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2020: walkthrough by Louis Koot

This is the 2016 Remastered version of the game and it is the English version.

In this Remastered version of the game, some things, like various puzzles, are different from the old version. 

The biggest improvement, however, is the game's improved graphics quality

Inventory / portfolio screen:

It is essential in this game that you always look at everything. In the close-up screens, always use the Magnifier if available. Always read the documents and reports in the "Documents" and "Report" section of the inventory / portfolio screen. You open the Inventory / portfolio screen with your right mouse button. Via the "Tabs", below the book you open the Inventory screen, the Dialog screen, the Documents screen, the Reports screen and the Map screen.

The question mark opens the Hint screen, where you can read hint about what to do

1st person or 3rd person perspective:

You can play the game in the 1st person perspective and in the 3rd person perspective. You can switch back and forth between the two perspectives via the Inventory / portfolio screen. In 1st person perspective you look through the eyes of Holmes or Watson ...... you see the surroundings but you do not see Holmes or Watson. In the 3rd person perspective you are actually a 3rd person ..... you see Holmes or Watson

When you are in the 3rd person, you move Holmes, or Watson, through the screen via "feet" which you then click with your left mouse. Double-clicking makes Holmes or Watson run. If you are in the 1st person, you can move Holmes, or Watson,  with keys of your keyboard or you press your left mouse button and keep it pressed. You have to try out yourself which way of playing you like best, 1st person or 3rd person, but it is often useful to switch frequently between both perspectives. Especially if you have to look at something in close-up, the 1st person is more convenient than the 3rd person.


The game starts with Dr. Watson. Watson has had a rough day and is trying to enjoy a good night's sleep.

But unfortunately .... Watson is plagued by a terrible nightmare.

Oh ... Holmes ..... what happened ..... will it ever end ...... it all started 2 years ago and we go back 2 years and end up in chapter 1

Chapter 1: London

In and around 221B Baker street

Dr. Watson walks down Baker Street (London) and enters the house 221b, the home of his close friend Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective. Sir Sherlock Holmes is rather bleak ... he has no urgent business. Holmes is actually bored to death. Watson enters and sits at the table to enjoy his breakfast. Watson tries to cheer up Holmes, but he is not very successful with it. 

"Is there anything, Homes"? You don't even listen to me", Dr. Watson asks somewhat reproachfully. "Boredom, my dear Watson, Boredom " is Holmes's response." "Come on, Holmes, this is no more than a phase that can be over any moment. Before you know it, something extra-ordinary happens here in London that requires your great talents to solve it and with which you can fully satisfy your need for Intellectual gymnastics " is the reaction of Watson.

Watson then talks about a case he is personally dealing with. It seems that the servant of one Captain Stenwick has disappeared without a trace. Watson advises Holmes to go outside to buy the morning newspaper and browse the bookstore. The new book seller, Barnes, has some interesting books in the collection. Watson disappears, Holmes rather sad behind latent.

As Sherlock Holmes

So we are in the sitting room of Sherlock Holmes, Baker Street 221B London. Watson has just taken in his breakfast and has left Holmes to return to Captain Stenwick's house. Apparently, Captain Stenwick's foreign servant mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Holmes is standing in front of the left window. Are you in 3rd person now? Then go in 1st person and then look outside through the window, by "walking" all the way to the window. On the other side of the street you will see the newspaper boy, who you also saw in the intro movie. Turn counterclockwise to Holmes's desk.

On the desk is a box of matches. Take the box of matches from the desk. Then open the Inventory screen by right-clicking and see that Holmes now has a Knife and the box of Matches in his Items screen. Also click on the other Tabs, so on "Dialogues", "Documents", "Reports" and "Maps" to also view these screens. Close the Inventory screen again with the right mouse button.

You can take a look around the sitting room and take a look at Holmes's bedroom

You can reach the bedroom through the door to the left of the fireplace. You cannot open the door to the right of the fireplace. In front of the right window is the "laboratory" table by Holmes on which he conducts all his investigations. The door next to the large closet is the door to the hallway. Leave the room through that door and in the hallway go right, left and then down the stairs to the front door. Open the front door, then step outside through the outer door onto Baker Street.

On the other side, the newspaper boy is trying to sell his newspapers. To the right of the street stand a "taxi carriage" and to the left of the street stand a police officer. Cross the street to the newspaper boy. Stand directly in front of the newspaper boy and then click with your left mouse to talk to the newspaper boy, using the talking cursor.

This newspaper boy is one of the street gang Holmes often uses to collect information and, sometimes, steal things for him. The kid tells Holmes that a Scandinavian Princess is currently honoring London with her visit. Holmes buys a newspaper and orders the boy to gather more information about that Princess. The boy then runs away.

NB: You now know how to start a conversation with other people, if such a conversation does not start automatically. I am not going to explain this over and over again. Just stand directly in front of a person and then left click to start the conversation.

In the "Documents" section of the inventory, Holmes now has the newspaper, which is "De Strand".

Read the "Strange Disappearance" article about the Scandinavian Princess.

Turn around and walk down Baker Street to the Policeman on the corner. This is Sergeant Ruffles.

Talk to Sergeant Ruffles and Holmes to ask where the Barnes Bookshop is. Ruffles explains it. Turn right around the corner. We are then on Melcome Street.

Continue to Glenworth Street. On the corner of Glenworth Street, Miss Flemming is displaying her flowers. Just say good-bye.

Walk a little further into Glenworth Street and look to the first door on the left. Holmes has found Barnes Bookshop.

Walk to the bookstore door, open the door and step inside.

Barnes Bookshop:

Holmes is greeted warmly by bookseller Barnes.

Barnes makes Holmes aware that he has received 2 new books, a Fish book and a Pirate book.

Turn around and walk to the ladder ........ You will get the magnifying glass "on the ladder. Click with your left mouse button to view the ladder.

Holmes notices a slip trace on the ladder, as if someone has slipped off the ladder. Walk back to the counter. To the left of the counter are a bench with a book.

Stand in 3rd person by the bench and then take the book that's on it ........ this is the "Pirate book"

The "Documents screen" will open automatically, so read the article about pirates.

At the back of the store are 3 niches full of books. In the middle niche is a table and on that table is the Fish Book. Take the fish book

Then walk back to Barnes and Holmes will automatically pay for both books.

In the windowsill of the shop window is a rather faded plant. View the plant with your "magnifying glass cursor".

The plant is rather dry and Holmes suspects that Barnes intentionally does not water the plant. Holmes will now talk to Barnes and you will get the first test of Holmes' brilliant deduction abilities as he, from the footsteps on the ladder and the faded plant, deduces that Barnes is trying to get Miss Flemming's attention.

Open the Inventory / Portfolio screen and then the "Map" section. You will now see that a location has been added in the "magnifying glass". You can therefore quickly travel back and forth to the various locations via the Map. Now two locations are available, which are Baker Street 221b and Barnes Bookshop. Every time you have visited a new location, this location will also appear on the map. However, it is not always wise to travel from location to location via the Map. We are not going to do that now.

Now leave Barnes Bookshop through the front door and walk back to Melcome Street and follow Melcome Street to the right towards Baker Street. Beyond Baker Street, Watson stands on the doorstep of the entrance to Captain Stenwick's house. When Holmes gets close to Baker Street, Watson calls out to Holmes to come to him. 

So go on to Watson and, after Watson has finished talking, go through the gate to Captain Stenwick and Sergeant Ruffles, who are waiting in front of the house

Captain Stenwick

The Stenwick location is put on the Map. Talk to Stenwick.

Stenwick says that his "man servant" Baowpa has disappeared without a trace. Then talk to Ruffles and do that twice. According to Ruffles, there is no need to panic. More poor immigrants have disappeared without a trace lately, and Ruffles believes they will reappear. Holmes asks Ruffles if he can ensure that Holmes gets reports on all these missing persons.

After these 2 conversations, go, behind Ruffles, around the house to the right and to the backyard. There is a shed in the backyard.

The shed is the sleeping place of Baowpa, Stenwick's missing foreign servant.

The shed's door is open. Walk into the open door and you will get your magnifying glass on the door lock.

Click to view the lock. Holmes concludes that the lock has not been forced. Stand in the doorway.

 At the top of the doorway is a piece of fabric. you will automatically get the "Hand" on apiece of fabric. So take the piece of fabric.

Walk into the shed and then look at the floor. Holmes sees a strange drawing on the floor. View the floor drawing.

An explanation of this drawing is stored in "Documents" of the portfolio. The drawing represents a man trying to escape from waves of flying fish. At the left wall there is a bowl on the ground. Go to the bowl and look down to get the Hand in the bowl. Click with the Hand in the bowl and you end up in the close-up screen.

There is something in the bowl, but Holmes cannot see what it is. The Magnifying Glass is now in the bottom left of the screen. Pick up the magnifying glass and move the magnifying glass over the bowl .......... Holmes sees a Ball at top left of the scale. Click with your left mouse button and Holmes takes the Ball from the bowl Holmes suspects that Opium is in the ball. To be sure, he will have to analyze the Ball in Baker Street 221b later

Right click to exit this close-up screen. Leave the shed.  Footprints go to the garden's stone back wall. Walk past the shed to the back of the garden

At the back wall of the garden you will see shoe tracks in the ground, between the 2 white pillars. Look at the shoe tracks and then click on them with your hand

You will enter the close-up screen of the shoe tracks. 

You see 2 shoe prints and in the bottom left of the screen is the Magnifying Glass and now also a Tape Measure.

Pick up the Tape Measure and move it to the top of the left shoe print. Then click with your left mouse button. Hold down your left mouse button and then pull out the tape measure to the bottom of the shoe print and then release your left mouse button. You roll out the tape measure over the shoe print and Holmes says it is shoe size 7 with hard soles.

Put the tape measure back in the bottom left of the screen. It may be that you are out of the close-up ..... if that is the case then you click again with your hand on the footsteps to get back in the close-up. Then pick up the magnifying glass and move the magnifying glass over the right shoe print and left click. Holmes then sees that a nail is missing in the tip of the print

Then move the magnifying glass to the left above the left shoe print on the ground. You will then see a Fish Scale in the magnifying glass.

Click with your left mouse button again to store the Fish Scale in the inventory. Right-click to exit the close-up screen.

Read all about the shoe prints and the fish scale in "Reports" of your inventory. Look up at the top of the wall. You will then receive the Hand on one of the iron points on top of the wall. Click and Holmes says there is "something" there. But from this side you cannot see or grab that "something" properly.

Turn around and head back through the garden to Watson, Stenwick and Ruffles, which are still at the front door. Behind Watson, go back through the gate back onto the street and walk to the left, then immediately enter the alley on the left. So this is the alley next to Stenwick's house.

Walk to the back of the alley. There is a ladder against the wooden fence and you can see footprints that run from the ladder to the wall of Stenwick's garden. Follow the footsteps to the wooden fence. Then click with your hand on the wooden fence. Holmes will say there is no reason to climb over the fence.

Turn right and walk to the ladder. Grab the Ladder. Turn around and walk back to the stone wall of Stenwick's garden. Go to the 2nd part of the wall, where the footprints start. Stand against the wall and look up. On the iron points, which are on top of the wall, you get the Hand. Open the inventory screen and select the ladder ...... right click to close the inventory screen again ...... The ladder now "floats" at the top right of your screen ....... Now click again with your hand on top the wall and Holmes now puts the ladder here against the stone wall.

Click with your hand on the ladder. Holmes climbs up the ladder and is at the level of the iron points on top of the wall.

On the right you see a Thread Fabric around the curved bar. Grab those Fibers

Holmes says he will have to investigate the Fibers further. Right click to descend the ladder. Return to the front yard of Stenwick's house. Continue all the way to Watson, Stenwick and Ruffles. A conversation follows naturally with Stenwick. Holmes is quite insulting to Stenwick when he tells him that his Maori servant Baowpa has been kidnapped by 2 unknown men. Naturally we end up in the sitting room of:

221B: Baker Street:

Holmes takes a breath of wind from Watson for talking so insultingly to Stenwick. 

Unimpressed, Holmes orders Watson to talk to the newspaper boy and get a book about Maori from Barnes's bookstore

Analyzing the evidence

Holmes is standing in front of his laboratory table.

Click with your Hand on the chair or on the table and Holmes will sit down. On the table is an Analyzer on the left and a Microscope on the right. There are also 4 small bottles on the table.

Piece of Cloth:

Open the inventory screen via your right mouse button and then the "Items screen". Click on the "Piece of Cloth" in the "Item screen". You have then selected this item. Close the inventory screen with your right mouse button.

The "Piece of Cloth" is now at the top right of the screen. Click with your hand on the microscope ....... you will now see the piece of fabric enlarged through the microscope.

Click on the fabric. Holmes finds it very interesting. Right click to exit the microscope.

Fish scales:

Open the inventory screen again and read in "Reports" the findings of Holmes about the piece of fabric (Linen Scrap). Then open the "Item screen" screen. See that you have now lost the Piece of cloth.

Now select the "Fish Scale" and close the inventory screen. Click the microscope again by hand and you will return to the close-up screen, so you will see the Fish scales in the circle. Now you will also see Tweezers and a Knife at the bottom left. Grab the tweezers and click on the fish scales. You pick a scale and Holmes tells you his findings.

Exit the close-up screen. Read the "Report" about the fish scales in the "Report" section of your inventory. You read that the fish scale comes from a Perch, a saltwater fish.


Now take the Fibers from your inventory and then click on the microscope again by hand. Back in the close-up screen, take the tweezers out of the case again. Click on the Fibers all over the circle with the Tweezers until you find the place where Holmes then cuts a very small piece of wire

That spot is somewhere on the right side of the Fibers. This small piece of wire is then stored in "Items". Get out of the microscope again. Read Holmes' findings again in the "Reports" section of the inventory screen.


Now take the Ball from the "Items screen" of the inventory and then click again on the microscope by hand. Now you see the Ball in the microscope screen. Take the Knife out of the case and click it on the Ball. You cut the Ball in 2 equal halves and seeds come out. Put the knife back in the case and take the tweezers. Click on the seeds with the tweezers to store them in the "items screen". 

Holmes says that they are mustard seeds, but they also contain some other components. Exit the microscope screen


Back at the table, grab the bottles of Water, Solvent, Acid and Spirit Alcohol. All these 4 bottles disappear to your items inventory. Now take the "Piece of Stained Rope" from your inventory and then manually click on the Analyzer. Holmes places the piece of rope on the platform of the device. 

Take the Bottle of Solvent from your inventory and then click again with the "gears" on the Analyzer and ..... The device will now start working and when the process is finished Holmes will report that fresh water has come out of the wire. Read the report on this analysis in "Reports" of the inventory screen.

Then take the seeds, ie the "Compounds from Maori's Ball", from the Items screen and click on the Analyzer again. The seeds are placed on the platform. Take the Acid from your inventory and click on the Analyzer again. The acid dissolves the seeds, but Holmes thinks he should heat the place. So take the Matches from your inventory and then click with your hand on the small candle of the analyzer.

Holmes lights the candle and ... the device goes back to work. Holmes reports that opium and morphine are found in the seeds, but also traces of some unknown elements. Holmes is now ready and he go look out the window to see if Watson has already reached the newspaper boy. We now continue as:

As Watson:

Walk to the newspaper boy and then talk to the newspaper boy.

The boy reports that the bodyguard of that Scandinavian Princess has disappeared. Watson gives the boy some coins as a reward.

Now, through the Map or just walking through the streets, go to:

Barnes Bookshop:

Enter and go to Barnes. Watson gets a little wind from poor Barnes because of the fact that Watson, according to Barnes, talked to Holmes about Barnes's problems.

 Barnes then points Watson where he can find the Maori book.

The Maori book is on the table in de middle bookcase, which also contained the fish book

So go to that table and grab the purple book. Read this "People at the Earth's End" book in "Documents" of the inventory / portfolio. 

Go back, via the Map or on foot, to:

221B Baker Street:

Open the front door, walk up the stairs, and up through the door back into Sherlock Holmes' sitting room.


Holmes is on the right in front of the fireplace. Walk to Holmes and stand right in front of or behind him and then left click and you're Sherlock Holmes again. Holmes now tells what he already knows and asks Watson a question that you must answer. You are in the Holmes Quiz for the first time.

Holmes has asked a question and you must answer it by typing the answer in the black area at the bottom of the screen. You do this by clicking the letters and then confirming your answer by clicking the "V" button. Holmes's question is: "From what part of London does one of the kidnappers of the young Maori come?"  There are several answers possible and these are: DOCKS, WHARF or THAMES. So type in one of these 3 answers and then press your ENTER key or click on the "V".

When you have answered the question correctly Holmes announces that we must move to the port district of London.

Open the Map and see .... there is a magnifying glass on the map and it now contains the location "Wharf no 13"

Click on that "Wharf no.13" location and we end up in:

The Docks

2020: English walkthrough by Louis Koot