2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Part 1: Sphinx Site

Gil's Tent:

You have arrived at the "Great Sphinx" and you are still in the helicopter. Your cursor is a Scarab.


If you don't like the Scarab cursor then you can change this into a classical Hand cursor, such as we know from the Myst games. 

To changes the Scarab into a hand cursor go to the main screen and to the Preferences at top right and slide the slider down to the Hand

I don't like the Scarab cursor because it has given me lots of trouble, so I use the Hand cursor in the game. And for fast transitions I use the fat Arrow

 Click on the already opened door and you are outside next to the helicopter. 

Right in front of you see the tent camp. Let's practice a bit with the loupe. 

Push your space key or your escape key to get the Option screen at bottom right. Click / hold the loupe and drag it over one of the tents and you see that tent enlarged.

 Let go of the loupe to put it back again. Now go forward 12 clicks, with the scarab cursor, and you'll be at the last tent

 Enter the tent.....this is / was Giles's tent. On the left is a desk, on the right is a bed and in the back is a cooking table with a stove on top. 

To the right of this table you see a large red box in the corner of the tent. Go forward 1 click to the cooking table. 

Then turn to the left twice so that you can see the desk. Click with "hand" on the desktop to zoom in on the desk. 

There is a cassette recorder on the desk and a cassette tape next to the recorder. There is also a letter on the desk. Click on the letter with your scarab and read it. The letter is from one Jules P and is addressed to Gil and in the letter Jules warns that "the Commission" is planning to discontinue funding for Gil's Sphinx project due to lack of results.

How the inventory Backpack works

Click next to the letter to return it to the desk. Click on the cassette recorder to zoom in on it. Open the recorder via the "Stop / Eject" button

Then click on the cassette tape next to the recorder, click on it again to store the cassette in your backpack

Now press space or escape and click your backpack to open up the inventory screen. 

In this inventory screen you click on the cassette tape to put the tape in the "in hand" circle at bottom right

Click / hold on the cassette tape and drag the cassette to the cassette recorder and put the cassette in it

The cassette recorder will close automatically. Click on the green "Play" button and listen to Gil's message. If the volume is too low, you can turn it up by dragging the volume slider to the right. When the tape has finished, click the "Stop / Eject" button again and remove the tape from the recorder. Click on the cassette again to hold it, press your spacebar to open the Options screen and then click the cassette on your Backpack. Press the spacebar again to return to the game.

Save Game

Now let's practice with the Save Game function. Press Space / Escape to get the option screen again. Now click the Menu icon....it's the bag with the scrolls. You go to the main menu screen. Click on the SAVE button to open up the Save Game screen. In the Save Game screen click in the box at top left to save your game. A picture shows your save game with date and time

Return to the game and zoom out of the recorder. The desk has 4 drawers. On the right a large drawer and on the left 3 drawers, below each other. All drawers are locked and you cannot open them now. However, click on the left drawer block, Above the top drawer you will see a small round button. Click on this round button and a shelf will slide forward.  There is a sheet of paper glued to this sliding shelf. Zoom in on this paper. 

There are 3 numbers on this paper. They are starting numbers for 3 cassette tapes. Copy the numbers, or make a photo of it with the camera: Tape 3 = R = 015; Artifact Tape = L = 0223; Tape 1 = R = 0031. Take note of the order in which these 3 Tapes are listed on this paper. So first Tape 3, then the Artifact Tape and then Tape 1. This order is important.

Zoom out and click again on the round button to slide the shelf back into the desk. Then click left or right next to the desk to zoom out of the desk. Now turn all the way to the left so that you can see the bed in your screen. Zoom in on the bed. There is a metal box in the middle of the bed. 

Click on the box to zoom in on it. Then click on the box again to open it. There are 3 items in the box: Gil's wallet, Gil's watch and Gil's passport. Click twice on the wallet. 

Pull all the cards up out of the boxes. Only two cards real matter. The 3rd box contains Gil's membership card for the Archaeological Institute. If you pull this card out of the box, you will see that there is also a piece of paper in the box. Pull this piece of paper up, put the membership card back in the box and read the paper.  The piece of paper has 3 numbers, namely: R = 6:10, L = 15:24, R = 8:25. Write down these numbers and put the piece of paper back in the compartment. In the next box, pick up Gil's Campus ID card. Write down the ID number of this card: 1007-72-33-1334. 

How to take photo's with the Camera

Instead of writing down the numbers you can take a photo of the piece of paper and Gil's Campus ID. To that get the option screen at bottom right and then click on the photo camera. Make sure you get the camera lens on the object you want to take a photo of and click again on the camera to take the photo

Your photo's will be stored in the photo album witch you open by clicking on the camera and then on the stack of photo's in the option screen.

In the photo album you can view your photo's

You now know how to make photo's with the camera. It's totally up to you to use this photo function in the game. I'm not constantly going to tell you to take photo's of important items / objects

Put the wallet back in the chest. If you click on the watch then you'll see that it has stops at 8 o'clock. Close the box. There is a cupboard next to the bed. There is a candle on the cupboard and 4 books stand in the cupboard. Zoom in on the cupboard. You also see a piece of the pillow that is on the bed and you see that there is a paper under the pillow. A piece of this paper sticks out from under the pillow.  Click on this paper. A sheet of wrinkled white paper will appear in your screen. Why would anyone hide a blank sheet of paper under their pillow? Click next to the paper to put it back under the pillow.

It is late in the evening and you have had an exhausting journey. Maybe it is better to go to sleep. Click on the pillow and you go to sleep. Your screen is now completely black. Just click in the middle of the black screen and you will wake up again. It's the middle of the night. Click to the right on the tent window and then click on the cupboard again. . There is a book of matches in front of the candle. Click twice on the matches and then take a match.....the match get lid automatically. Take the lid match and use it to light up the candle and wait for the match to burn out completely, 

Then click back on the sheet of paper under your pillow again. 

This paper appears again large on your screen and by the light of the candle you can now see that something is written on it. 

Gil has used invisible ink. You read: "The more you stew over the key the better your chances of finding it will be. Gil ". Stew? Stew?. Click the paper away and click on the pillow again to go to sleep again. Your screen will go black again. Click anywhere in the screen and you will wake up for the second time. It's the next morning. The paper that was under your pillow has given you a hint about a key and that hint from Gil was about the "Stew". Turn around and go to the cooking table. There is a pan on the gas appliance. Look in the pan. There is some kind of brew in the pan...is this the "Stew" that Gil has mentioned?

 Zoom out and turn back to the cupboard next to the bed. Zoom in and take another match from the booklet of matches. Light the match Zoom out, turn around and go back to the cooking table, zoom in on the stove and click on the right gas button to turn on the gas and then light up the right burner with your still burning match. 

The Stew in the pan will gradually becomes liquid and you see that there is a key in it. Take the key from the pan and turn the gas out from under the pan.

 Place the key in your backpack (space bar) and return to the game (space bar). Go back  to the desk and zoom in on it. Click on the large drawer. Press your spacebar and take the key from your inventory and drag the key to the lock of the drawer and then let go and the key unlock the drawer

Use this key first to unlock the 3 other drawers also.  

Then put the key back in your inventory and open the large drawer first. In this drawer you will find 3 rolled up scrolls. 

Two of the scrolls are star maps and 1 is a map of the inside of the "Great Sphinx". You cannot take any of these 3 scrolls, so I advice you to make photo's of them.. 

Close this drawer and zoom in on the 3 other drawers. Open the top drawer. Here you will find 2 cassette tapes. They are Tape 3 and the Artifact Tape. Put both in your backpack and close the drawer. Open the middle drawer. Here you will find a scrapbook that you can take a look at. Close the drawer. Open the bottom drawer. Here you will find Tape 1. Place this in your backpack as well.

Close all drawers and zoom out. Click on the cassette recorder again. Open the cassette recorder via the "Stop / Eject" button. Go to your inventory and double click on Tape 3 and place it in the cassette recorder.  Do you remember the 3 numbers you saw on the paper that is stuck to the sliding shelf of the desk? For Tape 3 you saw 0105

Reset the counter to 0000 by clicking the button of the counter and then rinse the tape through the FF key until the counter is at 0105 and then click the green "Play" button and you hear Gil say: "Add the day number of doves plus the number of pigeons". Click "Stop / eject" and take tape 3 from the recorder and place it back in your backpack.

Take the Artifact tape from your backpack and put it in the cassette recorder. Reset the counter to 0000 and then wind the tape until the counter reaches 0223 and then press the "Play" button. You hear Gil say, "Add the number of young bulls to 5, subtract the number of male goats". Put the tape back in your inventory. Remove the Artifact Tape from your inventory and place Tape 1 in the cassette recorder. Reset the counter to 0000 and reel the tape to 0031 and click the "Play" button and you will hear Gil say: "The number of years minus 30".  

Gil has given you 3 clues through the 3 tapes. What for and what do they mean? Turn all the way to the right to the big red chest

Click on the red chest to zoom in on it. Click on the padlock. 

O ..... it is a number code lock and you do not know the number code. Could Gil's clues on the 3 cassette tapes and that piece of paper in his wallet have anything to do with this? Click next to the lock to zoom out and then zoom out of the chest. Turn further to the right to the bed and the cupboard next to the bed. Click in the bottom part of the cupboard to zoom in on the books. 

There are 4 books in the cabinet. Click on the "Holy Bible". This Holy Book will appear on your screen. Click on the bible and it opens on the Index Page. By clicking on the chapter names on the Index page you go to the chapters. In the old original version of the game you needed to use this bible to figure out the 3 digit code for the padlock on the red chest. In this remake version you also need this bible to figure this code out but they have changed it so much that I couldn't figure this out anymore. If you can't figure it out then you can use the Hints

The code for the padlock of the red chest is the same as in the original version of the game from 2000, but how to get to this solution with this new bible I could not figure out. In the original version it was like this:

On the piece of paper that is in Gil's wallet you saw 3 numbers I told you to copy these 3 numbers Now get them out. On that piece of paper you saw the following numbers: R 6:10, L 15: 24 and R 8: 25. The the letter R = Right and the letter L = Left. 

The numbers refer to chapters and paragraphs in the Bible. The first digit is the Chapter number and the second digit is the Paragraph number. So now find and read the following Paragraphs in the Bible. Write them down: You read the following:

  • R 6: 10 = Chapter 6 Paragraph 10: "On the EIGHT day he shall bring TWO turtle doves and TWO young pigeons to the priest to the door of the tent of meeting ".

  • L 15: 24 = Chapter 15 Paragraph 24: "Then if it was done unwittingly without the knowledge of the congregation, all the congregation shall offer ONE young bull for a burnt offering, a pleasing odor to the lord, with its cereal offering, according to the ordinance, and ONE male goat for a sin offering ".

  • R 8: 25 = Chapter 8 Paragraph 25: "And from the AGE OF FIFTY YEARS they shall withdraw from the work of the service and serve no more".

The trouble with the remake is that I do not  see chapter numbers and paragraph numbers in the new bible. So what is Chapter 6 and paragraph 10? and what are the chapters 15 and 8 in the new bible????? I couldn't figure it out, but eventually the code is the same as in the original game

August 8th 2021: I got an e-mail from Jack Colby who gives me the solution for this problem. This is what Jack says: In all 3 cassettes, Gil mentions the word "Numbers". The chapters and paragraphs mentioned in the scrap of paper are found in "Numbers". So you'll find the chapters and paragraphs, mentioned on the scrap of paper, in "Numbers" in the bible

Now remember  the 3 clues from Gil that you heard on the 3 cassette tapes:

  • Tape 3: "Add the day number of doves plus the number of pigeons". Well, Chapter 6 Paragraph 10 of the Bible talks about the EIGHTH day and TWO doves and TWO pigeons. So that makes 8 + 2 + 2 = 12.

  • Artifact Tape: "Add the number of young bulls to 5, subtract the number of male goats". Chapter 15 Paragraph 24 of the Bible talks about: 1 bull and 1 goat, so 5 + 1-1 = 5.

  • Tape 1: "The number of years minus 30". Chapter 8 Paragraph 25 talks about FIFTY years. So 50 - 30 = 20.

Given the order in which the 3 Tapes are mentioned on that paper that is stuck to the sliding shelf of the desk, the Number code for the padlock of the Red chest is therefore: 12-5-20.

Close the Bible. You can now just read the other 3 books. In the thin blue book you can read all about the dimensions of a pyramid, the thin gray book gives you 10 pages full of hieroglyphs and their meaning. It might be a good idea to make photo's of the hieroglyphs. The thick book was written by Gil and 3 passages are marked in yellow. Read this 3 passages

 Put the books back in the cupboard and then click 2 times the down index finger and then zoom out of this bed corner. 

Then turn all the way to the right until you can see the corner to the left of the cooking table. In this corner you see a stack of boxes. Go to these boxes

Click on the boxes to zoom in on them and then click on the top box. In addition to a few plastic bottles, there is also an empty plastic packaging in this box. Click on this and it will appear large on your screen. It is the packaging of a "Milleni Lock". That is the padlock with which the red box is closed. Click on the packaging and keep your mouse button pressed and then turn the packaging over. 

Read the instructions for opening the lock, which are printed on the back. Make notes of this. You read:

STEP 1: First turn the turntable 1 full rotation all the way around. It doesn't matter whether you do this left or right.
STEP 2: Then turn the dial clockwise until the 1st digit of the code is next to the dash.
STEP 3: Then turn the dial to the left, go past the 1st digit of the code and continue turning until the 2nd digit of the code is at the dash.
STEP 4: Turn the dial clockwise again until the 3rd digit of the code is next to the dash.

Turn the package completely over again so that the front is again in front of you and then click next to the package to put it back in the box. Zoom out of the boxes and then turn further to the right to the Red Chest. Click on the chest to zoom in on it again. Okay, now FIRST open both Latches by clicking on them and then click on the Padlock again. The lock will appear in your screen again.

 You will see a line on the outer edge of the lock. The line is at "12 o'clock". The turntable is the black disk with the numbers. It counts from 0 to 29. All right, so the Code is 12-5-20. Now enter this code on the lock via steps 1 to 4 as you have read it on the packaging. So do the following:

STEP 1: Place your scarab, or hand,  on the black disk, below the line. Click your left mouse button and keep it pressed while you turn the number knob a full rotation clock wise or counter clockwise and end with the zero at the line

STEP 2: Now place your scarab, or hand,  to the right of the line and turn the black disk clockwise until the line before the number 12 is below the line on the edge. Stop and release your mouse button.

STEP 3: Place your scarab, or hand, to the left of the line on the black disk and turn it to the left, make sure that the 12 goes through the line and continue turning until the 5 is below the line. In fact, you turn almost 2 full turns. Stop and release your mouse button.

STEP 4: Place your scarab, or hand,  to the right again and turn the disk clockwise again until 20 is below the line. Stop, let go and the padlock will now open.

Click the lid of the chest and the chest will open now. 

The chest has 2 compartments. In the left compartment is a wooden box. Open the wooden box. There's an artifact and a scroll in the wooden box. Take the scroll.  

Now click in the right compartment. There's a blue book and a cassette tape in the right compartment. Take the Tape and put in your backpack.

Click on the blue book and this will open. There is a Scroll in the book. Click on the Scroll. This is the "Translation Scroll", take it to put in your Backpack

Go out the chest and go back to the desk and open the cassette recorder again via the "Stop / Eject" button. Open your inventory, take out the "Translation Tape" and place it in the recorder. Press the "Play" button and listen to Gil. Gil now explains the "Translation Scroll to you and he ends up giving you an advice. His advice is that you should use the" 6 Tablets "as your first clue. Don't forget to put the cassette tape back in your inventory when Gil is done talking. Then zoom out completely and turn left and click on the entrance of the tent and then go 1 click forward to be outside again

You are outside the tent again and you see the helicopter staight ahead. Go back to the helicopter, open the door and click on the pilot's seat and.....

.......you fly to the Great Pyramid of Cheops

Part 2: The Great Pyramid of Cheops

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot