2017: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: This  English translation by: Dick Leeuw  

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This walkthrough is based on the 2017 gog.com version of the game witch in turn is based on the old DVD version of the game

Original there was also a CD-Rom version of the game. The DVD-version has a few puzzles to solve that are not in the CD-Rom version. Louis Koot

If you have trouble with some things in the game, such as solving the 2 Railroad Bridge puzzles, then you can download my Schizm 1 Saved Games file HERE


In the TV talk show "The Eye of the World", with presenter Jane Gadrey, Hannah Grand and Sam Mainey tell what really happened during "The Argilus Mission"

The Argilus Mission was a mission where a group of about 100 scientists was sent to the planet Argilus to do scientific research. Unfortunately something apparently went wrong because the contact with the mission was broken. Hannah Grand and Sam Mainey were sent to Argilus to investigate what is going on and whether the scientists are still alive .......  

When Hannah and Sam float above the planet Argilus something goes wrong ...... Hannah and Sam have to leave their ship in 2 escape pods and both end up on the planet, but each in a different place. So Hannah and Sam are separated and here the game starts and you start as Hannah.

You now gain control of the game. You move forward by clicking when you see a white arrow. If you move the cursor to the edges of the screen and then hold down your left mouse button, your cursor change into a left / right arrow ... You can then rotate. If you move the cursor to the top of the screen, the Menu bar will pop up. In the menu bar you will find the options "Help", "Save Game", "Load Game", "settings" and "End Game". In the "Help" you read the functions of the various "F-keys" in the game and via "End Game" you end up on the home screen where you will also find the various options and where you can close the game via "Quit".  

At the bottom right you always see the images of Hannah and Sam. By clicking on Hannah or on Sam you switch to Hannah, if you are Sam, or to Sam, if you are Hannah.  

So you start as Hannah  

Chapter 1: Hannah 1

Chapter 2: Sam 1

Chapters 3 to 5: Sam 2

Chapters 6 to 8: Sam and Hannah

Chapter 9: Matia Island 1 Ending


2017: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: This  English translation by: Dick Leeuw