2006: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Dick Leeuw

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Chapter 1: Nina: Aboard the Cruise ship Calypso.

Nina's cabin  

Nina discovers that William Patterson's suitcase is in her closet and not her own. Nina wants to report this to the reception. At the bottom left of the cupboard is a roller skate. View the roller skate and pick up the thing. As Nina you also have an Inventory and you now have the Keycard of Nina's cabin. So Nina has cabin no. 3. Take a look around the cabin. View everything you can view. A loudspeaker hangs above the cabin door. Above the bed hangs a round painting depicting a sailor standing in front of the Atomium in Brussels. Nina thinks it is the captain of the Calypso, who is depicted in the round painting. On the left is under the porthole, a desk and on the desk is Nina's handbag. Nina doesn't want to take her handbag now. Leave the cabin through the door. Nina ended up in the:


In the corridor, Nina is approached by a joker in a flowery T-shirt, which keeps talking to Nina aboiut doom thinkers in the UN and the approaching end of the world, due to all kinds of natural disasters. Icons will now appear in your inventory bar that indicate the conversation topics. You click on a conversation topic icon to talk about that topic.


Talk to the flowers T-shirt joker about the suitcase and about the accident on the quay. Joker found his own luggage, including his beauty case, in his cabin and he didn't see the accident. Close the conversation via the curved yellow arrow. The Joker walks  away. Double click on the stairs and ..... Nina is then in one move on top on the deck and at the:

Front desk:


On the right is a man. To the left is a door and next to the door you see a yellow ladder. There is a hatch in the floor under the ladder. On the right is also a toy UFO. Between the UFO and the stairs there is a skylight (Window) in the deck. On the reception Counter is a Bowl, a Bell and a Microphone. View the Bowl, the Bell and the Microphone. The Bowl contains marzipan truffles. Take a handful of Marzipan truffles from the bowl. Use the bell, so left click on the bell. Nina presses the bell and the bell breaks.

The receptionist appears and Nina reports that the wrong suitcase has been delivered to her cabin. The receptionist says that the owner of that suitcase, William Patterson, is the man who came under the fork-lift truck on the Hamburg quay. William Patterson has since died. Probably Nina's suitcase is now in Patterson's cabin. The receptionist will take care of it.


  Then Nina is approached by the man, who has been listening. The man speaks English but with a strong accent. The man asks about the accident and wants to know what Patterson has said to Nina. Nina tells what happened. Nina feels tired and she goes back to her cabin to sleep.




 Nina wakes up in the middle of the night because of a knock on her door. Nina is then standing in the hall again. The top of Nina's bikini hangs on the back of the stairs. There is a note stuck to the bikini. Nina picks up the bikini piece and the note and stores both in inventory.

 View the Note in your inventory to read it. The author of the note reports that he / she also has the rest of the contents of Nina's suitcase and that Nina can come and collect it. True? The writer gives Nina a hint in the form of a riddle: "They come from space, but when viewed from below, it doesn't matter anymore". Nina wonders if the case was intentionally exchanged and why. Is there a psychopath at work? The riddle talks about "they come from space ....". Hela ... isn't there such a toy UFO on the deck at the reception ?. Double-click the stairs again to return to the:

  Front desk

So on the right is the UFO on the ground. It is such a Toy that you often see at supermarkets and where the little kids keep asking their mothers to go in the toy. The riddle said that "from the bottom it makes no difference". Would something be visible at the bottom of the UFO? Left click on the UFO and Nina says that she does not fit in the UFO and that the wheels are gone on one side. So Nina can't move the UFO.

Take the Roller Skate from your inventory and click with it on the UFO. Nina connects the roller skate under the UFO. The UFO now has wheels on both sides again. Left-click again on the UFO and ...... Nina now grabs the UFO and rolls the thing onto the skylight (Window) that sits in the floor just before the stairs.


 Now walk down one screen via the bottom of the screen (Exit). You will now see the entire ship from above. Nina is exactly in the middle, Below Nina is on the Lower Deck. Behind Nina is the Door of the reception deck. On the left you see a large aft deck. The aft deck is the Sun deck.  Above the sun deck is the Upper deck where the helicopter platform is also located.


Double click on the Sundeck and Nina will end up there.



Nina is standing on the sun deck in front of the Coconut Bar. Of course the bar is now closed, but there is an ice bucket on the bar. View the ice bucket. The ice bucket is empty. Take the ice bucket. To the left of the bar is a table tennis table that you can watch, but Nina really does not want a game of table tennis. In front of the sliding screen of the Coconut Bar is a sun chair and a stool. There is a woollen blanket on the stool. Grab the Wool Blanket.


 Go one screen further to the left via the left-hand side of the screen (Passage). Nina then comes to the round pool. Take the ice bucket from your inventory and click on the water in the pool to fill the ice bucket with water.


 Walk back to the right, to the Coconut Bar. Then double-click on the right edge of the screen (Passage) and you will see Nina again on the large overview screen of the ship. Double click on the door of the reception deck.


Nina is then back at the reception. Double-click the stairs to return to the:


So in the ceiling, to the left next to the stairs, is the skylight (Window) on which you have placed the UFO. View the skylight.

Nina says she can hardly see through the skylight because the window is very dirty.


Nina can hardly see the UFO because of the filthy skylight. The skylight needs to be cleaned. Go through the right edge of the screen, one screen to the right. Nina then walks past her cabin and she is at the back of the corridor. On the left is a low display case with a newspaper on it. An oar hangs on the wall above the display case. The door at the rear left is open. To the right is a Flashlight on the wall. There is also a display case in the back of the corridor and there is also a painting of a ship on the wall.


View the Newspaper. Nina reads an article about the UN conference in the newspaper. The conference is about the major natural disasters that have taken place lately. Nina's father is one of the participants in this conference. You cannot take the newspaper with you. Take the Oar from the wall and also grab the flashlight. Then double click in the opened door, back left and .... Nina ends up in:

Laundry room:

On the left wall is a boiler from which hot steam comes out. There is also a dryer and a washing machine and there is a Sink with a soap dispenser. The dryer and the washing machine are broken and Nina has no desire at all to burn herself with the hot steam that comes out of the boiler. Take the ice bucket from your inventory and click it on the soap dispenser.


Nina puts soap from the dispenser in her bucket of water. Combine the Woollen blanket with the Ice bucket in your inventory. Combine the Oar with the Ice bucket and your cleaning supplies (Extended cleaning utensils) are ready because Nina now has a bucket of soap and a mop. Go back outside and walk back through the corridor to the stairs through the bottom of the screen.


  Take the Ice bucket / Blanket / Oar combination (Extended cleaning utensils) from your inventory and click it on the skylight and ....  

 Nina cleans the skylight.

 Right-click on the now clean skylight to see if Nina can now see the bottom of the UFO. But unfortunately .... because the UFO is now on the skylight, it is now too dark to see anything. So take the Flashlight from your inventory and click it on the skylight and ....


 Nina now sees that a note is stuck at the bottom of the UFO and she reads it aloud.


 It is the 2nd hint of the person who stole Nina's suitcase and Nina reads that the following clue can be found at the back of the ship. It makes Nina a little pissed off. Walk back to the right, to the back of the corridor. Now look at the painting on the wall in the back of the corridor. Nina thinks the 2nd hint refers to this painting, so the 3rd note is hidden behind this painting.

Now you can take the painting off the wall, so left click on the painting and Nina puts the ugly thing in her pocket. There is no note on the wall, so view the painting in your inventory. It is an image of Noah's Ark and Nina says that a photo is stuck to the back of the painting. However, the photo has the image side on the painting so Nina cannot see what is depicted in the photo. You can't just pull the photo away from the painting, so a trick has to be made to get the photo of the painting. Enter the washroom again. Steam comes from the boiler. Take the Noah's Ark painting from your inventory and click it on the steam to separate the photo from the painting.  

It turns out to be a photo of Max, Nina's boyfriend from Secret Files Tunguska. View the photo in your inventory. It is a photo of Max with his leg in plaster and this photo also comes from Nina's suitcase. Someone has written in the photo that this man, Max, therefore, needs a doctor.


 Leave the laundry room again and go back to the stairs. Beyond the stairs you see the other end of the corridor and there are also 3 doors. Walk past the stairs to the back and then look at the door on the right at the back of the corridor. It is the door of the ship's infirmary and you end up in the close-up. You look into the infirmary through the window in the door. Right click on the window. Nina tells you that the infirmary is empty, at least .... she sees no one. Close the close-up and click on the door. The door is locked. Zoom in again on the door window. Take the photo of Max from your inventory and now click it on the door window and ....


Nina now meets:



Oskar is about 13 years old and he found Nina's suitcase here in the infirmary. Oskar thought that Nina wanted the suitcase back, so he turned it into a fox hunting game. Nina is happy that her suitcase was not stolen by a psychopath and she sends Oskar to bed. Nina wants to go to sleep too:

When Nina returns to her own cabin, she hears a man's voice through the door threatening someone. The voice shout: "Holdyou mouth shut or I kill you". Nina tries to listen if she hears more, but then the door pops open and Nina falls unconscious on the floor. When Nina wakes up the next morning, she is in the infirmary.


The ship's doctor says she has a little concussion and needs to rest for a few hours. The doctor also says that one Katharina Jordan stated that she saw that Nina bumped into a door when the ship rocked. Katharina Jordan is currently in the restaurant. Nina is pissed about this and she goes to the restaurant to tell Katharina Jordan the truth.


Katharina Jordan is sitting at the Captain's table to give her explanation for the insurance. Nina requires Katharina to withdraw her statement and explain why she is lying and what she had to look for in Nina's cabin. Because the two girls get into a fight, the captain sends them to their huts, because 2 women fighting against each other is the last thing the captain wants on his boat.

 Nina's Hut:

Back in her cabin, Nina discovers that her handbag has disappeared. Naturally, Nina must report the theft of her handbag to the reception. So leave the cabin again and go back to the reception via the stairs. Nina naturally talks to the receptionist. Nina reports the theft of her handbag and the receptionist reports that he has put Nina's suitcase in her cabin. However, the receptionist also reports that William Patterson's suitcase has disappeared from Nina's cabin.

Nina lists the events for herself and it is all recorded in the diary. There were two people in her cabin. Nina was knocked down and Patterson's suitcase and Nina's handbag disappeared. What does Katharina Jordan have to do with this? The door is now open on the left. Go through the open door and Nina is back in:


  Katharina is not here, but the TV is on. Nina sees a broadcast from the Puritas Cordis cult.


 Preacher Pat Shelton uses recent natural disasters to frighten people and proclaim that only members of Puritas Cordis will survive the approaching end of the world. This too is recorded in Nina's diary.

  Look around. On the middle table is a vase of roses. View the roses. Nina thinks she deserved a flower, so grab the roses.


 On the right table is a bottle opener (Bottle opener) View the bottle opener and then grab the thing.


Walk back to the left, to the doorway. To the left of the door are 2 photo frames. There is a photo in the top photo frame, but the bottom photo frame is empty. View the photo frames. Leave the restaurant and go again to:



The Coconut Bar is now open. The bartender is behind the bar. The key cards of the passengers' cabins are on the bar. There is a cup of toothpicks on the bar and there are CDs on the bar. A lifebelt (Lifebelt) is hanging at the Bar. There is a poster on the support post of the bar. View the Poster, the rescue belt, the CDs, the toothpicks and the key cards. Oskar is playing ping pong on the ping pong table on his own. Katharina Jordan is reading a glossy on the sun chair. Katharina is wearing a pink bath outfit, a sun hat and sunglasses. Talk to Katharina, so left click on Katharina to start a conversation.


Nina is not one who likes a subtle approach, so she tackles it rather tactlessly.

Katharina of course denies that she has anything to do with the disappearance of the handbag.

Talk to Oskar.  

  Oskar swears by high and low that he has not stolen Nina's handbag and he has not seen anyone enter Nina's cabin.

Talk to the Bartender and use all the call options you get.


The bartender is a real pessimist and a follower of Pat Shelton's Puritas Cordis. The key cards are from the cabins of the passengers who are now here on the sun deck. So the key card for Katharina's cabin is also in between. The bartender says that he has difficulty remembering names and faces and therefore does not know which key card belongs to which person. That's interesting to know.

Nina would like to browse Katharina's cabin, but for that she needs the key card of Katharina's cabin. The Bartender has said that it is difficult to remember faces and therefore does not know which key card belongs to which person. But to get hold of Katharina's key card, Nina will have to look a bit like she is Katharina. She's going to do something about it now. To look like Katharina, Nina needs a pink bath outfit, a sun hat and sunglasses.

  After the conversation with bartender, grab a handful of Toothpicks, a CD, the Lifebelt and the Poster.  

Then go one screen to the left, to the Swimming Pool. The joker is sunbathing by the pool. His bare torso is just even worse than the floral T-shirt he was wearing first. Next to the Joker is a tube of sunscreen (Tube of sunscreen) on the table. Talk to the Joker.


 The Joker has a serious problem. He cannot lie on his stomach, because his sunscreen has run out. The Joker asks Nina if she can get a new tube. It must be the same as the tube that is on the table next to him. Nina automatically picks up the empty tube of sunscreen. Go back to the:

Front desk:

  At the reception, Nina is again approached by the passenger who interviewed her yesterday about the accident on the quay.


 The man thinks that strange things are happening on the ship and would like to talk to Nina about that. Nina makes a dinner date with the man. She will meet the man for dinner at 8 p.m. If Nina wants to report something before that time, she can leave a message for cabin 5 at reception because that is the man's cabin number.

  It is not yet 8:00 PM and until then Nina cannot do anything herself. 

Double click on the stairs to go back down to the corridor. In the corridor you double click on the door of Nina's cabin no. 3.

Nina's cabin:

Nina's red suitcase is indeed in the cupboard. Open the suitcase and ....


Nina naturally puts her bikini top back in the suitcase. At the bottom of your screen now appear the items of clothing that Nina can take out of her suitcase. Click on an item of clothing to remove that item from the suitcase. So click on the white bathrobe, the white baseball cap and the orange socks. Then close the bar via the curved yellow arrow. Your inventory is now pretty full and that's why small yellow scroll arrows now appear with which you can scroll through your inventory. Leave the hut and go again, via the right edge of the screen, to the:

Laundry room:

  A Chinese-looking young man stands in front of the laundry room. Talk to the young man.


The boy's name is Feng Li and he says he is waiting for his laundry. Nina does not understand and a Babylonian confusion of speech follows. Use the laundry basket talk option and Feng Li then tells you that his laundry is in the washing machine and that he is waiting for the bell to sound that his laundry is ready.

End the conversation and enter the laundry room. Feng Li's laundry runs in the washing machine. There is a laundry basket on top of the washing machine and a piece of fabric hangs over the laundry basket. View the piece of fabric. The piece of fabric is clean and new. Take the piece of fabric.


No more steam comes out of the boiler. View the washing machine. Nina says the program selector is broken, so the washing machine will never stop running and so the bell will never ring. The bell hangs to the left of the door. It is the bell that rings when the washing machine is ready. But because the washing machine's program selector is broken, which means that the washing program will continue to run indefinitely, the bell will never ring. Feng Li can continue to wait for his laundry until Hell freezes over. Nina has to do something about it because she needs the washing machine. Nina must convince Feng Li that his laundry is ready.

View the bell and then click on it. The bell is tightly screwed. Take the bottle opener from your inventory and click on the bell with it.


Nina removes the lid from the bell with the help of the bottle opener. Leave the laundry room again and talk to Feng Li again in the corridor and use the Bel topic. Nina needs some persuasion, but in the end she can convince Feng Li that the bell is broken and that his laundry is already finished. Feng Li then finally takes his washing out of the machine and runs away.

Nina is then automatically back in the corridor. Go back into the laundry room. Feng Li has therefore taken his washing out of the washing machine. Open your inventory and then, one by one, take out the bathrobe and the orange socks and then put these items in the washing machine. You do that by clicking on the items on the door of the washing machine.


When you have put the bathrobe and socks in the washing machine then you left click on the door of the washing machine again to start the machine and ....... a little later Nina then takes a pink bathrobe and wet orange socks from the washing machine .

Nina must now dry her wet bathrobe and socks, but the tumble dryer here is broken. So you have to find another way to get your wet things dried quickly. But first, let's poke around at that weird Joker. Take the empty tube of suns crème from your inventory and click on the soap dispenser to fill the tube with soap.

 Will that Joker get slippery when he starts to rub it in ..... Leave the laundry room and go back to the reception and in the reception you take the Exit again at the bottom of the screen. You then see the whole ship again with Nina standing by the railing. Now double click on the upper deck (Upperdeck), so on the deck with the helicopter landing place.

Upper deck:

On the upper deck you see, to the right of the door, a fan running in an air shaft. The door is the door of the wheelhouse. View the fan. Warm air comes out of the ventilation shaft. Take the pink bathrobe from your inventory and click it on the fan and ...


Nina lays the wet bathrobe on the fan and ... a moment later the bathrobe is dry. Do this also with the wet pink socks and you also have dry socks. Double-click on the stairs behind Nina to return to the overview screen and then go back to the:


 Walk to the left again, towards the Joker. The Joker wears sunglasses and Nina needs them too. Take the tube of suns crème from your inventory and click it on the Joker. Nina can fortunately prevent her having to rub his back.


The Joker then lies on his stomach on the sun chair. Now the sunglasses of the Joker are on the table.

 Grab the Sunglasses and quickly walk back to the Coconut bar.


 Back at the Coconut bar we are going to change Nina to Katharina. Combine in your inventory the Lifebelt with the Fabric. Then combine the lifebelt with the Roses into a beautiful, homemade, sun hat. Then combine the Mock hat with the sunglasses and the pink bathrobe and .... you now have the Katharina disguise (Disguise) ready. Take the disguise from your inventory and click it on Nina and .... Nina retreats just as discreetly to get dressed and comes back a little later, disguised as Katharina.


Talk to the bartender. Bartenders think Nina is now Katharina. Ask the bartender for Katharina's Key Card. Unfortunately, the bartender don't know Katharina's cabin number, so he can't give Nina the right key card. Nina does not know the cabin number either, but perhaps she can ask it at the reception. So go back to the:

 Front desk:

Nina first changed clothes again. The receptionist is not present and because Nina has previously destroyed the bell, she cannot call the receptionist either. To the right of the restaurant door is a Bolt in the wall. Take the bell from your inventory and click it on the nail. Nina hangs the bell on the nail. Take the bottle opener from your inventory and hit it on the bell and .....


the receptionist appears. Ask the receptionist about Nina's handbag and about Katharina. Nina's handbag has not been found yet and the Receptionist does not want to tell you Katharina's cabin number. If Nina wants to talk to Katharina, she can go to the sun deck and if she wants to give Katharina a gift, she can hand it in at the reception. The receptionist will then put it in her mailbox. Close the conversation.

Take the Poster from your inventory and give the poster to the receptionist.


Nina says that the poster is a gift for Katharina. The receptionist then places the poster in Katharina's mailbox under the counter and then walks away. So Nina cannot see the boxes and she cannot jump over the counter. Take the glossy CD from your inventory. Click with the CD on the counter and .....


 Nina uses the CD as a mirror and sees that the poster is in mailbox 2. So Katharina has cabin no 2. Go back to it:


  Click on the disguise again and with the disguise then click on Nina, and when Nina comes back as Katharina you will talk to the bartender again.


Use the key card topic again and you will now receive the key card no. 2 from Katharina's cabin. Return to the reception and then down the stairs to the corridor where Nina's hut is. Along the way Nina changed again Back in the corridor you can read on the sign, at Nina's cabin door, that cabins 4 and 5 are in the rear part of the corridor. The cabins 1 and 2 are therefore in the front part of the corridor, where there is also the sick bay. So walk past the stairs. Cabin 1 is in the back and cabin 2 is the cabin in front of the infirmary. Naturally Katharina has locked her door, so open the door with the Keycard 2 and .... Nina goes inside:


Katharina's cabin:

  Nina's handbag is on the bed. A magazine is lying on the floor in front of the bed.  

Grab the Handbag, Nina first checks whether all her things are still present in the bag.

When Nina has grabbed the handbag, there is a knock on the door.

Nina quickly hides under the bed. A man comes in, but from under the bed Nina only sees the man's shoes. With his cell phone, the man calls someone, probably his henchman, and says that he has searched half the ship but did not find what he was looking for. Moreover, other problems have arisen and the man is afraid that it will end in a catastrophe. The man then leaves the cabin again and Nina crawls out from under the bed.

So a magazine is on the floor for the office chair. View the magazine. On the cover of the magazine is a photo of actor George Roony. 

Take the magazine and then leave the cabin. 

Return to the:


Back on the sun deck you go talk to Katharina again.


 Nina now accuses Katharina of theft of her handbag and she demands that Katharina tells her the whole story. Katharina wants to do that now, but first she wants a Bloody Mary cocktail. So click on the bartender and order a Bloody Mary (Cocktail). Bartender prepares the cocktail. Nina thinks the bartender serves the drink in a strange glass, as if he has no knowledge of cocktails at all. But Nina still takes the cocktail.


So give the Cocktail to Katharina and ......


Katharina now tells that she was in the hallway the previous evening and saw that Nina's cabin door was open. Through the crack she saw a masked man. The man moved  Katharina into Nina's cabin and threatened her. Then Nina came and was knocked unconscious with the door. The masked man instructed Katharina to tell the captain the story of "walking into the door". The masked man also said that Katharina would die if she told someone the truth. When Katharina later went to her own cabin, she found the handbag on the bed. She didn't touch him.

Katharina coughs more and more throughout the story. She is about to tell who the masked man reminded her of when she gasps and unconsciously sinks into the chair. Nina warns the captain and Katharina is taken to the infirmary.


Nina has a headache thanks to the blow with the door and decides to go to sleep for a few hours. 3 hours later Nina is outside again, in the hallway near the stairs. It's about time for her dinner date with the strange man. So go to the reception and then to the:



The man with whom Nina has agreed is not there. Nina decides to wait a while and ..... after 5 minutes, Nina sees the shadows of two fighting men through the window. A man with a ponytail is knocked overboard. Nina decides to warn the captain.

 According to the captain there is only one man on board with a ponytail and that is the doctor. Nina and the captain go to the infirmary and look through the door window and see that the doctor is present and treating Katharina. The captain goes back to work and Nina goes to bed.


The next morning, Nina plans to tell the truth to the passenger who did not show up at the restaurant. Nina walks to the door of his cabin no. 5. She hears noises in the cabin but the door is not opened on her knocking. Nina decides to go to the lower deck to look through the porthole of cabin 5 from the outside.


Nina sees the doctor sitting on the bed through the porthole. Next to the doctor is a wig with a ponytail. Right click on the "doctor". Nina wonders if this is really the doctor and if so .... who is in the infirmary with Katharina? Nina decides to take another look at Katharina.

Close the close-up and then double-click the ladder to climb back up. Then double-click the reception door again. Feng Li is in reception. Now ignore Feng Li and go down the stairs to the corridor. In the corridor you go back to the door of the infirmary. Look through the door window again, so right click on the door and ....

Sick bay:


Nina sees Katharina lying on the examination bed, but Katharina is lying on the examination bed in a very strange position. Nina does not trust it and decides to go to the captain. Go back to the reception and then through the Exit at the bottom of the screen. Go to it:

  Upper deck

  Knock on the bridge door. The captain opens and your conversation options appear. Use the 2 options.


Nina tells the captain that Katharina is rather strange in the infirmary. Nina also talks about the passenger in cabin 5. The captain does not believe it all and thinks Nina is looking for attention. Nina will have to convince the captain with proof. Go back to the:

Front desk:

 Feng Li is still admiring the pictures hanging on the wall next to the counter.


Talk to Feng Li about the cruise and then all the other topics you get. Feng is on his way to some conference, but he is also an avid hobby photographer. Feng is always ready to shoot photos of celebrities he encounters. Feng doesn't really think he can shoot VIPs on this ship, but to be sure he has three cameras around his neck. However, he does not want to lend Nina a camera. Go to it:


  As you have seen before, there is an empty photo frame next to the door. 

Take the Magazine from your inventory and click it on the empty photo frame and ....


Nina puts the cover photo of George Roony in the frame. It looks like a real photo. On the floor, between the tables where you previously found the roses and the bottle opener, there is now a piece of aluminium foil. Pick up the aluminium foil. You can also see that the Joker is here in the restaurant.


  The Joker stands in front of a table on which a few models are displayed. Talk to the Joker again.


The Joker now introduces itself. The Joker is actually called Fleming Olsen and he is a representative of the Rain Cloud Travel agency. The Jokerkeep on talking for a while. You don't actually listen, but you nevertheless learn that The Joker has organized a competition. The competition involves the following: if you hand in a Scale Model that represents a city, you will receive a lottery ball. With the lotto ball you have the chance to win a free bus trip. The draw of the winning lottery ball is the end of the cruise

  After this Joker interview you combine the toothpicks with the aluminium foil in inventory. You still have some aluminium foil. Combine the marzipan truffles with the remaining aluminium foil. Then combine the Aluminium Toothpicks with the Aluminium Marzipan truffles and .... Nina builds a model of the Atomium with it. Give this Atomium to The Joker and .....  

 Nina receives a lottery ball with the number 27. Go back to the:

Front desk:

Talk to Feng Li again. Use the George Rooney subject and .... Nina tells Feng that George Rooney is on board. Feng does not believe it but Nina takes him to the restaurant to show him the picture of Rooney. She tells Feng that she even knows in which cabin Rooney is supposedly staying.

 With some persuasiveness, Nina gets Feng to go to the porthole of cabin 5 to take a picture of the false ship's doctor, of which Nina naturally also wants a copy. Unfortunately, the unknown doctor, without a ponytail, is still sitting with his back to the window, so Feng doesn't want to shoot a picture of the man. Feng wants to see his face. Nina has to come up with something to get the man's attention.

 Nina and Feng return back to the reception. Go to:


 A storm is imminent and behind the bar of the Coconut Bar is now not the bartender but the receptionist. The receptionist listens to music on his MP3 player. Oskar sits on the ping-pong table and plays on a pair of bongos. Talk to the receptionist. The bartender did not show up, so the receptionist must now be the bartender. Use the conversation options that you get and you learn that:

 Oskar is the captain's son and that the kid has been playing on those bongos for hours and hours. The poor receptionist is almost crazy and Oskar’smusic has made the other guests disappear. Fortunately, this has the advantage for the receptionist that he can "escape" the noise of Oskar by listening to his own music via his MP3 player.

Go talk to Oskar and use all options. Oskar actually prefers to play ping-pong than to hit the bongos. But unfortunately, Oskar has thrown the last table tennis ball overboard. When you have finished the conversation, take the Lottery ball from your inventory and give the lotto ball to Oskar. Oskar immediately disapears to get his ping-pong bat and Nina takes the bongos.


 Because Oskar is no longer banging on his bongos, the receptionist has taken his MP3 player off and placed it on the bar. Left click on the MP3 player and .... Nina asks the receptionist if she can borrow the MPS player and that is allowed. You have then automatically grabbed the MP3 player. Go back to the:

Front desk:

To the right of the reception desk there is a microphone that is used to broadcast announcements about the ship.

Take the MP3 player from your inventory and click it on the microphone and .....  

....the music from the MP3 player now sounds through the speakers hanging everywhere on the ship, also in cabin 5. The man in cabin 5 now turns around and his face can now be seen. Talk to Feng Li and use the Photo topic again and Feng Li now takes a photo of the man in cabin 5 and gives Nina a print of the photo. Go back to the upper deck, knock on the bridge door again. The captain opens again. Use the Photo topic and ... 

Nina shows the photo to the captain and the game now goes on "automatically" for a while. The captain is now convinced. Nina and the captain walk to cabin 5, but it is empty. Then they go to the infirmary, where they only find a dead Katharina Jordan. The doctor has disappeared.  

The captain goes to his wheelhouse to contact the police in the nearest port. Nina stays with the corpse, but then hears shots. Nina runs outside and to the upper deck. The weather has now completely changed. It's storming. Nina finds the captain on the deck. The captain was shot. Then a helicopter arrives, which lowers a hoist cage. The bartender, armed with a gun, runs towards the cage. So the bartender is the bad guy and he not only killed Katharina but also the ship's doctor. Before he leaves by helicopter, he shoots at Nina. but luckily she is rescued just in time by the unknown passenger, with whom she had a dinner date. Before Nina's rescuer can explain what is going on, the ship is flooded by a huge tidal wave.

 Chapter 2: Indonesia:

2006: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Dick Leeuw