2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Gog.com version of the game

Secret Files: Sam Peters is a "spin-off" from the Secret Files series. In parts 2 and 3 of the series we have met Sam Peters. This Sam Peters played a supporting role in Secret Files 2 and 3 but she has now got her own game. So you play as Sam Peters, a journalist from the magazine "Uncharted". 

Scientists have discovered in Africa that changes have been made to the genetic codes of various marine animals that are housed in Lake Bosumtwi. Lake Bosumtwi was created more than a million years ago by the impact of a giant meteor from space. Could it be that then also some Alien life form settled on Earth?

The creators / publishers of the Game, Deep Silver and Animated Arts, did offer a Comic Book Story on their game website explaining the story's history. You could read this 10-page comic strip on the games website. This comic strip wasn't  included with the game. I'm not sure whether this comic book of Sam Peters  is still available on the Deep Silver website now in 2020

Right click on things to view them, you will hear Sam's comment. Left click is picking things up and performing actions such as using items and walking. With the space bar you make all "hot spots" visible in the screen. The Inventory pops up when you move the cursor down the screen. The game begins with an explanation from Sammy, who tells a few things about herself and the story. Click "Continue" to continue to the next page

The game then begins with

Chapter One

Sam runs onto the beach and ends up at the Dinghy. At the bottom of the screen the Inventory bar pops up and you see in the bar the various buttons with which you can make the Hotspots visible on the game screen, return to the main menu screen, open the diary and see hints about what you should do

Sam wants to leave the island and then return to her home country. Sam ran onto the beach and landed at Max's inflatable dinghy. Look around.

Behind Sam there is a bottle in the sand and a letter is placed in the bottle (Message in a bottle). Take the Message in a bottle. There is a metal box in the dinghy and there is a small hole in the edge of the dinghy, beneath the metal box. To the left of the rowing boat is a small rock and against that rock lies a dead crab. Look at the hole in the edge of the dinghy. It appears to be a bullet hole and it is the cause that the dinghy is leaking. Left click on the dead crab and .....

Sammie breaks a Claw of the dead crab and stores it in inventory. 

Take the Message in a bottle from inventory and then smash the bottle on the rock. Then pick up the Broken bottle.

Sammie then has picked up the Glass fragments and the letter that was in the bottle (Message). Right click in inventory on the letter to read it but unfortunately .... 

The letter is written in Indonesian and we do not speak that language. Right click on the Metal box, which is in the dinghy.  It is the crate of Max. Left click on the metal box to try to open the box . This does not work because the box is locked and it is a puzzle lock. You get into the:

Box lock puzzle:

It is a kind of sliding puzzle. The Star of David has a hole at every point and 6 of the holes have a round gray button. The bottom 3 buttons are numbered I, II and III, the top 3 buttons are not numbered. At 3 of the holes are the letters of MAX.

You have to bring the I, II and III buttons to those 3 holes with the M, X and A. Button I must go to the M hole, Button II must go to the A hole and Button III must go to the X hole. Number the top 3 buttons, from left to right, A, B, C. Number the holes, from the A hole to the I hole button, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

You pick up a gray button by clicking on it with your left mouse .... the button is then stuck to your cursor and then you drag the button to the hole where you want to click it and then left click to put the button in that to put a hole.

  • Pick up Button I and click with it in hole 5, the M hole. 
    Button 1 then slides to the M hole.
  • Pick up button C and click it in hole 1, so the A hole.
  • Pick up button 2 and click it in the now empty hole 4.
  • Pick up the button in the X hole and click the button in hole 8.
    Now pick up Button 3 and click it in the X hole.
  • Pick up the button in the A guest and click it in hole 6.
  • Pick up Button II and click it in the A hole and ....

Puzzle solved and the crate opens and Sam automatically picks up some things from the crate and that is a pair of yellow rubber boots, a pair of purple socks and an air pump that has been taken apart in parts.

Walk one screen to the right (Leave the beach). Sam comes on the screen in front of the beach and here we see an arrow made of stones (Arrangement of stones). Look at the arrow. Sammy does not trust it and she decides to stay away from it. You now also see a carcass of an animal lie under the bushes.

Walk to the carcass and then left click on it and Sam picks up a Bone from the carcass. The path continues to the right, but Sam does not want to go there. A path goes down here too, so follow the down path one screen down and then walk all the way to the edge ......You then see the lava flow of the volcano and you see that the glowing lava has set fire to a bush (Burning bush) 

Sam needs a piece of rubber to close the hole in the dinghy. 

Open the inventory and then pick up the glass fragments and click with the glass fragments on the yellow rubber boots

Sam cut a piece of yellow rubber from the boots, but she keeps the destroyed boots too. Combine the piece of rubber with the Crab claw to clamp the piece of rubber between the claw. Then combine the Crab Claw with the piece of Bone, to make the whole longer and then take the crab combo from inventory and click with it on the burning bush .......

Sam puts the piece of rubber in the fire and the rubber melts a bit. Walk back up and then to the left, back to the beach. Take the socks from inventory and click with the socks on the hole in the dinghy to wipe of the sand around the hole.  Then take the Rubber / Bone / Crab claw from inventory and also click it on the hole and ..... Sam then closes the hole with the warm rubber.

Now the dinghy needs to be pumped up, but Sammy first has to put the air pump together. 

In inventory, right-click on the Air pump parts to get into this puzzle and then tinker the various parts together.

You pick up a part and then click it in the right place.

Start by placing the large round pump housing on the round bottom plate. Then place the cap on top of the pump housing. Then insert the short pipe into the cap. Then click the pump handle on the pipe. Then click the hose in the hole of the handle and finally click the nozzle at the bottom of the hose and ....Ready

Take the pump from inventory and click with it on the dinghy to pump up the dinghy. When Sam has pumped up the dinghy you left click the dinghy and Sam leaves the island and rows and flies to her home base in Hamburg. Back home Sam immediately get a new assignment and we end up in:

Chapter Two


Humboldt University:


How to get over the wall

Sam has ended up at Prof. Hartman's biological institute. Sam talks to the porter, through the intercom at the gate. The porter says that the professor has gone away on a journey. Continue to talk to the porter through all the options that appear, but Sam can say whatever she wants she may not enter

A security camera is hanging above Sam, on the facade of the porter's cottage. The camera is constantly focused on the entrance gate and the wall. There are sharp iron points on the top of the wall to prevent someone from climbing over the wall. On the kerb stone, of the sidewalk n front of the porter's house, you see yellow stripes. On the right pillar of the gate is a Letterbox.  In front of the concrete wall stand a brown and a blue garbage container on the sidewalk. The brown container is the bio container and the blue container the paper bin. At the 2 containers there is also green container with rest waste and in that container sticks an old rolled up old carpet

Left click on the wall, behind the 3 waste containers and then listen to Sam.

 Because of the sharp points on the wall and because of the security camera Sam cannot climb over the wal. l Right-click the letterbox and........

Sam reads the note that's stuck on the letterbox and this note states that there will first be a garbage truck to empty the paper container and then another garbage truck will come to empty the bio container. The rest waste container will then be collected the next day. While Sam reads the message about the emptying the 3 containers, the garbage truck comes by to empty the paper container  and .... The garbage truck draws the attention of the camera and the camera "looks" at the garbage truck and is then no longer focused on the wall.

This gives Sam and idea. Now take the rolled up carpet from the rest waste container 

Take the carpet from inventory and click it on the wall and then listen to Sam.

Sammy  thinks it is a good idea to lay the carpet over the sharp points and then climb over the wall, but unfortunately this is not possible because of the camera that will see it. The camera has to look the other way and we have seen that this happens when the garbage truck comes by.

 Now left click on the brown container. Sam then asks where she should bring the container. The brown container is now attached to your cursor. Click with the container on the Kerb Stone where the yellow stripes on, so the Kerp Stone in front of the porter's house and .......

Sam drags the brown container to the left and puts the thing on the sidewalk at the porters house

Walk back to the blue container, then take the carpet from inventory and click again with the carpet on the wall and .......

Sam says her thoughts about the camera again and a few minutes go by and then the garbage truck appears again and it stops at the brown container. The camera focuses on the garbage truck again and Sam now throws the carpet over the wall and ......

Sam climbs over the wall and ends up in the garden. 

How to get in side the building:

Sam has climbed over  the wall unseen and she is standing in the front garden in front of the faculty building. There is a stop sign on the corner of the building and a Rake leans against that sign. A green garden hose hangs on the left-hand side of the building and a window is open. Rear left a folded Ladder stand under a tree. At the front there is a wooden bench with a plastic toolbox on it.

Walk to the corner and pick up the Rake.  Look at the garden hose and then try to see if Sam can take the garden hose ... 

......but that doesn't work.  Continue to the left and then take the ladder. 

Walk back to the front and now to the bench where the toolbox stands. Left click the Toolbox to open the thing and .... 

Sam steals a garden shears and a pair of work gloves from the toolbox. Walk back to the garden hose. 

Take the garden shears from inventory and click with them on the garden hose and .... 

Sam snaps the clamp that hold the hose into place and then she has the garden hose in inventory. Right click in inventory on the ladder and then listen to what Sam has to say about it. The ladder is made of aluminum and has been folded out and is then held together by 2 chains. In inventory click with the garden shears on the ladder to cut the 2 chains ..... the ladder is now an extended ladder. In inventory, click the garden hose on the rake ...... Sam securely ties the garden hose around the rake handle. Now click the Rake with garden hose on the ladder to push the rake through the ladder so that the ladder is now nice and firm. Now take the Ladder from inventory and click it on the opened window and ....

Sam puts the ladder under the opened window against the facade ....

left click in the opened window and Sam climbs up the ladder and through the open window and arrives on the 1st floor and in a corridor.

Humboldt University: Inside:

In the corner, to the right, behind Sam, there is a box with ring binders on the red bench. On the left is a stack of paper in front of the red bench. There are 3 doors, 2 on the left and 1 on the right and there is a Snack Machine. Right click on the 3 doors to find out whose office they are giving access to. The back left door is from the office of one Dr. Frits Schnijder. The front left door gives access to Lieschen Müller's office and the right door, behind the snack machine, is the door of Professor Hartmann's office and Sam wants to go in there but unfortunately the door is locked. View the ring binders, the stack of paper and the snack machine. 

Open the inventory ..... Sam has her cell phone and her wallet in inventory. Right-click on Sam's wallet ... 

A photo, a 2 euro coin, a locker key and a credit card will come out of the wallet. 

Take the credit card from inventory and click it on Professor Hartmann's door, trying to force the door lock but unfortunately .

... it doesn't work and Sam's credit card is now broken into 2 pieces. 

Take the 2 euro coin from inventory and put the coin into the snack machine ...... 

Sam buys a bag of chips and gets 1 euro cent back. Climb back outside through the window. Sam climbs back down the ladder. A small sign has been nailed to the thick tree that is standing at the front left of the garden. Look at that sign ..... the sign tells us that the tree is a chestnut tree. Use the cent coin on the board to unscrew the sign and to store it in inventory.

Climb back in through the window and use the tree sign on Professor Hartmann's door and.......

...... the sign appears to be more solid than Sam's credit card and she now forces the lock, so left click on the door and we end up in:

Hartmann's office:

There are 4 large bookcases on the wall and in the lower compartments of each of the 4 bookcases are ring binders. There is a waste basket on the right side of the desk. Look at those ring binders ...... Sam then mentions the letters with which the ring binders are labeled ..... In the 3rd case are the ring binders GHN, remember this. View the Waste Basket ...... Sam screams that there are shreds of paper in the waste basket. Now left click in the waste basket to take those pieces of paper and store them in inventory. Then right-click in the inventory on the pieces of paper and ....

 you end up in the:

Fax puzzle:

The pieces of paper are therefore a torn fax and you must now puzzle them back together into a complete fax letter. Left click on a piece to grab it and then drag it to another piece and then click it. To turn a piece, click with a piece on the turning arrow, which you see on the top  middle of the screen.

The upper left part of the letter is already good and that is your starting point, so puzzle the fax together.

 When you're done then  right click on it and Sam then reads through the fax but unfortunately ..... no mention is made of where that professor Hartman flew to. However, there is a reference number on the fax and that number is: Ref: GHN-7531, would this number refer to those GHN ring binders? Get out of the close-up screen and then left click on the GHN ring binders, which are in the bottom section of the 3rd bookcase and .......

Sam automatically takes the good ring binder from the cupboard. Right-click in inventory on the ring binder folder and .......

Sam reads that the Hartmann expedition is located in Africa, namely in Ghana and at Lake Bosumtwi. Scroll to the next page to let Sam read it too. Then close the ring binder folder and ........ Sam consults with herself but then she leaves to fly to Ghana, with a stop-over at Amsterdam Airport.

Chapter 3: Ghana

2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot