2017: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw en Screenshots by Louis Koot and Dick Leeuw

2019: This English Translation by Louis Koot

The Screenshots in the final 2 Chapters  of the walkthrough are made for the Dutch Version of the walkthrough and therefore most of the text on them is Dutch......Louis Koot

Chapter 9: The fourth quarter of the Medallion

Back to the wooden Revolving door:

You now have to go back to the wooden revolving door because there is a second new area added and there you will find the fourth quarter of the medallion. How you return to the wooden revolving door depends on how you turned the swing bridge. If you have  follow this walkthrough then in Chapter 7 you turned the swing bridge to the alley, behind the "back door" of the studio of Kales. There are now a few routes you can take to get back to the right side of the Revolving door via the swing bridge .......... If you have followed the walkthrough so far, then the most logical route goes through Door 5 of the 9-doors Hall ........ If you want to follow another route, to the right side of the Revolving door then you will have to figure that out for yourself.

You are back at the "back entrance" of the 9-doors hall and look through the corridor. Press the Orange button to get a code to open up Door 5 ....... 

If you have the code for Door 5 you walk through the hallway to Door 5 and enter the code to open the door 5. Then follow the route to the red front door of the Sun Clock Building

Enter through the red front door and out through the back door. You are back in the Swing Bridge Alley, behind the Studio van Kales and the Swing Bridge is still standing in the alley. Walk across the Swing Bridge and then enter the Studio through the blue back door. 

Go left into the bedroom and turn immediately to the doorway, with the 2 wooden panels on either side of the doorway. You then look at the gray side door, which is closed again. You have to open the gray door again and you do that again by pressing the orange buttons on the 2 panels in the right order , as you did in Chapter 1 to go to the Power Room. So first press the orange button below the right panel to bring out the other orange buttons. Then press the 10 orange buttons on the panels in the correct order.

The gray door opens again so walk through it and then enter the Power Room. Walk through the room to the other side, to the wooden dot door.

 Open this pointed roof door via the red door button .... and .....

you see the wooden revolving door with the two green buttons ...... you are on the right side of the revolving door ....

So walk on to the Revolving door and make sure you are standing in the door ...

Click 2 times the left green button to turn the revolving door 2 times. Then step out of the door and turn around and walk to the oval door. Press the button to open the oval door and ........When you now not see that the path behind the oval door turns right, but instead goes left, then you have not turned the revolving door properly ..... Step through the oval opening and then follow the path with stone arches to the other end

At the end of this arch path you can go through the gate to the Flap Door, but this is not the intention. Turn completely around, at the end of the path, so that you look back over the path. On the back of the, now foremost, stone arch, the round monitor with an orange button and light, which you have activated in the water cave via the telescope, lights up green. Press the orange button ..... two arrows appear in the round screen ..... this screen "controls" the revolving door. If you get a left arrow and a right-hand arrow in the screen then you press the orange button again to get a Up Arrow and a Down Arrow ..... Then do not click the orange button again

The arrows remain visible for just a moment. Walk back to the Revolving door and go back in and press the right green button and .......

......the revolving door is now an elevator and takes you down ... you end up in the new cave / tunnel

The Second New Area: 

Turn around ....... a blue door ..... Walk to the blue door. Turn back again to the revolving door / elevator .... a "star key button" ...... 

You will not do anything with it now ... probably this is for Rhem 5.

Turn back to the blue door. to the right of the door is a panel with a coin slot. 

Take your green coin out of your inventory and put the coin in the slot and ...... the door slides open.

Step into the hallway and immediately turn left ....... a tunnel. Walk through the tunnel ......

..... Almost at the end there is, on the right, an opening with a fence.

Stand in front of the fence ..... and then look down ....... Through the fence you look into a lower tunnel ...... you hear footsteps ..... keep waiting ... the sound of footsteps comes closer and closer and ........ you see the "red woman" walking through the tunnel and she disappears through the doorway at the back

Look up again, turn left, walk on and then go right through the gate into the hallway.

On the left is a stone staircase that goes down. On the right, a painting hangs on the wall. Go stand right in front of the painting stand ..... this is Painting 1. You see empty boats in the painting ..... if you move your hand over the painting then people appear in the boats. At the bottom left you see a wall ....... In the upper edge of that wall you see stones ..... remember this

Turn around and then walk down the stairs

Downstairs you will find 2 doors and a blocked gate. The blue door does not go open .... the sign above the red button of the blue door tells you that this door only opens when the fan is switched off. Open the middle door via the red button and then enter the office


On the back wall is a blue metal hatch with a red button ......behind that hatch is the 4th quarter of the Medallion ...... On the left stand a table and on the right you see a painting above a shelf. Turn left to the table. The fan rotates above the table. On the table is a letter ..... zoom in on the letter and read it ...... It is again a note from the Meneandes and he tells again about the medallion, that you need to get access to Rhem 5.

 Put the note back on the table and then look down to peek under the table

Under the table you will find the button to switch off the fan, so click the button. 

Look back up and see that the fan is indeed no longer turning. You have fulfilled the condition to be able to open the blue door. Turn anti-clockwise towards the entrance. Left and right a table ..... on both tables stand a Scale. The Scale on the left table is empty ...... in the right scale are 3 balls .... Take,1 by 1, the 3 balls from the right-hand scale and put them in the left scale. In the right-hand scale you will then find a green light bulb ...... Take the green light bulb

Turn left to the wall. Above the shelf hangs Painting 2 Left next to the painting hangs a box with 6 round push buttons ......

...... that button box is connected to the red button of the hatch via the pipe ..... Stay away from this button box for now

The bonsai tree takes away the view of the left-hand part of the painting ..... Click the bonsai tree ..... the tree slides to the left and then covers the button cabinet ..... but now you see the whole painting and you now sees a note on the shelf. Look at the note ....... On this note Meneandes has drawn the 6 buttons of the button box ..... in each button he has put 2 question marks ...... does every button have to be pressed twice? ?? I think so.....

Click the note back to the shelf. Now zoom in on painting 2 and ........ in the wall tiles, the numbers 1 to 6 appear at the bottom left..... 

He.... did you not see these wall tiles on Painting 1? Make a note / remember which tiles has which number

Zoom out of the painting and leave the office. Walk up the stairs but stay still halfway on the stairs, you are standing in front of the two middle support poles. 

At the top of the 2 poles you see 3 circles with numbers in them

Write the circles with the numbers down, but put them side by side, like the buttons of the button box .... Left is the left column and on the right is the right column of 3 buttons box. Do you have this? Then climb up further and stand straight in front of Painting 1 again. Put your hand back on Painting 1. You now have to click the bottom left stones in the order you saw on Painting 2, in the office ....... You start with the 1 stone and end with the 6 stone

When you have pressed the stones in the right order, the painting will fold back because it turns out to be the "door" of a hidden wall niche

In the niche you find a saucer and on the saucer is a blue key ..... Take the Blue Key

Turn around and descend the stairs again and now open the blue door by pressing the red door button .........

....the blue door will now open because you have turned off the fan in the office via the button under the table. Step onto the balcony ....... This balcony "floats" above a deep dark cave. On the balcony first turn to the right ...... At the railing there is another "Star keyhole button" ....... look down ...... the "bridge" to the other side is not completely extended ........ probably this comes back in Rhem 5

Look up again and turn left....... Look down again ...... You do not see much because it is dark ...... 

Take the green light bulb out of your inventory and throw the thing down and. ..... 

the light bulb provides some light and you see, at the bottom of the rock, 2 columns of 3 circles with numbers in it

..... also for the button box? Note  it  down again. Then look up again, turn around, walk back into the hall and enter the office again, because we're going to solve that button box.


Go back to Painting 2. If the bonsai tree is not automatically pushed back, but still in front of the button box, then click the tree to slide it back to the right

The button box has 6 round buttons that you can press ...... You can press a button 12 times ...... Do not do that yet because you do not know the order in which you have to press these 6 buttons. You have found 3 clues and they are: the note that is on the shelf, and the circles with figures that you saw on the beams of the stairs and in the cave ..... .You have made drawings of it done so take does drawings now .....

On Meneandes letter you see that there are 2 question marks in each circle, but also he has drawn red arrows ... through those question marks and the red arrows you come at the conclusion that you should put 2 digits in each circle, but also that you have to exchange B and C and A and F. You now have to make a new drawing where you have to put the numbers of the support beams and the cave in the buttons of the button box and where you then swapped A and F and B and C ...... your drawing may look something like this ......

The right drawing will eventually give you the order in which you have to click the 6 buttons of the button box ......... That is the 1 to 12 order.

Number also the buttons of the button box as A to F ..... you may only click 12 times

Click the buttons in this order: B, C, C, B, D, F, E, D, F, A, A, E

Did you do this then turn left to the blue hatch. Press the red button and .......

 if you have pressed the buttons of the button box in the correct order, then the hatch will now open and you'll see keyhole and a green hatch ...... Put your blue key, which you  have found behind Painting 1 , in the keyhole and then click on the key to turn the key in the keyhole and ...... The green hatch  slides open and in the niche you will then find the Fourth Quarter of the Medallion

The number 4 (IV) is on the quarter piece ..... Take the Medallion piece .....

You are  ready and now you can leave Rhem . Leave the office, climb the stairs again and go back to the revolving door elevator via the tunnel.

Go stand against the revolving door and click the right button again

..... the revolving door takes you back up. Get out of the revolving door. 

Turn around and go back to the oval door and ram the red button again to open it and then follow the arch path back to the back arch

Turn around again so that you see the round screen again with the orange button.

Press the orange button again .... press the orange button to get the left arrow and the right arrow in the screen

The revolving door is again a revolving door. So back to the Revolving door and go back in again ...You now have to turn the revolving door, so that you can return through an oval door to Door 1 of the Entrance hall ...... I had to click the left button of the revolving door 3 times.

So turn the revolving door 1 time and then see if you can see the path going left to the Entrance Hall through the oval door. If you do not see that path, you will turn the revolving door again and if necessary again. . If you see the right path through the open oval door, you follow that path back to the Entrance Hall .....

Go through Door 1 into the Entrance Hall and immediately exit the Entrance Hall via Door 4 and follow the path back to the Rail Car.

Get in the Rail Car and turn around to the window and click the up arrow button and ...... 

You drive through tunnels Rhem 4 and at the end you receive a thank you note from Kales, in which Rhem 5 is announced


Well ......Waiting for Rhem 3SE and then....... Rhem 5?

2017: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw en Screenshots by Louis Koot and Dick Leeuw

2019: This English Translation by Louis Koot