2019:  Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

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Chapter 8: The First New Area

Hexagon and diamond codes of all the Pipe Screens

You are still in the cave where you saw the "red" woman and where you just saw someone driving away in a rail car. During your hikes along the Rhem island you have seen 12 pipe screens. In 6 of the pipe screens you saw a diamond and in the other 6 you saw a hexagon, a 6-angle. In those diamonds and 6 hexagons you also saw a circle with a dash in it. These dashes always indicate a different "time" in the circle.

In the original Rhem 4 The Golden fragments you were ready now and you could go back to the beginning, and then leave the Rhem Island in the rail car. Now, however, you are not ready yet because 2new areas has now been added and we will now open up the first New Area. In the new areas you have to solve a number of puzzles and finally find the 4th quarter of the Medallion. To open the new area we now must solve the puzzle of the 12 pipe screens and first we will do the 6 hexagrams.

Turn around and walk back to the ladder and climb back up. Back above, in the round building, you open the door again via the door button

Leave the building and enter the Entrance Hall again through door 5. Leave the Entrance Hall immediately via door 1 and then follow the route back to the Kales studio

Enter the studio again and go outside through the blue back door. You are back in the Swing Bridge Alley, which is still straight ahead.

Walk across the swing bridge to the red door of the Sun Clock building, open the red door and enter the building. Walk to the next room and exit through the red  door

Walk straight into the next hall and then turn right. You look through the gate at door 5 of the 9 doors Hall

Left and right of the gate a panel with 3 Hexagon's on each panel. Beneath the right panel is a red button

If you click on a circle on the 2 panels with your hand, the dash in the circle will change to a different position. You now have to click the dashes in the 6 circles to the positions as you saw them in the 6 pipe screens. You can not do this in random order because you first have to determine which hexagon, on the panels,  belongs to which hexagon in the pipes. For this you can use the red lines. So take out your drawings of the 6 hexagon's and determine which hexagon on the panels corresponds to a hexagon on your drawings and then click the lines to the correct positions ........ thus ......

When you have clicked the lines to the right position in all 6 circles, then press the red button and ......... 

In the gravel path you will see a number of pebbles light up in the colors red, blue and green. ...

Draw over the pattern of those 7 pebbles because you have to repeat this somewhere else

The Hexagons we have done now ...... now we must set the diamonds and to do this  we have to go back to the East Stop of the Tram Ring Line.  Walk to door 5 of the 9-doors Hall, open the door and enter the hall and walk out through the "back door". Turn around and press the Orange Button until you have a door code for Door 1. Then use the door code at Door 1 to open door 1 again and then follow the route back to the South Stop of the tram.

You have left the tram in the East Station in the ring line, so go through the tunnel to the round elevator and go up with the elevator again.  

When the elevator has brought you up, you look at the West station, so turn around and find the East door of the elevator and open the door

Walk to the East Station, open the door and get on the tram. Drive the tram forwards and ....... the tram will deliver you back at the:

East Stop of the Tram

Get out of the tram and follow the path, through the tunnel, to the Clock Building and enter again.

You are back in the middle room ..... Turn around to the entrance and ........ Well ..... you are back at the "Diamond gate ".

On either side of the gate is a panel with a total of 6 diamonds with the familiar circles. Take your drawings from the Pipe Screens Codes again and click on the panels to put  the dashes in the circles to the correct positions. You can use the red lines of the diamonds again to determine which window on the panels matches the windows on your drawings ...... thus ......

When you have the dashes right then click on the red button and ..... In the white tiled path a zone of tiles opens and in it you see a striped pattern. 

Carefully draw that pattern over again.

We now have to return to the West Stop location of the tram, where the silo is, to process the 2 clues of the hexagon and the Diamonds there. So walk back to the tram, get in and drive the thing backwards 2 times  to the North Station in the ring line. Get out and enter the elevator tower. Find the East Door in the lift tower, open the Eastern door and walk to the East Station. Open the door and alter the switch, that's now on "Leave the Ring Line", in "Follow Ring Line".

Walk back to the elevator tower but do not step into the elevator. Now go down the ladder again and ........

.......then follow the path and the tunnel to the Lower West Door, open the door and go on to the West station of the ring line. Climb up the ladder, open the door of the West station and change "Follow Ring Line" in "Leave Ring Line". Back via the ladders and the tunnel to East Station and step into the round lift again. Find the North door, get out, walk to the North Station and get back in the Tram. Now drive the tram 4 times forwards and .......The tram will deliver you at the

West Stop of the line, so at the Silo. 

Get out of the tram. Walk into the hall. On the left is the Silo and straight ahead is the gate with the 5 button panel.

 Go into the right room and then walk to the back room where the gray door is.

In the room with the gray door you immediately turn back to the entrance and ....... Right next to the gate is that rusty box. Click the green button to open the box.

In the box you see 7 circles. If you click on a circle, it changes color. You can change every circle in red, blue and green. Well ....... this looks a lot like the colored circles that you saw appearing in the gravel path, when you put the Hexagon circles right. Take out that little drawing and give, in the box, the matching circles the same colors as on your drawing ..... thus ...

When you have don this then you follow the yellow pipe outside, so first back to the hall and then through the right gate to the outside. Outside you turn around right away ... you are now standing on the outside of the gate again and looking into the hall. On the right is the green button and that is connected via the yellow pipe to the white button panel, which hangs to the left of this gate. If you click the white buttons, dashes appear in them ...... Several clicks always show a different  pattern per button. So on this panel you have to make the pattern that you saw when you put the diamonds good in the Clock Building ........ thus

When you have the pattern on the 5 white buttons, press the green button and ........ The floor in the hall will fold up to open up the Secret Staircase .....

New area 1: The Secret Cave:

Go down the stairs ..... you end up in a small front cave. 

At the bottom of the stairs there is a hatch in the right wall with 6 white push buttons next to it. Nothing happens when you press those 6 buttons.

Turn around ..... you look through the little cave. A large panel sits on the left wall. A schedule is on the back wall. A red hatch is in the right wall

First look at the panel on the left wall ... you do not understand it much. View the drawing ..... On the drawing you first see 4 columns with 6 boxes each, then the = sign and then another column with 6 boxes. Draw  the diagram on a paper and do this in such a way that you can  later enter numbers in the boxes.

Look at  the red hatch. Behind the red hatch is a green hatch, a yellow hatch and a blue hatch. The red hatch must drop, the green hatch must be lifted, the yellow hatch must lower and the blue hatch must be raised again. So you have to lower and raise the 4 hatches on the left panel. Turn around to that panel

The panel has 4 columns, red, green, yellow and blue. Each column is attached to a round meter and there are green rectangle buttons on each column. The red column has 2 green buttons and the other 3 columns each have 5 green buttons. In each of the 4 columns you see a white line. The white lines are now exactly in the middle of each column.

By pressing the green buttons you let the white lines in the 4 columns go up or down. The intention is that you hoist the 4 shutters, behind you in the wall, up and down so that you can finally go through the hole in the wall ....... We haven't found any hints / clues for this puzzle , so this is a matter of trying.....of Trail and Error ....... But if you press the buttons 1, 2, 3 and 4 in succession then you should be ok. You can turn around every time to see if you've turned off the shutters ...

Press the buttons 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the column panel ........ the panel should look like this .....

The white dash in the red column is then at button 1, in the green column is the dash at button 2, in the yellow column the dash is at button 3 and in the blue column the dash is at button 4

Turn around to the shutters and see ...... the shutters are gone and you can now continue through the square wall hole into the tunnel, so do this

Turn right and follow the tunnel to the other end and climb up the ladder and .......... you end up in the:

Water cave:

Through wooden paths you walk through the cave and over the water. There is a right path and a left path and there are 4 golden horns. Continue to the intersection and take the right path. Follow the right-hand path ........ If the path zigzags to the right you will see a panel ........ That panel is the Electric Panel but you can not do anything with it now.

Follow the path through the gate. Straight ahead the path will be a dead end ...... there is a close round hatch in the path and in front of the hatch a "star button" sticks to the fence. This round Hatch is not important now ... you will not do anything with this in this game ..... probably this part will play a role in Rhem 5.

The path turns left here, so turn left and ........ shit ........ the tunnel is closed with a fence. A panel with 6 white buttons protrudes on a pole.

If you know in which order you have to press these 6 buttons, the gate will open here.

You cant proceed here now... So go back to the crossroads and then take the left path.

The left path brings you to the 4 golden Horns ....... 2 horns are left and 2 horns are on the right. The path continues to Door A and Door B. Just past the Horns there is an orange button on a pole on the path, of which you see the back now. Because there is no electricity yet, you can not yet open Door A. If you walk through a bit and then turn around then you are standing in front of the orange button ... If you press this orange button, a cabinet will rise from the path ..... this cabinet can't  be opened yet. You also see a Niche...... that niche is located behind the tunnel in the right path ...... the tunnel that is closed of with the fence

We first have to end up in that niche and that is the reason that the fence, that's blocking the tunnel, has to disappear. To achieve this, we need the code for that 6-button panel. This code we'll find at the 4 Horns. Go to 1 of the 4 Horns ...... it does not matter which Horn ........Each of the 4 horns has a box and you can open these boxes. Stand in front of such a box

. The boxes have 2 green buttons and a screen. Press the top button to open the box ..... In each box you'll see an "L-symbol" and an empty box and a column with numbers.

Write down the numbers column. Do this with each of the 4 boxes ...... So go to each of the golden horns and open the 4 boxes ...... 

Write down the 4 number columns ....they are like this

If you have the four columns with numbers next to each other then you have a schedule of 4 columns and 6 rows of numbers .... Do you remember the scheme that you saw when you walked down the stairs, where you opened the shutters ? Did you also note down that schedule? If you did, then now take out your drawing of that column schedule ....... Also the schedule has 4 columns and 6 rows .... but the scheme also has an Outcome column .....Now fill in the schedule the numbers of the 4 boxes and then add up the numbers to each row ... In the right-hand column you note the result ...You'll then have this....

The result column gives you the order in which you have to press the 6 buttons on the button panel at the tunnel with the fence. So go back to the right path and follow that path back to the tunnel. Make sure you see the button panel again and then press the buttons in the order you just defined on the column diagram ......

The fence disappears and you can now go through the tunnel to the niche. Step into the tunnel and when you are in the tunnel turn right ...  

On a ledge is an Electronic Module ...... Take the Electronic module because you really need this thing

Turn left again and then go left in the tunnel and ....You are now standing in the niche that you saw when you were at the Horns. On the railing there is a gray panel where you can use the Electronic Module .... Do this ...... but the module does not work yet because there is still no electricity

Turn to the left ...... you will now see a small narrow niche ...... in the narrow niche 6 squares are drawn with the numbers 1 to 6 ......Note this down

 ... ...At the bottom of the recess, at square 5, a piece of green / blue power cable is leaning. Take that piece of cable

Turn back to the Module panel and get the Electronic Module back because you need the thing at the 4 Horns. 

Go back through the tunnel and then follow the path back to the Power Panel. Now go stand straight in front of the Power Panel and then look down via the downward finger ......

You look down along the pole where the panel is attached to and you see the power cable that goes through the pole to the panel ...... A part of the cable sticks in an orange tube ..... Click on the orange tube ...... the lower segment of the orange tube slides up and you can see that a piece of cable is missing. Take the just-found piece of cable out of your box and click it in the open space to repair the cable.

The orange tube is closed again. Look up again. You have now repaired the power cable but the power panel still does not do anything ........ there is still no power, but we are going to change that now. Now return to the boxes of the 4 Horns.
Go open each of the 4 Horn boxes again. Then put the Electronic Module in each box beneath the "L-symbol". Then close the box and press the bottom green button and ........ You will hear the Horn Signal  and then you see a number of light flashes in the screen and then you hear the horn signal again ... during the 2nd horn signal you also see light flashes  but they do not count.

You have to count, at each of the 4 Horn boxes,  the number of light flashes that you see BETWEEN the two horn signals ........ the light flashes you see after the 2nd horn signal do not count ....... Write down the number of flashes for each box, so note this down for every "L-symbol" ....Like this:

Do you have this? Do not forget, when you have done the last box,  to take back the Electronic Module because you still need the thing. 

Then go to the orange button, on the left side of the path.

 Now press the orange button ..... A cabinet will rise from the path ...... Unfortunately ..... you can't  open the cabinet.

Press the orange button again to lower the cabinet back into the path. Then look down. In the path you'll see a metal flap ..... 

Zoom in on the flap and then click it open. You see the top of that cabinet ..... there is a switch in the top and that is now red ...... 

Click the switch to the left ..... it will be green ...... ..Cabinet is now activated

Close the flap, zoom out and look up again and slam on that orange button again to bring the cabinet up again. Now you can open the cabinet so do this. In the cabinet you see the "L-symbols" of the 4 Horn Cabinets. Under each "L" you have to click the good number via the pink buttons ...... It is a 1, 2, 3, 4 order and that is determined by the number of flashes you saw on the boxes.

The L with 8 flashes = 1, The L = with 7 flashes = 2, the L with 6 flashes = 3 and the L with 5 flashes = 4 ......It's like this

Once you have entered this, close the cabinet and press the orange button again to lower the cabinet back into the floor. 

Now go back to the Power Panel on the right-hand path. Go stand straight in front of the Power Panel and press the yellow button, bottom left and ........ we get 100% power now ...

Back through the tunnel to the panel and put the Electronic Module back in and ..... The light of the module now turns bright green and Door A and Door B now also have power

You can not take the Electronic module back now. 

Walk back to the left path and follow the left path now to Door A. At Door A, press the orange button to open the door and then walk on to Door B.

 Door B is also closed but has a button with 4 white buttons ...... You have to press the 4 buttons in the right order to open Door B and that is from bottom right to top left

Then step through the opened Door B and then turn to the right ....... On a post a yellow plate with squares and 2 red circles that you recognize will appear ..

Walk to the end and then look down to find that the bridge is under the water here.

The bridge leads to a post with a button, but to reach that post the bridge will have to be raised first and you have to do that on the yellow panel ..... but to be able to do this  you first need more info and that info we'll find at the beginning, behind the hatch that you saw when you descended the stairs. So go back through doors B and A to the beginning of the cave and descend the ladder back to the tunnel

Walk back through the tunnel and then dive through the hatch hole back to the front cave.

Turn right and continue to the hatch, at the bottom of the stairs, and stand straight in front of it .

Right next to the hatch there are 6 buttons below each other. In the narrow niche, at the panel where you put the Electronic Module in, you saw numbers .....

Now click the 6 buttons in the order you saw in that narrow niche and .....the hatch opens and shows you a drawing of the outer circle on the yellow plate. 

There are 4 dashes within the circle .......Carefully make a drawing of the circle. Turn clockwise and run back up the stone stairs. You are outside again ...... walk a few steps along the path, towards the Silo, and then turn around ...... Through the right gate you now see the side of the raised floor in the hall and ........ on the side of the raised floor you can now see a circle drawn and it has 3 lines on the outside of the circle ...... This is the inner circle of the yellow plate. ..... also carefully draw this circle over

Go down the stairs in the hallway again, then dive through the hatch hole, through the tunnel and via he ladder back up again into the water cave. Go over the left path again and through Door A (press orange button) and Door B (again press the 4 squares) and stand in front of the yellow plate again. Take your drawings of the 2 circles at hand.......The plate has squares and 2 red circles ...... by clicking in the squares you show the dashes ...... Now put on the plate, in the right squares, the dashes of the outer circle (like you saw in the hatch), and then also in the inside circle (as you saw on the side of the raised floor) and ......... the bridge rises from the water ......

Walk across the bridge to the Pole ..........

You have been on the other side of the lake before....... if you look closely you can see the swing bridge there. Click on the green button in the pole and ......

..... the Telescope comes out of the post. Click the back of the telescope ....... You then look through the telescope

In the yellow border are arrows with which you move the telescope up, down, to the right and to the left ...... With the double arrows you move faster and with the single arrows it goes slower but more accurate. Now you first have to search with the telescope for a round monitor with an orange button and a red light ....... then you have to look for 2 small circles with dashes ......

First  move the telescope down a bit and then a bit to the left, until you see a round monitor with a thick orange button and a small red light ........ The lens of the telescope contains a reticle with a circle in the middle ...move the lens slowly upwards until the red light is exactly in the circle of your reticle .........Then click the green button under the lens and ......... the red light turns green to indicate that you have activated the round monitor.

Do not click the green or the red button again ... 

Now move the lens down and then left again and keep going to the left until you see a white circle appear in the lens

Draw the white circle over again ..... it is the outer circle on the yellow plate again.

Stay low with the lens but now go back to the right .......... a long way back to the right ....... you will see a second circle

This circle is again the inner circle on the yellow plate, so draw it over again.

You are done with the telescope so zoom out, turn around and walk back to the yellow plate and stand up again. 

Remove the lines from the squares......the bridge drops under water again. Now fill in the squares the dashes as you saw through the telescope and ....

.In the middle of the plate a square goes open ....... in that now open up square is a green coin  ......Take the green coin ....

Back to the 9-Doors Hall

You're done here in this water cave, but not finished with the game ...... there is a second new area that you have to open up and that's where we're heading now. Via the doors B and A, the ladder, the tunnel, the hatch and the stairs you return above the ground. Stand in front of the gate and then push the button to lower the floor of the hall again

Go to the tram. step in and drive the tram 2 times backwards. Get out and step into the round elevator and go down with it, via the yellow button

The elevator takes you back down to the tunnel. Get out of the elevator, follow the tunnel and climb up the ladder.

You are back at the South Stop of the tram.

Go through the door and then follow the route to door 1 of the 9-doors hallway. Step through door 1 into the hall and then exit through the "back door".

We'll continue in:

Chapter 9: The fourth quarter of the Medallion

2017: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw en Screenshots by Louis Koot and Dick Leeuw

2019: This English Translation by Louis Koot