2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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The Great Pyramid of Cheops: Queens side

Part 5: The River of Death:

You are in the cave below the Funeral Yacht Chamber and here is your entrance to the River of Death and you must step into the river and then find your way to a few other caves

Before stepping into the river take a look at the Hints on the main menu screen of the game. The hinds explains a few things about the things you have to do here in the caves. The hints also provide you with a map of this cave system but this map doesn't tell you the names of the caves,  so I have put them on the map myself, but I these aren't the "official" names....I have made them up myself

You are at point A on the map. From point A you can go to Cave B, Cave C, Cave D, Cave E and Cave F. Cave C is the "crossroad" cave from witch you then can go to cave D, Cave E and finally to F witch is the Temple of Ra. It's very easy to get lost in this cave system because every tunnel and caves look a like, but it is best to always click forwards when you go through the tunnels and caves, but sometimes you have to turn around

NB: From A I will first go to B, then back to A and then to C. From C I will go to D, when done in D back to C to go to E. 

When done in E back to C and then from C to F, witch is the Temple of Ra

Okay......Go forward until you stand in  the river. If you turn around then you look back at the entrance of the cave you came from....Left and right of A stand a statue. If you turn left then you'll see the entrance of a tunnel system that goes to C, the "crossroad" cave with the Scarab statue. Don't go there yet but turn back to face A and then turn right. To the right of A you see the entrance of Cave B, Cave B is a "dead end" cave but we will first go there nevertheless

So make sure you see the cave entrance on the right side of A and then go into that cave. Cave B is a dead and it has a "triangle" shape rock in the middle.

 Behind that "triangle" rock is a pipe system. Go to those pipes

There are 6 pipes in the concrete wall. Above each pipe you see a symbol.

 At this point in the game I'm not sure if those 6 symbols are important later on in the game......

..... but  if I were you then I would take a photo of those symbols...you never know

When you're done here then turn around and go back to point A and then further forwards to the entrance that's beyond point A

No go forwards into the left tunnel and follow this tunnel system all the way to the "crossroad" cave were you'll see the "Scarab" statue...

Just keep clicking forwards and you'll get there

NB: I have named this statue as "Scarab" statue because of the large scarab that it has on his belly

Go 1 click further forwards at the right side of the Scarab statue and then turn to the right.

You now see the entrance of Cave B, so go in there and click forwards until you are at the "triangle" rock

You will end up at the right side of the "triangle" rock. Now just keep clicking forwards and you'll reach the end of this cave, witch is a sandy beach

Get out of the water on to the beach. In the back wall you see a "pyramid" shape opening, behind the large bolder. 

Click forwards to stand just one step away from that opening in the wall. Then turn left and......you'll see a vase that's half burried in the sand.

Go to the vase, zoom in on it and click on it to open up the vase. There's a scroll in the vas. Take the Scroll and take a good look at it.

This scroll shows you the solution of the Cobra Shrine puzzle that you have to solve in the Cobra Shrine cave. We will do that once we are finished here

When you have taken the scroll, turn around and go back to the "pyramid" shape opening in the wall

Now go through the opening and further forwards and dive into the water and.....You'll be under water in the underwater tunnel.

 Don't worry...you won't suffocate or drown as long as you quickly keep clicking forwards

...So keep swimming forwards and after a few clicks you'll reach the other end of this underwater tunnel. 

You will vaguely see a ladder. Climb up out of the water via the ladder into to cave. You are in the:

Horus Cave

On the ledge stand a briefcase and a pickaxe and a skeleton that's holding a Horus Tablet. Let me tell you right away that the skeleton is holding on to a False Horus tablet

Walk up the steps to the briefcase and the pickaxe and zoom in on them. 

Before opening the briefcase take the Pickaxe and then open up the briefcase

There's a note pad in the briefcase. Take out the note pad and read the notes of the poor skinny guy who's sitting in the corner holding the false Horus Tablet. 

You read about the Cobra Shrine Chamber on the next few pages

Put the note pad back into the briefcase and zoom out, but do not forget to take the Pickaxe if you haven't taken it already

As I have said already, the Horus tablet that the skeleton is holding is the false tablet. But if you don't believe me then go ahead and click that tablet and burn in hell the rest of your miserable life. So if there's ca false Horus tablet here then logic dictates that there must also be the good Horus Tablet here somewhere. Go back down via the steps and.......At the wall you see a thick round pillar with a lot of holes in it.....It's a climbing pillar. Stand against that pillar and then climb all the way up and.......

......on top of the thick pillar stand the good Horus tablet so take this tablet.

Climb back down....You're done here, so climb back down the ladder into the underwater tunnel and swim back through the tunnel to the Beach cave

Back in the beach cave you go into the River of Dead again and then you follow the route back to the "Scarab" statue in the "Crossroad" cave. 

You can probably use the warp function for this, although in my game this doesn't work all the time

You will end up at the back side of the "Scarab" statue and you see the entrance of the cave that leads to the Cobra Shrine Chamber. 

Go in there and keep clicking forwards and you'll see a large wall painting on the back wall of the cave

Go all the way to the wall painting until you are all the way zoomed in on it. There's a hole in the middle of the painting.....

Zoom in on that hole. Open up the inventory screen and select t the Pickaxe

Now click 2 times with the pickaxe in / on the hole to make the hole large enough to step through it. Y

You will need to take the Pickaxe out of inventory again for your second blow. Then step through the wall hole to enter.....

The Cobra Shrine Chamber

NB: In the original 2000 version of the game you had to deal with a Cobra Snake that you had to get rid of using the Sacred Amulet. In this remake they have removed this from the game and replaced it with a new puzzle that you now must solve

You're standing at a bridge. On the other side of the bridge is the Cobra Shrine. Left and right of the bridge are Cobra's on the beams. There are 4 Cobra's on the left side and 4 Cobra's on the right side. In the screenshot I have numbered the cobra's as A, B, C, D,. E, F, G, H. All those 8 Cobra's are now Up but you can click them down, but don't do this now.

In inventory select the Sacred Amulet to have it ready to use it in a moment. 

Walk over the bridge to the Cobra Shrine and zoom in on it and place the Sacred Amulet into the circle. Then push this round button but nothing happens

Zoom out and turn around so you're facing the bridge again. On the, now left side of the bridge stand the False  Wadjet Tablet...The good Wadjet tablet is hidden in the Cobra Shrine

To get the good Wadjet Tablet you must turn the Cobra Shrine and this is your puzzle here. Go back over the bridge to the wall hole but don't leave here. 

Standing against the hole turn around so that you're facing the bridge again and see all Cobra's on the bridge beams

On the beach of the Beach cave you have found and taken a scroll from the vase. Now take a good look at this scroll because it gives you the solution for this Cobra Shrine puzzle. The big Cobra snake in the middle of the scroll is the Cobra Shrine. Left and right of the big Cobra you see the little cobra's that are on the left and right side of the bridge........I have numbered those 8 cobra's on the scroll the same as they are on the bridge, counting from the wall hole to the Cobra Shrine. On the scroll you see that on the left side the Cobra A and D are down and that the Cobra's B and C are up.  On the right side only Cobra F is down and the Cobra's E, G, H are up...Well this your solution

Put the scroll away and make sure you're standing at the very beginning of the bridge, so that you see all 4 cobra's on the left and right side of the bridge.

Standing with your back against the wall you can now click on Cobra A and Cobra E.  According the scroll Cobra A must be down and Cobra E must be up. All 8 Cobra's are Up now, so click Cobra A to click it's head down.

Take 1 step forwards to be at Cobra's B and F.  B must be up but F must be down, so click Cobra F down. Then take to steps forwards to be at Cobra's D and H. D must be down, H must be Up, so click Cobra D down

Now zoom in on the big round button of the Cobra Shrine again, where you have put in the Sacred Amulet. Click the Amulet button again and......If you have clicked the correct Cobra's down then the Shrine will turn and you can take the good Wadjet Tablet

Okay.....were done here So let's leave this place and go back to the "Scarab" Statue in the "Crossroad" cave

Make sure that you are facing the "Scarab" Statue. Then go forwards on the right side of the statue and......

........then go forwards into the tunnel in the corner and keep clicking forwards and you'll will eventually get to the back Exit of this River of Dead cave system

.......So go forwards even further to finally get out of this cave system and.......

....It's good to breath fresh air again.....You have reached......

Part 6: The Temple of Ra

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot