2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Part 7: The Great Pyramid of Cheops: The Rotating Maze

After your visit to the Lost Temple of Ra and the Golden Pyramid you're back in the Queen's Corridor of the Great Pyramid of Cheops, at the lonely sitting Pharaoh. 

Go through the corridor to the two sitting Pharaohs. 

At the two sitting Pharaohs continue straight ahead until you are now almost at the end of the Corridor. Left is a closed door and ahead you see the entrance of the rotating Maze

You are standing next to a brazier and right in front of you stand a large purple stone. There's something g missing on that purple stone and that's the Cobra Wheel. Turn left. You are now looking at that closed door. Above the door you see another map of the "Rotating Maze". You then look through the crack, above the door, into the room and you see the Golden Cobra Wheel. You must have that thing. Zoom out, turn left and go back to the two sitting Pharaohs. 

Then click the thick Warp arrow to end up almost all the way back at the beginning of the Queen's Corridor. 

You are now back in the start room of the Queens Corridor and you will see that square hole through which you originally entered. Turn clockwise. Then click your "hand" in the doorway behind the stone pillar and then go forward 4 clicks and you are back in the narrow room of the Lever Handle. Turn around.  Okay,  you have to be quick now. Click on the Lever Handle to click it down again. The door will then start to rise.

 Quickly, click in the doorway to exit this room before the door has closed completely. 

You are outside the room again and that door is now completely closed. Now go all the way back through the Queens Corridor to that closed door at the end. This door has now opened. 

Enter the room and go up the stone stairs and zoom in on the Cobra Wheel. Take the Cobra Wheel and put it in your inventory. 

Zoom out and turn around. On the left you will see a drawing of the Rotating Maze on the wall. 

You could take a closer look at that maze drawing, but it doesn't make you much wiser, so just go 4 clicks forward out of this room again and then turn left. You see that purple stone again. Go forward 1 click. You are now right in front of the purple stone and you can just see the top of it. Open your inventory and take out the Cobra Wheel and now click this thing on the purple stone. The Cobra Wheel is placed on the stone. 

With the Cobra Wheel you turn the rotating Maze. The rotating Maze has 3 entrances from the Queen's Corridor. In my game Entrance 1 of the maze is now open, but it could be that in your game Entrance 2 or Entrance 3 is now open. Via Entrance 1 you must go to the Lotus Dome Room but first you need to go to another room in the maze.  You turn the maze by clicking the Cobra Wheel on the stone. I assume that in your game Entrance 1 of the maze is now open, but if that's not the case then you have to figure the next bit out by yourself.

Click once on the Cobra Wheel. The wheel turns 1 time and this also makes the wall between the two pillars turn around and Entrance 2 of the maze becomes visible. Entrance 2 is a dead end so it makes no sense to go into the maze via entrance 2. Click once again on the Cobra Wheel. Again the wheel turns around and so does the wall and Entrance 3 will now be visible. If you see a piece of chain lying on the floor of the entrance then you have open up Entrance 3.  Do not click on the Cobra Wheel anymore. 

Step through Entrance 3 into the rotating maze. If it is correct t then you now can only follow the left  round corridor of the maze, so do that

After about 9 clicks forwards you see a doorway on the left site.....Go in there and 1 click right and you are in front of a square crawl hole in the wall.  Look down and......

........Go forward 3 clicks through this crawl hole and you are in a small room. Go forward 2 more clicks to the back wall. 

You are now at an "altar" and on it is the Golden Sacred Cull an it is full with sand. 

Take the Sacred Cull and place the thing in your inventory.

 Zoom out and turn around completely. Then turn slightly to the right and down. There is a skeleton in the corner. 

Click your "hand" and you look at the skeleton. Go forward 1 click and you are at the skeleton. There is a scroll under the hand of the skeleton. 

Take the scroll and check out what's on it. It's the Flume Scroll and on it you see an important clue to an upcoming puzzle, which I'll explain later when we get to it. 

Store the scroll in your inventory and then turn left. 

Then go forward 5 clicks to go back into the maze through the crawl hole, or use the Warp Arrow to be back at the Cobra Wheel in one go.

Stand in front of the Cobra Wheel again, facing the Rotating Maze. Click on the Cobra Wheel again and......Entrance 1 will appear again.

So step into the Maze again...Now you follow the right corridor of the Maze and you will enter the........

The Lotus Dome Room:

This is a large hall with columns. In the middle of the room you will see a Golden Balustrade. Click with your "hand" in the opening of the balustrade and then click with your finger on the small pillar on the right. You are then in the opening. A narrow stairs descends to the Golden Dome. That Golden Dome is the Golden Lotus Flower, but it is now closed. 

Don't go down to the golden dome yet but turn around and go back to the entrance and then turn right and go to the wall

At the wall turn right again an....you are on the left side of the room an in front of you stand a "table". Go to the "table" an zoom in on it.   

Actually it isn't a table but a chest. Open the chest to see what's inside.....There's a sun mechanism inside this chest.

 If you click/hold the lever of the sun and then drag that lever to the right you get a "full" sun and you see a "star".

Don't ask me what is the purpose of this sun mechanism because I have absolutely know idea. Let go of the lever and step back, close the chest and go back to the balustrade.

Now make sure you are at the square pillar with the turning plateau. You must place the Golden Harp on the turning plateau

Click on the turning plateau to zoom in it all the way and then place the Golden Harp on it and......

The Harp turns and the Golden Lotus Flower opens and the Lift Throne comes up. Go forward 6 clicks down the stairs and you will be standing in front of a large Golden Bowl. Click with your "hand" on this Golden Bowl. You then look in the bowl and see that it is empty.

This Throne is in fact an lift and it will bring you down to the Labyrinth but in order to do this you need to fill the Golden Bowl with sand. 

Luckily you have found the Golden Cull and it is filled with sand. So empty your Cull in the Basket and.....

You must do this 5 more times, so that you have filled the basket 6 times with sand via the Cull. But where to get more sand?  Zoom out, turn around and go back up to the entrance and then turn left and go to the wall and turn left again. You are on the right side of the room. Go forwards and then turn right and.......You are then standing at the Sand Dispenser

Look down to look down at the "pot" that hangs under the dispenser. You also see the Slide. 

Take the Cull and put it on the Pot and then pull the Slide to the right and hold it and.....Your Cull will be filled with sand

Take the filled Cull back and take it back to the Basket of the Throne Lift....You can use the Warp function for this

Empty the Cull in the basket again to have 2 loads of sand in the basket. You must repeat this 4 more times. 

So go 4 more times back and forth between the basket and the dispenser to fill the Cull with sand and empty it in the basket.

When you have filled the Basket 6 times with sand then you go sit on the Throne and......You go down.....

It's a long way down. When the lift has brought you down, step of and climb up to the stone door. Click the stone door to open it and go through it to 

You are in the:


Go forward 2 clicks to the Cobra.....don't worry...it isn't a real live cobra. 

This Cobra is your starting point from where you now must find your way to the center of this round Labyrinth. The Center of this Labyrinth is the Holy Lake Room and I'm afraid that I can't give you precise directions to guide you through this terrible maze. But in the Hint section, on the main menu screen of the game, you can find a map of this labyrinth. The solution from my old Dutch walkthrough doesn't work because they have altered this maze in the remake game.

But I have to tell you that this Map didn't offered me much help finding my way through the Labyrinth

Behind the Cobra is a shaft, but the shaft is closed of with a fence. 

You can't go into this shaft from this side but it is your exit out of this labyrinth when you're all done here

 From the Cobra you can go left or right into the labyrinth.

 In all the narrow and round corridors of the labyrinth are stone Anubis statues and also Anubus, Hores and Tauert Heads on the wall.

You must find your way through this labyrinth to the Holy Lake room in the center and you do this by going from Anubis to Anubis and Hores and Tauert. All those damned corridors look alike and you get lost very easy. I know that I got lost and have spent hours and hours to finally reach the Lake room in the center. So, I'm very sorry but I can't help you here with directions to get you through this dammed labyrinth...you're on your own here. From the Cobra I took the right corridor, but I think you can also take the left corridor. 

July 2022: Jan Boerma sent this solution for this labyrinth.....perhaps it will help you:

-When you are standing in front of the cobra, turn right and take the right path to the stone statue of Anubis with that big red pot behind it.

-Here you turn left and walk 1x forward until you hit the statue of Anubis.Turn right and then take the left path

.-Follow this path 25 steps forward and then turn left. 1x forward and you are standing with your nose against the second Anubis.

-Turn right again and now 22 steps forward. You now see Horus. Now go 2 more steps forward and then turn right. 

-You will now see Horus on the left and an image of Anubis on the right. Now go left of that Anubis statue.

 -4 steps ahead you will now see the third Aubis. Now go forward 5 more clicks and turn right. You are now in front of the fourth Anubis.

-Click on the pillar to the right of Anubis and you will now see Taurus. Now click 2x on the nose of Taurus and you will see Anubis nr 5 

-Go forward 2 more clicks turn left and then 19 steps into the corridor then turn left and you are at the water basin.

On your left is the entrance of the Holy Lake Room. Go 1 more click forward and then turn right. 

You now see 6 Tubes hanging on the short right wall. 

You have already seen these 6 Tubes on the Flume Scroll. It is a puzzle, but you cannot solve it yet. 

Click 1 click forward to the right of this Tube wall and then enter the Holy Lake Room

Holy Lake Room.

This Holy Lake room is a large round room with a large round pool. You can walk all the way around the pool. There are 6 niches in the round walls of the room and in each of these 6 niches there is an ANUBIS statue You have to go to each of these Anubises. Do one more click forward so that you are completely against the edge of the pool. On the other side you see a ladder going into the pool. Now turn to the right. You will see the first Anubis statue. This is the Anubis, which is right next to the entrance. Now do the following:

Aim your finger at this Anubis and click and you are right in front of this 1st Anubis. In the stone border above Anubis you see 7 Symbols. You have also seen these Symbols above the 6 Tubes on the wall in the Colonnade. Click on Anubis again and Anubis now slides back. Click on Anubis again and you are close to it. A secret compartment is now visible under the Anubis. 

Click on the secret compartment You now see a turning Wheel. On this turning wheel is one of the 7 symbols that you saw above Anubis and also above those 6 Tubes. On this wheel these are 3 Golden Dots. To the right of the turning wheel you see 5 black balls The top ball is in a white area and the other 4 are in a red area. This is a Code for the Tube Puzzle. Make a note of this code and to which wheel the code belongs to. This is the Easter Island Wheel

So note: 3 Gold Dots = 1 White, 4 times Black. Now click the Wheel to turn it Up......Do Not Forget This.!!!! 

Zoom out 2 times and then turn right. You will now see Anubis 2. Okay now go through this round room to all other 5 Anubissen and push them back to see the ball code on in the secret compartments. Note down all those ball code and don't forget to click the wheels because all 6 wheels must be up. Here are all 6 wheels with there ball codes and to witch area they belong

When you have clicked the all 6 wheels up then you will be near the entrance again and  you will hear that the water is pumped out of the "Lake", flowing away. Zoom out twice again and then turn left. You will see the entrance again. Go forward in 3 clicks to the entrance and then turn 2 times to the left. You are again at the edge of the pool. The pool is now empty, there is no more water in it. On the other side you will now see an iron ladder going down into the pool. 

Go to the ladder and look down into the pit......You see 6 doors and the entrance of a round tunnel.

Climb down the ladder to the bottom of the pit. Go stand on the "middle circle" and then look around at the 6 doors. 

3 doors are on the left side of the round tunnel and the other 3 doors are on the right side of the round tunnel. Go to one of the doors....

Each door has a Wheel and a Fence and there is a symbol on each of the wheels. 

Those symbols are the same symbols as the ones you have seen on the Anubis Wheels and above the 6 tubes on the Flume Scroll.

When you click on the wheels of each door they will not turn and no fence will go open now. You first need to solve the Tube puzzle.

NB: In the original game from 2000 the wheel of the GIZA door was active know and you could turn it to open op it's gate. But they have altered this in the remake

Make sure you are in the middle of the pit again and then turn around so that you can see the ladder straight in front of you again. Then go forward 2 clicks, look up and then click 8 clicks up to get back to the top. Turn right and go back to the entrance in 8 (or 9) clicks. Then go 3 clicks forward through the entrance and then 1 more click forward and turn right. You will see the 6 Tubes wall again.

Click the tubes to see them in full screen

The 6 Tubes puzzle:

Above each of the tube is a symbol that you also saw on the wheels. There are 5 balls in each tube. The top half of each tube is white and the bottom half of each tube is red. Click / Hold the top lever of each tube to raise the balls in the pipes. You lower the balls by click / hold the bottom levers. 

So what you have to do now is to get the correct number of balls into the top half and the bottom half of each tube, according to the White / Red codes that you have seen on the corresponding Anubis Wheels. If you work from left to right this is as follows:

Maya = 4 White and 1 Red
Bermuda = 3 White and 2 Red
Atlantis = 2 White and 3 Red
Giza = 5 Red, so it's okay
Stonehenge = 5 White
Eastern Island = 1 White and 4 Red

Once you have set all this up, click again to the right of the pipe wall and then into the entrance and turn right and enter the Holy Lake room again. Go to the ladder on the other side and descend it back to the bottom of the pool. Now go to each of the 6 doors and click on the wheels to open up each tunnel below each door. 

When you have open up all 6 tunnels, stand in the middle of the floor again and then turn around so that you are looking at the round tunnel entrance. You now have to enter all 6 tunnels and follow them to the different rooms. In the 6 rooms there is always a Golden ark and in this Golden Ark there is always a Golden Key. You must take these 6 Golden Keys. I will show you this with one of the doors

Atlantis Door:

 Enter the tunnel and follow it and go up the stairs and you are in the Atlantis Room. 

You will see the Golden Ark at the very back, so go to it, 

open the Ark and take the Atlantis Key to put it in your inventory. 

Return to the pit and now go through the other 5 tunnels to the other 5 rooms and take the other 5 Golden Keys from the Golden Ark

When you have collect all 6 Golden Keys you're done here. You now have all the KEYS to open that big round door in the Sphinx. So now you have to go back to Giza, to the Great Sphinx. Standing on the "center spot" of the pool, turn a few clicks around so that you can see the large yellow tunnel opening in front of you. Then go forward 2 clicks and look up. 

Click in the tunnel and then crawl  through the round tunnel to the end of the tunnel. Look up and climb up and then click with your "hand" on the fence to open it and then crawl out.

So you have climbed out of the COBRA. Go to the Throne Lift.....

Click with your "hand" on the Golden basket to throw the sand out of the basket.........

...... and you will automatically sit on the Throne again and it will bring you back up to the Lotus Room.

Warp back to the Queen's corridor

Go back through the Queen's Corridor to the room where you entered it a long time ago and then crawl into the crawl tunnel

Crawl back through the tunnel to the Queen's Room and then crawl through the tunnels to get outside the Great Pyramid again, at the red generator. It's night now

Go to the helicopter, open the door and get inside and.....you fly back to the Great Sphinx and when you have landed there you are in

Part 8: Sphinx Dig site revisited: Ending the game

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot