Roonsehv: Ne Terra

2015: Walkthrough door: Dick Leeuw

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RoonSehv is a Myst-like game created by a fan, it is free to download. Because it is a Myst-like game, you also come across the D'ini numbers. 

If you have forgotten them or if this is your first encounter with Myst and Myst-like games, here is a list of the numbers you need in this game. 

You look around by moving your mouse and you have to use WASD buttons to move in the game.

 First you get the clue to look around, if you have done this enough you will get an okay. Now you can move.

Follow the stones and you come to a structure .............

Here you can practice the interaction, you have to be close enough and then click with the left mouse button. With the right mouse button you go out of the action and back to the game.

Leave the structure and follow the stones, in the distance you see pillars.

Go to the pillars and walk through them.

You are now on a bridge, unfortunately it has collapsed. Walk on and you jump into the deep, the game begins.

You end up between the rubble of the bridge, you see 2 pillars. On each pillar you see a D'ini number at the top of the middle section and 3 ordinary digits at the bottom. With these first 2 pillars you cannot see all the numbers because there are pieces out or that they are hidden under the sand. Write down these Díini numbers and numbers, you will need them later.

Walk along the remainder of the bridge, you come up at the beginning or end of the bridge. Here again 2 pillars with a D'ini number and on 3 sides a number, also note these. Turn around and continue through the gap, you will see 2 sets of 2 pillars. Note also of these pillars the D'ini numbers and the numbers on the relevant column. Walk on and you see a clowns head.

4 eyes and a mouth, when you get closer you can click on the eyes and turn the discs. How do you turn the disks? 

On the left you see 4 yellow dots and below 3 red ones, on the right you see 1 purple dot and 2 green ones.

Put the right number of dots with each black disc at the black point. If you do this correctly, a drawer comes forward with a letter. 

This is an indication for a next puzzle. Walk through the gorge and you'll come to a pool of water with a tree.

You also see an entrance to a cave on the left. To the right of the water you will find a tombstone with a name and 2 years.

The clue you found with the clown is part of this, you have to come after the age of this person. 

You can walk into the water and look in the bucket, you will see a fish there. Go to the entrance of the cave, it is dark.

Walk down the stairs but you cannot go any further, there is a fence. You see a river flowing. You have to take care of electricity here now. Climb up again. 

When you are out of the cave you look to the right and then you see a red lid between the rocks.

Click on the button and the lid will open and you will see a ladder. Click on the ladder and you climb down.

You come on a platform and there is red light that becomes weaker and stronger again

Follow the path through the tunnel, walk to the end, turn to the right and continue through the tunnel. 

When you are off the path turn to the right, you may have to wait a little longer before the light gets stronger again, then see a staircase beyond.

Walk to the stairs and go up, halfway up the stairs a nod. At the top of the stairs, turn to the right. You see a red and white lamp, walk towards it.

click on the switch and the light turns on, turn around.

You now see a box with 2 switches on the left and a box with 1 switch and 5 slide switches on the right. First go to the left switch box.

First click on the left switch, the light in the space behind the glass will turn on and the power will come on the right switch.

 Now click on the right switch. You will see 5 tubes behind the glass that are now inclined upwards.

Go to the right switch box, above the 5 sliders are D'ini numbers.

Click on the switch and the slides move up and the tubes go up and down. These stop a moment later, the sliders are not in the right position. 

The sliders must stand from left to right: positions 1, 2,3, 4 and 5. How to get it right? Go down the stairs and walk to the tunnel, which is now also lit.

Opposite the tunnel you see a door, now click on the switch to the left of the door. This will now open. You are at the bottom of the hall with the tubes, below you see 5 turning wheels.

Number the turning wheels from left to right A to E. Also do this with the sliders in the control room above.

With these dials you can now change the position of the sliders. 

  • Click on the switch to the left of the A slider, the sliders will now be in a pattern but this is not the right pattern yet. 

  • Slider 1 now comes to position 3 but that must be position 1, click 4 x on the first turning wheel (lowest position is 0). 

  • When you have turned the wheels you walk back to the switch panel and you click again on the switch, if it is ok then there is power.

  • If the tubes stop again, one or more sliders are not yet right. The starting positions were 3.5, 0, 4 and 2,

The solution is:  push 4x wheel 1, 3x wheel 2, 3x wheel 3, 0x wheel 4 and 3x wheel 5. 

The starting positions are different in a new game. In my first game it was 4, 2, 1, 2 and 3, the solution is: A 3x, B 0x, C 2x, D 2x and E 2x.

That's how it should be, on the pressure gauge you see that the pointer is in the green area, the tubes are now moving and now there is electricity in the cave. 

Walk through the tunnel back to the ladder and climb up, go to the entrance of the cave. There is now light in the cave.

At the bottom you see a fence with a green light on the right, click on the switch under the green light and the gate opens. To the right of the water is a table with buttons on it. You have the clue in the letter from the head of the clown who says age is important. But what is the age of the person under the gravestone, you see that they are 2 numbers of 4 digits of which 2 cannot be read: x537 - 180x. The first x must be a 1 because that is the year of birth and that is never higher than the year of death. The second x can be 0 - 9, it is a matter of trying. You find out that it must be 269.

Click button A, lamp B lights up. On the left are D'ini numbers and on the right are ordinary numbers:

123 321
    4590 0954
876 678

Now press left on the numbers 2.6 and 9, lamp C will now light up. Click on switch D, lamp F will now go on. Now press right on the 2.6 and 9.

Now green light G will light up. Now press button E and see what happens.

There is a walkway up, here you can now cross over to the other side.

Go to the entrance of the corridor, it is dark. You will see a panel with 8 lights and an illuminated button below it, press this button. This will turn green and on the panel 1 of the lamps will now also turn green. Also the light is now on in the hallway. This is a plan of the corridors that I have drawn, the measurements and proportions may not be entirely correct, but you can clearly see where the rooms are with respect to each other and how you go from one room to another. The red dots on the floor map indicate the location of the 3 x 3 lamp panels. The first you encounter is the one at the entrance where you are now. Remember which lamp panel belongs to which lamp on which panel. The panel where you are now belongs to the lamp above.

We will explore it here and see if we can solve a few more puzzles. Go down the stairs and walk through the hallway, you come to a junction.

If you go to the right you see a bunch of green lights at the left wall, walk towards it and click on it. You now have a light that goes with you.

Walk on and you will come to a junction again. Go right and you come to a door, go here and click on the middle of the door.

Walk into the room, in the middle of the room there is a pump, on the left you see a collapse.

 At the back you see the green lights and at the front to the right you see another 3 x 3 lamp panel, but there is no button below.

On the left side of the panel you will find a hotspot, click on it and a panel slides out. What do we have to do with this, a pattern of red and green lamps must come up, but which ones. Zoom in on the panel with 4 x 4 lamps, if you look closely you can see that the black stuff in the some lights moves. These ones you have to make green.

If you solve this puzzle you get another green light on the 3x3 panel but you donít have to solve this one because later on it becomes clear that this green light has to be red.

Click again on the left side of the panel and this will slide in, you have to wait a few seconds, then a green light will be green again on the 3 x 3 panel. You may solve it but I donít have a solution to solve it, itís a difficult one and if you solve it you have to come back here to undo it. Leave the room again and walk through the corridor, a little further on the right is a blocked corridor. Somewhat further, on the right, another corridor is blocked, you can enter a little bit inside but you cannot get into the room that you see below. Here is also about 3 x 3 panel but you cannot get there.

Turn around and opposite the blocked corridor is another corridor. Go in there and walk to the end. 

There you see a 3 x 3 panel again but now with a button below it. Press the bottom button and again a light turns green.

Walk back to the transverse corridor and go left.

At the end there is a staircase down and on the right you have another room, walk to the room and click on the middle of the cross. The door opens.

 Walk in, it's just a small room, but if you walk on, you'll see another room through a crack, how do we get in here?

Take a good look around here, you will see 2 luminaries with 3 lamps on the wall. On the middle lamp of the first you get a hotspot, click on it and hear something shift.

The wall is now gone and you will see a 3 x 3 panel again, this is again without a button underneath. So click on the left side of the panel again. 

You now know what you have to do. Zoom in and see in which lamps move the black stuff. Make it green again.

This is how it should be, click again on the left side of the panel. This slides back in and after a few seconds a lamp turns green again.

Exit the room, turn right down the stairs. You come on a platform in a large hall or room or cave.

There is a curved handle on the platform. You can click on this but nothing happens now.

Walk across the platform to the stairs, climb up and you will enter a corridor again. Right is another door. Open the door.

You see the paintings room. Walk through the hallway to the room, there is a large painting blocking the door.

Walk against it and then click on the canvas, which is now on the ground. In this room there are 7 paintings that you can hang in certain places.

When you are in the room, look to the right, you see a wooden panel, here you can / have to hang 4 paintings. This must also be in the right position, if you have the right canvas in the right places you will hear a sound and you cannot move these paintings anymore. But what are the right canvas now? They are childlike paintings and all 4 have in 1 of the corners a number of black dots. The corner with the black dots has to be in the center of the panel. You have to search well, one of the paintings is hidden behind the door to the hallway.

If you look around in the painting room you also come up in a big niche with couches / beds, in the back right is a switch when you click on this, a window opens. You now have a view of a river. In this section you also have drawers that you can open, there is also a hidden drawer in the floor.

These are the paintings that you have to have and if you look closely you will see 1 or more D'ini numbers in each painting.

The black dots are more or less in a circle, remember this because this is an indication for another puzzle. The sound you heard was from a stone that is pushed away.

If you are in front of the 4 paintings turn left and you will see a stone column with a diary on it. You can open and read this in the more usual way. Also in this room is a 3 x 3 light panel that you should put right. If you stand in front of the panel with the 4 paintings, turn to the right and walk a few steps forward. The 3 x 3 panel hangs on the right-hand side of the wall.

This is the code for this panel, set it well (this is an easy one, click on the 4 corner lights) and click again on the left of the panel to slide it inwards. A lamp turns green again. There are now 2 more red lights on the panel. Leave the room and turn to the right, you will see a big door with a switch on the right.

You can click on this but the switch is not active yet. Walk further and you will come to an intersection.

Go right, this is a dead end with another light panel at the end. Walk up to it and press the button under the panel, a green light again. Walk back and grab one of the green bright spots. Cross the corridor and you will see a large round stone with 8 white lights along the edge in the green light. Furthermore you see 3 rings with numbers and in the middle a button.

How to solve this? If you have looked closely at the 4 paintings you will see that the D'ini numbers correspond to the black dots and these black points correspond to the white lamps on the large stone wheel.

Here you can see which D'ini numbers belong to which lamps.

And if you have noted the D'ini numbers with the corresponding digits in the gap at the broken bridge, then you know the codes you need to enter here. 

The number below the D'ini number is the middle digit of the code.

If you combine all this and try something, because some numbers are not visible, you will get the following codes for the Big Wheel puzzle.

Number the lamps from 1 to 8 in a clockwise direction, start with the lamp in the middle above, then these are the codes that you have to fill in with this puzzle.

1 = 5 5 1 2 = 3 4 5
3 = 4 6 2 4 = 2 8 6
5 = 8 7 3 6 = 7 2 7
7 = 1 3 4 8 = 6 1 8

The order is from the outside to the inside, after you have set the numbers correctly, you press the button in the middle

. If everything is correct, the corresponding lamp will go on. When all 8 lights are on, they go out again and the switch at the large door is now active.

Turn around and walk to the crossway, turn right and walk to the big door. Click on the switch on the right and see how the door is opened. This is the star card room.

There are 7 important things to find here ... Walk straight ahead until you reach a closet, you will see 3 drawers in the middle. Click on the middle drawer, there is a strange key, grab it.

A little further is a book on the desk, this can be read and browsed. Turn around and walk to the bookcase at the entrance, to the right of the cupboard on a pillar you will find a switch. Click on this, you will not see anything happening, but you have now activated the s shaped handle on the platform in the large hallway. We will use this later.

Turn around and walk in the direction of the bed, on the wall behind the waterfall is also a 3 x 3 lamp panel. 

You can press the button under the panel but now nothing happens, you first have to solve the music room puzzle. 

Opposite the panel you see a lamp on a pillar, this is a switch. A drawing with different figures on the back wall is now projected. You cannot do anything with this yet

Between the wall and the pillar you will find another switch, click on it and look at the back wall.

What you have to do with this becomes clear later. There is another important thing here but you only can see that when the 3 x 3 light panel puzzle has been solved. Exit the room and go to the left, walk until the end of the corridor. Turn right and you will see the door of the music room, walk towards it and click in the middle of the cross.

Walk into the room, just before a glass wall you see a 3 x 3 panel on the left. You also need to solve these. This is how it should be and again a light turns green.

Go further into the room, you will see all kinds of musical instruments scattered around the room, you can click on it and you will hear music but that is not important. You can also go up the stairs to the floor, there is a bed and more instruments, but you do not have to do anything with that. The most important instrument is the organ but what to play now.

In the star card room you have found a strange key that you need here now. 

On the left side of the organ you see an opening where this key fits, click on the opening and the key comes forward and is inserted into the hole.

Now the key rotates a number of times, you automatically zoom in on the keyboard. A number of buttons are now given a color, but in which order you have to hit them.

Click right to zoom out. To the right of the organ hangs a painting consisting of 5 panels that you have to hang just as well.

On the right of the organ you see a rack with 5 levers, if you click on a lever then 1 of the panels sinks. Number the levers from left to right 1 to 5.

Handle 1 is good, click 2 x on lever 2, 5 x on handle 3, 1 x on handle 4 and 4 x on handle 5. If you've clicked 1 too much, you can right-click to undo it. 

If you have to play twice the same color, it will be separated by white. If you now look at the painting, you see which tones you have to play.

Red, red, yellow, purple, orange, blue, orange, orange and green.

Walk to the keyboard and enter the colors. See what happens now. The stairs are for the most part the wall and at the back of the wall you have a new staircase.

Go up the stairs, at the top you can open the door on the left so that you can get on the floor again but this is not important. 

At the top you also see a corridor in the rocks on the right, follow this corridor. You get to a lift, go into the elevator and press the button.

You arrive at the top on a platform with a view over the mill and the mountains.

The view is beautiful but thatís not why you came here, when you turn around you see on the wall behind the chairs a set of staves and a figure in between. This figure you have also encountered in the star card room apparently you need that piece of the star chart as an indication. You do not have anything else here, just remember that there is a purple lamp hanging here.

On the railing you see 2 buttons, click on the left button. The right is not yet active. You go down again with the elevator, leave the music room and go to the star card room. Walk to the star chart, top left in the corner of the star chart you see the same figure as above in the lookout tower, only this one has also 4 white dots.

Turn around and go to the 3 x 3 lamp panel, click on the button under the panel again, but this does not react yet. Now compare this 3 x 3 panel with the figure on the star chart, these are 3 x 3 squares with 4 stars. Also the same symbol in the middle, you can now say that there are too many green lights on the panel.  If you didnít solve the 4 x 4 puzzle in the room with the pump then you only have one too many green lights. These are the lamps at the top left and middle above, the pump room and the entrance to the corridors at the river. Go to these 2 lights and turn them to red, slide the 4 x 4 panel out and click on any lamp and slide the panel back in, the lamp will go out. Go back to the star chart room and press the button under the 3 x 3 panel and see what happens.

The button responds now, a moment later the water disappears and then a staircase comes down.

Go down the stairs, you enter a corridor. Walk further and you will reach the next staircase.

Also go down this staircase, through a short corridor and stairs you end up on a plateau in the water.

On the left you see a walkway just below the water surface, follow this. You arrive on a next plateau but you cannot go further here, there is no walkway.

When you turn around and look up, you see that platform with the s shaped handle. 

Go through the stairs back to the star card room, walk to the bookcase and see if the switch on the right of the cupboard is on.

Then go right into the hall and down the stairs to the platform. Go to the left of the lever and look down. If you are in the right position then you can see both plateaus and there must now be a walkway between them. Click on the s shaped handle and you hear something shift, if you click with the left mouse button you have to click about 15 times. You also can click with the right mouse button, then you do not have to click that often. If you look down, to the 2 platforms in the water, you can see the walkway moving. You have to connect the 2 platforms.

Leave the platform and go back down through the star card room to the walkway through the water.

Go through the walkway and the 2 plateaus to a stone staircase.

Climb up the stairs until you are on top of the structure that you saw from the platform.

On top is a dome that is closed, next to it is the last puzzle of this game. You have to put the colored balls in the correct order but what is the order on holes. If you have counted the colored lights in the different rooms then you know the sequence. There is 1 green lamp, 2 yellow, 3 red, 4 blue (1 not burning) and 5 purple. Now lay a green, a yellow, a red, a blue and a purple ball from left to right and click on the lever.

If you have used the correct order, the dome opens, enter the dome and click on the switch. The dome is closing.

Further on there is a table with a mini dome on it, click on the dome. The color turns to red and when the color has turned white / black again click on the switch.

The dome opens again, but now you are in a different world, you see a book on the table again. You can also read this.

There are 8 doors and you can only open 1 door, next to 1 of the doors there is a table with a small bookcase. Also at this door is a waste bin on the right, here is a broken glasses. You cannot do anything with it but you have to be here. This is the door you can open, click on the handle and the door opens.

Now you do not have to do anything else, the game takes over. You step outside and you're knocked down. You have to keep looking, you get to see the credits, just keep watching. Really keep looking until you're back in the watchtower, then click on the right button on the railing and you'll get the real end.

The End?

2015: Walkthrough door: Dick Leeuw