Sherlock Holmes: The Secret of the Silver Earring: edition 2016 and I have played it without any trouble with Windows 8.1

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2020: walkthrough by Louis Koot

The game is in English, so the subtitles are also in English. During the Intro and cut scenes there are no sub titles. Via the ESC key on your keyboard you open up the main menu screen where you can "Save", "Load", "Quit" and go to the options menu. During the game you play as Sherlock Holmes, but some parts you play as Dr. Watson. 

You can Save your game any time you want and as often as you want

In the game you have an inventory where all items are stored that you pick up and need in the game. You open the inventory bar with a right mouse click.

On the left of the inventory bar you have a thick book in which maps, letters, maps and notes are stored and where you can read the conversations you have

You will have to talk a lot in the game and pick up many items. Always exhaust every conversation until there is nothing left to ask. You can easily read the conversations back in the Book. Every question and answer is recorded in the "Conversation Section" of your Book. You will also often need to use your magnifying glass, tape measure, and test tubes, which you already have in your inventory, to further examine items. You can let Holmes run by double clicking with your left mouse button.

The game covers a span of 5 days. At the end of each day, Holmes and Watson go into "conclave" with each other and discuss what they found of suspects and evidence that day. This takes the form of a quiz. You will then have to answer a number of questions. So it's not a bad idea to make NOTES of what you think, who was where at what time etc, while playing the game.

When you start a "New Game" the game starts with the:


We are in London at number 221b Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes' home. Dr. Watson reads a letter that has just been delivered.

The letter is from Lord Cavendish-Smith. In the letter, Lord Cavendish asks if Sherlock Holmes wants to attend the birthday reception given by one Melvyn Bromsby to celebrate his daughter's birthday. At this reception there will also be an Italian opera singer who's name is Gallia. Lord Cavendish-Smith asks Sherlock Holmes in the letter to "put this Gallia to the test" because she will later also perform at the birthday party of an important member of the government. Lord Cavendish has sent 2 invitations so that Watson can also come to the Melvyn Bromsby's birthday reception.

Holmes and Watson arrive at the Bromsby house where the other guests are already present.

Inside, Holmes gives Watson a lesson in determining what kind of guy Melvyn Bromsby is without ever seeing the guy.

Then Melvyn Bromsby comes on the scene and ..... is shot.

We see a young lady who, amid the gunpowder fumes, apparently quickly puts something away in her purse.

You are now in control of the game.

Chapter 1: Day 1: October 14, 1897:

Sherringford Hall: Holmes:


Holmes is standing in front of the stage where Bromsby's body is located. A guy has bent over the body and, on the right, is another guy.

Just in front of the stage, and thus to the right of Holmes, there is a piece of paper on the floor.

Grab the piece of paper. Open your inventory and stand with your "hand" on the piece of paper you just picked up. It is a "Bromsby Note". Click on "Read". The note disappears into your thick book and Holmes has some comments about it. . Apparently it looks like 2 types of handwritings. Open the thick book. The book will open on the "Letters" page, but if not, click on the "letter tab" yourself. Here you can always read all your letters that you have found at your leisure. Click on the just picked up "Bromsby Speech".

Between Bromsby's reminders you see a sentence written in blue ink. Clearly written in a different handwriting than the rest of the sentences. You read: "Don't forget the Villager and the Sneak". Close the book by clicking on the book again in your inventory bar and then close your inventory with a right mouse click. Now place your cursor on the guy who's bent over Bromsby's body. Your "Conversation Cursor" appears. So go talk to this guy and use all the options you get.

This is the doctor from the village near Sherrington Hall. The doctor says that Bromsby was killed instantly and that the bullet is still in the body. However, he needs the permission of the competent police authority to get the bullet from the body. Say "Goodbye" when there are no more options.

Then talk to the guy on the right side of the stage and use all the options that are offered to you.

This is Grant Sweetney and he is a business partner of Bromsby. Grant Sweetney doesn't seem terribly upset about his partner's murder, and he doesn't seem to like Bromsby's daughter either, as he points out that the fatal shot was coming from her. He saw her put something in her purse immediately after the fatality shot. Close again with "Goodbye".

Now place your cursor behind the round white pillar that you see on the left. You now get the "foot cursor". Click and Holmes walks to the left, into the corner behind that pillar. You will see 2 doors. Forget about them for now and go to the left via the bottom left.

You are now across the ballroom and right in front of the stage. A soldier is standing between the pillars. Talk to him.

This is Major Lockhart, a typical product of colonial England in the 19th century. Use all your options again, but you won't get any wiser from this annoying gland. The Major is more interested in the excellent sherry that he pours down his throat at the expense of Bromsby.

Then continue walking, so behind the Major and past the pillars.

The camera changes position and you see Holmes approaching a door. Click to stop Holmes here

At the bottom of your screen you can just see a piece of the long dinner table. There are 3 chairs at this piece of table. Now look closely at the middle chair. Move your cursor over the middle chair. A small piece of fabric sticks to the left side of the railing. Grab that piece of fabric and view it in your inventory. It turns out to be a piece of "Dirty White Matter".

Close your inventory and continue to the left via the bottom left. Holmes ends up in the corner. Walk left again at the bottom left. Holmes then stands for the large double doors. A servant is mopping the floor between the tables and another soldier is leaning against the buffet table on the left. That buffet table serves as a bar. Go talk to that mopping servant

The name of this servant is Scott Brimms and he is one of the 5 permanent employees of Melvyn Bromsby. The other 4 permanent employees are the 2 maids Mary and Sue, the chef Carl and the coachman Lamb. All other servants who are here tonight are temporary workers to serve during the party. Continue to use all other call options. Brimms tells where he was during the murder and where the other permanent staff members are now. Mary is cleaning the ground floor and Sue is comforting a girl who has burst into tears. The strange thing is that this girl started crying before Bromsby was killed. The coachman, Lamb, took orders at the main gate on behalf of Miss Lambert to prevent reporters from squeezing in. Say "Goodbye" again if there is nothing left to ask.

Have a chat with that soldier leaning at the bar table on the left. This is Colonel Patterson and Holmes feels this is a "strict soldier" who absolutely does not want to speak to a "citizen" like Holmes. Actually, the guy just wants to drink. Well .... maybe he will be more talkative when we pour a gallon of  alcohol through his throat. Head back to the door by the chair  where you just picked up that piece of "Dirty White matter" from.

Click on the door. Before Holmes goes through this door, he notices that the door handle is down. Then he steps through the door and he ends up in the:


When Holmes enters the hall, he smells a gunpowder odor. Take a good look around. In the corner stand a nice shiny Harness. You see 3 doors and Holmes is at the door through which he entered this hallway. So that's the door to the ballroom. The door on the left takes you into the kitchen. That will come later. The door to the left of the harness takes you into another hallway. That too will come later. On the floor you see a tangle of footsteps. You can walk further into the hallway via the "feet" at the bottom of the screen and you will see another door and a large mirror on the wall.

However, now stand by the Harness and take a good look at it. The harness stand on a box. You see something protruding behind the box. Move your cursor over the floor, just in front of the box with the harness on it. You will then get the "hand cursor". So click your mouse and Holmes bends over and examines this place through his magnifying glass.

You automatically zoom in and see a black cloth behind the harness. Grab the black cloth.

Holmes tells you that this black cloth is large enough to disguise a person. Zoom out of the close-up via the button at the top right. Then look at the ballroom door. So the door through which Holmes entered the hall from the ballroom. At the top of the left door frame you see some black stripes. Take the Measure Tape from your inventory and click on those black stripes.

It is some kind of powder and Holmes says that this powder is at a height of 1.65 meters from the floor. Holmes stores the measuring tape again and you automatically have that "Powder" in your inventory. Walk further down the corridor via the feet at the bottom of the screen. You will then see the rest of the hall and another door. So there are 4 doors in the hallway. On the left you see the big mirror. There is a small, narrow table at the bottom of the mirror. Click on that table. Holmes report that he sees something on that table. However, it is too small to see with the "naked eye". So take the magnifying glass from your inventory and click on that table under the mirror again.

Holmes examines the white cloth through his magnifying glass and you can see that there are a few "Black Hairs" on it. Grab them.

Zoom out of the close-up via the button at the top right. The kitchen door is now on the right. Click on the kitchen door and Holmes enters the:


Stand still. In the middle of the kitchen is the large work table. To the left of Holmes is a large cupboard, next to the door, and in the corner you can see a large round stone well closed by a heavy wooden lid. That well is the "Dustbin". There is a small stool in front of the work table. Move your cursor over the floor, just in front of the stool or on the stool. You will get a hand there. Grab the magnifying glass from your inventory again and then click on that spot, just in front of the stool.

Holmes walks over to it, bends over and discovers a button lying on the floor under the work table. Grab the "Button". Holmes tells you that it is a uniform button, but that the insignia on the button is wrong. Instead of the guns pointing up, they point down. From this, Holmes concludes that this button is a copy. Zoom out of the close-up. Click on that big round stone well, which is in the corner. Holmes lifts the lid and finds it quite heavy.

Walk further into the kitchen via the feet at the bottom right. You can see the big stove. Walk a bit further. 

You will see a guy with a chef's hat standing in the basement hatch. Talk to him.

This is the chef and his name is Carl Pannister. Like all good chefs, he is more angry about that his delicious dishes are now ruined than that his employer has been killed. All the more so since Bromsby has hired a Frenchman as Chef and this "squint-eyed" Frenchman has his own ideas about gourmet cocking, which are not in line with Carl's ideas. That Frenchman has covered the tables in the ballroom with white tablecloths, despite Bromsby hating white. Bromsby has pushed for blue tablecloths. Carl was in the basement and heard the lid of that big round "dustbin" fall shut just before and just after the murder. The first time it was Mary who opened the "dustbin". He saw that. The 2nd time, however, he did not see who was messing with the "dustbin". Say "Goodbye" if there is nothing left to ask.

Walk back through the bottom of the screen and exit the kitchen through the door to the:


Back in the "harness corridor" you click on the middle of the 3 doors. So that's the door to the left of the harness. Holmes notes that there is a greasy substance on the door handle, it is sauce. Holmes goes through this door and ends up in another hallway. This is a longer hallway, although you wouldn't say that now. Immediately on the right you see another door. Go through that door. Holmes ends up in the:

Men's Smoking Room:

Stylish seats, right? Say ... do you see those footprints on the floor? They go in a nice straight line to the left through the room and thus along the carpet on which the coffee table is placed. You see them as faint black stripes on the floor. Take the Tape Measure from Holmes infinitely deep pocket and click on the footprints.

Holmes measures the footprints and concludes that they are a "size 7". There is a letter on the coffee table and an ashtray. There is a cigarette in the ashtray. Now take the magnifying glass from the inventory again and click on the ashtray on the coffee table to get into the close-up. Then click with your hand on the ashtray.

Holmes does not take the cigarette but he does take some ashes from the ashtray and says that the ashes do not come from the cigar butt. You now have "Flaky Ash" in your inventory. Close the close-up. Go 1 screen further to the left, via bottom left. Holmes comes to the next screen and sees that the footprints go into the bathroom with the door open. So enter the bathroom.

You see the sink with the mirror. On the right of the sink you see a small bowl of soap. At that soap bowl there is a small pair of scissors on the sink. Click there with your hand. Holmes says that he "needs something". So take the magnifying glass out of your deep pockets and click on the sink again at the pair of the scissors. You come in the close-up. You have to look closely, but there is a tuft of red hair in front of the scissors. Grab the red hair.

You then have "Red Hair" in your inventory. Also click on the scissors. It turns out to be a pair of scissors to trim mustaches. A red mustache? 

Leave the bathroom again and go back to the sitting area via bottom right and then back through the door into the hallway.


You are back in the 2nd hallway. Walk further down this hall via the bottom of the screen. You will come to the next screen and you will see a larger part of the hall. There are paintings on the walls and there is a table against the right wall. If you look closely you will see that there is something under that table. You also get a hand under the table. You have to zoom in there again, so take out the magnifying glass  and click on the floor at the bottom of the table. Holmes walks to the table and bends over and you come in the close-up. To the left of the table is a round black box on the floor.

You have to look closely to find it even though you are in close-up. Grab this black round box. In your inventory you see that it is a "Small box with white powder"

Exit the close-up and walk further down the middle down the corridor on the next screen. You then look at the other end of the corridor and see 3 doors again. The door in the middle goes to the hall, the door on the left goes to the Ladies Salon and the door on the right goes to the Ballroom. In front of this door, so the door on the right, there is a Red Handbag on the floor.

Grab the handbag and then open the inventory. Scroll through your inventory to the handbag and click on "Unpack" to extract the items it contains.

Holmes takes a small-caliber pistol, brand Wright, from the red handbag. There will also be a "Passport of Lavinia Bromsby" and "Ticket of train and boat from Geneva to London" from the handbag and all this is now in your inventory. There is also a pile of white dust in front of the same right door. Now take  "the Test tube" from Holmes and click on that pile of white dust that is on the floor in front of the right door.

You will get "White Powder" in your inventory. Click on the left door and Holmes enter the:

Ladies sitting room:

Against the left wall is a "Mirror cabinet". In the middle part of the "mirror" you see a painting and under the painting you see a photo. Grab that photo. Holmes walks to the cabinet and grabs the photo. The lady in the photo is wearing a beautiful earring. Open your inventory. You now have a "Photo of a pretty young girl". Open your book and then open the "Documents page" of the book. Click there on "Photo of pretty young girl". You can now view the photo and read the text that someone wrote on the photo. You read: "To the future great actress. With all my encouragement. Veronica Davenport." Close the book and your inventory.

Holmes is now right in front of the mirror cabinet. Look closely. You can see a hairbrush on the cupboard. Just in front of the hairbrush is another pile of dust. You see it as a circle on the cupboard. So grab the Test tube again and click on that dust circle and you have picked up a pile of "White Powder" again.

Walk back a screen at the bottom left. There is a book on the round table. A piece of paper sticks out of the book.

Click on the book to get in the close-up and then click on the piece of paper to put it in your 1nventory.

Look in your inventory for this piece of paper. It is a "Visit Card", but it is in French. Click "Read" to put the ticket in your book. Open your book and then the "Documents Page" and then read this "French Visit Card". Fortunately, Holmes quickly translates it into English. The visit card is from that French Chef-waiter, Louis Phillipe de la Musardie. Close the book and your inventory and exit the close-up. Leave this room through the doors and you are back in the hallway. Now go through the middle door and Holmes ends up in the stairwell. Holmes again remarks that there are stains on this door handle.


Mary, one of the maids, is on her knees scrubbing the runner.

Talk to Mary and use all possible options again. However, especially use the option "The Well for garbage". That's the "dustbin" in the kitchen.

Mary heard the shot, but this was no reason for her to interrupt her work. Bromsby was not an easy gentleman to work for, but he paid well. Just before the shot fell, Mary emptied her bin into the dustbin in the kitchen, but AFTER the shot, she hasn't been back in the kitchen. The French chef is squeaky and Lavidia Bromsby is charmed by him. Say goodbye to Mary if you have nothing left to ask.

At the bottom of the screen is a round table. Click there with your feet to walk 1 screen further into the hall. You will see the stairs and Mary in front of the stairs. A sitting / reading corner has been made in the stairs and the space under the stairs has been used as a bookcase. You get your hand on the right wall of this sitting area. There's a drawer there that Holmes can slide open.

So click on that spot with your hand. Holmes walks over to it and opens a small box and says it contains Blue Table cloths, which are a lot smaller than the white tablecloths that currently cover the large tables in the ballroom. Walk back through the bottom of the screen and then go through the door in the left wall to the:

Dining room:

On the front left of the large set dining table is a note. Grab the note. Scroll to it in your inventory. It is a "Guest List". Click "Read" and view this guest list in the documents page of your book. Some names in the list are marked with an X, others with a circle and still others with a dot. Close the book and inventory and walk into the dining room via the bottom left. At the other end of the large dining table are a woman and a guy. The woman is sobbing. These are Lavidia Bromsby, the daughter of the murdered Bromsby, and the guy is Hermann Grimble. First talk to Hermann Grimble and use all conversation options again.

Grimble is, was, Bromsby's advisor and is also a major shareholder in Bromsby's business. You will experience that Bromsby has made a will and this on advice and with the cooperation of his friend and lawyer Horace Fowlett. However, this Horace Fowlett cannot be found.

Then talk to Lavinia Bromsby. However, she does not want to say anything. She just sobs. Suddenly a young lieutenant walks in from the ballroom. The perky lieutenant thinks he should defend Lavinia and you now get a number of conversation options. Use them all again.

This perky and most annoying lieutenant is Lieutenant Herrington and at the time of the shot he was talking to the other annoying soldier, Colonel Patterson, in the ballroom. When the shot was fired, Herrington saw Lavidia standing in one of the doors of the ballroom. Herrington came to the party at the request of that Patterson. The lieutenant then disappears and we automatically end up in the ballroom and with that annoying Colonel Patterson.


So talk to Colonel Patterson again and use all possible conversation options again.

At the time of the shot, Patterson and Herrington were at the bar drinking their drinks. Patterson has not seen Lavinia in the door. But that is not surprising because Patterson has very bad eyesight, so he doesn't see much. But his hearing is very well developed because only on the sound of the shot  he knows that a small caliber Wright revolver has been fired. Patterson first met that Lieutenant Herrington a few days ago and gives up high on the lieutenant. 

Talk to Lieutenant Herrington again, who is at the window behind the bar and use all the conversation options again.

At the time of the murder, Herrington was also in this spot and after the murder, he immediately left the ballroom.

After these 2 conversations you walk a little further, via the slanting feet that you get at the bottom left of the screen.

You will then see the entire bar and the bartender behind it.

Talk to the bartender. His name is Hunter and he was hired especially for the reception by some agency. Hunter confirms that Patterson and Herrington were at the bar at the time of the murder and that he was so busy supplying both gentlemen with booze that he himself saw nothing of the murder.

Then walk through the bottom of the screen, return to Patterson and Herrington and talk to the still mopping Scot Brimms again. Now ask Scot about the Frenchman through the "French" topic. The Frenchman has apparently runs away after the murder and has not been seen since.

Now go back to the dining room to talk to Lavinia again. You can do this via the route you have taken earlier, but this route is easier. From Scot Brimms, return to the bar at the bottom left. You are then back on the screen where you see the entire bar and the bartender. Then continue walking through the feet that you get at the windows. You will then be taken to the next screen. Here you continue via the feet that you get in the bottom center of the screen. You are then back on the right side of the fire place podium.

Go through the door to the right of the podium and you are back in the:

Dining room:

Talk to Lavinia again. Lavinia does not want to talk to Holmes, she only wants to talk to the authorities. Holmes now says to himself that he should now use one of his "hints". Open your inventory and now take the "Gun". Close your inventory and click on Lavinia with your "Talk cursor + Gun".

Holmes asks if this is her revolver. Yeah ... she got this thing from her dad a few days ago. However, she denies murdering her father. Use the "Father" topic. Bromsby apparently feared for the safety of his daughter and therefore gave her the revolver. After the reception he would explain everything to her. Use the "Help" topic. Lavinia agrees that Holmes investigate her father's murder further. Say "Goodbye".

Holmes now wonders what Dr. Watson is actually doing and we are now automatically switch over to Watson

As Watson:

You now continue as Watson and we are in the garden. Watson meets with Bromsby coachman Lamb. 

The conversation topics appear after the usual pleasantries. Use them all. 

The bottom line is that Watson orders Lamb to stand guard here so that no one can sneak into the house. The door behind Watson is closed, which is the service entrance for the staff. Say goodbye to Lamb. Walk a screen to the right, via the middle right. You will then see the forecourt and the platform. There is a woman on the platform. Walk one screen further to the right and you are on an overview screen of the main entrance to Sherringford Hall.

The woman standing on the steps by the front door is Miss Lambert, the housekeeper. You also see a number of men standing to the left of the coaches. Behind the carriage where those 3 men stand you see a bench. There is a 4th guy on that bench. On the right are 2 women on a bench. One of the two women is crying violently. So the other woman will be Sue, the 2nd maid.

Click with your talk cursor on Miss Lambert. Watson walks over to her and talks to her. Again use all possible conversation topics.

You learn that Lambert opened the gate immediately after the murder. This was under pressure from the guests. You also learn that the local constable was present at the reception and that he left to alarm Scotland Yard. An inspector from Scotland Yard, who is already around here, will arrive soon to investigate Bronsby's murder. Miss Lambert is very pleased with Louis Phillipe, the French waiter. It is he who gave her the idea to mark the names of the guests on the guest list with a circle, a dot or a cross. A circle behind a name means that this is an important guest. A dot means that the guest is visually impaired and a cross means that the guest is hearing impaired. The Frenchman has also arranged the entire "table setting", so which guest will sit where and how the tables are set. Louis Phillipe is now in  London to visit his ophthalmologist (Eye doctor).

When you have finished talking to Miss Lambert again, open the inventory and click on your book. Open the "Documents page and view that guest list again. Look up the guest list on Colonel Patterson. Patterson's name is marked with a Dot and a Cross. So Patterson is not only visually impaired but also hearing impaired. However, Patterson has stated that he has heard the sound of the shot and that it was a small caliber Wright revolver. Close the book and your inventory. Now walk back to the bottom, via the slanted fee, to the previous screen and then walk on to the three men standing by the "red" carriage You will get a close-up of these 3 guys.

All 3 are the servants of one of the guests and all three are a bit tipsy because of the drinks they have hoisted inside. Talk to all these 3 guys. The left guy is Lt. Herrington's servant and his name is Spencer, the bottle guy is called O'gohan and he is Miss Roun's servant tree. Miss Rountree is that girl who is crying on the right bench. The 3rd guy is Hurley and he is Shatterhwaite's servant, who you see sitting on the bench behind the carriage. Hurley has heard the shot and another strange sound.

Well ... there is nothing more to get out of these 3 "gentlemen", so go out of this close-up via bottom right and then click with your "feet" at the lamppost to the left of the landing. Watson walks over there and you see that Satterhwaite sitting on the bench. Talk to him.

Satterhwaite's clothes are ripped and dirty. He says this was because the other guests hit him on the floor and ran over him when everyone ran out in panic after the shot. 

Go back to the overview screen via bottom right and then continue to the two women who are sitting on the right bench. Talk to Miss Rountree, the crying young lady.

Rountree cries not because of grief over Bronsby's murder, but because her boyfriend didn't show up. 

Talk to Sue, the maid. So at the time of the murder, Sue was serving the guests in the ballroom, and she suspects Lavinia of her father's murder.

When you've talked to all these people, Watson is done and Holmes will come out too. A conversation follows between Holmes and Watson in which Holmes mainly speaks. Holmes wants to investigate something and he tells Watson to watch at the main gate to see if the Scotland Yard inspector is coming. Watson then walks to the gate.


Holmes is therefore outside the landing. Go, via the feet at the left lamp post, one screen to the left. Holmes walks to the left and we return to the screen with Lamb, the coachman. Lamb is still guarding the maid's entrance to the house. Now use your cursor to find the ground between the door and Lamb. You will get the Hand at a tiny white spot. So take the magnifying glass out of Holmes bags and then click on that spot on the floor.

You enter the close-up and you see a cigarette butt above a footprint.

Grab the "Cigarette but Chirr" and then take the Tape Measure out of your inventory again and use it on the footprint.

The footprint is a "size 7". Close the close-up. 

Holmes now automatically walks to the right and meets his old friend of Scotland Yard, Inspector Lestrade. A "conversation" follows.

Holmes gives Lestrade a demonstration of his skills by deducing where Lestrade has been today and he explains to Lestrade how the murder was done. 

The Inventory book is then automatically opened on the environment map. 

Click on "Baker Street" and we end up back in Holmes house at:

221b Baker Street:

Holmes says he is going to do some tests with the materials he found in Sherringford Hall. So now we play again as:

  Dr. Watson:

Behind Watson you see a bookcase. Click with your hand on the bookcase and Watson will stand in front of it.

The bookcase has 5 compartments. Number them, from crooks down, as 1 to 5. Click in boxes 2, 3 and 4 to take a book from each of these 3 boxes. You can now read these 3 books in the documents page of your thick Inventory book. So open your inventory book and click on the "document tab". Then read the "Footprint" book, the "Balistic Science" and the "Study of Tobacco" book.

From  the footprint book you learn that someone who has shoe size 7 will probably be 1.65 meters tall. In the "Balistic" book you read that if you find gunpowder traces found at the shooter's eye level, add 15cm to the height at which you found those gunpowder traces to know the length of the shooter. In the "Tobacco" book you read about a substance that is in the tobacco of mainly the "Chirripaqui" cigarettes. This substance has a calming effect and the tobacco is mainly from Brazil. If you have read these 3 books in your Inventory Book, close the Inventory Book again. Watson then gives some comments. Then close your inventory and you automatically switch back to:


You are now playing as Holmes again and it is time to investigate some items from your inventory. Holmes is standing in front of his work table. Click with your hand on the work table. You enter the close-up of the work table. First take a look at the items on the table. On the left is a Burner. On the right is a microscope.

  At the back of the table is a cabinet with a number of bottles. Each bottle contains a certain liquid. You can only use 4 of the 5 bottles from the bottom compartment. If you move your cursor over those bottles you will read what is in the bottle. From left to right it is: "Spirit", "Acid", "Soap" and "Solvent". There is a bowl of water in front of this bottle cabinet.

If you have further researched an item, you can read the result of your research in the "Note page" (B) of the thick Inventory book.  Holmes has told you what items he wants to investigate now. We start with:

Piece of Dirty White Clothes:

Place the bowl of water on the Burner. Then take the bottle of "Soap" from the cupboard and click on the water bowl.

Put the bottle back in the box. Then click with your hand under the bowl to light the burner. Open your inventory and take the "Piece of Dirty White Clothes" and click this in the bowl on the burner.

Holmes then tells you to put the piece of cloth in a "Solvent". The bowl is automatically put back on the table and there is normal water in it. In your inventory you now have a "Piece of White Clothes".

Place the bowl with water back on the burner. Take the "Solvent" bottle from the cabinet and click on the bowl. Put the bottle back in the cabinet. Light the burner again and take the "Piece of White Clothes" from your inventory and click this in the bowl on the burner.

Holmes tells you that the stains on this piece of cloth are "Sticky but not oily". The bowl goes back on the table and the white piece of cloth is back in your inventory. Take the cloth out of your inventory and click it on the glass plate of the microscope. Holmes tells you that it is "very fine white cotton".

Open your thick inventory book and click on the Note tab (B). You read that this type of fine white cotton is used to make the gloves of army officers. Close the book. You are done with the White Cloth and you have lost it right now. We continue with:

Black Powder.

So this is the "Powder" you found on the door frame of the Ballroom door in the "Harness" hallway. Take this "Powder" from your inventory and place it on the burner. Light the burner. You get "Burned powder". It disappears immediately and so you no longer have the Black Powder in your inventory. We continue with the:

Black hairs:

Take the "Black Hair" from inventory and place it on the glass plate of the microscope. It's a Men's Hair. In your book you read that it is very greasy. Probably by the Brilliantine. Ready. Get rid of black hair. We continue with:

White Powder:

You have 2 piles of "White Powder" in your inventory and a "Small Box with White Powder". In your inventory, click with the magnifying glass on that "Small Box with White Powder". You then have 3 heaps of white powder and that box is gone. Place all three piles of White Powder on the glass plate of the microscope. Holmes tells you that all three are the same and the 3 heaps become 1 hope.

Click on the pile of white powder that is now on the glass plate of the microscope. It disappears back into your inventory. Immediately take it out again and place it on the burner and light the burner again. It has no effect. The White Powder will automatically return to your inventory.

Place the Water Bowl back on the burner and light the burner again. Place the White Powder in the bowl on the burner.  A "Glue-like Substance" is created. You have now also lost the White Powder. We continue with the:

Red Hair:

Take the "Red Hair" from your inventory and place it on the glass plate of the microscope. Holmes tells you that the hair is infused with a "light feminine perfume".


Holmes is now ready and he wants to go over all the evidence with Watson. You will automatically return to the thick inventory book and Holmes explains that you should now do a quiz. On the right page you can read the rules of the Quiz. Read it through and then click on the "Next Question" at the bottom of the page.

7 questions will be asked. Answer each question with "Yes" or "No" and then answer your question with one of the notes in the Book which you will find under TAB A, TAB B and TAB C.

Your answers must therefore appear in the Red, Green or Blue rectangular frames that you see on the right page under the question, so for some questions you have to look at Tab A, Tab B and Tab C for your accountability. TAB A is for the Blue Frame, TAB B for the Red Frame and TAB C for the Green Frame.

So read the question, then click "Yes" or "No" and click TAB A, or TAB B or TAB C of your Book, and then locate the appropriate Witness questioning, Note, or Document / Letter. Click on that to select it and then click on the appropriate frame under the question to put your answer there.

Question 1:

"Do we have an idea of ​​the weapon used for the crime"? Answer = Yes, so click on "Yes. Accountability = TAB A. So click on TAB A and then scroll up to Colonel Patterson's 2nd interview. Select this 2nd interview and then click on the box on the right page, below the question.

Then click on the down scroll "arrow" at the bottom of the right page and you will see:

Question 2:

"Could the murderer escape through the stairs going to the second floor?" Answer: "No". Accountability = TAB A = The testimony of Mary, the maid who scrubbed the runner all the time in the stairwell.

Question 3:

"The ashes found in the smoking room are from English cigarettes? ". Answer:" No ". Responsibility: TAB B =" in the garden outside the service door: cigarette but with white flaky ashes .... TAB C = Study of tobacco .

Question 4:

"Was the side door going to the kitchen open after the shot?". Answer: "No". Accountability: TAB A = Satterhwaite's statement. He couldn't open the door.

Question 5:

"Did miss Lambert choose table = cloths and arrange tables?". Answer: "No". Accountability: TAB A: The statement by Carl Pannister, the chef and the statement by Miss Lambert himself.

Question 6:

"Do we have an idea of ​​the murderer's height?". Answer: "Yes". Accountability = TAB B = In the corridor to the kitchen: Powder residue found on the door frame leading to the ballroom, at height of 1,65m. TAB C: Ballistic science.

Question 7:

"Among the interrogated people, did any others than Colonel Patterson have bad eyesight?". Answer: "Yes". Accountability = TAB A = Statement Miss Lambert. TAB C = Guest List.

You have now answered all 7 questions and hopefully answered correctly. Click on the "Notes" TAB at the bottom of the right page and then close the book by clicking on the book in your inventory. If you answered all the questions correctly,

Holmes says: "It is simplicity itself. We have answered all the questions". If you have answered certain questions incorrectly, Holmes says that you have to go through the evidence again. Then check which question (s) you have answered incorrectly and then improve your answer.

If you did the quiz correctly then this is the END OF DAY 1 and we will continue with:

Chapter 2: Day 2: October 15, 1897:

2020: English walkthrough by: Louis Koot