Sam and Max Save the World 

Also known as Sam and Max Seison One

2024: Walkthroughs by: Louis Koot

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Sam is a six-foot dog detective with a love of justice. Max is a hyperkinetic rabbit with a taste for mayhem. Together, they're the Freelance Police. And they're about to save the world. In 2006, the comic book crime-fighting duo Sam & Max starred in the first full-fledged episodic game from Telltale.  Sam & Max Save the World Remastered is a modern classic that you'll love to play—or play again. So let's go save the world..

It's just another day at the office for the self-proclaimed Freelance Police when the Commissioner calls in with a disturbing report: former child stars are running amok in the street! What starts as an open-and-shut case of idiotic vandalism balloons into an all-out conspiracy as Sam and Max encounter one miscreant after another who have been mysteriously hypnotized.  You can tell from the "spinny thing" they do with their eyes.)

Who's the source of this malfeasance, and what is their dastardly plan? Cracking this case will require Sam's nose for detective work, Max's lack of conscience, an assortment of inventory items, and a little help from neighbors Sybil Pandemik, Bosco, and Jimmy Two-Teeth. From Sam & Max's street to the White House lawn, inside the internet, and all the way to the moon, this baffling mystery gets weirder and funnier as it unfolds.

Episode 1: Culture Shock

Episode 2: Situation Comedy

Episode 3: The Mole, The Mob and The Meatball

Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die

Episode 5: Reality 2.0

Episode 6: Bright Side Of The Moon

2024: Walkthroughs by: Louis Koot