2021:Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and  Louis Koot

We both have the gog.com version of this game

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These Level walkthroughs are made while playing this game on NORMAL DIFFICULTY.

 If you play the game on HARD Difficulty then the story is the same but the puzzles and solutions are different, but then you can use our HARD Difficulty Puzzle solutions document

Nemezis has heavy system requirements, so I recommend that you first check if your PC can handle the game. You may want to try the free DEMO of the game on STEAM first before you spend 20 euros or 15.99 euros to buy the game. You must of course have a Steam account to play that Demo. 

Controls are WADS / Mouse and you can save your game whenever you want. If you do not like using the WASD keys to move around then you can use your right mouse button to move around through the game, Just keep your right mouse pressed to move in the direction you want to go, you also use your mouse to turn 360 degrees

When you start a new game you will be given the option to specify the difficulty level on which you want to play the game. You can choose from Normal and Hard. If you choose Normal, you can get hints for all puzzles in the game. You then get the Hints by pressing your H-key when you get a message about this on your screen. At Hard level you don't get hints. As far as I know now the puzzles are the same on Normal and Hard level, but I don't know for sure. We're not crazy, so Dick and I are playing this game on NORMAL difficulty, for the sake of doing this walkthrough. This game is difficult enough on Normal level, regardless the Hints that you get

On the main menu screen you have the option to Save your game and to load a previously saved game.

 You can save whenever you want and you can also give your saves a name or title. The game also autosave when you exit or enter a new area

You can exchange saved games in this game. 

So it is possible to use a saved game from another player in your game, but you will have to figure out how to do that yourself because I will not help you with this

You can find a lot of postcards in the game and those postcards will end up in the EXTRA screen. You will find these postcards when you see a blue whirlwind....click on such a whirlwind to score the postcard. To tell you the truth I forgot to score some of those postcards while I'm underway into the game so far, so keep your eyes open for those blue whirlwinds yourself if you want to score all postcards in the game

You play as Amia and Bogard and you will do this on the Planet Regilus.  

During your teleportation to Regilus something went wrong and Amia and Bogard end up on Regilus separately from each other, each in their own dimension

Okay....let's start with the game and see how far we can get with it......

.....and I shall say it again......these level walkthroughs are made while playing the game on NORMAL DIFFICULTY

Part 1: Amia: Activate and turn the Eleavator
Part 2: Bogard: Energy gate puzzle, Rotating Huts puzzle, Rainbow Gate and Bridge puzzle
Part 3: Amia: The Towers
Part 4: Bogard: Caves: Gate puzzle and Magnetic Balls puzzle
Part 5: Amia: Islands in the Sky
Part 6: Bogard: Water City and Part 7: Ending in the City
Schizm 3: Nemezis: Mysterious Journey: Puzzle solution on HARD DIFFICULTY

2021:Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and  Louis Koot