2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Part 4:

The Great Pyramid of Cheops: Queens side

A. Queen's Corridor: Part 1

After your escapades in the King's side of the pyramid you have returned to the Queen's room So now we go on in the Queen's side of the Great Pyramid. When you're in front of the equipment table then turn around to see the open up entrance of the tunnel in the corner. It's the pyramid shaped tunnel. Go in this tunnel and then just click forwards and you'll be at a the entrance of a crawl tunnel. Crawl inside and crawl through it and on the other side crawl out of the tunnel

You are now standing straight up again. Click forwards to the lamp and then click again.....You are now in the:

Queen's Corridor:

Turn immediately to the left. Behind the stone pillar you will see a doorway. Go 2 clicks forward there. You can now see this doorway more clearly. Above the doorway you see, in relief, a map of the circular Revolving Maze. You will soon be dealing with this maze. For now, enter the room 3 clicks forward. You are standing in front of a statue. 

The statue is holding something in his left hand. Click 1 more click forward and then click on the item in the left hand of the image. It's the Lever Handle

Take the Lever Handle and put it in the ready screen because you'll need it in just a second

Turn around. You look at the doorway again. To the right of the doorway you will see a small cupboard on the wall. 

Go forward 1 click and then click the Lever Handle in the top hole of the box. 

So you place the Lever Handle in the box. Click on the Lever Handle. It clicks down and the steel door now rises in the doorway. You are now locked in this room. Click on the Lever Handle again and the door will drop down again. remember this room because you'll return here later on. Go out 3 clicks forward, then turn left then right, then advance 8 clicks through the Queens Corridor.

 On the right, a lonely Pharaoh sits on his throne. So turn right and click on this lonely Pharaoh and......The Pharaoh slides away to reveal the entrance of a crawl tunnel. Don't go in this crawl tunnel now.....we do this later. Turn left and continue forward 7 clicks through the Queens Corridor. You will then come to two sitting Pharaohs, on the right , and on the left is a new corridor.

 So turn left at the two sitting Pharaoh's and enter that transverse corridor and walk all the way to the end. Then turn right and then left and you are in front of a Pillar Gate. 

This is the entrance to a long corridor going down. 

Follow this downward corridor 15 clicks forward and you will come down and enter to the:

B. Golden Cobra Hall:

This is a large hall. There are 2 very thick round pillars in this room. A Golden Cobra winds up the pillar around the rear thick pillar. First go forward 4 clicks. You are then just in front of the "ramp" of this Cobra Pillar. You can see the tail of the Cobra on the ramp. Do not click on the Cobra but click to the right of it to go up the ramp 4 clicks. You are now at the top of the driveway and to the right of the Cobra. 

Now turn slightly to the right. You now have to walk all the way to the right around the Pillar. So just click forward 12 clicks. After the 12th click you are at the back side of the Cobra pillar..... turn to the right. Straight ahead you now see a pyramid against the wall. Above the entrance of the pyramid is a golden Scarab.

Go forward 9 clicks and you are inside the pyramid and immediately zoomed in on a small Golden Harp standing on a small platform. 

Click on the Harp. The harp turns all the way around and produces a squeaky sound. Then you hear two or 3 musical tones coming from the harp and then ... nothing more. Apparently something is wrong with the harp. Zoom out and turn around and go back 8 clicks to the Cobra Pillar and then turn to the left again. Now go forward and back to the front side of the pillar. Then click twice on the Golden Cobra. You are then standing on the cobra and you can just see the tip of its tail. Turn around completely. Via the Cobra you now have to go all the way to the top of the pillar, so click continuously forward and you will get all the way to the top of the pillar and............

 Climb up the ladder into the pillar and......You enter into:

Harpist room:

Move forward 2 more clicks. You are now in the middle of 5 Harp players who are sitting in a semicircular circle in this room.

I will first explain to you what needs to be done. I'll take any Harpist for this. Click on 1 of the Harp players and then click on her again. 

You are now zoomed in on a Harp player. Look down. You will then see the bottom of the Harp. Click on the harp to zoom in completely. 

There should be 5 string spanner Keys on the side of the harp, but there are only 4. Each of the 5 Harps is missing 1 Key and each Harp is missing another key. You have found the 5 Keys and you have them in your Inventory for quite some time now, so those are the "Flax Wick Key", "Pillar Key", Heraldic Key", " Ahnk Key" and the "Reed Leaf Key". These are the 5 harp keys and you must now each place them in the correct harp. On the harp you see an image of the missing key that you must put in the harp

Zoom out, look up, zoom out and turn right. Go forward two more clicks to the middle between the 5 Harp players and then turn around to the Entrance. The following only works if, looking at the entrance, you keep turning to the right (clockwise). So turn right and then go to the 1st Harpist.

 Zoom all the way in and then zoom in on the bottom of the harp and place the correct Key in the harp. On the harp you can see witch key you must insert here

Then zoom out and go back to the middle, look at the entrance again and then turn clockwise again to Harpist 2 and repeat this process until you have placed all 5 Keys in the correct harps. If you keep doing this clockwise from the entrance, the sequence is:

Harp 1 = the Reed Leaf Key
Harp 2 = the Pillar Key
Harp 3 = the Flax Wick Key
Harp 4 = the Ahnk Key
Harp 5 = the Heraldic Key

Once you have done this, you go all the way back down the Golden Cobra and then all the way back to the Golden Harp in the pyramid.

 Click on the Harp again and......when you have put all the correct keys in the correct harps then this little golden harp will now turns completely around, you hear Harp music and then the Golden Harp falls from the pedestal to the floor. Grab the Golden Harp and place it in your inventory. The Harp is now the "Gold Harp Key"

Return to the front side of the Cobra Pillar via the Warp Arrow. 

You are done in this Cobra Pillar room, so go forward back through the room to the entrance of the hall and then follow the tunnel back up  

At the top, turn left and go 7 clicks forward and you are again in front of the two sitting Pharaohs in the Queens Corridor. 

Turn right and go forward 6 clicks to the lonely Pharaoh and then turn left

You are back at the crawl hole that's behind the lonely Pharaoh.....

So go forward 6 clicks, through this opening and after the 6th click turn to the left. You look into a corner. Move forward 2 clicks. There is a round deep shaft going down here. 

Click in the shaft and then descend the ladder. 

Then go forward and turn left and step through the doorway......you enter the.......

C: Funeral Yacht Chamber:

Below you will now see the real Funeral Yacht. Turn left and then go forward

You descend the stone stairs and then you are standing at a large pot, halfway up the stairs. Click on this jar. 

You then look inside the pot. There is a piece of iron in the pot. Take this from the jar and put it in your inventory. It's the Stairs bolt. 

Zoom out and turn right and then continue 6 clicks forward down the rest of the stairs. 

You are then all the way down and right in front of the yacht. Stand still. Click your mouse and just look around. So behind you is the stairs that you came from. To the left and right of the Yacht there are 4 large round pillars against the walls, just like you saw earlier in the thumbnail of this room. Each of these 8 pillars has iron ladder rungs. All the way behind the yacht is another "platform" and there is also the big wheel.

Okay, make sure you look straight at the yacht again and then click 1 click forward, on the right side of the yacht. You are now on the right side of the yacht. Advance 5 clicks. You are then almost at the rear pillar, so that is the 4th pillar on this side of the yacht. Click on this pillar and then turn clockwise. 

You now look back to the stairs and on the left you see the 3rd pillar. 

Go 1 click forwards and then turn left. Now you're standing in front of the 3rd pillar and on the left side of it you see a red basket

Click the red basket to stand at it and then zoom in on it and open up the basket,  then take out the "Pyramid Bolt" and put it in your inventory. 

Zoom out, turn left and no go to the back side of the yacht and then turn right. 

You now look into a deep niche. Go 2 clicks forward into this niche and look at the painting that's on the wall. You see Sobek and he's standing in an arch. The arch has 21 stones and 6 of those stones are blue. Take a photo of this arch painting g because you need it in a little while. The blue stones are the stones 3, 7, 9, 12, 18 and 20

There's a bottle in the right corner.  Click twice on the gray Bottle in the right corner. 

The bottle falls over and breaks and something rolls out. Pick up this iron "Vase Bolt" and put it in your inventory. 

Zoom out and turn around and go 1 click forward. You are back at the stern of the yacht. 

Click 3 clicks forward to the right of the yacht, then 2 clicks forward. You are at the gangway of the Yacht. 

Click on the gangway and then go forward on this gangway with 3 clicks and you are on the deck of the yacht. 

Turn right, open the cabin doors and enter 2 clicks forward. 

You are zoomed in on a chest. Open the chest and take the "Sun Bolt" out and put it in your inventory. 

Zoom out twice, turn right and go back down the gangway of the Yacht. Turn left and continue 4 clicks forward. 

You are back at the front of the yacht and look at the stairs that you came down from. In the right corner you see the entrance to a deep niche, under the stairs. Go 1 click forward there. There is a large pot in front of the niche. Click on the pot and then take the "Cross Bolt" out and put it in your inventory. 

Turn left and go 2 clicks forward into the niche and STOP.

You are now in front of Sobek, the Crocodile God. Sobek is standing on a revolving panel in a Stone Arch. You have seen this before, namely on the "Archway Scroll" and in the nice where you found the "Vase Bolt"  Now number the large stones of the arch, from bottom left to bottom right, as 1 to 21. The intention is that you now click on a number of these stones in the correct order. You have seen witch stones you must click on the wall painting in the nice...they are the blue stones on that painting

So click the stones: 12, 18, 20, 9, 3, 7 and....Sobek start turning so quickly click on Sobek's feet to stand on the turntable and.....

....... and you turn with Sobek and then you must click in the cave to step of the turntable. 

If you don't click then you stay on the turntable and end up back in the funeral yacht chamber.....You are now  the:

Crocodile Cave:

Follow the only route you can go through the cave and you will be at the underground Crocodile Lake

Go over the "Bone" bridge to the other end and......STOP!!!!

NB: In the original game from 2000 you could cross over to the other side by jumping from croko to croko but that doesn't work now in this remake game. If you click any further forwards now then you end up under water and you get eaten by the crocks and you die. So if you want to experience your early demise here then make sure you Save your Game here first because at this point my game crashes here when I died because of the crocks......The only way thing I could do was Ctrl+Alt+Delete to shut down the game

Anyway......It's best not to dive into the water here. You can't solve this puzzle here now.....you need more information and solve the Funeral Yacht puzzle first. 

So turn around and go back to the Funeral Yacht Chamber.

You must click the stone turntable door in the Arch and then quickly stand on the platform to turn around to the Funeral Yacht Chamber and then quickly click to step of the turntable

Back in the Funeral Yacht Chamber you go to the front side of the yacht. Stand at the front side of the yacht.....I will explain what you must do now....

The Yacht stand in the middle of the room. On each side of the Yacht are 4 thick round pillars against the wall. Those pillars are the Sobek Pillars.  Each pillar has iron ladder rungs via witch you can climb up to the Sobek Head of each pillar. Each pillar has 4 eyes and you now must give each pillar the right color of eye.

Now think back at the miniature of this Funeral Yacht that you saw in the Religion room and the 6 Sobek statues you saw in the Sobek Antechamber. From those two rooms you know that the yacht is attached to a large wheel and that the yacht can be moved back and forth. You also know that the 6 Sobek statues that you saw in the Sobek Antechamber each had a different eye color. Well, you now need all that information here at the yacht. First you must give each pillar here the right eye color.  We start with the 4 Pillars to the left of the yacht, as you stand at the front side of the yacht.

I have e numbered the 4 pillars on the left side of the yacht, from the front side to back side as L1, L2, L3, L4, as you can see on this screenshot.

I will explain how to set the eyes on the statues to the correct color using pillar L1....each pillar works the same

So make sure you stand at pillar L1. Look up and then climb up via the ladder rungs and you will be up at the "head" of Sobek

You see an Eye but the Eye is closed. Click the Eye open and you see the color of the Eye. You can turn this "Head" part of the pillar round by clicking the protruding Knobs.

 L1 must have a green Eye, so if the Eye of L1 isn't green now then turn the pillar to the next Eye, open the Eye and see if it's the green Eye. 

When you have the green have up front then climb back down. Then go to L2, L3 and L4

Climb up these pillars to the Eyes and set the eye of those pillars to the right color

So on the left side of the yacht and then from front to back the eye colors must be set to: L1 = green, L2 = white, L3 = green, L4 = white

If you can't see the colors very well, this how the look like

When you have done the eye's of the left side of the yacht then you are at the back side of the room. Turn right and go to the right side of the yacht. You are then at pillar R1

On the right side of the yacht we go from the back of the room to the front of the room and you start with pillar R1, then R2, then R3 and you end with pillar R4

Climb up those 4 pillars and set there eye's to the right colors. R1 = red, R2 = blue, R3 = green, R4 = green.

When you have done this then all 8 pillars has the correct eye color and you are at the front side of the room. Turn around

You're on the right front side of the room. Now go back to the Pillar R1......In the back right corner, behind pillar R1, you climb up the stairs....

........to  the big wheel on the balcony. 

You see a cable pulley and the big wheel. Click on the wheel and you look down at the wheel and the 2 cable pulleys with the large wheel in between. Click on the wheel. 

The wheel turns a little bit but nothing else happens. Look at the axle to the right of the wheel. You see a hole in this axle. Click on this bar. You see that you have to click something in that hole. Well, you have found 5  iron "Bolts" here in the Funeral Yacht room. You can try to put all 5 bolts, one by one, into the hole of the axle, but only the VASE BOLT fits in this hole. 

So take the Vase Bolt from your inventory and put it in the hole. Zoom out and click on the wheel again and........

The wheel now pulls the Yacht back, towards the balcony.

Turn right and now go all the way down, via the right stairs back to the front side of the yacht. 

Stand right in front of the stairs and then turn back to the yacht. The yacht has been pushed back a bit and you now see the entrance of a tunnel beneath the yacht. 

Click 7 clicks forward and you will then enter the cave under the yacht via the stairs under the yacht. 

At the end of this cave is the River of Death but don't go there yet. On the left side of this gave you see two stone statues......Go forwards and the turn left to face those two statues. Both statues are holding a stone plaque. Doesn't this looks like the two statues you saw in the crocodile cave? Go forwards to the two statues and you will look down at 3 stone crocodiles

This exhibition is exactly the same as in the crocodile cave. The stone crocodile in the middle is a "bridge" but it is down and it must go up. Look up again. You see two skulls on a stake. Click the right skull and.....the skull turns and the middle crocodile comes up and you here that somewhere else also something has come up now

You look up again. Turn around, forwards, turn right and go back up to the Funeral Yacht Chamber

When your back up go back into the niche were the Sobek Arch turntable is. Click the turntable door and when it start turning quickly click to get into the Crocodile cave again

Go through the Cave and the bone bridge to the end and see.....A stone crocodile has also come up here

Now keep clicking forwards to cross over the stone crocodile to the two statues and then......

....keep clicking forwards until you are zoomed in on the two stone Sobek Tablets and.....

Well......the left tablet is false and if you take it you'll die, so take the right Tablet to put it in your backpack

Ok.....you're don here now. We now go explore the River of Death....

So go back to the Yacht Chamber and dive into the tunnel under the Yacht again and now follow the tunnel / cave to the River of Death

We continue in:

Part 5: The River of Death:

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot