2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Part 3: The Great Pyramid of Cheops:

King's Side

Pillar Corridor with Rooms

So you stand in front of a Cobra snake that functions as a Torch. Just stand her for a while and turn around for a moment. You will see that you are now standing in a narrow Pillar corridor. This pillared corridor goes all the way around the King's room and the corridor has 4 sides. Through this corridor you have access to the 6 "side rooms" of the King's Chamber. You must now examine each of these 6 side Chambers. 

Make sure you are facing that Cobra 1 again and then turn a little to the left. 

Then go forward 6 clicks along the wall. You will come to the corner of the hallway. The hallway turns left here and you will already see the first passage to the 1st room.  So go forward 3 more clicks and then turn right and click in the "doorway". Above this "doorway" you will see the Throne Symbol. 

Go forward 5 clicks and you are in:

A: Throne Room:

You actually in the front Room of the Throne Room. Go 1 more click forward and then turn right. In the corner you see a chest and on top of this chest is a smaller chest. 

Go to those chest in the corner and then look at the floor. In n front of the chest and you see a round, silver-colored bowl. Click  on this bowl and then take the round lid off the bowl. 

There is an Object in the bowl. Take this object from the shell and put it in your Inventory. It's the Heraldic Key

Zoom out 2 times and turn to the left. To the left is the exit but right in front of you see the entrance to a back Throne room. 

Go forward 1 click. Then turn slightly to the right. In the corner is a small table with a golden bowl on top. 

Go to the table and then click the Golden Bowl. You cannot take this bowl or open it. Look at the picto of the God you see on this bowl. It's Anubis.

Zoom out 2 times and turn slightly to the left and now click in the door way and then go 2 clicks forward and you are in the actual Throne room. To the right is the large Golden Throne and to the left, in the corner, a Sarcophagus stands upright against the wall. 

Click twice on the Throne and you sit on it. This causes that Sarcophagus to slide forward and a Secret Passage becomes visible in that corner. 

Go forward 2 clicks, click "hand" on the sarcophagus and then advance 4 clicks through the secret passage and you are in the Secret Room. 

There is an Object in the middle of the floor. Go forward 1 click and then look down and grab the object from the floor. Place it in your inventory. It turns out to be the "Royal Scope"

Then go and see the mural, on the wall between the pillars. Zoom in completely on this mural and you will see the so-called "6-prong" symbol

This symbol will become important later in the game, so remember what it looks like, or take a photo of it.

Then return through the secret passage to the Throne room and then to the front room and then through the hallway to the Pillar hall. 

Turn right into the Pillar Hall and then go forward 5 clicks to the entrance of the next room. 

Turn right, click "hand" in the entrance and notice the Dagger Symbol above this entrance. 

Go forward 4 clicks and turn left and enter in:

B: Weapon room:

You see a stone staircase that goes up to a niche in the back wall On top of the stairs stand a chest. Go forward 1 click. To the right of the stairs stand a dark wooden box near the wall. Go to the wooden box. Next to the box is a pot with arrows in it.  Open the wooden box and take the Scroll out pf the box

This is the "Yacht Scroll" 

 Click the Scroll in to your backpack and then close the box. Close the chest. Now take all arrows from the pot to put those arrows in your backpack


 Zoom out 2 times and turn left 2 times and go 1 click forward. You are now right in front of the two thick round pillars and the stone staircase is in your back. 

Turn clockwise. You will then see a small Pot  that lies against the wall. The pot has fallen over.  Go to that pot and zoom in on it

Click on the pot to put it upright. On this pot you see a Star map.... Perhaps it is a good idea to take a photo of this star map. 

Then tip the pot over so you that you look inside the pot. On the bottom of the pot you see the Tower Symbol. 

Zoom out twice and turn right and then click on the Stone Staircase.  

Go all the way up the stairs and at the top of the stairs click a few times on the Stone Box to open it. 

Take the dagger from the chest and place it in your inventory. It's the "Gold Dagger".

Zoom out, descend the stairs again and go back and exit this room to the Pillar Corridor. Turn right again into the pillared corridor and go forward 5 or 6 clicks to the next entrance of the next room. Turn right, click "hand" again in this entrance "and you will see the" Pointed hat "symbol 

Go 5 clicks forward and you are in

C: Party room:

In the middle of this room are 4 round pillars and in each of the 4 corners of the room is a round pillar. There is a Flute player statue between the 4 pillars in the middle of the room. In front of the flute player is the Trumpet stand on witch you must place the Royal Trumpet.  Go forward 1 click and then turn right. You then look to the right front corner of the room.  Click on the items you see in front of the pillar by the wall. You get closer. Then zoom in all that stuff

You see 2 pots and an oblong thing that looks a bit like a "sink drain cleaner" but in fact it is the "Royal Trumpet". Take the Trumpet to put it in your backpack.

 In the white jar you will find again a scroll. Take it out of the jar and look at it and then place the scroll in your inventory. It's the "Flautist Scroll"

Turn right. You then look at the corner of the room on the other side. Go forward 3 or 4 times. 

There is another pot lying on the floor in front of the pillar. Leave this pot alone for now. A little further on stand a beautiful wooden box. It looks a bit like a sled. Go forward 1 or 2 more times and you are zoomed in on it.  The top of this box is an Egyptian board game. Click on the box and you will be zoom in on the right side. Click on the Orange Pen and a drawer slides open. There is a Key in this. Take the Key and put it in your Inventory. It is the "Flax Wick Key"

Zoom out 2 times and then click on that Pot that is lying on the ground in front of the pillar. 

Place the Pot upright and turn it over.  This pot also has a Star Map. Look inside the pot to see the “Horn” symbol.

Zoom out 2 times and turn right. Now go forwards to the left side of the flute player

You see a red pot and a bucket and a gray pot at the wall pillar. Go to those pots and make sure you are zoomed in  on them

There's a scroll in the gray bucket and the pot that lies on the ground has a star map on it. 

First take the Scroll from the bucket, it's the "Throne Scroll"

Click the scroll into your backpack. Then click the gray pot to put it straight up. 

Take a photo of the star map that's on this put. Then look into the pot to see the Cross symbol in it

Zoom out 2 times and turn right. You look at the flute player again.

Go forward 2 clicks to the Flutist and then click on the Flutist's back to stand at the back of the flute player. A tube runs from the back of the flutist  head and there's a hole in the middle of the tube. A wooden plug dangles on the tube.  Click on this hole and then click on the Plug. The Plug will now close the hole. 

Zoom out and turn left and go forward 4 clicks and then turn right. You now must go to the Trumpet stand

 So make sure you are standing at the Trumpet stand and zoom in on it. 

Open your inventory and click twice on the "Royal Trumpet" to put it in the "in hand" screen.

 Now place the Trumpet on the Trumpet Stand and make sure it's pointed at the left stone door and then click on the Trumpet and........ 

The "Door" in the left wall is now broken to pieces and the passage to the left side room is now open. It's the Hathor room:

Zoom out. The Trumpet will stay on the stand. 

NB: A warning......You can die if you now run into that side room. So I advice you to Save your game first here now

Hathor room:

 Go into that room and......... 4 Cobra snakes have crawled out of their basket so you cannot go further into the room. 

If you want to experience what will happen if you do go on here then do so but only do this when you first have saved your game.......You will die.....

Well.....you're dead, so load your last saved game and try again.

So do not proceed any further to the Cobra's but turn around and go back to the Trumpet that still lies on the Trumpet stand.

 Click the Trumpet on the stand again to zoom in on it again and then click on the Trumpet to turn the stand / Trumpet to the other stone door

 Click the trumpet again to break that other stone door and......

This is a shallow Niche with an air bag hanging at the bottom of a tube. Go to the air bag. So the tube goes to the back head of the Flutist. Hé ...... Flutist and Cobra's 

Open your inventory and click twice on the "Flautist Scroll". Now take a closer look at these. This scroll shows a Flutist who plays the flute, a Cobra that has crawled out of its basket and 8 BAGS. From each of these 8 bag comes air.  Put the scroll away again and return to the game. Now push the Air Bag 8 times, so click and hold your mouse button on the Air Bag a few seconds and do this 8 times  and the Flutist will then play his Flute. 

Turn around and go back to the Cobra room and see ... the Cobras are now gone. A stone path leads through this room to the altar in the back. On that altar is a stone tablet with the image of Hathor on it. On some of the stones stand a basket. The start of this stone path is at the bottom right of your screen. Click there and then follow the stone path, from basket stone to basket stone, until you are all the way on top of the altar that is against the back wall.

 When you are on the altar you take the stone Hathor Tablet to put it in your backpack the Hathor

When you've taken the Hathor Tablet, turn around and return,  via the stones, to the Flutist room

Exit the Party room and return to the Pillar corridor. Turn right into the pillared corridor and then follow it 1 click forward again. 

You turn left around the corner again. Continue forward 6 clicks, turn right and you are in front of a closed stone door.

Above the door you see the Sun symbol. Turn around completely. Opposite the door you see the entrance to a square crawl space in the other wall. Leave this for a while, we'll come back here later. Turn right and follow the Pillar corridor 5 clicks ahead. Again you go left around the corner. Go forward 3 more clicks, turn right and you are in front of the next doorway. 

Above this doorway you see the Arrow symbol. Go forward 5 clicks and you are in :

D: Furniture room.

Turn right. You now look all the way into the room. This room has 3 thick round pillars on both the left and right side. So in total there are 6 pillars. There is a double door in each of these 6 pillars. Each door has two doorknobs tied with a rope. There are also 3 large niches in this room. There is a niche in the left wall, the right wall and in the back wall.

 Let's take a look at these 3 niches first. Go forward 1 click and then turn left. You are then facing the left niche A. Go forward 3 clicks and you are in the niche. On a stone is a beautiful small and reddish brown wooden box. Click on this box and then on the lid and the box will open. Take the "Reed Leaf Key" from the box and store it in your inventory. 

Close your inventory and zoom out twice. Turn right. You will then see the niche B in the other (right). 

So go to Niche B now and stand in this niche. To the left of the large chest is a fallen pot. Check out this pot. 

There is another star map on it and inside the pot you see a "wave symbol"

Zoom out 2 times and turn left. Go 3 times and turn right and then enter  niche C in the back wall. Here you will also find a star map pot. 

Look at the star map and the symbol on the base of the pot. This is a "8-prong" symbol. Turn around.

Now you have to open the doors of the pillars. You do this by going to a pillar, then zooming in on the doorknobs and then cutting the rope with which the doorknobs are tied with the "Gold Dagger". However, only the center pillar on the right side of the room will actually open. So you can safely skip all other 5 pillars. Go straight to the middle pillar on the right side of the room (seen from the entrance on the right) and zoom in on the two doors of this pillar. Click with your Gold Dagger on the rope with which the two doorknobs are tied together and then click on the doorknobs again to open this pillar. 

So the middle right pillar is hollow and a climbing pole goes up inside the pillar. Go 1 click forward into this pillar, and then click 6 times the Up index finger to climb all the way to the top. 

At the top you will come to a suspension bridge made of ropes and bones. Go forward 9 times over this suspension bridge to the other side. You are then in front of a fire. Turn to the right. You are now in front of a large stone with a large crossbow nailed to it. Click on this crossbow to zoom in completely.

The Crossbow:

You are now in the close-up of the Crossbow  and you see two statues on the other side of the gap. If you look closely you will notice that the hands of both statues are tied together by a rope. A ladder goes up between the two statues to a niche in the wall. In this niche you see two stone tablets. You have to go into that niche to get to those two stone tablets, but the "bridge" has not been rolled out. To get the "bridge" rolled out you have to free both statues from their "chains" and you do that by shooting a flaming arrow with the crossbow at the hands of both statues. Take a good look at the crossbow. At the bottom of the handle is a thick round button. Click on this button and then keep your mouse button pressed. You can now move the crossbow to the right and left and aim for both statues. 

Let go of your mouse button. Now do the following.............Turn left. You are then zoomed in on the fire. There is already an arrow in the fire. Take this arrow from the fire and turn back to the right to the crossbow. Place the flaming arrow on the crossbow. The bow tensions itself. 

 Click on the round button and then keep your mouse button pressed and turn the crossbow 1 turn to the left (or to the right) so that you aim the arrow at the hands of the left (or right) statue. 

Then release your mouse button. The arrow is fired, hits the rope with which the hands are tied and burns this rope. 1 statue is now "liberated". Turn left again to the fire. To the right of the fire is another arrow. Pick it up and then push the arrow into the fire. Turn to the right again and click the burning arrow on the crossbow again and now aim the crossbow at the other statue and then release your mouse button to fire the arrow. The second statue is also "liberated" and now the "bridge" rolls towards you.

NB: I could not take an arrow from the floor at the fire, so I used one of the arrows from the weapon room /  inventory as the second arrow. And I didn't had to aim the crossbow very precise on the hands of the two statue's......I just aimed the crossbow at the statues and shoot the flaming arrow at it and this was enough to get that stone bridge rolled out

Go forward 9 clicks over the "bridge". You then stand with your nose pressed against the ladder. 

Click 2 times up the ladder and then go 2 clicks forward into the niche and you are at those two Stone Tablets. These are the Anubis Tablets but only one of them is the real Anubis tablet. The other tablet is a fake and you will die when you take that fake tablet

So Save your Game here before taking one of the Tablets. Click the right tablet and.........Oooops.....sorry.....that was the fake one and now your dead....So load your last Save Game and then you take the other, the left tablet because that's the real thing. Then turn around, 2 clicks forward and click the top of the ladder

 Climb back down, turn around and go over the "bridge" to the Crossbow Stone. 

While you're walking back over the bridge you'll see that there is a Scroll in the square hole of the crossbow stand.

Take this Scroll from the hole and look at it. It is the "Archway Scroll" and on it you see the Crocodile God Sobek. Sobek stands in an Arched Niche of numbered stones.

Store the Scroll in your backpack and zoom out. Then click 2 clicks forward, to the left of the stone and then turn left. You are back at the suspension Bridge. Go forward 10 clicks over the suspension bridge and you are back in the Pillar. Climb all the way down the climbing pole. 

You will return to the Furniture Room. Go 1 click forward, turn left, 3 clicks forward, left and then 5 clicks forward back to the pillar corridor. Turn right into the Pillar corridor again and follow it forward 6 clicks to the next room. Turn right, click in the gate and look up. Above this gate you will see the "Sailboat" Symbol. 

Go forward 4 clicks and you are in:

E. Religion Room:

In the center of this room is a stone altar with a miniature yacht on it. Go on click forwards and then turn left to see a reddish chest in the corner

Go to the reddish chest, zoom in on it and open the chest. There's an Amulet and a scroll in this chest. 

Take the Amulet and also take the Scroll. This is the "Charmer Scroll" 

 On this scroll you see how a lady chases away a Cobra snake with the help of the Sacred Amulet. Zoom out, turn around, forwards, turn right and.....

You now see the attar again and you see a cabinet in  the top left corner of the room. Click with your "hand" on the altar to zoom in on it. 

On the altar you see a miniature of the "Funeral Yacht Chamber" and between the 8 pillars stand the "Funeral Yacht". Behind the stern of the ship you see a large wheel and the ship is attached to this wheel with a cable. Now place your "hand" on the ship and keep your mouse button pressed. By moving your mouse back and forth, the ship will also move back and forth slightly. This is an important indication of what to do when you are in the real "Funeral Yacht Chamber" later on

.Zoom out. Now go to that cabinet that stand in the top left corner. Open  the cabinet and then take the "Pillar Key" and place it in your backpack. 

Zoom out, turn left and leave this room, back to the pillar corridor. Turn right again into the Pillars Corridor and follow it again 5 clicks forward and then turn right again and you are in front of the entrance to the Last Room in this Pillars corridor. This is the Dining Room. Above the gate you see the "Pot Symbol"...Enter and after 4 or 5 clicks you are in:

F. Dining room:

You are in the dining room. There is a table against the back wall. Go forward 1 click and then turn left to see the corner to the right of the entrance. In this corner you see a number of pots. Go there. 

There are 2 Star Map pots. First look at the left Star Map pot......and also look inside it again.

Then look at the right star map pot and also look inside it. This is the Star map and Symbol that you need to solve the Star Map puzzle in the Astrology anti-chamber

So if I were you I would make a photo of this star map. Inside the pot you see the "6-Prong" Symbol This is the pot we are looking for. Tilt the jar back and then turn the jar over so that you can view the Star Map painted on this jar. This star map has 9 stars in the grid. You need to remember were the 9 stars are placed in the grid of this star map.

Click the pot away and then turn right to see the table again. Bottom right you see another star pot.....

You can look at that star map pot, but you don't have to because you have just found the star map pot you really needed to find. But to be complete....here's this last star map pot

 Zoom in completely on the table. Behind the fallen green vase is a small round pot with a golden lid. Open that pot and take the "Ahnk Key" that's inside it

You should now have 5 such keys in your inventory and they are: "Ahnk Key," the Pillar Key, "the Heraldic Key," the Reed Leaf Key, "and the" Flax Wick Key"

Well, you have now explored all 6  rooms of the Pillar Corridor and found everything. It's time to investigate what's behind that Stone Sun Door. Exit this room and then turn left back into the Pillar corridor. Then go forward 21 clicks and you'll be back at the Stone Sun Door. You will see the square crawl hole again, in the wall opposite the Stone Sun door. 

Click in the crawl hole and then crawl forwards and you are in the:

Sobek Antechamber:

In the middle of this small space is a slightly larger version of the "Funeral Yacht". There are 3 Sobek statues on the left and right of the yacht. Sobek is the Crocodile God.  On the back wall hangs an iron Wheel. Click 1 click forward to the left of the yacht. You now see the 3 Sobek statues that are against the wall to the left of the yacht. Now go to each of these 3 Sobek statues, then click on their heads and then move your mouse over the eyes........

Can you see the colors of the Eyes of Sobek?....

.If the Sobek Statues don't open up there eyes, so that you see witch colors the eyes have, then zoom out and go to the iron wheel that's on the back wall..........

Stand right in front of the wheel and then click on it and ... 

.......the wheel turns and you hear a sound and smoke comes from the pipes of the wheel and the smoke fills the room. 

Now go back to all 6 Sobek statues and click again on the heads and then on the eyes ..... 

the eyes now open   up and you can see which colors the eyes of each of the 6 Sobeks have

Note down these eye colors in the correct order. So write down: The Sobek statues left of the yacht have the following eye color from left to right: White, Green, White. Then go to the 3 Sobek statues that are against the right wall and do the same there and also note the eye colors in the Left / right order: The Sobek images, to the right of the yacht have, from left to right, the following eyes: Red , Blue Green. Then leave this room again through the crawl hole. You are again in front of the Stone Sun Door. Click twice on the Stone Door. The door opens. 

Then click twice, left or right, in the doorway and you are in the Corridor behind the Stone Door.

The Astrological Ante-Antechamber:

The Star Map puzzle

Advance 4 clicks. Okay, you are now at the bottom of the long staircase. You have to go all the way up to the Astrological antechamber. It's quite a climb. 

Just keep clicking Forward. After about   30 clicks you will have come up halfway. 

You will then see a STAR on the wall. Go 1 more click forward, turn right and you are in front of this STAR. 

Click on the lever. The star moves slightly but nothing else happens. Below the star you can see a star-shaped hole in the wall. Should you put something in there? Turn left and continue up the staircase. After clicking about 46 times you will eventually be all the way up and you are in the Astrological Antechamber

There are 2 statues against the back wall. The left statue holds its hands out, as if expecting to receive something. You can see a panel on the wall between the two statues. A large pot stand against the right wall. Go to the panel, on the wall between the 2 statues and see what happens...... The panel has a 90 stars in 10 rows of 9 stars. When you stand in front of the panel then you stand on a pressure plate and because of that you see the stars light up for a moment.....This happens twice and then the panel is reset again and you can step back

You must select 9 stars on the panel and if you do then the panel wall will go open. But what are the 9 stars that you must select on the panel? You have found a lot of gray pots with a star map on it and with a symbol inside them. The star map pot that you have found in the dining room has the correct  star map and symbol that you now need to solve this Star Map puzzle, I hope you have made photo's of that pot, but here it is again

The star map on this pot has 9 stars in the grid......Note where those 9 stars are in the grid on the pot. Inside the pot you see the 6-prong symbol, so the star map on the pot is linked to the 6-prong symbol. Now go zoom in  on the large Pot that stand against the right wall.....Look inside this pot

There's a turning wheel inside the pot and on it you see all the symbols you've seen inside the star map pots. On top is the Eye and in the Eye is now the Wave symbol. You now must put the 6-prong symbol in the eye. So click the wheel and keep clicking until you have the 6-prong symbol in the eye. Then zoom out

By setting the 6-prong symbol in the eye you now have activated the star panel for the 6-prong star map, so now you need to select the correct 9 stars on the grid. So zoom in again on the star grid.....and.....all stars flash white again and then the grid has been set to receive the 6-prong stars. Now only click the stars that you saw on the 6-prong pot and do this from top to bottom. The stars you click on will turn white....in the screenshot I have circled those stars red

When you've done it correctly all 9 stars will flash white. If you got it wrong then your 9 stars will flash red and you've to do it again.  Done correctly then the grid wall falls down showing g the stairs that goes up to the astrology room and...the left statue receives the "Star Scepter". Zoom in on the left statue and take the "Star Scepter".

Then turn right. It is very dark in the astrology room, don't you think? So turn around and exit this room back into the stairs corridor. 

You can use the WARP ARROW  to go back the Star in, the stairs corridor, halfway up the stairs. 

Place the Star Scepter in the star-shaped hole and click the lever up again. The Star now becomes a SUN and because of this there's now light in the Astrology room

 Return to the top and go to the stairs between the two statues and climb it 2 times forward and you will reach the top of the:

Astrology Room:

As soon as you have come up here, you will see a large lever in front of you. Click 2 clicks forward and then click the lever.

 You then stand behind the lever and then look at the stairwell through which you just came up. 

Do nothing for a while, just look around. To the left of the stairwell is a large and high bed. There are also 4 window in this room. Above each of these 4 windows is a head of one of the Egyptian Gods and in front of each window is a base of the Star telescope. In the corner, behind the Crib is a Skeleton and there are two large stones there. A Toth Tablet is leaning against each of these two stones. 

Now click the lever. The lever slides to the left and downstairs the wall with the star map comes up again.

So go down. There is a Scroll in the wall. 

Take Scroll. It's the Astrology Scroll. This shows you what to do with the Star telescope. 

Store the scroll in your inventory and then look up again, turn around and go forward 4 times and you are back behind the lever. 

Click on the lever again and it slides back to the right and the star map wall falls down again.

Turn to the left. You now see that corner to the left of the bed. You also see the "Bird" window. First go to those two stones that are in that corner. The Stone Tablet by the skeleton is the FALSE Toth Tablet. If you click on this, you will die. So pick up the right Toth Tablet and store it in your inventory. 

Now go to the bed and make sure you are zoomed in on it. Then click on the bed to go to sleep on it.

Click in your pitch black screen. You wake up. It's the middle of the night.  Now you have to go to each of the 4 window and then always place the "Royal Scope", from your inventory, on the standards and then look through the telescope. You will then see a different star constellation each time. Write down to which window, so to which god, which star constellation belongs.

So go to a window and zoom in on the telescope base. On the base you see a pictogram of the god in question

In inventory select the Royal Scope to put in the ready screen

Window with Ibis = Toth God = 11 bright stars

Then place the Royal Scope on the base and then.....

..... look through the telescope to see the star constellation. Notice the bright stars...

Window with Cow with horns = Hathor God = 4 or 5 light stars.

Window with Rhino = Taweret God = 8 light stars

Window with Bird = Horus = 7 light stars.

Back to the Queen's room

When you've done all this here, go back down the stairs and then all the way down to the Pillar corridor

You can use WARP function twice to quickly get all the way down to the Stone Door. Go back through the stone door into the pillar corridor. The Stone Door will automatically close behind you. Turn left and follow the Pillar Corridor in about 31 clicks back to the  Cobra 1fire bowl. 

At the "Cobra 1" turn right and dive into in the square wall hole. 

Crawl  through the tunnel and then into the Throne room and into the next tunnel to the empty King's room and warp yourself back into the tunnels

Then follow the route, through the Upper Tunnel and then the Lower Tunnel, back to the Queen's room.

 Click twice on the Table and then turn left. You see that pyramid shape open niche again. 

From here we go on with

Part 4: The Great Pyramid of Cheops: Queen's side

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot