2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 7: The Last 2 Golden Fragments:

The "Sunrise, Sunset" puzzle:

Back Room of the Portraits Gallery

You have found the Golden Fragment 4. Leave this room  and walk through all Portrait rooms to the back room. On the back wall in the back room you'll see a closed cabinet, that is attached to a copper pipe on the left and a blue pipe on the right. At the top right is a drawing on which you see two electricity poles that have to be set equal.

Turn right. On the right wall is an elongated panel on which you see 3 columns with numbers. There is also a lever on this panel and at the top of the panel is a yellow lamp. This panel is connected to the cabinet via the copper pipe. Do Not Pull The Lever. Turn around to the left wall. On the left wall is a low table with 2 pieces of stone.

Turn left and step out of this room again. You are then on the "balcony". Turn left. You now see 2 trees and 2 electric poles and there are a lot of square stones on the ground. Count the number of stones that lie on the ground here. Do you remember the drawing on the wall behind the curtain in the bedroom of Kales?.  On that drawing you saw not only the house with the five chimneys but there were also trees with circles on it and an panel with a lever. Well ... you have to use that clue here now


The number of stones you see is always different when you have pulled the Lever of the elongated number panel. So if you have pulled that Lever, you will now see another number of stones here. Count the number of stones that lie to the right and the left of the left tree and count the number of stones that lie to the right of the right tree. 

For me it's like this: On the left of the left tree are 7 stones. Three stones are to the right of the left tree. There are 7 stones to the right of the right tree.

When you have counted the stones then you go back to the elongated Digit panel in the back room. DO NOT pull the lever anymore.

Then enter the number of bricks on the panel in each column. When correctly done, the light above the panel will turn green.

Now stay off the Lever because if you pull the lever now the number of stones that lie between the trees will change and you will have to reset the panel. 

Turn left and now open the green cabinet.

You now see a number of black boxes with white squares. He ......isn't this  very similar to the sunrise and sunset movies you saw on the Monitor, you saw in the Studio of Kales. The squares have to be clicked into a certain position, but you need more information to do this. Close the box again and leave the room to the "balcony"

Pipe screen code

When you are back on the "balcony" you look to the right ... in the wall there is another pipe screen here. Zoom in and keep your hand on it again .....

.... a square / circle of which the top left side is red. In the circle the dash indicates 12 hours. Draw this over again

 Zoom out, walk back through the portrait gallery and then leave this building and go through the Vaulted Corridor back to the 9-Doors Hall.

9-Doors Hall: Door 8:

Step through Door 1  into the 9-Doors Hall and return to the Orange Button. Press the Orange Button as often as is necessary to get a Door 8 code. Then open door 8 with that code. Door 8 gives access to a small bare room where a small blue box hangs on the back wall. Open the box by pressing the green button and then take out the Metal Triangle (Metal piece 1). 

You now have a gold colored metal reverse triangle (metal piece 1), a gold colored metal coin (metal piece 2) and a gold colored metal normal triangle (metal piece 3) in your items inventory. You have to put these 3 metal items together and you will do that in the oven that is in the Hut with Straw Roof

Leave this room and go back to the orange button to get a Door 9 code and then open Door 9 with the code. Step through Door 9 and follow the path to the Loudspeaker door of the Black Crystal Room. Enter the Black Crystal Room and exit through the door on the other side.

You are back in the large courtyard. Turn left, open the gray door and enter the Hut With Straw Roof  again.

Hut With Straw Roof:

The oven is still standing in the back of the Hut. Walk to the oven and press the left red button to open  the oven. In the oven hangs the Mold where you have to place the 3 gold-colored metal pieces in. So place, one by one, the 3 metal items (metal pieces 1, 2 and 3) in the mold. Leave the oven open .... so do not close the lid. Press the right red button and ..... the 3 metal pieces are now electrically welded together ....

When the welding is finished, take the piece out of the mold. You then have "metal piece 4". 

Go through the Black Crystal Room back to the 9-Doors Hall and enter through Door 9 again.

9-Doors Hall: Traffic Light Code Signal

Use the orange button again to get a code to open Door 1. Open Door 1 again and then follow the path to the Traffic Light.

Open the cabinet under the traffic light. Ok ..... pay attention now because this is important .....

 In the cabinet you see the round "Traffic light code scheme" again. You see on the round scheme 6 times a series of round circles with a vertical or a horizontal dash. Arrows connect the circles with each other. If you click on the red button, the arrows will  turn around and the order of the small circles and the arrows will be different. With this diagram and the traffic light you have to sent a light code to the cabinet in the back room of the Portrait Paintings Gallery, so that you then be able to solve that puzzle.. So this is the "Sunrise Sunset" puzzle , but unfortunately this puzzle is almost impossible to explain in an understandable way.

Do you remember the 2 short movies with sunrise and sunset, which you saw on the monitor in the hallway of the Studio van Kales? You had to turn the round green button horizontally or vertically to see each movie. In those 2 movies you saw a black square with 2 small white squares. One square represented the Sunrise and the other square represented the Sunset.

Well ....... the circles in this "Stoplight code scheme" represent the round green dial that you could turn horizontally and vertically. I have to tell you honestly that I can not explain this "Sunrise, Sunset" puzzle properly. Somehow you have to "translate" the white squares into a horizontal and a vertical line with all the instructions of the 2 movies and the dial. It is really too complicated for my little brain to explain this puzzle further.

The annoying thing is that if the diagram you see here in this Traffic Light box does not look exactly like the diagram that I now have in the cabinet then my solution for the squares puzzle will not work for you. The best thing you can do now is to press the red button until you have exactly the same schedule in the cabinet as I have now.....Then don't push the red button again

So if the schedule in the cabinet looks different  then you see on my screenshot,  then just press the red button and do that as often as is necessary to get the same scheme as you see in the picture above. Again ..... THIS IS IMPORTANT because otherwise my solution for that cabinet in the back room of the Portrait Gallery does not work for you. Close the cabinet again and return to the Orange Button of the 9-Doors Hall and get a code for Door 2 now

Here's another possible expanation for this puzzle that might help you figure it out. This solution was sent to me by Siska, one of the Dutch users of my walkthroughs.

Hi Louis: I don't know if you are interested in this, but I was just working on the 'sunrise-sunset' puzzle in Rhem 4. My solution is different from yours; my 'reasoning' was as follows:

The TV:

2 paterns =  at sunrise the sun goes from bottom to top, at sunset from top to bottom

The light pole (trafic light):

The light signals can be split into 6 groups (each beep = start of a new group)

the light signals obtained for photo 1 are:

6 groups 

the light signals follow the chain (photo 1)

* | * | * | * | * | *
* | * | * | * | * | *

= sunrise - / - sunrise - / - sunrise - sunset

If you experiment a bit, you will see 2 identical buttons, like group 4 in photo 2, but also 2 horizontal buttons one signal that is not that of sunrise or sunset

The question that then remains is: what is the relationship between one button group and a light signal? In other words, how do you "read" such button group?. Follow the arrows: sometimes from top to bottom, sometimes the other way around, or always from top to bottom, or always from bottom to top?

The first option is clearly wrong because there is no connection between a button (hor / vert) and the position of the light  (below / above). The 2nd and 3rd option are ok. I chose option 3 because my first light signal was sunrise and because the sun on the TV then goes from bottom to top ... To make it easy for myself, I have put all groups afterwards the same: I put them all on sunrise (like group 1)

The panel in the portraits gallery:

This is  a bit of a gamble (if you can explain this, I love to hear it) I have set all the symbols in the top row to sunrise, and all symbols in the bottom row to sunset. if you put the button clusters on the light pole in the reverse direction, you would get a 'sunset' for each 'sunrise'


Door 2:

Use the orange button to obtain a code for Door 2 and then open Door 2.  Door 2 takes you to an outside balcony. You've seen this before when you went through Door 1 the first time. On the railing there is such a box, just like the mold in the oven. So put the welded metal piece 4 in this box.

This box is connected to the electricity poles and the traffic light via the yellow cables.

Turn around and enter the 9-Doors Hall again and go back to the Orange Button and get another code to open Door 3.

Door 3:

Door 3 also brings you to a balcony, but this balcony is slightly longer than the balcony behind door 2. Walk to the end and then turn right and .... you are in front of a red button. In the distance you see the traffic light and the cupboard that sticks under the traffic light on the pole.

When you now press the red button here, the 2 lights of the traffic light will turn on and they will give you a signal code. It is the code of the round "Traffic Light Code" scheme as you have set it in the traffic light cabinet. That signal goes in 6 steps from dark to light and again from light to dark. By pressing the red button you program this code now and it will be sent to the cabinet in the back room of the Portrait Paintings Gallery.

So press the red button once and stay away from it. The traffic light now sends the Signal code of the round schedule in the box under the Traffic Light. If you have set exactly the same schedule as me in the traffic light cabinet, then you can use my solution for the squares puzzle. But if you change that round schedule ....... then I can not help you further and you will have to figure it out yourself. 

When  the Traffic Light has sent and programmed the light code, turn left and walk back 1 step and then turn right and .... You will see the balcony behind Door 4.

Behind the balcony is a stone column with a cabinet that is closet  Enter the 9-Doors Hall and back to the orange button and obtain another Door 1 code and open Door 1 with it. Step through Door 1 again and now, via the Vaulted Corridor, return to the rear room of the Portrait building.

Portraits Gallery: Back Room:

Open the green cabinet again and ...... You see again the series of black squares with the white squares.

So these are a series of "Sunrise" and "Sunset" squares, as you also saw on the monitor in the hallway of the Studio of Kales. You have to click some squares the other way around and the traffic light code has told you which squares you now have to click the other way around.

This is all very difficult to explain exactly and if you have chosen a different schedule in the Traffic Light cabinet then you have also seen and programmed another Traffic Light Code. If that is the case, then my solution does not work for you. But if you had put exactly the same scheme in the cabinet under the Traffic Light as I had then you can use my solution here. So click on some squares and make sure it looks exactly like on this screenshot

When you're done, close this cabinet again and go back to the Orange Button of the 9-Doors Hall. Now obtain a code for Door 4 via the orange button.

Door 4:

Open Door 4 and go onto the balcony. Click on the red button and .... If you have set the squares correctly, the cabinet in the column will now open. Take the Green Eye out of the cabinet


This cabinet will only open if you have set the squares in the cabinet of the back room of the Portrait Gallery in the correct positions. If this cabinet does not open now, you will have used another scheme and got a different Traffic Light code. The only thing you can do then is to do this whole puzzle again but now with exactly same scheme as I had in the Traffic Light Cabinet........I have warn you for this in advance

Back to the East Stop of the Tram Ring Line:

The Green Eye fits in the box of the door at the East Stop of the Tram Ring line, so that's where we're going back to now. Go back to the orange Button and get another code to open Door 1 and then go back to the South Stop of the Tram. So at the wall with the 5 round discs you go through the left gray door again. You will then be back at the South Stop, but of course your Tram is not here because you had parked it in the East Station of the Ring Line. So go back down the ladder, in the square hole, to the water reservoir and then up with the Central Elevator. 

Leave the elevator tower through the Eastern door and walk to the East Station. Open the station door and get into the Tram and press the right arrow button and ..... 

The Tram will deliver you again at the:

East Stop of the Tram

Get back on the right side of the tram and follow the path to the other side of the tunnel and go straight in front of the two arrow buttons that are attached to the railing.

Press the upper arrow button again to drive the Tram back a bit, so that you can cross over the tram line to the door of the building. So back to the tram and cross over to the building. Open the blue box and place the Green Eye in the box and then press the red door button and ..... the door opens.

In the building is the Golden Fragment Column, so step inside and pull the Golden Handle and then take the Golden Fragment 2 from the upper compartment.

The last Golden Fragment

You're done with the Ring line, but we will come here at this Stop one time in Chapter 8. You must now return to the 9-Doors Hall and then to the Swing Bridge. So go back to the 2 arrow buttons, on the other side of the tunnel, and press the bottom arrow button again to drive the tram back again. Then step into the tram and drive backwards to the East Station of the Ring Line. 

Get out the Tram and go down again with the Central Elevator and follow the path and the tunnel back to the ladder of the square hole. Climb up and you're back at the South Stop. Follow from here the route back to the 9-Doors Hall and get, through the Orange button, a code to open Door 9. Then go through Door 9 and walk on to the Swing Bridge.

To the right there is a "Sun panel" on the wall. Above the orange button there is an Orange Tile with which you can turn the Swing Bridge. 

The Swing Bridge is now turn straight on. Click on the Orange Tile to turn the bridge horizontally

From the alley, at the back of the Studio of Kales,  you can now cross over the Swing Bridge to the area where you have not been before. Turn around and go to the other side via the Black Crystal Room. Back on the large courtyard, follow the right path to the Studio van Kales. 

Go inside and immediately outside through the blue door. 

Turn left and...You're back at the Swing Bridge, in the alley behind the Studio of Kales

Walk across the Swing Bridge to the other side.  You are standing in an alley and in front of you there's a red door. Do not walk to the red door yet. Take a look at the left and right. Both on the left wall and on the right wall there is a panel in which you can slide an orange sliding lever through a slot. However, these 2 sliding levers are not yet activated.

Look again at the red door. Above the red door you see a clock in which 1 pointer is turns around clockwise. Further on in the alley you see that white letters have been chalked on the walls and you also see two button holders on the left wall. Walk to the red door. At the red door there is a green button on the right wall and above that button you see a Sun image.  The red door does not open because the green button is not yet activated. Turn around. You look back through the alley at the Swing Bridge.

On the, now right wall, you now see that the front button holder has a green button and the rear button holder has a red button. Above the green button you see the Sun again and you now also see the Golden Sun clock above the Swing Bridge. The Sun clock is operated by the green button.

The Block Letters Puzzle:

Turn counter clockwise. On the wall you now see white block letters that consist of boxes. They are the K and the Y. Around the letters you see lines representing the 4 wind direction. Turn around to the other wall. Here you see the block letters N A. These block letters are made of blocks and they spell N, A, K, Y. 

Count for each letter of how many squares they exist and note this and also note the wind direction of each letter:

N = 13 blocks, wind direction west
A = 14 cubes, wind direction south
K = 11 blocks, wind direction north
Y = 07 blocks, wind direction east

Walk back to the Swing Bridge  and then look up. In the arch of the bridge you now see 5 black stripes and a rectangular hole in which you see 3 white stripes.

Place your hand cursor between the left and the middle white lines and ..... a serrated line appears between the 3rd black line and the middle white line. Note this down. 

The serrated line divides the black and white stripes into a left half and a right half, so note this down in your drawing

Cross over the Swing Bridge again and then go, via the Studio of Kales and the Black Crystal Room go back to the other side of the Swing Bridge, where the orange tile is located to turn the Swing Bridge. You are then standing again at the Swing Bridge. Turn counter-clockwise to the box with the serrated edge and the 4 white and black stripes. Now set the white and black stripes on this box, as you saw them to the left of the serrated line...like this.....

Turn around to the Swing Bridge and click the Orange Tile to turn the bridge again. Then cross over to the other side and then turn left and you will see the 2nd white / black stripes box. Set the stripes on this second box as you saw it to the right of the serrated line ... like this....

Walk back to the other side and click again on the orange tile to turn the Swing Bridge again. 

Return to the Red Door Alley through the Black Crystal Room and the Studio of Kales. Walk all the way to the Red door and turn around again. You look back at the Swing Bridge and the Sun Clock. Stay and look closely at the Sun clock now. At "3 o'clock" and at "9 o'clock" you see a number of dashes and a black arrow on the Sun Clock

At 3 o'clock the arrow is at the top and at "9 o'clock" the arrow is at the bottom. Now click the green button on the right wall and ............

The Sun Clock above the Swing Bridge then turns around quickly and then stops again and...........

...... The position of the 2 black arrows in the Sun clock is now changing. Look at  the Sun clock again and note the position of those 2 black arrows.

The arrow on "3 o'clock" is now on the 2nd position and the arrow on "9 o'clock" is now on the bottom position

Walk back to the Swing Bridge. To the left and right, these 2 orange sliding Levers stick to the walls. 

You have to put the orange slide in these 2 panels on the positions of the 2 black arrows of the Sun clock. If it's ok, the orange slider of the left panel is already at the bottom position, so leave it that way. Turn to the other slider and then click on the top button to move the orange slider to the 2nd position. The 1st position is blocked.

Go back to the red door and click again on the Green Button and ...... the Red door will now open. So go inside.

The Sun Clock  building:

There are 2 rooms and you have entered in the first room via the Red Door. In the 2nd room you also see a red door that is stuck with a green hook. That green hook door is the door of which you have clicked the green hook up, on the outside in Chapter 3. First look around in both rooms. In both rooms there are 4 cabinets that are connected by a white pipe.

If you open such a cabinet you will see that they have a Clock, a Letterbox and a Number box in them

If you place your cursor on the Clock, the pointer will turn around. The pointer of the clock rotates counter-clockwise in some cabinets and in other cabinets it rotates clockwise. If you click on the round clock, other letters will appear in the letter box below the clock. Go to the red back door, in the 2nd room. Click the green hook up and then press the orange button and step outside.

Note: This red door can only be opened from the inside if you previously clicked the green hook on the outside of this door also Up, when you where here in Chapter 3. If you haven't done that then you have a problem now and you will have to figure out yourself how to correct this, because I'm not going to tell you this

I assume that you have done what I have told you, so you can now open this door and step outside. You've been here before, when you went to the Gondola in Chapter 3. On your left that round hatch in the floor, but first walk straight through the gate and then turn right ......

You're looking through the gate to the building of the 9-doors Hall  and you see the outside of Door 5. On the left and right of the gate there is a panel .... on both panels you see the 6 pentagrams that you also saw in the various pipe screens. The dashes in the circles now all indicate 6 hours. A red button is placed beneath the right panel .... Remember this gate and that you can reach this gate through door 5 of the 9 doors Hall or via the swing bridge, as you have now come here. 

Turn right and ....... Take a look at the clock that hangs above the red door .... Notice that the hand of this clock turns to the left

Take 1 step forwards, to the red door, and then turn right ...... At the end of the path you see the closed hatch. If you press the Yellow Button nothing happens. On the two walls of the building are the letter G, O, T, E. Walk forward and turn left, The G, O, T, E letters are also made of squares and are also in a white circle

 Count the number of squares that the letters consist of and note this down  and also note the wind direction that goes with each letter:

G = 15 blocks and the wind direction is East
O = 12 blocks and the wind direction is South
T = 09 blocks and the wind direction is North
E = 16 blocks and the wind direction is West

Walk back and then go left into the gate and turn around. You will now see the Clock in the roof above the red door again. Note that the pointer of this clock rotates counter clockwise. The Clock pointer, of the Clock on the other side of the building, so on the side of the Swing Bridge, turns clockwise.

Go back into the Sun Clock building. 

There are a total of 8 Cabinets in the two rooms. In each Cabinet there is a round clock whose pointer turns clockwise or counter clockwise when you put your cursor on it. You know that the Clock Pointer, on the side of the Swing bridge, rotates clockwise and that the Clock Pointer of the Clock at the 9-doors Hall side is turning counter clockwise. Cabinets in which the clock's Pointer rotates to the right are for the N, A, K, Y letters and Cabinets in which the Clock's Pointer  rotates to the left are for the G, O, T, E letters.

Now stand in front of each of the 8 Clock Cabinets. Open the Cabinets and then determine,  via your compass, whether you are standing in front of a North, an East, a South or a West cabinet. Then stand with your cursor on the Clock and see if the pointer turns left or right over the clock. Determine via the Wind directions of the Block letters and the direction of rotation of the Pointer which letter and which number you have to put in which cabinet. Then click on the clock until you have the correct letter in the letterbox and then put in the number box the number of blocks where that letter is made up of......

N = 13 blocks, wind direction west
A = 14 cubes, wind direction south
K = 11 blocks, wind direction north
Y = 07 blocks, wind direction east

G = 15 blocks and the wind direction is East
O = 12 blocks and the wind direction is South
T = 09 blocks and the wind direction is North
E = 16 blocks and the wind direction is West

Start in the 1st room, so the room where you enter this building from the Swing Bridge Alley. I assume that in your game the Pointers of the clocks in the Cabinets will turn just like in my game. A Cabinet in which the Pointer of the clock rotates clockwise therefore belongs to the NAKY letters and a Cabinet in which the Pointer turns counter clock wise  belongs to the GOTE letters. I will show it to you for the first cabinet.....then you can do the other 7 cabinets yourself as you look at your compass when you stand straight in front of a cabinet......

1st room:

North Cabinet: Clock turns clockwise. Click on the clock until you have the letter K in the letterbox and then put the number 11 in the numerical box.

Now go to all other 7 Cabinets and put in the correct letters and numbers....like this

East Cabinet: Clock turns counterclockwise. Put the letter G in the letter box and the number 15 in the number box
South Cabinet: Clock turns counterclockwise: Put the letter O in the letter box and the number 12 in the numerical box
West Cabinet: Clock turns counterclockwise. So put the E in the letter box and the number 16 in the number box.

2nd room:

North Cabinet: Clock rotates counterclockwise. So put the T in the letter box and the number 09 in the number box
East Cabinet: Clock turns clockwise. So put Y in the letter box and the number 07 in the number box
South Cabinet: Clock turns clockwise. So put the A in the letter box and the number 14 in the number box
West Cabinet Clock turns clockwise. So put the N in the letter box and the number 13 in the number box

When you have put the right letter and the right number in each cabinet you go outside again through the green hook door. Turn left again and now press the Yellow Button and ...... from the round hatch in the path the well-known Fragment Column now rises. Well ..... walk to the column and pull the lever and then take your last Golden Fragment from the upper compartment. This is also really Fragment 9.

Back to the beginning:

You have finally found all 9 Fragments and you can now go back to the Entrance Hall to put all those Fragments in the wooden box, behind Door 3.  Turn around and enter the building through the red door and go out again on the other side. Cross over the Swing Bridge and through the Studio of Kales and then follow the route back to Door 1 of the Entrance Hall.

Entrance hall:

Click on the right-most square of the door code bar to open the door and enter the Entrance Hall. Turn counter clockwise and go straight out through Door 3

Behind Door 3:

You end up on the short balcony again. Go 1 step ahead and then turn right. The elongated wooden cupboard hangs still on the railing and on the opposite side you see the yellow door, behind Door 6 of the Entrance Hall. Open the elongated cabinet. In the cabinet you see 9 boxes that each have the shape of a Golden Fragment. Well ....... in this elongated cabinet you are now place your 9 Golden Fragments. So, one by one, take your 9 Golden Fragments from your Items Inventory and place the fragments in the cabinet

Close the cabinet again and turn left and now go to the round video screen that hangs on the railing. 

Go stand  straight in front of the round screen and press the yellow button and ............ 

On the other side you can see that the Gray Door and the Yellow Door goes open and you see Kales, who is watching your talks to you via the round screen

Kales thanks you for all your trouble and is glad that he can finally leave this Rhem Island to return to his brother Zetais. 

Kales wishes you a good return journey. Kales then disappears through the Yellow Door and leaves in an airship.

See whether  the gray door, left behind the gate, is still open. That door must be open because you have to go through that door with your rail car. If the gray door is still open, you do not have to do anything. If the gray door is now closed again, press the yellow button again to open the gray door again. Turn left and go back into the Entrance Hall. Back in the Entrance Hall you immediately turn left and open Door 6

Behind Door 6:

Step through door 6 and follow the corridor. The corridor goes around the corner on the left and you will see the small table again, in front of the "window" from which Kales just sent his video message. Go stand right in front of the table. Kales has left a blue Key on the table for you. 

Take the Blue Key and go back to the Entrance Hall and walk to Door 5:

Behind Door 5:

Open Door 5 and walk through to the rusty metal door of the round tower. 

The rusty door is closed. Open the wooden box and then insert the Blue Key into the keyhole

When you have clicked the key in the box, click on the key to turn the key and ...... the rusty door slides open.

A ladder goes down in the this little round tower. Step inside and turn around to the door. Press the yellow button to close the door ... do not forget this ....

Pipe screen code

When you have closed the door turn left and ....... In the wall the last pipe screen. Zoom in again on the round screen and put your hand back in. 

You will see a 6-angle again, the upper right and lower right sides are red. The dash in the circle makes an angle of 6 hours to 9 hours. Draw it over again

Turn again to the ladder. Look down and climb down  in 3 clicks.

When you're down you turn left and .......

You see a woman in a red dress behind the round window. You also saw this lady in Rhem 1, 2 and 3. To the left of the window is a metal door with a star lock that unfortunately remains closed. Turn left and ...... you are in the caves and at a crossroads of paths.

Stand at the crossroads. To the right it goes to the closed star lock door. Straight ahead is a dead end, but if you walk towards it you may see  rails where then, from right to left, a car  will ride. To the left is a round "office". Enter that round "office" and turn right.

On the windowsill lies the Diary of Kales that you can read if you feel the need, but you had already done that in his Studio. Turn to the other wall ......... There is a paper in the "window". Zoom in on the paper ..... It is again a drawing of a diamond whose two left sides are red ...... the dash in the circle makes an angle of 6 hours to 9 hours.

Put the drawing back and step back outside. Walk to the crossroads and then turn left and walk to the end and .....

 If you wait a bit, you will see a rail car disappearing over the rails to the left ...... Who is in the cart ... is it the "red" woman?

All right.........In the original Rhem 4 The Golden Fragments you were ready now and you would go back to the beginning to get into the rail car and drive out off Rhem. But now, in this Special Edition, you are not ready because there's anew task in a new area of ​​Rhem and there are we going to now ....... you have found all 12 pipe screens  codes that a circle with a square. You also found 2 Gates where you saw 2 panels with hexagons and circles. We no must go back to those 2 gates first.

Chapter 8: New area 1

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot