2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 2: The Cone Rocks Courtyard

A: Swing bridge: The light code:

At the end of Chapter 1 you have stepped out the Black Crystal Room via the Loudspeaker door. 

Don't go forwards now but first turn left..... you look at the Swing Bridge. Go to the Swing Bridge gate but don't cross over the bridge yet.  Stand still to view the gate the swing bridge gate

To the right of the gate you see a white tile with the Sun symbol on the wall. There is also a red button on a pole. To the left of the gate there is a yellow panel on the wall. That yellow panel is attached to a yellow pipe that disappears into the rock wall at the Sun tile. The swing bridge is now straight  and you can now walk across the swing bridge to the other side. Do not do that yet.  

Above the red button you can see an orange / red tile in the arch of the gate. If you click on that Tile, the Swing Bridge will turn and connect the 2 other gates  together. Move the swing bridge back straight forward by clicking the Red Tile again. Turn left.  To the left of the gate, a Yellow Panel hangs on the railing. You see 8 elongated buttons in this panel. The top 4 buttons are now gray and the bottom 4 buttons are now black. Note that the right edge of both the top 4 buttons and the bottom 4 buttons is "serrated".

If you click on the top 4 gray buttons they turn white, but the bottom 4 buttons turn gray. If you click on the bottom gray buttons, they will turn black again and the top buttons will turn gray again. Ok .... you do not understand the intention of this panel yet, so make the top 4 buttons gray again and the bottom buttons turn black again.

The light code:

Look through the gate again to the dome across the Swing Bridge.  On the dome is a light bar with 4 lights. Now pay attention to what happens when you click on the red button .... I will explain this first.......

If  you click the Red Button you will see a series of 3 light flashes in the light bar of the dome. Note done  the position of that sequence of lights that flash up in the light bar when you click the red button. 

Every time you click the Red Button again you see another pattern light up. Write down the lights you see when you click once on the red button and .......Then click NO more on the red button because then the code that you just saw will not be valid for you later on in the game. For me it was like this.......

  • 1st series of lights = the lights 1 and 2 are lit for me
  • 2nd series of lights = the lights 1, 2 and 4 are lit for me
  • 3rd series of lights = the lights 2 and 4 are lit for me

Did you see those lights light up? And could you note down witch lights came on? Then do not click the red button again. If it went too fast for you to note down the sequence then you will have to click the red button again to try again ... but every time you click on the red button you will see the lights in a different order. 

Now go over the swing bridge to the other side. On the other side you turn right to the left and ....... 

Also on this side there is a Yellow Panel with 4 gray and 4 black buttons, just like the on the other side ....

Turn right again and walk to the dome. So on the dome is the light bar with the 4 lights where you saw those elongated lines of light when you pressed the red button. Walk into the dome and ..... through the grilled window you see a gray door with two rusty grates. Turn right and ...... Well ..... the next passage is closed by a large metal dome door with a serrated closure in the middle.

Right in front of the door is a yellow button but if you press the yellow button nothing happens. On the left a blue cable goes to the door behind the grilled window. Walk back to the Swing Bridge and cross back over it and then continue on. Right you can go back to the Black Crystal Room via the Loudspeaker door, but we do not do that yet.

B: The Printer Building

Follow the path to the left and then continue until the next right path. On the left is a large gray panel .... a gray cable goes right from that panel. On the right is a red button. Go sideways to the side path and .... oops .... a water hole prevents you from reaching the door and if you click on the red button nothing happens. Turn around to the large gray panel. This is the "J-Panel".

The "J" puzzle

To the right of the J-panel is a yellow button. This panel is a memory puzzle.

The panel contains 2 columns with 12 boxes. Furthermore, you see 2 small red marker arrows and 2 small black marker arrows (1 and 2 in the screenshot). Left and right you also see 8 arrow buttons (3, 4, 5 and 6 in the screenshot). Use the arrow buttons 3 and 5 to move the 2 red Marker arrows (1) down or up along the 2 columns. Use the arrow buttons 4 and 6 to move the 2 black highlight arrows up and down along the 2 columns. 

If you push the yellow button then two black J's  slowly sink down through the 2 columns. 

While the 2 black J's are going down, you see 2 times a RED J and 2 times a MIRROR J appear in 4 of the boxes

You have to remember in which 2 boxes you see a RED J and in which 2 boxes you see a MIRROR J. 

For me it was like this......

Then move the Red and Black Marker arrows to the boxes where you saw a Red J and a Mirrored J. You place the red arrows in front of the box where you saw the RED J and the black arrows you place in front of the boxes where you saw the MIRROR J, so for me it was like this.....

You can keep on trying it endlessly, but every time you click on the yellow button, the Red and the Mirrored J's appear in a different box. If you have succeeded in marking the right 4 boxes with the red and black markers, you will hear a "Ping" sound. Then turn back to the printer building and click the Red Button and .... from the water a wooden platform will rise and the door of the Printer Building will open.

Enter the building. The Printer building has only one square room. 

When you come in you stand at a painting that hangs on two chains. In the painting you see a wave line. To the right of the wave line  painting is a green button on the wall. That green button sticks at the end, or the beginning, of a gray pipe. Nothing happens when you click the green button.

On the right wall there are 2 round plates on which you can move a pointer to A, B, C and D. 

Between the two round plates is a box with witch the two plates are connected. On the floor stand a box with paper in it. This is the Printer, but when you click on the green button, nothing happens again. The building does not get power now. Turn clockwise towards the entrance. There is a drawing on the wall to the right of the entrance. Zoom in on the drawing to view the thing in close-up and then copy the drawing to your document inventory by clicking on your book.

On the drawing you see a panel with 7 screens and buttons. Above the panel is a mountain range of 7 pointed mountains. Arrows connect each screen with a mountain. This is the Mountain drawing. Leave the close-up and turn right again. On the left wall hangs a large panel on which a 4-pointed Star is depicted. This Star is in fact a Compass. Call this drawing the Star Compass Drawing. The 4 points of the Star indicate the direction. If you move the cursor to the bottom of the game screen, your own compass will reappear and you will see that you are now looking at the North. The upper point of the star drawing now points to the North. Small squares are found in the center of the star. If you move your cursor to the middle of the star, Symbols appear in all squares.

Draw the entire Star , with all those squares containing all the symbols, accurately over on a piece of paper. Soon you will have to recognize these symbols and also you have to know exactly at which positions they are in the Star and that you have to do for each of the 4 compass directions. If you now accurately draw over the Star you can use your drawing to recognize the symbols for each of the 4 compass directions.

When you have finished drawing the Star you leave this room again and walk back to the J-Panel. At the J-Panel turn right and follow the path to the gray door in the brick wall. Unfortunately, this closes the door of the Printer Building and the platform has also lowered again. Just before the gray door the path goes through a small tunnel and in this tunnel you'll find the second Pipe Screen Code

Pipe screen code 2

When you are in the tunnel you stop for a moment and turn to the right ....... In the rock wall you see a round pipe screen. 

Zoom in on the pipe and then put your hand back on the screen and ....... In this pipe you will see a Hexagon ...

. the upper right edge of the Hexagon is red . In the 6-corner again a circle with a dash that indicates 9 o'clock

Draw this over accurately. Zoom out, turn left and continue to the gray door

C: The 9-Doors Hall:

Open the gray door via the green door button and then step inside. You are now in the 9-Doors Hall and you are standing at door 1. The door you entered is door 9. 

If you turn around and walk through the hallway, door 9 closes and you can not go back outside. Standing in front of Door 1 you turn left and ...... you look through the hallway and see doors 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. A lamp hangs above each door. Turn left again and see ...... Door 9, through which you entered from the "J-Panel", is also closed and ..... unfortunately ..... none of the 9 doors will go open. To the right of each of the 9 doors is a panel with 4 green buttons and 3 screens. With the 4 green buttons you have to place the correct number code for each door in the 3 screens to open a door. The code is different for each of the 9 doors and you do not know any code at this time. At the beginning of the game, Kales told you that you must find the 9 fragments of a Star Key..... Well ..... these doors will each bring you to such a key fragment. 

Standing in front of door 9 you turn left again and see ...... the "Back Door"  of this 9 door Hall is open, so step to the outside and then follow the zigzag path and you end up on the:

D: Cone rocks Courtyard:

Behind the fences there are 13 conical rocks in total. You can walk all the way around this courtyard. The 13 cone rocks are very similar to the mountain range you saw on the Mountain drawing that hangs in the Printer building next to the entrance, and of which you now have a copy in your documents inventory. Follow the path around this courtyard and look around for a while.

The Central Cone Rock is centrally located in the middle of the area. All other 12 cone rocks are connected via gray pipes to that Central Rock and that rock is connected to a cabinet via a yellow pipe .On the fence, which encloses the middle part, are a total of 12 boxes with red buttons and the letters A, B, C, D. Call these 12 boxes the Letter Panels. Next to one of these Letter Panels there is also a Yellow Button. Next to 3 of the Letter Panels is an elongated panel with 7 screens and 7 orange buttons. In the 7 screens you can use the orange buttons to set the symbols that you also saw on the Star Compass Drawing in the Printer Building. In all 3 panels there are now 7 Stars in the screens, so these are the Star Panels

All Letter Panels and Star panels are connected to each other via a thin cable and that cable disappears through the wall to the Printer Building.

 In the corner, left behind, there is a cabinet, which however has no power, but in that cabinet is the first Fragment of the Star Key

The Star Panels Puzzle:

We are now going to work on those 3 Star panels first. 

From the entrance of this courtyard, follow the path straight ahead, to the next corner, where the Cabinet is that contained an item that you need 

Then stand straight in front of the 1st Star panel. Standing in front of the 1st Symbol Panel you ensure that your compass is visible. The white point of the compass points down, so the upper point of the compass indicates that you are now looking at the South. This symbol panel is therefore the South Panel.

The South Star panel:

If you stand right in front of this South Star panel you will also see 7 of the 13 Cone rocks. The Mountain drawing has shown you that you have to "match" the 7 screens of the Star panel with the 7 Cone rocks you see now. Number the 7 Cone rocks, which you now see in the courtyard, from left to right, as  1 to 7 and number also the screens of the Star panel, from left to right, as 1 to 7. Then take your own drawing of the Star Compass  Drawing and turn your drawing so that the bottom point is the North and the upper point is the South. The Star Compass Drawing is in fact the "floor plan" of this courtyard. On your Star Compass Drawing, identify the positions of the 7 Cone Rocks via the symbols and then place the correct symbol in each of the 7 screens of the Star Panel. .......Thus........

You then know, for this South Star panel, which symbols you should put in the 7 screens. Click on the 7 red / orange buttons to put the correct symbol in each screen. So in screen 1 you put the symbol that belongs to Cone Rock 1, in screen 2 the symbol that belongs to Cone Rock 2 ... and so on ....... like this .....

When you ready with this first Star panel then you go to the 2nd Star panel, which is right around the corner on the fence.

Go again stand straight in front of that Star panel and look at your Compass. The Compass indicates that you are now standing in front of the Northeast panel.

Northeast Star panel:

Again you'll see 7 of the cone rocks. Number the 7 Cone rocks, you now see, again from left to right, as 1 to 7 and number also the 7 screens of the Star panel again as 1 to 7. Take the Star Compass Drawing again and turn the drawing with the North Point  to the right. Identify on your Starr Compass Drawing again the 7 Cone rocks that you now see and then put the correct symbol in each screen of the Star panel. Thus:

When you're ready with this panel then turn left, 1 click forward, turn right and .... you stand at the 

Southeast Star panel:

Again you will see 7 Cone Rocks again. Number the 7 Cone rocks,  from left to right again, 1 to 7. Number the screens of the Star panel 1 to 7 again. Pick up your Star Compass Drawing and turn the drawing so that the North Point again is the right point. Identify the 7 Cone Rocks again by means of the symbols on your drawing and then re-enter these symbols on the Star Panel ..... Thus:

The 3 Star panels are now provided with the correct symbols and this gives the Wave Line painting and the Printer, in the Printer building, power.  

9 Doors Hall: Open up Door 9

Go back to the back entrance / exit of the 9-Doors corridor, but do not enter the corridor yet. Stay outside in front of the back entrance. 

You now must find out the code with witch you can open door 9. To the right of the Back Entrance of the 9 doors hall an orange button protrudes on the outside wall ..........

  • Press the orange button and ....... The light in the hall goes off but ..... at 3 doors the lights go on for a while. 
  • Note the sequence of those 3 doors the lamp went on after you pressed the Orange Button because it is a number code that you can use to open a door. 
  • Each time you press the Orange button, you will see another Light flash code. 
  • Say that you saw the lights of the doors 5, 8, 7 go on, then the code is 587 and with this code you can then open door 5, or door 8 or door 7
  • You can only use the code you saw on 1 door. If you use the code you saw on, for example, door 8, then you can not also open door 5 or door 7 with code 587
  • With the code that you get when you click on the Orange Button you can only open 1 of the 9 doors

However, you now want to go back to the Printer Building so you must open door 9 in the hall. In order to be able to open door 9, the lamp of door 9 must always light up when you press the orange button. 

So press the orange button as often as is necessary to see the lamps of 3 doors, one of which must then be of Door 9. For me these were the doors 7, 8, 9. Then walk into hall and turn left and put on the panel, next to door 9, the code of the door lamps you saw flashing, for me it was 7, 8, 9. You do that with the 3 top green buttons. Then click the bottom green button and ..... Door 9 opens.

E: Printer Building:

If you have opened door 9 again, follow the path back to the "J" panel.

At the J-panel, turn left and press the red button again to bring the platform up again and open the door of the Printer Building.

Enter the Print Building again. In the Print building you are standing in front of the Wave line painting again. The green button, right next to the painting, now has power because you have solved the 3 star panels at the Cone Rocks. Click on the green button and ..... The painting will disappear and you will see a peephole in the wall.

Look through the peephole  and ..... you see a part of the Cone Rock Courtyard. You can see 7 cone rocks through the peephole. If you draw an imaginary "wave line" on the top of the wall and over the 7 tops of these 7 cone rocks and compare that imaginary "wave line with the wave line on the painting then you come to the conclusion that the wave line on the painting is the same to your imaginary wave line of the 7 cones that you see through the peephole.

So this is an indication of the 12 Letter Panels that are all around the Cone Rock Courtyard. Zoom out of the peephole and then turn clockwise to the Printer Device. The printer is now also receiving power. On the 2 dials you can place the pointer on A, B, C, D, by clicking on the pointer, and thus you can make letter combinations. Now place the pointer on the left-hand dial on A, and set the pointer on the right-hand dial to B. Then you have the letter combination AB. Now press the green button and ..... A print will roll out of the printer.

Zoom in on the print. It appears to be a print of a wave line. Copy the Wave Line Print to your document screen by clicking the book below the screen.

Then open the document screen and ..... the wave line print is in the first of 12 boxes where you have to type a letter combination.

 In the box, type the letters AB because this is the AB horizon line.

You have to print a wave line 11 times and then save a copy of it in your document screen and then type the letter combination in the box. You already have the AB print. Leave the pointer on A on the left-hand dial and set the pointer of the right hand dial to C and click on the green button. Zoom in on the print again and copy the print to your document screen. Then type the letters AC in the box below the print. Then do this for the letter combinations: AD, BA, BC, BD, CA, CB, CD, DA, DB, DC. 

Eventually you have 12 wave line prints in your document screen

The 12 wave line prints show you each a Horizon line of the cone rocks that you see when you stand on the Cone Rock Courtyard in front of a Letter Panel. Via these 12 wave lines you can determine whether you are at the  AB, AC, AD and so on panel. You must now return to the Cone Rock Courtyard to set the appropriate letters on al 12 Letter Panels. . Leave the Printer Building and go back to the 9-Doors corridor. Open door 9 again via the green button and go back out via the exit and follow the zigzag path back to the:

F: Cone rocks Courtyard:  The Letter Panels puzzle:

When you are back at the Cone Rock Courtyard you walk on to the Letterbox where the Yellow Button sticks because we start with this Panel. Stand right in front of that Letter Panel. You see the Letter Panel and you see 7 Cone rocks again. Now draw for yourself an imaginary "horizon line" over the cone rocks and the top of the wall, just as you did in the Printer Building when you looked through the peephole. Compare your imaginary line with the Prints in your Documents Inventory and you know that this first Panel is the AB Panel. With the red buttons on the panel you put the letter combination AB in the 2 screens of this box.

Now also do this with the other 11 Letter panels. From the AB cabinet you now always go left, to the next panel. Always stand straight in front of each Letter panel. You will see 7 cone rocks again and again. Then always draw an imaginary Horizon line over the tops of the Cones and the wall and then look in your Prints for the corresponding wave line and put the letter combination of that print on the panel. Here are all screenshots for those 11 letter panels.....just look at the surroundings to oriented yourself, to now that you are at the correct Letter panel

When you have done all 12 Letter panels then you are back at the AB panel where the Yellow Button is on the left. Press the Yellow Button and ...... 

On the Central Cone then the Sphere, which is halfway on this Cone, glows red.

If the Sphere doesn't glow red now then you have given 1, or more, letter panel the wrong letters, so you have to correct that first. 

The Cabinet in the corner is now getting power, so go to that Cabinet and press the green button and the cabinet will open now

In the box is a green Pentagon . Grab the Pentagon because you need this thing later.

Go back to the back entrance of the 9-doors hallway. Stay in front of the back entrance of the Hall 

At the beginning of this chapter you was at the Swing Bridge. When you pressed the red button / Tile at the Swing Bridge went to the other side. On the dome, a light code was flashing and in the Dome you saw a barred window with a gray door with 2 rusty grates behind it. Well .... The light code that you saw on the dome is the code to open that gray door behind the barred window. We are now going to try to get to that gray door and to get there we have to go through Door 5 in the 9-door Hall

Chapter 3: The 1st Golden Fragment:

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot