2006: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Dick Leeuw

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Chapter 2: Indonesia:

  You are now going to play as archaeologist Sam Peters and as Max, and the chapter begins with a very long conversation between Max and Sam Peters.  

While Nina is cruising on the ocean, her ex-boyfriend Max has traveled to Indonesia. Max was asked to make a photo report here about archaeologist Sam Peters, whom he still knows from his school days. Sam tells that she has heard rumors about the existence of a temple in the jungle and that she has since found it. But her expedition is anything but successful. Objects have disappeared and tents collapsed. Two of Sam's colleagues have also disappeared without a trace and her 5 native porters have run away after they were first threatened by someone from the Puritas Cordis sect.

Sam has not yet been to the temple, but she has found a back door, which is locked. There is a strange text on the door that might help you open the door. She wants to show Max the door the next day. Sam also placed peacock feathers around the camp to scare the wild animals. In the night Max wakes up with a cry and voices outside his tent. He crawls out of the tent and sees Sam being kidnapped. Then something explodes and he crashes to the ground.

  Open space at the temple:

 You now play as Sam Peters

Sam is trapped in a bamboo cage in front of the entrance to some temple in the camp of the crooks. A white man talks to an Indonesian. The men talk about the UN meeting that is not favourable for their plans and about earlier tests that did not go well. It is almost time for a general test and it should go well. The white man then leaves to make preparations and the Indonesian is instructed to watch Sam and, if necessary, silence her forever. Sam doesn't know if Max is still alive, but she wants to try to get the attention of anyone.

In your inventory you have a compass and a rocket. You are locked up in a cage that stands in front of the Ugly Face. There is a hole at the bottom of the Ugly Head. In front of the cage, by the campfire, your Indonesian guard sits on a tree trunk. Just before your prison cage is a bowl of fruit (Fruit bowl). Next to your cage is the handrail of what was once a stone staircase (Ramp). There is a thick tree in the foreground. Against the right side of the tree is a bunch of White Berries and a little further to the right is a red Carnivorous Plant (Venus flytrap). In the background, at the edge of the jungle, lies a carved Cadaver.


View everything first. The Ugly Face is meant to keep the mean spirits away from the temple. The hole under the Ugly Face is too dark, so Sam can't see what's in the hole. The bowl of fruit contains bananas, oranges and raspberries. That carnivorous plant does not grow naturally here in Indonesia but actually only in the swamps of North and South Carolina. Also look on top of Sam's cage. A Bamboo pipe sticks out on top of the cage and around that Bamboo pipe is iron wire (Bamboo tube with wire).

When you have viewed everything, left click on your guard to talk to him.  

After the introductory "conversation", use all the conversation topics you get. The guard doesn't have much to report, but you discover that he and his white comrade are members of the Puritas Cordis organization. You also discover that the guard is sitting with his back to Sam for a reason. The guard is terrified of the Ugly Face, behind Sam's cage. Guard has the feeling that the Ugly Face always looks at him and knows exactly what he is thinking.

The Bamboo pipe, which protrudes from the cage at the top, could nicely serve as a blowpipe for blowing your flare at the campfire.

So grab the Bamboo pipe.


Sam also takes the Iron Wire. You can also take fruit from the fruit bowl and possibly put it back in the bowl. Sam can take a maximum of 3 pieces of fruit from the bowl. Click on the fruit bowl. At the bottom of the screen the icons of the fruit in the bowl will appear. Click on the icon of the fruit that you want to take from the bowl. Sam needs oranges, so click 3 times on the orange icon to grab 3 oranges from the bowl.


 You then have 3 oranges, the bamboo pipe and the wire in your inventory. You can now get started. In inventory, combine the 3 oranges with the wire. You have then made a Orange scooter. Combine this with the bamboo pipe and you have made a "mobile construction ". Combine the Signal rocket with your mobile construction and ... Sam puts the rocket in the blowpipe and you have now created a mobile rocket launcher Take your Mobile Rocket Launcher from inventory and click it on the stone Ramp next to your cage and ......


Your rocket launcher rolls neatly down the stone slope and ends up in the campfire where the flare starts to explode.

 We switch to Sam's base camp

  Base camp:

You now play as Max

Max scrambles to his feet, a little dizzy from the explosion. Fortunately, Max is fine, but he discovers that Sam has been kidnapped. Max then stares at the temple and sees the explosion of the flare. Max does not know if it is a trap but decides to go to the temple.


Before you go on your way to the temple, search the camp for useful items. Of course you also have an inventory as Max and there is now a photo of Nina in it. The tents have been destroyed. In front of the destroyed tents there is a backpack and a yellow miner's helmet (Hard hat). The backpack stands against the flagpole. The left part of the tent is marked as a Destroyed tent 

Documents lie on the floor in front of the fallen table. In the middle of the screen there is a blue flag on the floor. To the right of the tent is a piece of a totem pole. There is also a blue peacock feather against the right side of the tent. On the branch of the tree, that stand behind the tents, sits a monkey. At the far right of the screen is a fence made of chicken wire. The fence is intended to protect Sam's vegetable garden. You do not yet see the vegetable garden at the bottom of the screen. Behind the fence is a thin papaya tree. View everything. When  you have viewed everything we will collect some things. 

Click on the chicken fence. Max picks up the piece of chicken wire, but the long bamboo pole, to which the wire was attached, remains behind. 

Also grab the long bamboo tube


  Left click on the trunk of the papaya tree. Max kicks the papaya tree and ... a papaya falls from the tree. Max picks up the papaya.  

Take the blue flag.


Take the peacock feather.  

Take the Documents that are on the floor in front of the table.  

View the documents in your inventory to read them. One document is a list with the names of the planets of our solar system (List of planets) and the other document is a translation of the temple inscription. Max reads this translation aloud. The planets list shows the names of our planets. The symbol of that planet stands for each planet name.


The planets are arranged in order of importance. The names of the planets are also the names of the gods. So also the gods are ranked in order of importance and that is from top to bottom: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Juno, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Earth The  inscription reads "Respect the Goddess who stands above all. With her enlightened being and all-seeing gaze, she watches over her subjects: the dumb and homeless. They themselves are to blame for their pitiful condition: If they were not so fixated on themselves, they could see the wealth that lies at their feet: The Queen's Gold. "

  When you have looked at the planet list and the translation, you pick up the yellow Hard hat.  

Then left click on the Backpack. It is  the backpack of Sam and Max  takes out the following items: a donut, an empty balloon, a can of beer and 2 flares. Left click on the Destroyed Tent. This was Max's tent and Max picks up the Tent poles.


  You now also see the campfire and the waterfall. To the left of the campfire is a Teapot. Grab the teapot.  

  In the foreground is another tent and, to the left of the tent, is a bunch of red Hibiscus.

  Left click on the Hibiscus shrub to pick 1 red Hibiscus flower.  

On the left you see the river. On the other side, a thick branch sticks out over the river. That thick branch is forked. Look at the waterfall ..... every few seconds you see a fish jump up from the river over the waterfall. Fill the teapot with water from the river. So click with the Teapot in the river to fill the teapot with water.


  In inventory, put the red Hibiscus flower in the teapot. Then take the teapot from your inventory and place the teapot on the campfire and .....  

 .... a few minutes later Max reports that there is now Hibiscus tea in the teapot. Sam doesn't know what to do with the tea, so he leaves the tea for a few minutes. A few minutes later, Max reports that the tea has now become red gunk and now Max takes the teapot from the fire. You now have a teapot with red slurry.

Max also wants to catch a fish from the river. In inventory, combine the Tent poles with the chicken wire (Fence) and you then have a Reinforced fence. Place this reinforced fence in the river, between the 2 gray stones that stand to the left of the forked branch in the river. However, the fish jumps over your self-made fence. Take the Flag from your inventory and then hang it on the forked branch.


  The flag works like a safety net and Max catches a fish in it.


Walk all the way back to the right, to where you caught the chicken wire. At the bottom of the screen is the vegetable garden (Garden) from Sam. View the vegetable garden. Max says that the leaves are half eaten by snails. Take the beer can from your inventory and place it at the vegetable garden.


 Snails are drawn to beer, Max knows. But we are not going to wait for that because it is time to go into the jungle and to the temple. If you have watched the monkey then Max has told that the monkey always accompanied Sam when she went to the temple. So the monkey knows the way to the temple. Now double click on the Jungle path (To the Jungle) and .....


The monkey climbs out of the tree and runs away along the path. Max runs after the monkey but .... Unfortunately, Max cannot follow the monkey so quickly and .... well .... 15 minutes later we are back in the camp. Max has to come up with something so that he can follow the monkey, even though the monkey runs much faster than he does. Combine the Papaya with the Teapot in inventory. The teapot contains red sludge and this makes the papaya red. Click the red papaya on the monkey, which is back on its tree branch.


Max gives the red papaya, from which the red slurry is dripping, to the monkey. Double click on the jungle path again and ..... We are on our way to the temple again. The monkey now leaves red footprints and this allows Max to follow the monkey to the:

  Open Place at the temple:

 Max first arrives at the rear of the temple. The monkey's red traces go around the temple and Max follows them. Max sees Sam in the cage and Sam has seen him too. Max is behind the thick tree. The guard is now facing Sam, on the tree trunk in front of the campfire. Right next to the tree is the bunch of white berries. Pick a handful of white berries and go through the exit at the bottom left (To the back of the temple ), back to the back of the temple.


Back of the temple:

View everything. The back door of the temple is locked. To the right of the door is a panel with 6 holes and an inscription on it. A beehive (Honeycomb) hangs above the inscription panel. It is crawling with bees. To the right of the beehive is a hole in the stone column. The red footprints of the monkey are still on the path and above the path a red Scarf (Scrap of cloth) hangs on a liana. Between the trees, which are to the right of the path, Fireflies fly around and behind those trees is a Spider web. A large red flower (Rafflesia) grows to the left of the path. That rafflesia flower stinks enormously and therefore attracts flies.


  View the large inscription stone again, so right click on it. You come in close-up. Click in close-up on the inscription and Max reads it aloud.


So this is the inscription that Sam has translated and that you found in the base camp (Translation). You have to dissect this riddle, sentence by sentence, because the intention is that you make the right sacrifices in the 6 holes. This will then open the back door.  

Respect the Goddess who is above all = According to the planets document, Venus is the most important planet and Goddess. So you need something from Venus. At Sam you have seen a Venus flytrap plant.

With her lit being = Glowworms give light = you need glowworms.

 "and all-seeing glance she watches over her subjects" = If you look at the large peacock feather, it seems that there is an eye in the feather = the peacock feather is therefore your 3rd sacrifice.

the dumb and the homeless = Fish cannot talk and are therefore stupid. Snails have no house and are therefore homeless.

They themselves are to blame for their pitiful condition: If they were not so fixated on themselves, they could see the wealth that lies at their feet: The Queen's Gold "= A bee population also has a Queen. The Queen's Gold is therefore the honey.

You have now determined which 6 sacrifices Max should place in the 6 holes: Venus flytrap plant, Glowworms, Peacock feather, Fish. Snail, Honey. Max already has a fish and a peacock feather. So you still need the Venusflytrap plant, glowworms, slug and honey.

Get out of the close-up of the inscription panel. Now take the smelly Rafflesia plant.


  Then go back to Sam, via the To the temple square exit. On the right is the Venus Flytrap plant, but Max cannot grab the plant because of the guard. So the guard has to get out of the way. Take the Rafflesia from your inventory and click it on the guard and .....  

Max places the smelly Rafflesia to the left of the tree but .... the flower is too far away from the guard. The stench of the Rafflesia does not reach the guard. The flower must be moved closer to the guard. Take the Tent poles from your inventory and click with them on the Rafflesia and ...


Max puts 2 sticks together and moves the Rafflesia closer to the guard. The guard now smells the stink and leaves to take place on the other tree trunk. So now the guard is beyond the Venus flytrap plant. So now click on the Venus Flytrap plant. Max now grabs the Venus Flytrap.


Also pick up the Rafflesia again. Go back to the back door of the temple. To the right of the bee hive there is a hole in the column. You have a donut in your inventory. The donut is packed in plastic (Wrapped donut). View the donut in inventory to remove the plastic from it. Then place the donut in the hole to the right of the bee hive.


  The bees then fly to the hole and the hive is now free. So click on the beehive to extract a honeycomb.


  So fireflies fly on the right. If you try to catch some fireflies then this will not work.  

To the right of the fireflies is also a large spider web. Click on the spider web to wipe this away.


 A liana (Tendril) is then released on the right tree. At the top of the liana you see white lines. View the liana. Max has no idea what those white lines mean. Take the Flag from your inventory and then hang the flag on the liana.


  As a result, the spider will no longer be able to spin web here. The spider will create a new web somewhere else, but that will take a while, so go back to the camp, via the bottom of the screen

  Base camp:  

  On the green beer can, which you previously placed at Sam's vegetable garden, a nice big Slug is crawling. Click on the beer can and .... Max grabs the slug. Continue to the right, to the river. At the river, walk as far as you can to the bottom left. A Frog sits on a pair of large green floating leaves floating in the river. A flat gray stone in the tip of the bank. Place the Rafflesia on that Flat Stone and ..


 ...... the Rafflesia attracts a lot of flies and this attracts the attention of the frog, who jumps over the river to the Rafflesia. Max then automatically picks up the Frog and also picks up the Rafflesia. You still have the plastic in your inventory that contained the donut (Cling wrap). In inventory, combine the Cling wrap with the Teapot to color the plastic red. Go back to the rear of the temple:

  Rear of the Temple:


 Meanwhile the spider has spun a new web and exactly at the place where the fireflies fly. The fireflies are now trapped in the spider web. So click on the new spider web and .... Max grabs the web and has also caught the fireflies. Also take the Flag back from the liana.

 You now have all 6 sacrifices in your inventory. Now put the sacrifices in the right holes. Right-click on the Inscription Panel again. There are 6 holes in the panel. Number the holes, from the top centre to the left, 1 to 6. Then take a sacrifice from your inventory and put the sacrifice in the right hole.

        Put the Venus Flytrap in hole 1.


        Put the peacock feather in hole 2.


        Put the Slug in hole 3.


        Put the Honeycomb in hole 4.


        Put the Fish in hole 5.


        Put the Fireflies in hole 6 and .....

the back door opens and Max enters. We end up in:

Chapter 3: NinA: Back on the Calypso

  A: Escape from the sinking Calypso:

  The Calypso is capsized and floats upside down in the ocean. Nina does not have much time to save the body because the Calypso will sink deeper and deeper and will therefore become more and more full of water.



Nina is trapped on the bridge of the Calypso. Because the ship is capsized, it floats upside down. What was once the ceiling is now the floor. On the floor lies the passenger who saved Nina's life. The man is clamped under a heavy iron beam. Click on the man to see if he is still alive. The man opens his eyes and tells Nina that the man who bumped into her in the port of Hamburg may have sent her a letter. He says it's important that Nina finds that letter. Nina finds it more important to get out of the sinking ship.

Left click on the windows of the wheelhouse. The windows seem to withstand the pressure of the water for the time being. Also click on both doors. Nina hears water splashing behind both doors, so she's not going to open the doors. To the left of the back door is a pipe on the wall and to the left of that pipe is a red handle on the wall.

There is a large hole in the ceiling and a round hatch in the floor. Click on the ceiling hole and click on the floor hatch. The hatch in the floor is rusted to the floor, but Nina thinks this could be an escape route. There is a bust on the floor near the windows. On the right is a filing cabinet (Filing cabinet) and a painting of a ship (Picture of a ship) leans against that cabinet. Above the file cabinet there is also a hatch (Hatch) in the ceiling. View the ceiling hatch. The hatch is closed, but Nina thinks this is the only way to escape. However, the hatch is too high. View the file cabinet. The drawers in the cupboard are locked with a code lock that is located at the bottom of the cupboard. View the painting.


  It is a photo of the launch of the Calypso ship on 7 April '75. Note the date 7-4-75.


Close the close-up. Now click on the code lock of the file cabinet. You must then enter the correct code and you do so by clicking on the correct numbers at the bottom of the screen. Well ... in the photo of the Calypso you read that this barge was launched on 7-4-75. So click on the numbers 7-4-7-5 and ...


Nina tells you that you have entered the correct code. So now click on each of the 3 drawers (Drawer) of the cabinet. The top and middle drawers do not open, but the bottom drawer does open. The drawer is empty but Nina can use the open drawer as a step to climb on top of the cupboard to reach the ceiling hatch. Click again on the hatch above the file cabinet and ... Nina is not climbing on top of the cabinet yet because she first wants to make sure there is no water behind the hatch. Pick up the bust that lies on the floor between the window and the floor hatch.


  Click with the bust on the hatch above the file cabinet. Nina now climbs onto the drawer and knocks with the bust on the hatch.


  It sounds hollow and Nina draws the conclusion that the space behind the hatch contains no water. So click on the hatch again, but now without the bust, and ..... Nina climbs on the cupboard again, opens the hatch and ends up in the upside-down:

  Front desk


 A chain hangs above the hatch. A Metal Rod is lying on the floor in front of the hatch. Documents are on the floor in front of the reception desk. To the left of the reception desk a jet of water (Jet or water) comes from a seam between the boards. There is a puddle in front of that jet of water.

View the chain. Nina tells that the chain is attached to the ship's engine. Click on the chain to see if Nina can pull the chain down. That does not work because the chain is too tight. Take the metal bar. Left click on the documents on the floor in front of the counter. Nina finds her travel ticket between the documents and the letter that must have been put in her purse by William Patterson in Hamburg. The letter is full of illegible symbols and a sketch. Nina doesn't understand a thing. Take 1 of your 2 bongos from your inventory and click with it on the stream of water that comes out of the wall to the left of the reception desk.


  Nina fills the bongo with water. Click in the floor hatch to return to the:


Talk to Nina's rescuer, that is, to the man clamped under the metal beam. The man is happy that Nina has the letter and now Nina can now look for a way out. Nina naturally also wants to try to save her rescuer. There is a pipe to the left of the rear door. View that pipe. There is a hole in the pipe and a connecting piece has broken off at the bottom. Nina sees some oil glisten at the bottom of the pipe. Take the empty bongo, not the bongo with water, from your inventory and click it on the pipe. Nina puts the bongo under the pipe.  

Then take the Bongo with water from your inventory and also click it on the pipe and ....... Nina pours some water into the hole halfway the pipe and this causes the oil to flow from the connecting piece into the bongo. Nina picks up the bongo with oil automatically. Click with the Bongo with Oil on the round floor hatch to lubricate the rusty hatch with oil.


  Then left click on the round hatch and .... the hatch will open.  

Now you have to get the man out from under the heavy beam. Look at the back door again. To the left of the pipe, from which you have just drained the oil, is a red lever. View the red lever. Nina tells you that with this lever you can move the ship forward and / or backward because this lever is connected to the ship's engine. The handle is now on "Stop". Left click on the lever and .... at the bottom of your screen 2 lever icons will appear that you have to click on.


 Click on the left icon to move the ship full speed ahead. This will bring the chain down through the ceiling hatch. Close the bottom bar and left click on the chain. Nina grabs the chain and your cursor is now attached to the chain. So click on the metal beam (Steel grinder) to attach the chain to the bar.


  But the chain still needs to be secured, so take the Metal bar from your inventory and click it on the chain.


  Nina secures the chain with the metal rod. Now click on the red lever again and then click on the right lever icon to fully reverse the barge. 

This causes the chain to rise again and the beam to be lifted and the poor man to be released from the beam. Now click on the man again to wake him up and ...... Nina and her rescuer leave the ship through the floor hatch and swim up and then end up safely on a beach:

  B: On the Beach part 1

  Nina and her recuer are washed up on the beach. The man is not in very good shape. He has diabetes and urgently needs medication or sugar. Nina's inventory is now empty, except for her boat ticket.


Look around and pick up everything you can find. Nina's red suitcase is on the beach. There is a wheel behind Nina's suitcase. To the right of Nina's suitcase is a pile of Pebbles. At the edge of the dunes there is a skewed electricity power pole. An electrical cable hangs down from the pole. Near the round boulder, which is to the right of the electric pole, is a Spear gun and a Sheet of metal. To the left of the crooked electrical pole post is a black Briefcase and further to the left is a hat stand and a Rake. Between the black diplomat's suitcase and the hat stand is another handbag . There is a Medical kit on top of the dunes and there is a Signpost. View everything.

  Open Nina's red suitcase. Nina finds dry clothes in it, which she puts on immediately.


Grab a handful of Pebbles.


Grab the Wheel.


Take the black briefcase and grab the Handbag.


Right-click in inventory on the black briefcase. Nina finds some documents and a chocolate Candy bar in the briefcase. Chocolate contains sugar, so give the chocolate bar to the man. Nina thinks it is a good idea, but says the man cannot chew in his current state of sedation. Nina thinks it is better to give the chocolate in liquid form so that the man can drink it. Take the coat rack and grab the rake.


The signpost is too high and too far away, so Nina cannot read the names on the signpost and Nina cannot climb up. The first aid kit is too high, but that can be remedied. In inventory, combine the pebbles with the handbag to put the pebbles in the handbag. Then take the handbag from your inventory and click it on the first aid kit and ....


Nina throws the handbag to the first aid kit that falls down as a result. 2 buckets are also coming down. Nina then picks up the first aid kit and the 2 buckets. Right-click in the inventory on the first aid kit to extract the contents. There is only a few rolls of stretch dressing in the first-aid box. Ok .... now walk over the beach to the right until Nina does not continue. You now see the rear part of the beach and the dam. There are more things on the beach.

A staircase goes up on the dam (Passage). Behind the round boulder is a red Firehose and there is a red toolbox. At the round boulder there is a Car battery and there is therefore a Spear gunand a piece of metal plate. There is also a rusty iron Barrel on the beach and an orange chest with Life vests. First view everything again.

On the crooked Power Pole is a round cupboard that probably contains the fuses. So there is also a crackling cable that has power on it. The pole is slippery so Nina cannot just climb into it. Get the Speargun. The speargun also has arrows.


  Take the piece of metal plate. Take the battery. Take the fire hose and take the toolbox.


The toolbox is locked. In inventory, combine the battery with the toolbox to burn through the toolbox lock with the battery acid. The toolbox is then open but Nina is leaving the tools in the box for the time being. Take a life vest from the orange crate.

There is still some liquid in the iron barrel. If you look at the barrel, Nina tells you that the liquid in the barrel is some acid that is also combustible. The barrel is too heavy to pick up.  You have now pretty much swept the beach clean. Now Nina has to think of a way to melt the chocolate bar. So Nina has to make a fire to melt the chocolate.

  Take the speargun from your inventory and click with it on the crooked electric pole and .....  

Nina shoots the 3 arrows into the pole and via those 3 arrows she can now climb up. So left-click again on the electric pole and .... Nina climbs up and ... with a pair of pliers from the toolbox she opens the cupboard and switches off the power.


This only works if you first opened the toolbox using the battery acid from the battery. If you have forgotten this, you must first do so. Nina is then again on the ground and in front of the pole. Take the documents from your inventory and click them on the hanging electrical cable.


 Nina tears the documents into smaller pieces and then places them at the bottom of the cable. Left-click again on the electrical pole and .... Nina climbs up again and turns on the power again. This causes the documents to catch fire and you now have a fire. Nina then automatically switches off the power again. In inventory, combine the Rake with the piece of metal plate and you have made a scoop. Click with your homemade scoop on the fire to scoop up the fire.


  Take the scoop of fire from your inventory again and click on the rusty metal barrel and ....


The liquid in the barrel catches fire and you have now made a considerable fire in the barrel, which will also burn for a while. So Nina wants to brew a chocolate drink, but for that she needs water. Take one of the 2 buckets from your inventory and click it on the sea. Nina finds the water from the sea too dirty, so she first has to make sure she gets clean water in the bucket. So Nina needs to make a sort of sieve.

  In inventory, combine one of your buckets with the coat rack. Nina hangs the bucket on the coat rack. Then combine the elastic bandage with the other bucket and .... You have made a sieve from the bucket. Take this sieve bucket from your inventory and click it on the sea and ....


 Nina now fills the bucket with water from the sea, which is then sieved through the sieve into clean water. Combine the water-filled bucket with the coat rack so that Nina pours the water into the bucket she has hung on the coat rack. Now take the coat rack from your inventory and click it on the barrel and ... Nina places the coat rack next to the barrel in the beach.


  Take the chocolate Candy bar from your inventory and then put it in the bucket that hangs on the coat rack.  

Nina first pours some water from the bucket before she puts the bar in the bucket and a little later there is chocolate water in the bucket, which, however, has a somewhat salty taste. Walk back to the man and click with the Chocolate Bucket on the man.


 The man greedily drinks the salty drink and he visibly recovers and he now tells his story.

The man's name is David Korell and he is a Berlin vicar and, on behalf of the Catholic Church, is conducting research into extra-religious sects. David's current research concerns the Puritas Cordis sect. This cult adheres to the prophecies of the prophet Zandona. Zandona is a prophet from the 17th century who predicted all kinds of catastrophes. The predictions from Zandona have also come true. The following series of disasters would lead to the final demise of the Earth. And .... these disasters are taking place in the present time and that is exactly what the UN meeting, in which Nina's father also participates, is about.

So Korell focused his research on the figure of Zandona, but he couldn't find anything about the man. All archive material and writings about Zandona have disappeared. Until a few weeks suddenly a letter comes up from a nun, one Sister Elise. It is the letter that so many people have died for and that William Patterson, in Hamburg, gave to Nina. You now see a video in which Sister Elise is writing and reading the letter.


You see Sister Elise in the Ashton Church and it is 1681. Sister Elise writes that she has witnessed a series of disasters and that these disasters have all been predicted by Zandona. Sister Elise regrets not having the courage to prevent these disasters. She could have done that with a key hidden in the French town of Gatineau.

Nina doesn't really believe in prophetic predictions, but if David Korell briefly lists what has happened lately, she must admit that it can no longer be a coincidence. David has searched for the town of Gatineau but could not find it initially. But recently excavations found remains of what could once have been Gatineau. Korell now wants to travel as quickly as possible to the ruins of Gatineau to look for the key Sister Elise talks about in her letter. However, David does not know what that key looks like. David now climbs the dam and he also helps Nina cross the dam.

  C: Beach part 2:

Nina is now on the beach on the other side of the dam. David stays on top of the dam. First look around again and first view everything again. There is a rowing boat on the beach. Against the rocks is a tank bag and the wreck of a motorcycle. To the right of the motorcycle wreck is a sand slope (Landslide) and at the bottom of that slope is a heap of packaging material (Packaging). To the left of the rowing boat is a yellow suitcase.

The motorcycle is no longer usable, but the wreck still has a usable engine. The rowing boat is fine except that there are no oars and the boat also has no engine. Click on the yellow suitcase. However, the yellow case is locked. So take the battery from your inventory and click it on the suiecase. The battery acid from the battery then opens the case.


Nina takes dry men's clothing and a digital photo camera from the suitcase. Give the dry men's clothing to David, who sits on top of the dam. 

Your screen will then go black for a moment while David is getting dressed. Click on the Tank bag.


Nina takes a Map from the motorcycle bag. View the map in your inventory. It is a map of northern France. If Nina knew where she is now, she can use this card well. Double click on the Dam (Passage) to return to the left beach. Back on the left beach you walk to the left. You will see the signpost  again on top of the dunes. Nina cannot read the names on the signpost from the beach. Take the digital camera you just found from your inventory and click on it with the signpost. Nina takes a picture of it.


Look at the camera again in your inventory. Thanks to the zoom lens of the camera, Nina can then read the names on the photo of the signpost, but it doesn't tell her so much. Look at the map again and .... Nina now recognizes the names on the map that are also on the signpost. Nina now finds its way to Gatineau on the map and that is just following the river Seine. Walk back to the right and double click again on the Dam (Passage) to return to the right beach.

Left click on the motorcycle. The motorcycle does not have a front wheel but still has a motor. But how does Nina get the motorcycle by the rowboat? In inventory, combine the Wheel with the Fire Hose into a provisional front wheel. Click with the self-made front wheel  on the motorcycle and .... the motorcycle has a front wheel again.


Left click again on the motorcycle and .... The motorcycle is then attached to your cursor, so click it on the rowing boat and .... Nina then drives the motorcycle to the rowing boat. The motorcycle is now at the rowing boat, but Nina has to demolish it. So take the toolbox from your inventory and click it on the motorcycle and .....


Nina breaks off the bike's engine and places it, as an outboard motor, on the back of the rowing boat. Now only a rudder is needed. Try whether the (Makeshift shovel can serve as a rudder, so click the scoop on the boat. Nina can use the shovel as a rudder, but only if she does not need the shovel for anything else. So there is some packaging material at the bottom of the sand slope. Perhaps the content is somewhere around here too. So grab the shovel from your inventory and click it on the sand slope (Landslide) and ...  

Nina digs up a Ventilator from the sand, Take the Ventilator from your inventory and click it on the rowboat. Unfortunately .... Nina wants the fan to serve as a propeller for the outboard engine, but that should of course be under the engine. Nina must therefore first lift the boat to place the fan under the engine. Take the life vest from your inventory and click it on the boat.


Nina thinks this is a great idea to lift the boat with the life jackets and she runs away to get even more life jackets. Nina has then put all life jackets under the boat and inflated them all and this has lifted the boat a bit. So click again with the fan on the boat and .... now Nina places the fan on the engine.


 We can now leave the beach, so click on David Korell and ...... then click on the Gatineau icon and .....

 Nina and David get into the rowing boat and head for Gatineau and we end up in:

  Chapter 4: Indonesia: Free Sam:  

2006: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Dick Leeuw