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2006: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Dick Leeuw

This is a walkthrough for the English version of the game There is also a German version

The game starts with an intro movie in which we see Nina's father, Vladimir Kalenkow. Vladimir suddenly sees the door of his office open and he walks outside and follows the footsteps into the corridor and then ......... well ..... we will find out at the end of the adventure.

Your inventory is the dark border at the bottom of the game screen. The name of the object on which you place the cursor appears in the dark border at the top of the play screen. Your cursor is a mouse or a green arrow. By right-clicking on an object, Nina tells you what she sees or reads notes and so on. You can grab objects that you can grab by clicking on them with your left mouse button. So do "View / study" with your right mouse and "Grab" with your left mouse.

At the bottom right you see 3 small icons. The computer icon brings you to the menu screen where you can save, go to the options and exit the game. The Magnifying glass icon always shows you all objects that you can view and / or grab in the game screen and also shows you the Exits. However, this only works if you have checked the "Hint system" in the options. By double clicking on doors or on "Travel icons", Nina immediately lands at the following location.

The Book Icon opens Nina's Diary. The diary always tells you which level of the game you are in and always gives you a summary of the things you have already done. Photos and such are also stored in the diary and the diary gives you hints about puzzles. The game is strictly Linear. So you have to do everything in a fixed order. If you forget to do something, you often no longer have the chance to make up for your mistake.

  Chapter 1: Berlin:


Dads office:

You start, as Nina Kalenkov, in your father's study at the Natural History Museum in Berlin, Germany.

Dad's office has been quite upset and there is no trace of Dad himself.

View / study everything you can view / investigate. Start with the desk. So view (click with your right mouse) on the Desk, the Map that hangs above the desk on the wall and the large File Cabinet. Then continue to the left, to the large window. There is a radiator beneath the window. View the Radiator. On the floor, in front of the radiator, lies a photo.

View the photo. Nina tells you that the photo is torn in half. Grab the photo. Nina picks up the photo and tells you that her dad is on it and that it is written on the back: 1958 Vladimir Kalenkov. The photo is pasted in Nina's diary. Close the diary via the cross in the top right corner.

On the wall to the right of the window is a display case. It is a Coin showcase. View the Coin display case.

You get into the close-up of the coins and you see that there is 1 coin missing at the bottom left. On the right a note is stuck. View that note. Nina reads it aloud and she reads: "And the Prince said to the Princess: Whether vertical, horizontal, or in both main diagonals, make sure that there is never a repeat within a line ......"

Zoom out of this screen via the curved pink arrow. Also have a look at the wedding photo and the certificate hanging on the wall above the couch. Then look at the large table. There is a bowl on the edge of the table. View the bowl. Nina says that the bowl on the inside is a bit porous. Grab the Bowl. The bowl ends up in your inventory. Now walk to the right. You do this by simply clicking in your screen with your blue arrow.

Nina is then placed on the right-hand side of the large table, right in front of the office door. The telephone is on the table here. To the right of the door is a large blue / gray Machine. View that Machine. It is a machine for analysing stones, but Nina has no idea how it works. Walk to the machine so that your screen scrolls through a bit. You will see that there is a Glass Bottle (Flask) on top of the machine. Grab the glass bottle/ flask. To the right of the telephone is a canvas on the table and on that canvas is a Stone (Piece of rock). View the Stone. Nina says that something has been in the stone and that the stone has a red / purple glow. Grab the stone. Left click on the phone and .....

Nina now automatically calls the police to report the disappearance of her father, but the police do not want to know anything about it.

In your inventory, pick up the Stone (Piece of rock) and click it on the just-packed Glass Bottle (Flask). Nina then puts the stone in the bottle.

Now double click on the door and Nina ends up in the:


Nina walks on to the left door because she hears loud music coming from that room. Click on that door. Nina knocks on the door but the person inside does not hear the knock because of the loud music and Nina also tells that the door is locked inside. To the right of the door is a blue Nameplate on the wall. View that Nameplate and Nina reads the name Max Gruber on it. So the person who plays loud music in that room will be Max Gruber.

View the Plant, which is in the corner. It is an Aloe Vera plant. Click with your left mouse button on the Plant and Nina will pull a piece of Leaf from it. View this piece of leaf in your inventory. Nina says that an oily substance is dripping from the leaf. Right next to the door the office of Dad is a large notice board. View the Notice Board, but Nina finds nothing of any importance on it. To the right of the notice board is a Fuse box. Try if you can open that fuse box. That is not possible because the fuse box is locked.

Dadís office:

Go back into your father's office. Walk back to the window and the radiator in front of the window. Pick up the Leaf (Piece of plant) in your inventory and click it on the Porcelain Bowl. Nina squeezes the piece of leaf finely and this causes the oil from the leaf to end up in the bowl. At the top right of the radiator is the valve (radiator vent). Take the bowl from your inventory and click it on the valve of the radiator.

Nina opens the valve and fills the bowl with water from the radiator. Some water now also falls on the floor. Walk to the right again and disappear through the door back to the hall. Now go through the right door ("To the Hall") and Nina ends up in the:

Dinosaurs Room:

That big beast, so prominently balancing on one leg on top of the boulder, is a Tyrannosaurus. Right behind the Tyrannosaurus is the "Rear Area" where Nina can also walk to. Don't do that yet. To the left of the Tyrannosaurus you see the stairs to go back to the corridor. Also on the left you see a rack with leaflets against the wall. There is a map on the end of that wall (Plan). To the left of the rack with leaflets is a List on the wall. View the Map (Plan). It appears to be a map of the museum showing the escape routes in case of an emergency. View the List. The names of everyone who works in the museum are on the list. Nina's father works in office 5 and Max Gruber in office 4. View the Tyrannosaurus.

Then double click in the "Rear area" area, to the right of the Tyrannosaurus, and Nina will appear there. View the side of the boulder. Nina says she hears sounds coming from the boulder and she suspects that there is a hidden door in the boulder. Open the Secret Door in the boulder and .....

Nina slides open the secret door in the boulder and ..... hela ... Eddie, the jack of all trades in the museum, has hidden himself in the secret room. Eddie babbles a bit about "floating men in black cloaks" but Nina does not believe it. Eddie disappears.

When Eddie has disappeared you will see a key in the secret room. Grab that key.

Take a look at the Diagram and the Triceratops and then double-click the Exit, at the bottom centre of your screen. Nina is again in front of the Tyrannosaurus. Double-click on the Stairs and Nina automatically returns to the corridor, near the fuse box and her father's study.

Max Gruber:

Take the Key you just found from your inventory and click it on the fuse box and Nina opens the box. View the now open fuse box.

Nina explains that the fuses in the cupboard are numbered and that there is a fuse for every room. Then click with your left mouse button in, or on, the fuse box and of course Nina will operate the right fuse for Max Gruber's office where the music is now silent. You hear that Gruber is not happy with this and Nina walks to the door of Gruber and ends up in his office.

An introductory conversation follows between Max Gruber and Nina and then 3 inventory options appear in your inventory bar. The conversation options appear in the form of images that you then click with your left mouse to use that option. Now use all the call options that you get with Max Gruber and when you have asked everything you can close the conversation via the crooked pink arrow. Nina naturally returns to the corridor.

 Enter Nina's father's office again and Nina now meets:

Detective Kanski:

Detective Kanski is apparently alarmed by Nina's phone call. Another conversation follows and 3 conversation options appear again. Use them all and discover that this Kanski is a real "flat foot". Not too smart. Then close the conversation again and Nina automatically ends up on the street in front of the main entrance of the museum. Here she talks with Max Gruber who now offers her his help and then disappears.

Also for Nina it has become late in the evening, but before she drives off on her motorbike, she first investigates the area here. View the 2 statues on the stone stairs. Nina mumbles that it looks like "both guard the entrance to the museum". Remember this. To the right is a large scaffolding against the facade. On the sidewalk, in front of the scaffolding, are 2 of those red / white striped pylons with those orange flashing lights on them. However, the front pylon has toppled over. Now move your cursor to the orange light of the fallen pylon and you will discover that a piece of the plastic glass is lying on the floor here.

Grab the Piece of Yellow Glass.

Now double click on Nina's engine and .....

Nina drives away on her motorcycle and ..... a car goes after her. Nina arrives at the apartment that she lives in with her father and she goes inside. Nina gets the feeling that something is wrong. She climbs up the stairs and ..... runs into a clenched fist that hits her unconscious. It then becomes the:

The next day:

At Nina's Home:

It is the next morning and Nina slowly comes back to her positives. She crawls off the floor on which she has been lying unconscious all night and finds that the apartment has also been turned upside down. Take a look around you. Apparently it is an attic apartment and the desk is in front of the window. To the right of Nina is the door and behind Nina you see a large cupboard, the left door of which is open, an aquarium and a bed. First, let's look at the desk. So look at the desk.

You come in the close-up of the desk. On the desk is the screen and the keyboard of the computer. On the left is a plate with a dirty and smelly piece of pizza on it. On the books is a radio cassette player and there are 4 notes on the wooden wall. There is also a salt shaker on the desk. And there is a Pencil on the desk.

View the piece of pizza. Grab the piece of Pizza. Grab the Salt shaker. Grab the pencil.

View the 4 notes and view the radio cassette player. The notes make Nina nothing wiser and if you think that Nina wants to grab that radio cassette player then you will also be disappointed. The thing has a broken antenna and so Nina has nothing. Then just click, with your left mouse button, on the keyboard and .... a window appears in the screen in which you have to type a number code. The numbers 1 to 6 appear at the bottom of your screen. Unfortunately .... you don't know which code to enter, so click on the pink arrow and then zoom out of the desk via the other pink arrow.

On the wall, on the right next to the window, there are shelves with books and a low bookcase full of books. View those books. Nina walks over to it and notes that a number of books / leaflets have disappeared. Could that have been the "loot" of the burglar? On the floor, in front of the large cupboard, is a portable cassette recorder.

Grab the portable cassette recorder. However, the thing is broken and actually Nina does not want to keep it. View the portable cassette player in your inventory and Nina takes out 2 usable batteries and throws the cassette player away again. View the large cupboard. Nina can't do anything with it. View the Aquarium (Fish tank). Nina notices that, apart from fish, there is also a key in the aquarium. Try to get the key from the aquarium. Because of the grid that is on top of the aquarium this is not possible.

View the bed. On the bed is one of the drawers of the large closet. There's a Red Book in that drawer. View the Red book.

Grab the Red Book and then view it in your inventory. The book appears to be a box, disguised as a book. Check the box again and Nina tells that it is locked and that it requires a very flat key. Leave the room by double clicking on the front door (Door). Nina ends up outside again. Stand still and look around here in Nina's courtyard.

 On the left is the garage where the dad's car is. An old bicycle stands against the shed. There is a drainpipe in the corner to the left of the red front door and a bucket under the drainpipe. To the right of the front door is a garbage can and behind the garbage can you see that the wood skeleton of the ivy is broken. There is a manhole cover in the ground for the garage.

View the Garbage bin. After some hesitation, Nina digs through the garbage in the garbage can and fishes out a yellow rubber glove and a wheel spoke. View the wooden frame of the ivy (Lattice), under the window behind the garbage can. Hela .... would the burglar have climbed up and down again via the ivy? View the Bucket under the drainpipe. The bucket is full of rain water. Left click on the bucket. Nina does not grab the heavy bucket but the handle of the bucket. Left click on the Bicycle. Of course, Nina does not pick up the bike, but does pick up the bicycle pump that sits on the bike.

Dive into your inventory and scroll to Nina's key ring. Take the key ring from your inventory and click it on the Saddle of Nina's motorcycle.

There is a storage compartment under the saddle and Nina has now unlocked the saddle. Click on the saddle to fold it up and ....

.... naturally Nina takes her cell phone and her sunglasses from the storage compartment. Combine the piece of Yellow Glass (Yellow shard) with the Sunglasses in your inventory. Now walk to the left so that Nina will be standing in front of the entrance to the garage.

The car that is in the garage is a real Wardburg. To the left of the car is a box on the floor of the garage. View that box and Nina takes out a roll of double-sided adhesive tape and a tube of glue. View the Sewer cover. To the left of the manhole cover are a number of cigarette butts on the floor. View the Cigarette butts.

Now back to the Museum. Click on Nina's engine and .... the icon of the locations where Nina can go will now appear at the bottom of your screen. At the moment that is therefore only the Museum, or Nina's house. So click on the Museum Location and Nina will end up there again.



We are back at the museum and now a girl is sleeping on the bench. To the left of the bench is the sleeping girl's bicycle. Go talk to the girl on the couch. Her name is Lisa and she appears to have spent the whole night here. Use all the options you get to talk to Lisa.

You find out that Lisa has seen a number of "men without faces" come out of the museum and that she has taken pictures of it with her father's digital camera. Lisa, however, had hidden herself in fear in the bushes, and when the men disappeared, she found out that her bike was broken and her dad's camera too. For fear of daddy, Lisa did not dare to go home anymore, so she spent the night here on the bench. Nina wants to see the pictures Lisa took, but then she first has to repair Lisa's bike. Close the conversation with Lisa.

Click with your left mouse button on the rear wheel of Lisa's bike. Nina takes the flat inner tube from the rear wheel.

Inflate the Inner Tube with the Bicycle Pump in your inventory. Nina tells you that there is a hole in the inner tube so that the tire slowly deflates. Lisa's bike is not broken but has a "flat" one. The inner tube must therefore be fixed. But first detect the leak and that requires water. Drive the motorcycle back to Nina's house. Back in the courtyard of Nina's house you grab the pumped inner tube from your inventory and click it on the bucket that is under the drainpipe.

Nina finds the leak through the bubbles and marks the leak. In your inventory, combine the Tube of Glue with the Rubber Glove and then combine the thus prepared glove with the Inner Tube and the leak is fixed.

Let's hope that this improvised repair will also last. Ride the motorcycle back to the Museum. Grab the taped inner tube from your inventory and click it on the rear wheel of Lisa's bike and Nina puts the tire around the rear wheel again.

Go talk to Lisa again and use the Bike Subject and Nina tells Lisa that the bike is made and she now gets the camera. View the camera in your inventory. Nina has no idea how to fix a broken camera, but she would like to see the pictures of those men. Would the camera really be broken? Let's try something. Combine in your inventory the 2 Batteries with the Camera and .....

the camera is not broken at all, the batteries of the camera were simply empty.

Nina looks at the digital photos and she puts a photo of Lisa and the shadowy men in her diary. Close the diary. Give the camera back to Lisa and as a thank you Lisa gives Nina a flat yellow Hamster-shaped Magnet. Lisa is leaving for her house. Ok .... drive the motor back to:

Nina's house:

Enter through the red front door. We end up in the attic room again. Take the yellow Magnet from your inventory and click it on the Aquarium and ....

With the help of the magnet, Nina is now fishing the key from the aquarium. In your inventory, use the Key on the Book Box and ....

Nina opens the box and she finds Dad's Address Book and a yellow Label. View the address book but Nina can't do anything with it. View the Label.

There is a number on the label, namely: LA: 60-AK-19-A.

On the floor, between the bed and the desk, is a rug. Click on the bottom left corner of the carpet.

Nina rolls up that corner of the carpet and she sees that there is a crack between 2 of the floorboards. View the gap between the floorboards. There is something between the boards. Try if you can grab it, but even Nina's slender fingers are still too fat. Take the Spoke from your inventory and click with it on the crack and ....

Nina picks up a cassette tape between the floorboards. What will it say? View the desk again to zoom in on it again. So there is a radio cassette recorder on the books. The left part of it is the cassette part. Take the cassette tape just found from your inventory and put it in the cassette part of the radio and then left click on the radio again and listen to daddy.

Daddy now tells the numeric code for his computer but he does this in a rather cryptic way. He says: "The First and the Last of the car. The FOURTH of the openings in the entrance of the Underworld. And LASTLY the Guardians of my work". Zoom out of the desk. Well .... so we must look for the numbers of the numerical code. Leave the room through the front door. Back in the courtyard you walk to the left so that you can see the license plate of the car that is in the garage.

  • The license plate is: BWK 283 .......... what was Daddy saying: "The First and the Last of the car".

  • We are looking for numbers, so the FIRST digit of the license plate is 2 and the LAST digit is 3.

  • So the first 2 digits of the code are then 2 and 3. Now the 3rd digit.

  • Dad says about the 3rd digit: "The FOURTH of the openings in the entrance of the Underworld" Underworld? Oh ... maybe the sewer.

  • There are holes in the sewer cover. Count the holes. there are 16. But the 3rd number cannot be 16?

  • No .... dad is talking about ONE FOURTH, about a QUART So divide 16 by 4 and you have 4 left.

  • You now know the first 3 digits of the code, 234. What is the 4th digit then?

  • On this point daddy says: "And last the Guardians of my work".

  • Would he mean the 2 statues on the stone stairs in front of the museum? 2 statues ... So the number 2?

  • Is the code 2342? Try it out.

Go in through the red front door and back in the attic you zoom in on the desk again. Click on the keyboard and ... the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 appear again at the bottom of your screen. So click on the numbers 2, 3, 4, 2 and .....the email from dad now appears on the computer screen.

View the Monitor and Nina reads through her father's email. She reads an email from her father to a certain Oleg and she experiences something about "Tunguska" and about the death of her mother, which Nina has always thought had died in a car accident. Nina wants to meet and talk to Oleg personally.

 Look at Dad's Address Book again in your inventory and now the location of that Oleg becomes available. Zoom out and go back outside and click on Nina's engine and then double click on the Oleg Location and ...... we end up at the home of:


On the left you see a yellow telephone booth. Also on the left there are 2 full blue garbage bags against the white garden fence. To the left of the 2 full garbage bags is also an empty garbage bag (Plastic bag). Let's first ring the bell. Double click on the front door of the house. Nina will be standing on the veranda in front of the front door. The doorbell is on the right, so click on the doorbell and ..... Oleg Kamburgsky opens the door.  

That Oleg doesn't want to talk to Nina. Go back to the street via the bottom right. 

Now grab that empty Garbage bag, which is on the left next to the 2 full garbage bags.  

Combine this empty garbage bag in your inventory with the handle of the bucket. Nina puts the handle in the garbage bag. To the left of the house is a Path. Double click on that path and Nina ends up at the side of the house. You can also see the back of the house now. Against the side wall of the house is, under the awning, a Broomstick  

Grab the Broomstick and then combine the broomstick in your inventory with the blue Garbage Bag that you just put the handle into. You have then created a sort of catching net. You can take a look at the green garden hose, but that is not really necessary. A yellow flower box hangs under one of the windows in the rear of the house. The blinds of that window have been raised slightly. Click with your left mouse button on that window at the bottom of the blinds. Because of this, Nina peeks in through that window and looks into the kitchen of the house.  

Nina sees that Oleg is making phone calls. How Nina would like to hear what that Oleg is telling. To the left of the brown cupboard you see a drinking bowl on the floor and if you look closely you see another cat disappear from the kitchen. View that water bowl. Zoom out and walk back to the street in the middle right of your screen.

Back at the front of the house you see a cat crawling out through the cat flap of the front door. The cat walks to the right onto the veranda. Double-click on the front door again and Nina will be faced with it again. You now see the cat. The cat stands in front of her empty food bowl and she looks at Nina hopefully. Well ..... Nina has something delicious for the cat. Take the piece of Pizza from your inventory and click it in the food bowl of the cat and the cat will sit down and enjoy it.  

Walk back to the street and then back to the side of the house and peek into the kitchen through the window above the yellow planter. Oleg is still on the phone. Go back to the front door and to the cat. Nina gets an idea. Combine the Mobile Phone with the Double-sided Adhesive Tape in your inventory and then take the Mobile Phone from your inventory.  

Click on the cat with the Mobile Phone and ..... Nina sticks the phone on the cat and she says that she has switched on the camera and the microphone of her cell phone. Now the cat must of course go back to the kitchen. Take the salt dispenser from your inventory and click it on the food bowl of cat and ....  

Nina sprinkles a fair amount of salt in the food bowl and ...... The cat gets very thirsty and runs into the kitchen and the cell phone now registers Oleg's conversation. Nina peeks in through the window again. Zoom out and go back to the street and then click with your left mouse in the yellow telephone booth. Nina walks into the telephone booth and dials her cell phone number.  

In the kitchen the cat feels the vibrating alarm of Nina's cell phone and that cat doesn't like it. The cat comes running outside but .... she climbs into the tree and Nina's cell phone sticks to the branch of the tree. Ok ... now use your cursor to search for the branch of the tree where the cat has run over. You will get the "Cell phone" spot on that branch as a click location. Then take your Catching net from your inventory and click with it on the Cell phone location of the branch and .....  

Nina gets her Mobile from the branch and now listens to Oleg's recorded telephone conversation.  

Double-click on Nina's motorcycle and then choose the museum as the destination. However, Nina does not go to the museum because she knows that Max will not be there yet. So Nina drives home to go to sleep for a few more hours and in the meantime you see a movie in which the main villain of this story makes his appearance. Than we are:

4 hours later:  


Nina has slept restlessly for a few hours and she is now back in front of the museum. It's night. Enter the museum. Nina ends up in the dinosaurs hall.  

Double-click on the stairs to go upstairs and then double-click on the door to Max's room. Nina ends up in his room with Max and a real "introductory conversation" follows. Then your conversation topics appear. Use all conversation topics until there is nothing left to talk.  

Max tells what he knows about the Tunguska disaster in 1908 and he also says that there is still some additional information about it in the museum archive. He will look up those documents in a moment. Max also doesn't know where Eddie is. Eddie is probably somewhere secretly drinking liquor. Nina gets a diadem from Max through the "Label" topic. Max says he doesn't know Oleg. When you have asked Max for everything, you close the conversation. Max then disappears to get those documents about Tunguska from the archive.

The Diadem:  

View the Diadem in your inventory. There are 3 holes in the diadem where precious stones used to be inside. Behind Nina there is a fridge in the corner. An Indian totem pole leans against the fridge. View the totem totem pole. There is a "Red Eye" in the totem pole and Nina has the feeling that this "Eye" is constantly staring at her. Take the spoke from your inventory and click it on the totem pole and Nina picks the "Red Eye" from the totem pole. 

View it in your inventory. It turns out to be a Red glass beat. You have now lost the spoke, but you no longer need it. Combine the Red Glass Ball with the Diadem in your inventory. Unfortunately .... the marble is a bit too small and does not fit in any of the 3 holes in the diadem. Open the fridge. 

Nina naturally takes a Bottle with Acid (Acid bottle) and a Bag of Cement powder from the fridge.  

  • Combine the Bag of Cement Powder with the Bowl with Water and you have a bowl of cement.

  • Combine the Bowl Cement  with the Diadem.

  • Nina has now made the holes in the diadem slightly smaller with the cement.  

  • Now combine the Red Glass Ball with the Diadem again and .... now the red ball fits in the diadem.

  • Combine the Bottle with Acid (Acid bottle) with the Bottle with the Stone (Flask with Stone).

  • The acid cleans the stone and Nina then has an Amethyst stone.  

  • Combine the Amethyst stone with the Diadem and this stone is also in the diadem.

  • Now combine the yellow shard with the blue sunglasses and you get a green shard

  • Now combine the Green shard with the diadem and ......

  • you have put a Red, a Purple and a Green "stone" in the diadem.

Leave Max's room and go back to the Dinosaur Room. You know that the Flight Plan is on the front side of the left wall. A lamp hangs on the end side of the right wall. Take the Diadem from your inventory and click it on the lamp that is hanging on the right wall and ....  

The coloured stones in the diadem now send coloured light rays to the flight plan that hangs on the left wall.  

View the Flight Plan again and see .... 

Someone has placed the number 8 in one of the rooms with invisible ink and this number 8 is now visible. Nina does not know where exactly room 8 is but that it is one of the rooms currently under restoration.

Close this screen and ..... Max comes back and a short conversation follows after which you ask Max about "Tunguska" and about "Room 8".

Max gives Nina the documents about Tunguska. These 2 documents are therefore placed in your diary. Max says that all objects from room 8 are currently stored in his room.

Close the conversation and naturally we will return to Max's room. Max says that the objects from room 8 can be found here in his room. However, first open your diary first and then read the two articles, "Catastrophe" and "Strange discovery", about Tunguska, which Max has just given to Nina.  

You read about the gigantic explosion that took place in Tunguska on 30 June 1908 and you read about some Leonid Kulik who, on the explosion site, has found some extra-terrestrial mineral. Close the diary if you have read these two articles.

 A large engraved Disc hangs on Max's bookcase. It is an Aztec Relief Disk. View that Relief Disk.  

You zoom in on it and Nina tells you it's a calendar but she doesn't know how to "read" it. Now, accurately, move your cursor over this disk. In the middle you see a face and right below the face you will find a Coin in this disk. View the coin. It is a so-called "Rider" coin and it should not be in this Aztec Disk at all. Grab the coin and zoom out.  

Exit Max's room and enter your father's room again. In your father's room, walk through to the window and zoom in again on the Coin showcase.

The Coin Puzzle:  

There are 15 coins in the coin box. Bottom left is an empty box. Place the just found coin in that empty box. You hear "Ping" and all coins are sorted by type. 

So there are 4 different types of coins. There are 4 of each coin type and they are now neatly sorted per coin type. However, read the riddle that is on the note that is stuck to the right of the coins. That riddle tells you that no 2 coins of the same kind may be in one row. Not horizontally, not vertically and also not diagonally. 

So now you have to divide the coins differently between the 16 squares and make sure that there are never 2 coins of the same kind in one row. To exchange the coins, pick up one coin and click on another coin with it. Number the 16 BOXES (not the coins) from top left to bottom right 1 through 16.

Now you always have to change 2 coins from a square. So you do that by taking a coin from one box and then clicking on another box. The two coins then change courses. Multiple solutions are possible, but here is my solution:  

Swap 1 with 7.

Swap 3 with 9.

Swap 4 with 16.

Swap 5 with 13.

Swap 6 with 10.

Swap 12 with 15.

Swap 13 with 15 and ....... ready .....

When you have solved the coin puzzle correctly, a secret hatch will open under the display case. Just sit down because it will now continue for a long time:

Nina takes the Tunguska Documents from her father from the secret box, underneath the coin display case and she reads them one by one.

The documents also include a letter from a mysterious organization but ..... the letter only has blank sheets. Then there is a conversation with Max in Max's room and Max and Nina end up in the hallway. Detective Kanski then turns up and he threatens Nina and Max with a gun. Kanski is then knocked down from behind by .... Oleg.

Nina, Max and Oleg then go to Nina's house and here Oleg explains a few things. Oleg tells something about the car accident in which Nina's mother died. Oleg doubts whether that really was an accident. Oleg thinks that Nina's father was abducted by the Russians and is now being held somewhere in Russia. However, Oleg has a contact person in Russia, a Sergei. Sergej, however, is Russian Mafia. Oleg and Nina will fly to Moscow by the plane ofOleg. However, Max stays in Berlin. And that's how it happens and so we end up in:

  Chapter 2: Russia:

2006: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Dick Leeuw