2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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 Text and Screenshots by Louis Koot

You can buy Röki on Steam but also on  gog.com     I have version 1.07 and have had no problems with the game

Röki tells the story of the girl Tove and her little brother Lars and is inspired by Scandinavian mythology and folklore. You are that girl Tove and you are about 15 years or so. You have a younger brother Lars who is about 4 or 6 years old. Lars was born in the woods when your father and your pregnant mother were on the road in the car and the car broke down. During the birth of your little brother Lars, deep in the forest, your mother died. On her "deathbed" you pledged to your mother to always look after your younger brother and make sure that nothing bad happens to him. Your father, Hendrik, has been a wreck since your mother's death and he leaves the upbringing of Lars and the household entirely to you while he reaches for the bottle himself.

It is Tove who teaches Lars about the stories her mother once told her, stories about the various monsters and creatures in Scandinavian folklore. Ironically, it is one of these creatures, Röki, who abruptly disrupts the already tumultuous life of Tove and Lars because after this black giant has wrecked the parental home of Tove and Lars, he also kidnaps, after a frantic escape attempt through the dark forest, little Lars. It's up to you, as Tove, to find out where Lars was taken and, more importantly, how to get him back.

Röki is a "point and click" adventure game, but actually not because you move Tove, and later also daddy Hendrik, through the game via your AWSD keys or via the arrow keys of your keyboard. However, you can use your left mouse button to view and pick things up. You cannot save yourself in Röki because the game automatically saves your progress when you reach a Savepoint ..... You will see the SAVE ICON appear at the bottom right of your screen.

So you go from Save point to Save point through the game. When you have reached the next save point, the previous save point will be overwritten. This means that you can never, ever go back to an earlier save point in the game. But that's really okay because firstly, the save points are never far apart and secondly, the game is not linear except that you first have to go through Chapter 1 to get into the main story of the game from Chapter 2. Chapter 1, Home Time, can be seen as the Tutorial of the game ..... You learn how to control Tove and how to view and pick up things ..... You will always receive a message about this on your screen so I'm not going to explain all of that.

The spoken texts do not disappear by themselves, you have to press your ENTER key to make the text screens disappear and you should also do the same with the messages that you first get each time you leave the game and restart it. That's a bit annoying but it is what it is. Tove has an inventory in which she stores the things she picks up. I will explain how the inventory works in the walkthrough when you need this knowledge. Tove also has a Journal in which she notes all the important facts and which you can read back in the Journal That Journal has several tabs and also a Map of the area where Tove is and a new map for each chapter. However, you cannot use the map to quickly travel to the various locations in the areas. There is no nice Introduction movie. The game starts immediately with Chapter 1: Home Time

Chapter 1: Home Time
Chapter  2: The Deep Forest: Part 1: Free the Mother Tree
Chapter 3: The Deep Forest: Part 2: Sharpen the Dagger
Chapter 4: The Deep Forest: Part 3: Wolf RuInes 1, Fossegrim en the Nokken
Chapter 5: The Deep Forest: Part 4: The Wolf Staff and Wolf Vision
Chapter 6: The Deep Forest: Part 5: The Bear and the Spider
Chapter 7: The Deep Forest: Part 6: The Poisoned Forest part 2:
Chapter 8: Castle: Part 1: Reaching Castle, Castle Gate and Wel l/ Prison, Vultures Gage puzzle
Chapter 9: Castle: Part 2: Sluice puzzle, Tunnel and Torch room  Dining Room puzzle and Sundial puzzle

Chapter 10: Tower and End Game in the forest