2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 6: The Ring line of the Tram: Part 3

South Stop of the Tram:

Golden Fragment 7:

You are back at the South Station of the Tram, but the Tram is not here now because you left it in the East Station of the Ring Line.

Follow the path to the gray door and then right to the Tram rail.

Pipe screen code

Now that the Tram is not parked here you can reach the Purple Button, which is on the back of the railing. So step up to the Tram rails and turn right and you will be right in front of the purple button. Do not press the purple button yet, but turn all the way around so that you look over the rails to the closed door of the South station. In the right rock wall you see another pipe screen

Walk to the door and then turn right and zoom in again on the pipe screen. Place your hand on the round screen and ...... 

You will see a square of which the lower left side is red and in the circle the dash indicates 9 o'clock

Zoom out, turn right and walk back to the purple button. Do not press the purple button yet. On the facade of the building, where the gray door is also located, you now see 5 lights.

  Number the 5 lights, from left to right, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 

Now press the purple button and .......... the 5 lights will light up briefly in a certain order. Note down the order in which the 5 lights light up. 
Do not press the purple button again because the order of the lights is different every time you press the purple button. My order was 3, 2, 4, 1, 5.

Go through the gray door to the other side of the wall. On the other side of the wall there are 5 round discs. If you place your cursor on the disks, a 1 appears in each disk. You can change the number 1 in each disk to 2, 3, 4, or 5 by clicking in the disk. Number these 5 disks also 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, but now from right to left because these 5 disks are the mirror image of the 5 lights that hang on the wall on the other side.

Now, in the order of the lights, put the correct number in each disk, so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

My light sequence was 3, 2, 4, 1, 5. So:

in disc 3 I have to put  1

in disc 2 I have to put  2,

in disc 4 I have to put  3,

in disc 1 I have to put  4

in dick 5 I have to put 5

Then go to the right gray door and press the green button and .... if you have done well in the disks then the door will open.

The Vaulted Corridor:

The door is the entrance to a vaulted corridor. Walk to the end of the corridor. In the back of the corridor stand the well-known pillar with the golden lever. Unfortunately .... if you pull the golden lever the upper compartment does not open. Turn left. In a deep recess in the wall stand a standard with 5 candles. The candles vary in length. 

These candles are connected to the Golden Fragment pillar with a yellow pipe. Underneath each candle is a coin slot where you can throw in  a coin. In your Items inventory you have 1 coin. If you throw the coin into a slot of a candle, the candle will light up. However, your coin also goes back to your items inventory. You can keep using the coin indefinitely to light all 5 candles with it. The "flames" of the candles change color according to the number of coins you throw in a slot of a candle. With 1 coin, a candle turns white. With 2 coins a candle turns yellow.  With 3 coins, a candle turns green ... and so on ...... You must give these candles a certain color and that also has to be done in a certain order. However, you need more information about these candles and the colors. 

Turn around to the window in the other wall. There is a Map in the windowsill.

 Zoom in on the map and make a copy of it. 

This is a map of South and the Entrance Area. The red dot is the place where you are now. The yellow dots are Golden Fragments. The green dots are places where you can find an object to open doors. The Black Dot is the Black Crystal in the Black Crystal Room. Put the Map back and turn right and walk 1 step back and turn right again. You look through a "window" and in the windowsill there is a sheet of paper.

Zoom in on the sheet of paper ....... On the paper you see a circle with a square.

The bottom right side of the square is red. The dashes in the circle make an angle of 3 hours to 6 hours. Draw it over again

Put the paper back in the window and turn left and walk straight out of the hallway again.

At the wall with the 5 discs follow the path to the left and go through the gray door back to Door 1 of the 9-Doors Hall.

9-Doors Hall

Door 6:

The Houses puzzle and the Candles Puzzle

Step through Door 1 again into the 9-Doors Hall and immediately go back out via the rear exit. 

Turn around and press the Orange Button again until you get a door code that allows you to unlock Door 6 ones, for example 361. 

Then open Door 6 with the code and then enter the room behind door 6.

There are 6 paintings on which a house is depicted on the walls here. Each house has a different color. 

Each house has 5 closed windows and a closed front door and on the roof of 5 houses there is a chimney. In the back of the room there is a machine that is not activated now. Go look at each house and note down its the color. There is a white house, a very dark house, a red house, a green house, a yellow house and a light blue house.

The dark house has 5 chimneys on its roof  but the other 5 houses have only 1 chimney. Do you remember the drawing on the wall, behind the curtain in the bedroom of Kales. You saw on that drawing a house with 5 chimneys. Well ... you have to use that clue here now.

Note the position of the chimneys on the 5 colored houses. Then go stand straight in front of the dark house. When you click on the chimneys of the dark house they change color. Behind the curtain of the bedroom of Kales you saw a house with 5 chimneys. Give each chimney on the dark house the color that matches the color of the house that the chimney has in the same position on the roof ...... from left to right it is: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue and  White. 

You then hear a shifting sound and when you go look at  the houses again you'll see that in every house the shutters of the 5 windows are gone. In each of the 5 colored houses, the windows have a different shape of the frame. Go and see the 5 colored houses again and note down with each house what kind of windows it has. So you note down the color of the house and the shape of the windows......

Then stand straight in front of the gray round machine. The machine is now activated. Above the round machine is a screen with 25 boxes. In the upper left-hand box there is a black diamond. There are 4 golden push buttons on the machine and a small screen where you see a model of a window. By pressing the 4 golden buttons you move the black diamond in the box screen to another box and then another window appears in the small screen

With the aid of this machine, we are now going to solve the Candle Puzzle in the Vaulted Corridor. When you press the 4 push buttons, you move the black diamond in the box screen to another box and you see another window in the small screen. So you now have to match the windows with the colors of the 5 houses and then you note down, from each box of the box screen which color that box has. The 25 squares in the screen are therefore the 25 windows of the 5 colored houses.

When you start, the black diamond appears in the upper left-hand box and you see the window of the Red House in the small screen. This means that the upper left box has the Red Color. Move the black diamond to each of the remaining 24 squares and then always determine, via the window shapes you see in the small screen, which color belongs to which compartment. The best thing to do  is to make a drawing and  then color the boxes. Here are a few examples to make you clearer what the intention is.

If you then determined for each box which color the box has, your drawing of the box screen will look something like this:

If you now see the 5 columns of the box screen as the 5 Candles, in the niche of the Vaulted Corridor, then.......

........ you can now use this drawing to determine which color you should give each of those 5 candles. Although ........ it is very far-fetched though.

Leave this room and go to the orange button because you have to have a code again to be able to open Door 1 again. So get a door code for Door 1 and then open Door 1 again and then go to the Vaulted Corridor and go stand straight in front of the candle puzzle If you have already given the candles a color then you press the push buttons to switch each candle back to the starting position. The 5 candles vary in length. Number the 5 candles from left to right 1 to 5. 

Take your drawing of the box screen of the machine from the house paintings room now. Number the 5 columns on your drawing, from left to right, as 1 to 5. The 5 columns on your drawing correspond to the 5 candles. Look at the length of each candle. In length the order is as follows: Candle 3 is the longest candle, then Candle 1, Candle 5, Candle 2 and Candle 4 is the smallest candle. Draw in your 25 box drawing now, in each column, the length of the matching candle and you then know the color that you have to give that candle. From left to right the colors are: Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Yellow.

Now take your coin from your Items inventory and throw the coin in the slots under the candles until you have each candle in the right color. 

Turn clockwise to the Golden Fragment column and click on the golden Lever again and ........ 

if you have given the 5 candles the right colors, the top compartment open and you can take the 6th Golden Fragment and this is Fragment 7.

Golden Fragment 4:

The Portraits Gallery

The Portrait Paintings Puzzle:

Still 3 Golden Fragments to be found. Turn around and walk to the entrance of the corridor and then turn left.

  Walk through the left exit of the hallway to the gray door and press the green door button.

Then step through the opened door. 

You are then standing against the long wall and there are 8 buttons on the wall. The buttons are between pipes. To the left the pipes are copper colored and to the right the pipes are green. Do NOT click on these 8 buttons NOW. To the right is a gray door that you can not open now but which needs to be opened

The green pipes, from each button, end at this gray door. 

Turn left ..... Oops ..... You look through a series of gates into a series of rooms ......this is the Portrait Paintings Gallery

Go and look in each of the rooms in the portrait gallery. This building therefore has 6 rooms. The 8 buttons are in Room 1. In the rooms of the portrait gallery, the rooms 2, 3, 4 and 5, there are always 2 Portrait Paintings. In total there are 8 portraits. The 5th room is not actually a room but a balcony. The back room has a panel on the back wall and a number panel on the right wall.

Next to each Portrait painting is a holder that fits the device that you have taken in the bedroom from the box next to the sofa bed. 

Go and try this at a Portrait. So stand in a room in front of a Portrait and then put the Device of Meneandes in the holder.

Click on the red button of the device and ..... you will hear 3 sounds and the are high or low, so for example "High, High, Low". With each portrait, the sequence / combination of the 3 sound tones is different. In order to be able to hear the 3 tones in the other portraits, you always have to take the Meneandes device with you to place it in the holder at every other portrait. You will need more information for this Portraits puzzle first. So take the Meneandes device back from the holder and go back to the front room. The dark gray door in the front room does not go open now and you see that the green pipes end at this door. 

Go back to the 9-Doors Hall, via the Vaulted Corridor. Get a door code for Door 7, via the Orange Button and then open Door 7 with it.

9-Doors Hall:

Door 7: The Sound Box

Door 7 gives access to a small room where, on the back wall, hangs a wooden cabinet that, via a blue pipe, is connected to two round clocks, which stick to the left and right wall. Enter the room and look at  the 2 round clocks. In both clocks there is a pointer and on the edge there are 1 to 4 lines. The pointer now points up in both clocks

Turn around to the wall cabinet and open the doors of it. There is a Sound Box in the cabinet. On top of the Sound box, a horn and a short piece of pipe sticks out,  where a key needs to be inserted. The Sound box also has 3 slots in which you can click a round lever up and down. The 3 levers are now in the top position. In the house of Meneandes you have found a weird looking key from a cabinet. Now take that weird looking key from your items inventory and insert it into the pipe, on top of the Sound box.

The three levers are now all three in the top position. Click on the Key and ...... you will hear 3 tones. These 3 sound tones belong to the position of the 3 levers, as they are now in the slots. Close the doors of the cabinet and now look at  the 2 clocks again. In the left clock the pointer is now on the 4 dashes and in the right clock case the pointer is on i1. Add up the lines where the 2 pointers now point at...... so: 4 + 1 = 5.

Note that if the 3 levers of the Sound Box are on the top position you hear the tones High, High, High and that the sum of the 2 clock is then 5. Make a table and determine the tones for each possible position of the 3 levers of the sound box and to what number the 2 pointers add up at all the possible positions of the sound box levers. Here are 2 examples of positions of the 3 levers:

So open the Sound box Cabinet again. Now click the left lever down and leave the two other levers up. Click on the Key again and note the 3 tones you hear: Low, High, High. Close the doors and see to which lines the 2 pointers of the clocks point ad and then add those lines together. Record all of this in your table. Now do this with every possible position of the 3 Levers of the Sound Box and finally you have made a table like this

NB: It may well be that you get other outcomes because I think they are randomly generated

Position of the 3 Lever The Sum of the Clock Pointers
High, High, High,  5
Low, High, High  6
Low, Low, High 8
Low, Low, Low 2
High, Low, Low 1
High, High, Low 4
High, Low, High 7
Low, High, Low 3

Leave this small room again and press the orange button again to get a number code for Door 1 again. Then go through Door 1 back to the building where the 8 Portrait Paintings are.

The 8 Portraits Puzzle:

You are back in the front room with the 8 buttons. Now number the buttons, from top to bottom, 1 to 8......BUT DO NOT PRESS THE BUTTONS NOW.

You now have to go and see which button is for which Portrait, so always follow, from the 8 buttons, a copper pipe to a Portrait. Start with the copper pipe from Button 1 and finish all buttons and portraits. As you do, place the Meneandes Device in the holder next to each painting and press the red button.

You then hear the 3 tones for each painting. Make a note of the 3 tones that you hear for each painting and compare them with the table you have made of the Sound Box. The sound tones you hear in the Portrait Paintings Gallery are the same tones as the Sound Box. For each painting, note done the number that comes with the 3 sound tones. Also look at specific details on each painting, for example...... how many buttons the man with white wig has on his vest, or how many coins the lady with the coins has. Write down these details. In the end you need to know which painting belongs to which Button and which Sound Tone belongs to each painting......You will then have a table like this:

Button 1 / Portrait 1 = Man with white Wig = 6 buttons on his vest. High, High, High = 5.

Button 2 / Portrait 2 = Man with red hair = 3 red cords . Low, High, High = 6.

Button 3 / Portrait 3 = Lady with Coins = 8 coins. Low, High, Low = 3

Button 4 / Portrait 4 = Lady with White Hat = 1 ring on fingers. High, High, Low = 4

Button 5 / Portrait 5 = Writer = 6 stripes on vest. Low, Low, Low = 2

Button 6 / Portrait 6 = Leading Lady = 2 petals on dress. High, Low, High = 7

Button 7 / Portrait 7 = Lady with Black Head scarf = 7 pearl on necklace. High, Low, Low = 1

Button 8 / Portrait 8 = Man with Pet = 4 flowers in vase. Low, Low, High = 8

I  assuming that you didn't pressed the 8 buttons so far. If you have already pressed the 8 buttons then my solution will not work for you and you have to figure it out for yourself or somehow reset the puzzle.

If you press the 8 buttons now and then you go back to the portraits then you will see that something has changed in the details of the portraits. For example, if you press Button 1 once and you go to view Portrait 1 again, you will see that the Man with the White Wig then has 7 buttons on his vest. However, the number 5, which belongs to Portrait 1, means that only 5 Buttons are allowed on the vest. And so this is for every Portrait. By pressing the 8 Buttons you now make sure that the correct number of Buttons, Coins, Cords, Flowers and so on is placed on each Portrait. If the initial position of each Portrait is exactly the same as on the 8 images above and if you have not pressed the 8 Buttons once yet, this is the solution:

Portrait 1 = Man with white Wig = must have 5 buttons on vest. Press Button One 7 times.

Portrait 2 = Man with red hair = must have 6 red cords. Press Button Two 3 times.

Portrait 3 = Lady with Coins = must have only 3 coins. Press Button Three 3 times.

Portrait 4 = Lady with White Hat = must have 4 rings on fingers. Press Button Four 3 times.

Portrait 5 = Writer = must get 2 stripes to vest. Press Button Five 4 times.

Portrait 6 = Grand Lady = must have 7 petals on dress. Press Button Six 5 times.

Portrait 7 = Lady with Black Headscarf = only needs 1 pearl on necklace. Press Button Seven 2 times

Portrait 8 = Man with Pet = has to get 8 flowers in vase. Press Button Eight 4 times.

If you have made the changes on all 8 paintings, then go to the gray door in the front room and press the green door button again and ...... the door opens.

So get in the room and turn right. Click on the golden Lever in the Pillar and then take out the Golden Fragment 4 of the upper compartment.

Chapter 7: The Last 2 Golden Fragments:

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot