2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Rhem 2 Special Edition is an updated new version of the original Rhem 2: The Cave ..... Knutt Mueler has improved some things in this new edition and added a new area with some new puzzles. In the new area you have to look for the second quarter piece of a medallion ..... Knut Mueler also makes special editions for  Rhem 1, Rhem 3 and Rhem 4 and in each of them will be a new area in which you have to search for 1 quarter of the medallion. You will need that medallion later to gain access to Rhem 5. Graphically, the special editions have been slightly improved, but still they are no graphic highlights. The controls have not changed, so that is still "point and click" with your computer mouse.

When you start the game for the first time, you will receive a note and a strange object from Zetias

You then end up in the Main Menu screen of  Rhem 2SE

Well .... I assume that these 6 buttons are "cut cake" for you. Click on "NEW" and your 2nd adventure on the Rhem Island begins. You start, just like in Rhem 1(SE), with a ride in a Rail cart. It will take a while, so just sit tight. The cart takes you along the rails through a tunnel and then through a landscape with round houses and traffic signs

You enter another tunnel and then you ride through a cave. The cart goes left and then descends a level. 

Then the cart continues the journey to the end where it comes to a standstill against a block 

You now get control over the game

Let's get familiar with your Inventory,  your compass and how you can Save, Load and Quit. Move the cursor to the bottom of the screen.

On the left you see a BOX. The box is your inventory. By clicking on the box you open the inventory. 

You see that there is now a puzzle piece in your inventory. This is what Zetias has given you. It is the first piece of a KEY. 

Close the inventory. The COMPASS is always at the bottom center of the game screen. The Compass indicates which way you look. The WHITE POINT of the compass always points to the NORTH. On the right you see a WHEEL. If you click on this wheel, the options to SAVE, LOAD, QUIT, and RETURN will appear....That's it.....let's get into the game now....we start with Chapter one....

Part 1: The Key Fragments

Chapter 1 and 2: Arrival Building and the First Blue Fragment

Chapter 3 and 4: Lava Cave and 100% Power and the 2e Blue Fragment
Chapter 5: The 2e Key Fragment
Chapter 6: The 3rd Key Fragment 3

Part 2: Find the 4 Blue Fragments in the Secret Cave

Chapter 7: The Tower Part 1
Chapter 8: The Underground Railway
Chapter 9: The Tower Part 2: The Circle Tram and the Glass Maze
Chapter 10: The Tower Part 3: Crystal Cave and the Blue Dome Room

Part 3: The Artefact Disc and the New Area

Chapter 11: The Artefact Disc and the New Area
Chapter 12: The New Area: Second Quarter Piece of the Medallion
Chapter 13: Finishing Rhem 2 SE

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot