2006: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Dick Leeuw

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Inventory, Save and Load, Diary and the like:

Just explain something about how you control the game. If you move the cu

rsor to the bottom of the screen, your Inventory bar opens. You will then see the items that you have in Inventory.  

Both in Inventory and in the game you view items with your right mouse button. So View / Read is Right Click. You pick up Items with your left mouse button. So grab is left click. When you view items, the person you are playing gives a brief description of the item.

On the right in the inventory bar you see a screen, a magnifying glass and the diary. By clicking on the screen you go back to the Menu screen where you can save and load. By clicking on the magnifying glass you make all "Hotspots" visible in the screen, if you have turned on the "Game help" in the Options.

On the screen you see all Exits and all places where you can / must do something. By clicking on the Diary you open the Diary where you can read your progress so far. In the diary you can also read how you can use the "Puzzle Help".  

You read that when you see the Puzzle Help icon at the top right while you play, you can read hints in the diary about how to solve the puzzle. You can quickly go through dialogues / conversations through Right Click, but I advise you not to do this. Certainly not the first time you play the game because you will miss important information.

Save and load in the Save / Load screen. You cannot name your saves yourself. In the Save / Load screen, click in an empty box to save your game.  

Every time you close the game, the game also asks if an "Auto save" should be made. You can choose Yes or No, but it is a useful feature if you forget to save yourself when you close the game. Double clicks let Nina and Max run. If you double-click on an Exit you will quickly move from one screen to the next.

The game is full of cut-scenes in which the game goes naturally and you don't have to do anything yourself. Although the videos are short, it is a bit of a shame because it means that you don't have to do anything in this long game, half the time.


Ashford, St Mary the Virgin Parish Church

The old priest Brother Matthew Wakefield leaves the parish house. Brother Matthew is startled by the crackling of branches, but there is nothing to see. Brother Matthew then walks across the cemetery to the church. Brother Matthew hears creaking again in the cemetery, but again there is nothing to be seen. Then we see that Brother Matthew is being spied by someone who is hiding behind the gravestones and wearing a night vision.

Then Brother Matthew is struck by an arrow in his neck. Two men, dressed in dark combat clothing and wearing night vision goggles, emerge from behind the headstones and approach the stunned Brother Matthew. The men want to know from Brother Matthew where the Parchment is located. Brother Matthew is dying.

Cambridge, Christ's Church College

a few hours after Brother Matthew's murder:

You play as Bishop Parrey:

A car stop in front of the Christ's Church College building in Cambridge. The men in dark combat kits who murdered Brother Matthew are on their way to their next victim. We see Bishop Parrey at work in the library. The Bishop is studying a piece of parchment. He received the parchment a few days earlier from Brother Matthew Wakefield.  

Brother Matthew found the parchment during the renovation of the crypt in the village church and he suspects that the parchment contains important and dangerous information. Because since the discovery of the parchment he has already been broken into twice and another brother suddenly disappeared without a trace

Bishop Parrey decides to show the parchment to his friend William Patterson, a specialist in medieval writings. Then the phone rings. It is Chief Inspector Falk of the Murder Department in Ashford. Parrey listens to Falk but does not answer the phone.

Chief Inspector Falk has bad news. The corpse of Brother Matthew Wakefield has just been found. Witnesses have seen men in dark combat clothing. Brother Matthew had left a message with the police a few days earlier, who did not take it seriously at the time. But now Chief Inspector Falk believes Bishop Parrey is also in danger. Bishop Parrey wants to answer Falk but ..... the line is dead.

Then a window starts flapping. The bishop walks to the window to close it. Parrey then sees the two men in combat clothing sneaking across the campus of the university. Bishop Parrey realizes that the men are looking for him and decides that he should be the first to hide the parchment. But so that his friend William Patterson can still find it.

You now get control of the game.

Bishop Parrey has since returned to his desk. So Parrey has seen Brother Matthew's 2 killers and he now fears for his own life. Rightly so. Parrey has to hide the Parchment but in a place where his friend William Patterson can find it. First take a look at the bunch of keys, the parchment and the letter in your inventory. The keys are for the doors in this wing of the College.

At the bottom left is a reading table. On the reading table is a red Book and a White Paper. View the red Book. Parrey walks over to it and tells you the title of the book. It is the "Cryptographic Symbolism" book and it deals with secret writing.

Take the red book. The book disappears to your inventory.  

View the reading table (Desk) now. So right click on the table. Parrey then looks at the white paper. The white paper is a list with the names of the people who have registered to borrow the "Cryptographic Symbolism" book. William Patterson and Lucie Forrester are on the list.

Bishop Parrey wants to give the parchment to William Patterson, so he has to make sure that Patterson gets hold of the parchment. Open your Inventory now and pick up the Parchment. Click with the parchment on the red book and ..... The bishop puts the parchment in the book.  

You know right now how to combine items in inventory. Now Parrey has to hide the book in a place where Brother Matthew's killers won't find it. Behind Parrey you see the exit door. To the left of the exit door is a bookcase. View the left bookcase. The bookcase has 6 compartments. In the 3rd box (from below) are a number of red books, but you can see that 1 red book is missing. Take the red book in which you put the parchment in from your inventory and then click it on the bookshelf and ...  

Parrey puts the red book in the empty space between the other red books and .....

Parrey naturally disappears into the corridor and we see the murderers coming in.

Parrey is then in the hallway. A window is open on the left. Rear left is the door of the secretariat. You can try to see if Parrey wants to flee through the window, but he doesn't dare leave it that way.  

Click on the door of the secretariat. The door is locked. Take the keys from your inventory and click on the door. Then click on the door again and Parrey enters. A large desk is in the middle of the room. In the left wall see the drawers of the file cabinet.  

To the right of the door is a Lecture schedule on the wall. View that Reading Schedule.

You end up in the close-up of the schedule. On the diagram you see, in the Friday (Fr) column, the nameplates of Patterson, Harman, Soule and Forrester. So tomorrow is Friday (Fr) and you will see that Prof. dr. Patterson is the first of the 4 Professors to give a lecture. That is not very handy because then Lucie Forrester has the time to go get the "Cryptographic Symbolism" book.

So what you need to do is to change the schedule so that it is Lucie Forrester is the first turn to give her lecture. Pick up the Patterson nameplate and then place it in the empty space above Hartman. Pick up the Forrester board and click it in the top box.  

With this you made sure that tomorrow morning Patterson can pick up the "Cryptographic Symbolism" book, while Lucie Forrester is busy with her lecture. You naturally go out of close-up and Parrey leaves the secretariat and locks the door again. Parrey wants to go to the police but unfortunately the murderers are already inside and .... 

Parrey is struck by a poison arrow and he falls through the round window and breaks his neck. The murderers are not happy with this because now they cannot "ask" Parrey where he has hidden the parchment.

Hamburg .... 1 week after the murders of Brother Matthew and Bishop Parrey

Nina Kalenkow stands on the quay in the port of Hamburg. Nina calls her father, who asks her to go to a UN conference in New York. Nina, however, does not feel like it because she is going away for a week with a cruise ship.  

Nina and Max are separated and Nina is not interested in conferences now. She holds herself up but she hopes that an ocean cruise will make her think less of Max.Then a man bumps into Nina. The man asks Nina if she is using this ship. Somewhat disconcerted, Nina confirms this and the man walks on to be knocked over by a fork-lift truck a few seconds later.  

Nina doubts for a moment whether she should not help the man, but when she sees that others are already concerned about the man, she walks up the gangway to board. Now the game is really starting.  

2006: Original Dutch walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: English translation by: Dick Leeuw