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2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot  and Dick Leeuw

For the large part this walkthrough is the English translation of my (Louis)  dutch Rhem 3 The Secret Library walkthrough from 2009. But we will do our best to update this walkthrough with all the new clues and puzzles to get into the new area and of course we shall include the new area with solutions for all the new puzzles. Dick shall lead me to all the new things and he shall write the walkthrough for the new area and how to get there. I shall do the screenshots and this translation

Game info

Rhem IIISE: The Secret Library (Special Edition) is a new version of the original Rhem III ..... Knutt Mueler has improved some things in this new edition and added a new area with new puzzles. In the new area you have to look for a quarter piece of a medallion. Knutt Mueler has also make new SE versions of  Rhem I: Arival, Rhem 2: The Cave and Rhem IV: The Golden Fragments with in each of those games a new area in which you have to search for 1 quarter piece of the medallion. You will need that whole medallion later to gain access to the new Rhem V, that we then hopefully can play soon . Graphically, the special editions have been slightly improved, but still they are not graphical highlights. The controls have not changed, so that these games are still "point and click" with your computer mouse. 

The game starts with Zetias. Zetias gives you a letter and a drawing, which you must give to his brother Kales

Zetias reads the letter and then you go for a ride with a train car, just like in Rhem 1 and Rhem 2. The drawing is now in your inventory.

 After a few minutes the train comes to a stop at a red signal. 

You can click on the orange button as much as you want, but the train just won't go any further. Turn 1 time to the left. You will see the door of your train cart, but you can not go out here. Turn left again. You see a narrow gray panel on the wall of the train cart. You have no idea what that weird  means. Turn left again and .... you will now be welcomed by Kales. Kales appears in a small monitor. There is a slot under the monitor.

Kales asks wheter you have the "paper of his brother" with you. Open your inventory and then take the drawing out and then put the drawing in the slot under the small monitor. 

The drawing disappears. Turn left again and see ..... the square button is now flashing. So now click on the square button and .... the signal will go up and your train will now continue through a gap and then come to a stop at a closed metal door. Again your train car can not go any further. The rail car has 2 exits, left and right. Turn right and you will look out the rail car on the right side. You have arrived in Chapter one.

Chapter 1: Ravine, Cave, Courtyard, Lamps Room, Drawbridge, Elevators

Chapter 2: The Reservoir of the Corridors Building

Chapter 3: The Caves

Chapter 4: The Library

Chapter 5: The Octagonal Drawing for the Girl

Chapter 6: The Pavilion

Chapter 7: The Prison Cells Building and the Annex

Chapter 8: Back to the Beginning: Cave, Apartment of Kales, Bear Statues and the Leaves Book puzzle

Chapter 9: The Underground Railway: The Black Crystal and the Sound Puzzle to open up the New Area

Chapter 10: The New Area and Ending

2021: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot  and Dick Leeuw