May 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

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Text by Dick Leeuw; screenshots by Louis Koot

This is a translation of the walkthrough that Louis Koot made in November 2008.  

There are some little adjustments because this is made with the 2022 GOG version of the game and Louis has made new screenshots with this version of the game

Rhiannon: The Curse of the Four Branches is inspired by the ancient Welsh legends, specifically the legend known as "The Mabinogion" legend. The Mabinogion legend is a number of ancient tales of Mankind, Magic and Adventure and they mix myth with reality. About 900 years ago the first stories first surfaced but only in 1795 is there a complete "Mabinogion" legend. First in Welsh but the legend was translated into English in the 19th Century by one Lady Charlotte Guest.

Rhiannon Curse of the Four Branches is based on 4 specific stories from the "Mabinogion" legend, the 4 stories known as the "Four Branches of Mabinogion". The legend of the "Four Branches of Mabinogion" tells of the life of the Nobleman Pryderl and his enemy Llwyd. During the game you will encounter these 2 names frequently.

Start a new game.

You are Chris and you are going to babysit at Jennifer and Malcolm Sullivan's farm for a few days. The farm of the Malcolms is located in Wales and the name of the farm is Ty Pryderi. The Malcolms have a daughter, Rhiannon. Daughter Rhiannon has long been plagued by nightmares and visions. To give their daughter some distraction, the Malcolms are on vacation, and you're going to babysit their farm while you're there. Renovation is also underway on the farm. The Malcoms have hired a local contractor to refurbish some of the structures and/or build new ones. However, the renovation of the farm is also at a standstill. You think you will be all alone on the farm for a few days.....BUT YOU ARE WRONG....."Something" has taken possession of the farm and that "something" has no intention of destroying the farm or to share it with you. So it becomes a matter of survival for you because ...... once you have arrived at the farm you cannot leave.

  The game starts with an e-mail that you receive from Jennifer Malcom.

After the intro movie you arrive at the farm.

First you get a tutorial about the controls in the game, first a bit about the different sorts of cursors.

Read this tutorial.

Then about the navigation in the game and the interactive map.

In the old version you get lots of turn-around arrows, in this version most of the turn-around arrows are gone.

When you read in the text ”turn around” it means you have to click 2x to the left or to the right.

There is also a part about picking up items, the inventory and the use of the items.

Click on the Esc to get to the menu to save and load, also to quit the game.

The inventory is on the top of the screen and at the bottom of the screen you find the map, the tutorial and the notes.

Chapter 1: Arrival page 1: Inside the House: Ground Floor Rooms

Chapter 1: Arrival page 2: Inside the House: First Floor Rooms

Chapter 2: Earth: page 1: Translate the Ogam Script

Chapter 2: Earth: page 2: Find and Collect 10 Branches

Chapter 2: Earth: page 3: Slates I, II, III, Rhiannon 1967, end end of chapter

Chapter 3: Water: Create the Water Orb

Chapter 4: Fire: Create the Fire Orb

Chapter 5: Air and  Chapter 6:End Game

May 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot