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2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

Rhem 4 Special Edition is a new version of Rhem 4 The Golden fragments. In this Special Edition Knut Meuler has added two extra areas with some extra puzzles. The intention is that you will not only find the 9 Golden fragments but also the last quarter of the Medallion. The medallion is needed to gain access to the 5th part of Rhem

The RHEM games are "Point and click" adventure games in the tradition of Myst games. In the Rhem games you have to solve technical and logical puzzles. You should think of puzzles to open closed doors and puzzles to get all kinds of, not yet working, technical devices and mechanisms to work. You do not necessarily have to play the previous 3 Rhem Games to play Rhem 4: The Golden Fragments. But ....... if Rhem 4 The Golden Fragments is your first Rhem game you play, then I recommend you play Rhem 1, Rhem 2: The Cave and Rhem 3: The Secret Library first.

These Rhem games are not easy games to play ...... they are actually damn hard to play ...... Knutt Muller, the creator of the Rhem Games, is a genius in inventing logical puzzles, but he really takes that logic to perfection ...... per game the Rhem games become harder and harder ......

In Rhem 4 The Golden Fragments you have to look for the 9 Fragments, which together form the key to a second exit with the outside world. To activate that exit, and to be able to get back from the Rhem Island yourself, you will have to find those 9 fragments. It is advisable to keep pen and paper at hand while playing a Rhem game, because you will have to make a lot of notes to solve all the puzzles in the game. The RHEM world is a vast world where you find clues in one area for puzzles that you have to solve in another area. Everything in the Rhem games is in some way or other related to each other ..... So keep pen and paper at hand and research everything in the game and take notes.

Chapter 1: The Black Crystal Room
Chapter 2: The Cone Rock Courtyard
Chapter 3: The First Golden Fragment
Chapter 4: The Tram Ring line Part 1
Chapter 5: The Tram Ring line Part 2
Chapter 6: The Tram Ring line Part 3
Chapter 7: The Last Two Golden Fragments
Chapter 8: The First New Area
Chapter 9: Second New Area: 4the Quarter of the Medallion

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot