2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 3: The 1st Golden Fragment:

A: The area behind Door 5:

After you have picked up the Pentagon at the end of Chapter 2, from the cabinet at the Cone  Rocks Courtyard, you are now standing at he back door of the 9 doors hall. 

We now want to open Door 5, so press the Orange Button and keep doing this until you get a code for Door 5, for example the lights of the doors 6, 4, 5, or 1 ,9, 5. So you have to see the lamp flashing at 3 doors and one of those doors must be Door 5. Then walk through the 9-Doors Gang to Door 5 and put your code in and then press the bottom green button to Open Door 5.

If you have opened Door 5 you walk across the bridge to the other side and enter the Gate. In the Gate  you can turn left and right. Turn left. 

You see a building with a red tiled roof and a pink door. This building is the Sun Clock building and you are now at the front door. In the red tiled roof there is a clock whose pointer is turning in the wrong direction. Walk to the pink door. The door is stuck with a green hook and an orange button is on the right of the door. Click with your hand on the green hook to raise it. The Orange Button does nothing, so the door does not open. You will have to find another way to get into this building, but because you have now clicked the green hook up you will be able to go outside again through this pink door. Turn right and you will see the short side path.

On the right is a yellow button. The letters G, O, T, E are written twice on the facades of the building, and those letters are each in star-shaped motifs that indicate the directions of the wind. At the end of this side path is a round hatch in the path. You can not open the hatch yet, no matter how often you press the yellow button. Turn right and now go straight through the gate and then turn left around the corner and .......... A long path with 2 stone arches

Pipe Screen code 3

Continue until the first stone arch ... On the right pillar of the arch the third pipe screen is lit ...... Zoom in on the pipe screen and put your hand on it again.

In this screen you see a Hexagon  of which the top left edge is red. In the 6 corner a circle with a diameter that goes from 3 hours to 9 hours

Draw this hexagon over again. Zoom out and follow the path to the Gondola.

B: The gondola, the hall with the Flap Door and the wooden Revolving Door.


The Gondola is a cable car with which you can go across the water tank to the other side. To the left of the water tank is a large square courtyard that is fenced of with a fence. On that courtyard there are four stone arches in the middle with a tower in between. You want to reach that tower and for that you have to go with the Gondola to the other side of the water tank. So get in the Gondola and press the Red Button and ....... the Gondola takes you to the other side. When the Gondola has reached the other side, turn around and get out of the Gondola and turn left. You stand in front of a metal door. Click on the red button and ... the door slides open.

You look into a big hall and this is

the Hall with the Flap door:

Continue to the metal door, which protrudes into a round tower. 

The round tower where the door stands is at a crossing of 4 paths. Press the red button there and ..... this door also opens.

This turns out to be a Flap Door that, now that it is open, closes the route to the left and to the right. But you can move forward to the oval wooden door. Walk through to the oval wooden door and open it by clicking on the red button again. When the Oval door is open you see ..... the Wooden Revolving door that you have already seen in Chapter 1.

The revolving door:

Walk to the wooden revolving door. The revolving door has 2 green buttons and it stand at a crossroad of 4 paths. If you look to the left, you see that the left path leads to a wooden gable roof. If you look to the right, you see that the right path leads to an oval wood door

Stand straight in front of the revolving door. So this is the revolving door you once stood for in Chapter 1, but then you were on the other side of the door. 

Step forward one more click and .... you are now standing in the revolving door. Now click on the left green button and .....

 the revolving door turns, with you standing in it, 1 turn. You do not really see the Revolving door turning. The Door only shakes for a moment, but that shaking means that the door is then rotated 1 quarter turn. Click with the down hand to step out of the revolving door and turn around and walk on to the pointed roof door. The pointed roof door is fixed with a yellow hook. Click on the yellow hook to raise the hook.

From this side you can not open this door so turn around and enter the revolving door again and click the left green button again. The revolving door revolves again. Step out the revolving door again. If you now look to the right, you see that the pointed roof door, with the yellow latch, is now to the right of the revolving door. 

Turn around again and walk to the oval door 1 and open the door via the red button and then step through the opened door. Follow the zigzag path 1 or 2 clicks and ...... you will see that you are now back in the area of ​​Chapter 1 ..... the Entrance Hall and the Entrance Tower. So....via the Revolving door you can, from door 5 in the 9-doors corridor, return to the train car, which is still standing at the Entrance Tower. Turn around and go back through the oval door to the Revolving door. 

Step back into the Revolving door and press the left green button again. The revolving door turns once again. Step out of the revolving door and .... You can now see an Oval door on both the left side and right side of the revolving door. The Pointed roof door is now right in front of you on the other side of the revolving door. Turn around and walk to the oval door. Open the oval door and ....behind this oval door you see water and a path that goes right. Step through the open oval door and then follow the path with a number of stone arches, along the narrow lake and......... 

You will end up in the Hall with the Flap door again. Unfortunately you can not walk through now because you have closed the Flap door for this passage

The door on the left is the door through which you entered the hall from the Gondola and then opened the Flap door to continue to the Revolving door. You have to open up the Flap door for this side again but for this you have to enter this hall again via the side of the Gondola, so that you can walk straight from this side to the Tower courtyard.

C: Back to the Gondola and the Flap Door

Turn around again and follow the path back to the oval door ......... When you are back on the path with the arches you will see that on the first arch a blue round screen with an orange button and a red button. Above the blue screen you also see a pipe screen again pipe ....... Zoom in on that green pipe screen and put your hand on it again and ........ In this green pipe you see another hexagram of which now the bottom right side is red .... in the hexagram a circle with 2 lines that make an angle from 9 o'clock to 12 o'clock.

Draw the hexagram again accurately over, zoom out and follow the path back to the oval door. Open the oval door again and walk on to the revolving door. Step back into the revolving door and click on the right green button. The revolving door now rotates 1 turn back. Get out of the revolving door, turn around and enter the area behind the Entrance Hall through the Oval door and follow the zigzag path back to Door 2 of the Entrance Hall. Click, above the door, on the rightmost square in the Door code bar to open the door and then enter the Entrance Hall again

In the Entrance Hall you stand again in front of  Door 1. Open Door 1, via the Door Opener in the Door code Bar and .... You are back in the area where the Studio van Kales is and the Cabin with Straw Roof and the Black Crystal Room. So follow the zigzag path to the large courtyard. Right in front of you see the door of the Black Crystal Room. NB: You can now go back to the Studio van Kales via the left path, to take a look in the bedroom. You will notice that the diary of Kales is no longer on the bed. Has Kales been in his Studio for a while to pick up his diary. Enter the Black Crystal Room again and leave the Black Crystal Room again through the Loudspeaker door and then walk straight to door 9 of the 9-door hallway.

Open door 9 and enter the 9-Doors corridor again. You have to go through Door 5 again, but the code you used earlier on door 5 is no longer valid. Step through the back door exit, turn around and press the orange button again and do it again as often as is necessary to light 3 doors where again Door 5 is 1, for example 9, 5, 7 .Remember the code and open Door 5 again with this code. If you have opened door 5 again, follow the, now known, route back to the Gondola. Go back to the other side of the lake with the Gondola and then enter the Flap Door Hall again. Now close the Flap door from this side, so press the red button again.

The left / right path is now open, but to get on that path you now have to go back to the Revolving door and that is only possible  via Door 2 in the Entrance Hall 

D: From the Flap Door back to the Revolving door:

Turn around and return to the Gondola and glide back to the other side of the lake in the gondola. 

Get off the Gondola and follow the path back to the gate and go left in the Gate, back to Door 5 of the 9-Doors Gang,

Click on the green button to open Door 5 and enter the 9-Doors Hall again. Door 9 in the 9-Doors Hall has to be opened again, so go out the back door, turn around  and press the Orange Button again until you get a code with Door 9 in it. Then open Door 9 again with that code and follow the path back to the Loudspeaker door of the Black Crystal Room.  Open the Loudspeaker door via the green button and pass through the Crystal Room. Leave the Crystal Room through the other door. Then follow the straight route to Door 1 of the Entrance Hall.

Go through Door 1 into the Entrance Hall and immediately back out through Door 2. Follow the zigzag path to the wooden Oval Door .Open the Oval Door and continue until you are back in the Revolving  door. Click once again on the left green button to turn the door a quarter turn left again. Then step out of the revolving door, turn around and walk to the Oval Door. Open the Oval Door and follow the path, along the lake, back to the Flap Door Hall and see ..... 

......you can now walk straight through the Flap Door...... Do that now and ....

At the end of the Flap door hall door you finally stand in front of that gray door with the4 rusty grates. 

So this is the door you saw earlier through the barred window of the Dome of the Swing Bridge, only you are now on the other side of the door. Open the door by pressing the red button and then step forward to the grating window. You are now in the Dome Room behind the grating window and through the grating window you see the swing bridge.

Beneath the grilled window there is a panel with an orange button and 12 blue buttons in 3 groups of 4 buttons each. If you press a blue button, it becomes light blue. When you were on the other side of the Swing Bridge you have pressed the Red Button and then you saw, on the light panel of this dome, 3 times a light code flashing. You now have to press the 12 blue buttons here according to the light code you saw then. Number the blue buttons, in each of the 3 groups, 1, 2, 3 and 4 and in each group only make the buttons light blue according to the sequence of the light code you saw when you clicked on the red button. Then click on the Orange Button. For me the code was like this...

So for me the solution is like this:

When you have correctly set the code and then click on the Orange Button you will hear a high metallic Click sound. This means that now the large round door, to the left of the dome, is now activated. So you now have to go back to the other side of the grilled window, via the Revolving door and the Black Crystal Room.

E: Back to the Swing Bridge:

So turn around and follow the path, through the Flap Door Hall and along the lake, to the Revolving door. In the revolving door, click the right button again to rotate the door a quarter turn clockwise. Get out of the door and turn around and open the oval Door. Follow the zigzag path back to door 2 of the entrance hall, open the door and enter the entrance hall again and leave the hall again via door 1.Then follow the zigzag path to the Black Crystal Room, enter it and go outside through the Loudspeaker door. You are back in the area where the swing bridge, the Printer building and door 9 of the 9-Doors corridor are

Turn left and continue over the Swing Bridge  to the other side and cross through the dome to the large round metal door. Click on the yellow button and .... the round door will now open and you will see the courtyard of Clock Tower, which you also saw when you went to the Gondola the first time.

F: The Bell Tower:

Step through the now opened round door and walk forward to the junction. To the right is a building where you can enter, but do not do that yet. Turn left and go to the metal ladder of the round Bell Tower. Look up along the ladder and ...... The access hatch of the round Tower is closed and does not open now either. A wheel is missing, on the right side of the hatch

Look down again and turn right and follow the path to the closed door of the next building. Click on the orange door button to open the door and step inside

The building has only one room and a red button on the left and right next to the exit. Both red buttons stick at the end, or the beginning, of a gray pipe. With both buttons there is a picture on the wall from which you can make out what these two buttons are for. The two pipes go to the left, so turn left and .... you are standing in front of the left wall.

The Toy Cart Puzzle:

Between the two narrow windows, three round lenses hang on the wall. 

The three lenses hang in front of a canvas that has stripes painted in the colors lilac, yellow and light blue.

 If you click on a lens, that lens moves over a colored stripe and you see that the color of that stripe, in the lens, changes. Under the lenses is a gray device with 9 colored squares and 9 yellow buttons. A thick yellow button protrudes at the top right of the device. The 2 pipes, of the two orange buttons at the rear, go to this device. Click on the big yellow button, which is on the top right of the gray device, and ... the cover with the squares folds away and ..... you will see a model cart in the device and 10 purple pins.

The trolley has the pins 6 to 9 pressed. Pin 3 is also pressed but the pins 1, 2, 4 and 5 are still up and the trolley can not move further to the left. Remember that Pin 3 is now pressed. Close the cover again by clicking the yellow button again. Turn back to the doorway where the red orange buttons stick next to. 

The picture above the left button tells you that the left button is meant to put 1 purple Pin down. The picture above the right button is the Reset button for the cart device, so you can put the cart puzzle back in the starting position if you go wrong Turn back to the cart device. So 9 squares are placed in the cover of the cart. 1 of the squares is now green. By clicking on the buttons under the squares the green color changes from square to square. You have seen that the pins 1, 2, 4 and 5 in the device are up and that the cart stands against Pin 5 

Now click on the buttons, below the squares, until the 5th square is green. I can not give you a ready solution for this ..... you just have to keep clicking on the buttons until the 5th square is green. If the 5th square is green you can no longer open the device. Turn back to the rear exit and now click the left red button once. Then turn back to the device and click again on the big yellow button to open the cover again and see ...... Pin 5 is now lowered but the pins 1 to 4 are now up.

You can now move the cart 1 position to the left, so click with your hand on the cart and then hold down your mouse button and drag the cart to the left, against Pin 4. Close the device again via the yellow button. Well .... you now know how to get the cart further to the left ..... the pins 4, 3, 2 and 1 must also be put down for this. So make sure that the 4th square turns green and then press the left red button again, next to the exit,  and then drag the cart again 1 position to the left. Do this for the pins 3, 2 and 1 as well. When Pin 1 is also down you drag the cart out of the device and .....

.... the cart falls on the ground .Zoom, with your + cursor  on the floor, left of the device and ....Oh well ... 1 of the wheels of the cart has been broken down by the fall. 

Take the loose cart wheel because you need it to open the hatch of the bell tower. 

Zoom out of the close-up, turn left and leave this room and walk back to the ladder under the bell tower. 

Stand straight again in front of the ladder and look again up the ladder to the hatch. There is a round hole to the right of the hatch. 

Take the Cart Wheel out of inventory and place the wheel in the round hole. Then click on the wheel and ..... the hatch opens. 

So climb further up the Clock Tower. You are now in the Bell Tower and this is a round room with 4 half round niches. So in the first niche is the ladder. Turn left from the ladder. To the left of the ladder you see a gray panel on the wall. Turn left again. Opposite the ladder are the 4 Bells of the tower. 

Each Bell hangs in front of a window and underneath each bell is a tube with a red button on it. The clappers of the Bells  are stuck on the top of each tube. Behind Bell 3 you see, through the window, that there are 4 cables going from the Bell Tower to the building on the other side. Number the 4 Bells, from left to right, 1, 2, 3, 4

Press each of the red tube buttons to hear the sound of each bell. The sound of the 4 Bells goes, from the left, from high to very low. 

Remember which Bell makes which tone. Turn right back to the gray panel.

Power Puzzle:

On the panel you see 4 thick yellow vertical stripes, but in the circle these 4 yellow stripes are horizontal. At the top right of the panel is a green button and under the green button you see 4 columns with 5 small buttons each. If you click on those small buttons they get a white edge. Number those 4 columns A, B, C, D. If you click on the green button, nothing happens. The 4 thick yellow stripes represent the 4 power cables that go from this tower to the other building. Because the 4 cables are now horizontal in the circle, there is no power flowing through these cables. You must therefore restore the power supply. 

Turn clockwise to the ladder and then look down to the ladder hole and the opened hatch. Left and right next to the ladder you now see the two halves of the hatch. Click on a hatch half to close the hatch. On each of the 2 hatch halves you can now see a pattern of rivets and on each hatch half there are 3 rivets white rimmed. Note down  the positions of the white-rimmed rivets and then open the hatch again.

Look up again and turn left back to the gray panel. On the panel there are 4 columns and in each column there are 4 small buttons. The 2 left columns are for the left half of the hatch and the 2 right columns for the right hatch. So in the 4 columns, make sure that only those buttons are white that correspond to the positions of the 6 white-rimmed rivets on the two halves and then click on the green button and .....

 The Circle rotates and all 4 yellow stripes are now uninterruptedly vertical and as a result electricity is now flowing through the 4 cables that you saw behind Bell 3 to the other building.

Turn clockwise again to the ladder, look down again and descend the ladder again. Back below you are again under the Bell Tower. Turn counterclockwise and go back into the building where the 3 lenses and the toy cart device are and enter again. When you are back inside the lens room, turn now to the right wall.

The Gramophone record:

On the right wall hangs a wooden cabinet and in this cabinet you see an gramophone record ..... an old-fashioned Vinyl LP. To the right of the record cabinet  a red button is connected to the panel under the record box and that panel contains 6 screens where you can click the numbers 0 to 9 with the buttons. Each screen now has the 0.  Zoom in on the label of the gramophone record

The label is a circle of which the left half is yellow and the right half is blue. In the circle is a figure that consists of colored squares. Draw the square figure of the label over on a piece of paper and zoom out. Turn counter clockwise and leave this building through the doorway where the 2 red buttons of the cart device are next to. Outside you immediately turn left. You see a thick concrete column with a rusty metal hatch and a red button.

You can try it .... but the red button does nothing now, so you do not get that red hatch open now. 

Turn right again and walk straight ahead and then follow the path to the left and to the end.

At the end of the path you are standing in front of a round column. To the right of this column is a Bowl ..The Bowl is stuck on a post and when you click on the Bowl, the thing tilts and you see that there is a key hole in the bottom of the Bowl. Name this column the Bowl Column

Turn around ..... You can see that there is a wooden cabinet at the right gate. 

Walk 1 click back and then turn right and .... you are now standing in front of the wooden cabinet that is attached to the fence. In the cabinet you see the square figure that you also saw on the label of the LP record. The top half is blue and the bottom half is yellow. If you click in the squares, they change color. Here you have to make the squares of the figure the same color as on the label of the LP record. So click on the squares until each square has the same color as you saw on the label of the LP record

Are you done with these squares then you go back to the thick column where the rusty metal hatch and then click on the red button above the hatch and .... 

The hatch now opens and .... ..In the now opened box is a Turntable. Click on the lid to close the lid.

On the top of the lid is a 6-digit code ..... zoom in on the code. It .........is a 6-digit code and each digit is in a geometric figure that is in a circle. 

Note this all down exactly on a piece of paper

This number code is for the numeric keypad of the LP case, but if you enter this code on that panel and then press the red button, nothing happens. This number code is the first part of the code and must be converted into other numbers. That these 6 digits are in a diamond shape and in a triangle shape is  a hint for how you will  have to convert this code to other numbers. So carefully note down this number code. The code is therefore 5, 9, 3, 1, 7, 2. The 5 is in a normal triangle, the 1 and the 7 are in an inverted triangle. The 9, the 3, and the 2 are in a diamond. 

Zoom out of the close-up and go back to the Clock Tower through the LP / Lenses building. 

On the other side of the Bell tower is also a small building, where we have not been inside there yet. Enter that building now. This is it:

Converter Building:

When you step inside the building you immediately face a panel where numbers appear. This number sequence is random and can be forgotten right away. 

The building has 1 room and 2 entrances / exits. Turn around to the entrance through which you entered. That is the entrance on the side of the Bell Tower. To the left of the entrance there is a paper with notes on the wall. Study the notes on this paper. The notes on the paper teach you that you can change the number 9 in to the number 2 if the 9 is in a diamond or in a triangle. 

Turn back to the panel where the sequence of numbers appeared when you stepped inside. This is the Left Panel and it is connected to the number panel that sits on the right wall.

Both in the Left Panel and in the Right Panel you can display a number sequence in the number displays via the red button. If you put a number sequence in the left panel and then click on the red button of the right panel you will see in the right panel the "Conversion of the digit range of the right panel." The left panel also has a wooden cabinet and there is also a picture above the panel and on that picture you see 6 dice. The dice picture tells you that the number sequence that appears in the panel is a random sequence of numbers.  Each time you press the red button, a different number sequence appear in the panel.

  Open the cabinet of the Left Panel ....In the cabinet you see a w iron plate with 1 yellow pointer. A round button is placed beneath the pointer. You can move the pointer via the button to the right and the left triangle and back to the diamond. The pointer is now at the diamond. With these two number panels we can now convert the digit code of the gramophone to the real code. 

Take your drawing of the Gramophone code at hand.......

I shall explain this "conversion"  for 2 numbers of the Gramophone code ... then you have to know how to proceed.

NB: If you're not interested in knowing how it works then skip this and go straight to the solution. The solution is always the same because this is not a random code

  • The numbers of the code are either in a triangle or in a diamond. The right number of the Gramophone code is a 2 and this 2 is in a Diamond.
  • Now make sure the yellow pointer in the cabinet points to the Diamond. 
  • If the yellow hand is not on the Diamond now, click the button until you have the pointer pointing at the diamond. Then close the cabinet.
  • Click on the red button and keep clicking on the red button until you see a 2 in one of the round screens. Remember in which screen you see the 2.
  • Now turn clockwise to the right panel and press the red button once, and then note the number that appears here in the screen where, in the left panel, the 2 is displayed.

  • It is the number 1 and therefore you know that you have to change the 2 of the Gramophone code into the 1. The last digit of the Gramophone code thus becomes a 1.
  • Turn back to the left panel. The 1st number of the gramophone code is a 5 and it is in a triangle. 
  • Open the pointer cabinet again and place the pointer on the left triangle.

  • Close the cabinet and press the red button until you see the 5 in one of the screens. 
  • Remember again in which screen you see the 5 and turn again to the right panel.
  • Click on the red button of the right panel again and then note the figure that you see in the screen where you saw the 5. It shall be a 6.
  • You know now that you have to replace the 5 in the Gramophone code with the 6. 

Well ... in this way also change the 9, 3, 1 and 7 of the Gramophone code and in the end you have converted the Gramophone code into a new code and that is: 6, 9, 0, 1, 8, 1

Go back to the building where the LP record hangs. Go stand straight in front of the Long play panel and enter the code 6, 9, 0, 1, 8, 1 on the panel via the buttons. 

Then press the red button and .......... the little door in front of the LP moves to the right and you can now take the LP ....... Get the LP.

Let the Bells ring and find the 1st Golden Fragment:

Turn left and step out through the back door and turn left and go back to the column where the gramophone is located. Open the rusty hatch again by clicking on the red button. Click with your hand on the handle of the lid of the Gramophone to open the Gramophone again. Take the LP from your inventory and place the LP on the turntable of the gramophone. Grab the Needle arm and drag the Needle arm onto the LP and release and ....

You now hear a melody that consists of 8 Bell tones of the 4 bells in the Clock Tower. In the Clock Tower you have listen to the 4 Bells and then you found out that Bell 1 makes the highest tone and Bell 4 the lowest tone. Well ..... you have to "match" the 8 tones of the melody on the LP with the 4 Bells from the Clock Tower. The order of the melody that you hear on the LP is: 4, 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 1, 2. Write down this sequence.  Now go back to the building where you previously "converted" the gramophone code. Turn left in the building and step out through the left doorway. Then follow the path to the building behind the Bell Tower.

This building has two rooms and you are now in the front room. Look around in both rooms. In both rooms there are 2 panels on the wall, so in total there are 4 panels. Each panel has 8 white hexagons, a horizontal meter slot, a red button and a Bell icon. When you click in the hexagons, they turn green and when you click on the red button, you see a red dash moving through the slot and you hear a tone. Next to the entrance of the building, where you entered, there is a round box with a red button and the Bell Icon on the left. To the right is a square box with a yellow button and the microphone icon. If you look outside, you will see the Clock Tower.

The intention now is that you set the 4 tones of the 4 Bells in the Bell Tower on the 4 Hexagon panels, according to the 8 tones of the melody of the LP-record. The idea is that the Bells in the Bell Tower will play the melody and that you will record that melody via the microphone box.

STEP 1: Front room East wall panel:

In the front room you stand in front of the panel that hangs on the east wall. Check your compass, to see whether you are in front of that East wall panel. If you make a hexagon in the panel green and then click on the red button, you will hear the low tone, from Bell 4, when the red marker passes under the green hexagon. This East panel is therefore for Bell 4. The LP melody has the tone of Bell 4 twice, the 1st and the 6th tone.  So click on this East wall panel the 1st and the 6th hexagon green and then click the red button. At the 1st and the 6th hexagon you then hear the lowest tone of Bell 4.

STEP 2: Front room West wall panel:

Turn around to the opposite wall. This is the West wall of the front room. Also make a hexagon green on this panel and then click on the red button and you will hear, when the red marker goes under the green hexagon, the tone of Bell 1, the highest tone. In the LP melody you will find the tone of Bell 1 on the 2nd and on the 7th place. So make the 2nd and the 7th hexagon green in this panel.

STEP 3: Back room North wall panel:

Now enter the back room. You then stand for Panel 3 that hangs on the North wall. Make a few hexagons green again and listen to which tone you hear when you click on the red button. This panel makes the tone of Bell 2. Bell 2 occurs 2 times in the LP melody and on the 3rd and 8th place. So here only make the 3rd and the 8th hexagon green.

STEP 4: Back room  East wall panel:

Turn clockwise. You stand in front of the 2nd panel in the rear room and this is the east wall again. This panel makes the sound of Bell 3. 

Bell 3 occurs 2 times in the LP melody and in spots 4 and 5. So on this panel make the 4th and the 5th hexagon green.

STEP 5: Let the Bells ring:

If you have now made the right hexagons green on all 4 panels, go back to the entrance in the front room.

Click on the red button of the round box, which hangs to the left of the entrance and .......... 

The Bells in the Bell Tower will play the melody of the LP and ...... The microphone, in the right-hand box, pick up the melody and .... When you have set the 4 panels correctly, the green light will light up on the microphone box. When the green light is on, click on the yellow button of the microphone box and ..... open the hatch under the microphone box and in the now opened compartment hang a key. Take the Key.

Turn around and walk back into the back room, then turn left and leave this building through the side entrance and then follow the path back to the Bowl Column.

Click on the Bowl again to tilt it. So there is a keyhole in the bottom of the Bowl. Take the Key, you just found, from your inventory and insert the key into the keyhole.

When you have insert the Key then click on the Key to turn the key and ........ The Bowl tilts back but in the round Pole now opens a secret compartment with a Golden Pull Handle.

Click on the Golden Pull Handle and ...... Now the top secret compartment will open and it will contain your 1st Golden Fragment.

Take  the Golden Fragment. The Fragment will disappear to your Items Inventory and you will read that this is the 1st Golden Fragment.

You now are the proud owner of the 1st fragment of the Star Key, but Kales told you to find 9 of these fragments. So you have to find 8 more fragments and for this we first go back to the 9-Doors corridor. Turn around and return to the Bell tower, via one of the two buildings, and then leave this area again through the open circular door. Cross over the Swing Bridge  and then follow the path back to Door 9 of the 9-Doors Hall.  

Open door 9 and step into the 9-Doors Hall again. We continue with:

Chapter 4: The Ring line of the Tram Part 1:

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot