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2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

This my English translation of my Dutch Rhem 1 SE walkthrough that I made in 2017. The screenshots in this walkthrough come from the Dutch walkthrough and most of the text on the screenshots are in Dutch, but I don't think that this will give you problems. You can always learn the Dutch language if you do have problems understanding what's on the screenshot. I have taking the trouble to learn a bit of English, so why don't you make an effort to learn Dutch

Rhem 1 Special Edition is a new version of the original Rhem 1 ..... Knutt Mueler has improved some things in this new edition and added a new area with new puzzles. In the new area you have to look for a quarter piece of a medallion ........... Mueler shall also make new SE versions of  Rhem 2, Rhem 3 and Rhem 4 s with in each of those games a new area in which you have to search for 1 quarter piece of the medallion. You will need that whole medallion later to gain access to Rhem 5. Graphically, the special editions have been slightly improved, but still they are not graphical highlights. The controls have not changed, so that these games are still "point and click" with your computer mouse. 


The game starts with a ride in a rail cart over a rail system. During this ride you can not control the game. 

You drive with the rail car through a desert-like landscape, a water landscape and a grassy landscape. Eventually your rail cart stops at a bridge that is not there. 

However, the bridge will automatically "open" and you will drive to and through the tunnel ...... 

Take note of the 2 signs that are in front of the tunnel entrance ... especially the left-hand sign

You will see that left board later on in the game. 

You drive into the tunnel and in the tunnel you have reached the end of your train ride because the gate to Rhem is closed. 

Your adventure on the Rhem island starts here.

Chapter 1: Arrival Valley part 1

Chapter 2: Arrival Valley part 2: The bridge to the 4-Way Tower.

Chapter 3: 4-Way Tower: The Hydroelectric power plant

Chapter 4: 4-Way Tower: The Water Reservoirs

Chapter 5: the Elevator Tower, the Icon Door and the Swing Bridge

Chapter 6: The Pentagram building part 1

Chapter 7: The Pentagram building part 2

Chapter 8: Rader Valley: The 3rd piece of paper

Chapter 9: The 4th Letter Piece

Chapter 10: The new area: The 1st Quarter of the Medallion

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot