a bucket standing here

Well.....where have we seen a bucket?....The shop owner now wants the girl to sit on her knees......Talk to the girl.....Oliver wants to help the girl..... 

Go to the back of the store again and stand in front of the pile of large cans.....Try to take the bucket....

Oliver can't look into the bucket because there are 2 big cans standing on it and the cans are strapped together with to straps. Cut the straps with the Stanley Knife / Box cutter

Oliver cut the straps with the knife. Now click on the 2 cans that are standing on top of the bucket, to remove them, Then click the bucket and......Oliver takes the Key of the storage room out the bucket

Go back to the storage room door and open the door with the key and then go in

Storage room:

The 5th protein drink can stand in the storage rack. Click on that can but Oliver can't take it because it is glued to the shelf. Next to the can stand a bucket with Tar and on the bottom shelf stand a Flask with Oil. Take the Oil Flask. Use the Stanley Knife / Box Cutter on the protein drink can to cut of the label and the lid.

Open the storage locker cabinet... On the inside of the left door of the locker cabinet there's a piece of a Photo.....Take the piece of photo. 

There are empty cans standing in the locker on the shelves..... Use the lid on the right can that's on the bottom shelf. Oliver takes that empty can and put the lid on it

Take the Label out inventory and use it on the Tar Bucket, to make the label sticky. Then combine the sticky label, in inventory, with the empty can........

A second Photo Piece lies on a box, at bottom screen.....Take that second  Photo piece. Leave this room and go back to the back of the shop, to the rack with the dairy products. Now take a packet of milk from the top shelf. Combine, in inventory,  the milk with the empty can and Oliver now have 5 protein drinks. 

Leave the store and give the 5 protein drinks to the tough guy and he leaves. 

Use your last coin in the phone booth to call Mary again......you must do this twice....

Mary doesn't want to talk with Oliver

 Cut Scene: Oliver goes wandering around and does a bit of hard thinking and the he decide to go help the girl because he doesn't trust that shop owner.

So Oliver goes back to the mini market

Mini Market

Outside the mini market click on the electrical cabinet.......It's locked. Enter the store......... There is no one.....No girl and no shop owner. Go to the storage room door.....

The door is locked again, so use the key on the door to unlock it and then go in and...........

The girl is tied up and undressed and.........the owner will knock Oliver  down.


Oliver is unconscious and dreams about Mary and Andrew. On the paths you'll see bloody footsteps. You must follow the dream paths to 4 items that has played an important role in Oliver's life with Mary.

 First path: 

Follow the dream path to the right. At the first split in the path further right. The take the next left path and follow that path to a table. 

Click on the table and you hear Mary who gives a comment. and the table disappears.

Path 2:  

From the table: Follow the path back and at the split go down. At the next junction follow the path further left. At the next junction go down and follow the path to the end

Click on the broken crockery...you hear Mary again and the broken crockery disappears.

Path 3:

Follow the path back and at the first crossroads go right. At the next 3 junctions you take the up path

At the end of the path stand a bathtub.....Click  on the bathtub

We hear Andrew and the bathtub disappears.

Path 4:

Go down and at back, split straight ahead, at the crossroads up, at the split straight on, next junction go right, next junction straight up and.....

.......Mary stand at the end of the path.......

 Click on Mary........Mary disappears and we see how violent the marriage of Mary and Oliver has been.....

The girl wakes Oliver up in the storage room. 

Storage Room:

Talk to the girl......her name is Christina. ...the shop owner bastard has tried to rape her and he has shot Christina in her leg when she resisted

Christina's leg wound must be taken care off first. On the wall, behind Christina, are pipes and on those pipes you'll see a couple of dirty bandages. 

Take the right bandage from the pipes and click with it on Christina.

...Oliver says that the bandage has to be disinfected first. So in inventory combine the bandage with the alcohol bottle to disinfect the bandage. T

hen use the bandage on Christina again and Oliver put it on Christina's leg wound.

Look around......Above the desk are some photos on the bulletin board and the monitor shows an image of the store. A third photo piece lies on the desk. There's a video tape in the tape recorder. There's also a Vise on the desk. The desk has 2 drawers. At the bottom of the screen a piece of fence is sticking out. At the wall, behind Christine, you see an electrical cabinet and beneath it stands a crate....against the crate stands a piece of pipe.

Look at the photos on the bulletin board and also look at the monitor and listen what Oliver and Christina says about it. Take the 3rd Photo piece, that lies on the desk.

In inventory combine the three photo pieces together and hear what Oliver says about it

Try to open the door....the door is locked but Oliver thinks that he can force the lock if he had some tools. Click on that piece of Fence, that's sticking out at the bottom of the screen.......Oliver can't break some wires off with his hands but Christina says that there might be a wire cutter in the desk draw

So try to open the top desk drawer, but it is closed. Show the picture to Christina and then talk to Christina and ask about her sister. 

Christina points Oliver to that piece of pipe that is standing against the crate......So take that pipe

After the conversation with Christina, use the pipe on the desk drawer. 

But the pipe is too thick. Use the pipe in the vise on the desk.......Oliver makes a point on the pipe. Use the pointed pipe on the desk drawer and........

 ....with the pointed pipe Oliver managed to open the drawer.....There's indeed a Wire Cutter in the drawer, so take the Wire Cutter. Use the wire cutter on the piece of Fence to cut some wires. 

Use the wires on the door and....Oliver unlocked the door.......A short conversation with Christina follows....... go through the door  into the store. 

The bastard shop owner is busy calling, so he doesn't notice Oliver.  Leave the store. 

Outside the shop you take the Pipe out inventory and then you click with it on the electrical cabinet to open it. 

There's a switch in the cabinet but when you click that switch Oliver says that he has no reason to through the switch

Go back in to the shop and to Christina in the storage room......The owner still is on the phone and he still doesn't notice Oliver.....

To be honest...this is very strange and not very realistic ...but then again...this is a computer game....

Talk to Christina about the shop owner. Christina now suggest to Oliver to switch off the lights in the store.

Go back into the store. Take the Oil Flask out of inventory and click with it on the shop owner and.....

Oliver pours the oil on the floor around the shop owner........and still that bastards doesn't notice anything......very unrealistic made

Go outside again and now through the Switch in the  electrical cabinet and.......

The light goes out in the store and you hear the owner fall......Oliver then put the lights back on. 

Go  back into the store and.......Cut Scene..

There's a fight between Oliver and the shop owner for the gun...But then Christina has the gun

The owner attacks Christina and......Christina pulls the trigger and kills the shop owner.

 Christina is desperate. The gun lies on the floor......grab the gun. Talk to Christina.  Oliver needs to destroy the video tape.

Go back to the storage room. Click on the video recorder under the monitor and take the video tape out. 

Go to the back of the store. In front of the soda machine stand a Scale on the floor. Take that Scale

Combine in inventory the video tape with the scale and then the scale with the oil bottle

Go back  to the storage room. Put the Scale with the video tape / oil on the wooden crate, under the electrical cabinet. Then take the soda can out inventory and  use it on the electrical cabinet and...

A spark from the electrical cabinet will light the scale and the tape will burn. 

Go into the store. The police are coming. Talk to Christina. See how it ends with Christina and Oliver

Oliver takes the blame for killing the shop owner, so that Christina walks free, to take care of her sister......

Oliver gets arrested and convicted for murder. In jail Oliver get's a visitor......it's not Mary....but it is......Christina

...But is that Christina.....walking a side the road?????/

2018: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot