2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot    

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This game was released in the U.S.A as "Sherlock Holmes Nemesis"

This walkthrough is made with the 2016 Remastered version of the game and it is the English version.

The game works exactly like the previous Holmes game "The Awakened". You can also play this game with the keyboard or the mouse and you can switch between 1st person perspective and 3rd person perspective. If you don't know what 1st person and 3rd person perspective is, then you can look this up in my The Awakened walkthrough. On the Main Menu screen you can first go to the "Options" to set some graphics and game options according to your preferences. You can also change the default keys as you prefer on the "Controls" screen

You can at any time "Save" and "Load" the game and there are unlimited "save  slots". In the game you open the menu screen by pressing your "Escape key" In this game you also have access to an "Inventory / Book screen, which you open by pressing your right mouse button.  At the bottom left is the camera that allows you to switch between the 1st person and the 3rd person. The "Question Mark" at the bottom right opens the "Hint screen". 

If you choose to play the game entirely with your mouse, you do everything with the mouse. Then go forward with the left mouse button. If you find that walking is too slow, you can let  Holmes / Watson run by pressing and holding the SHIFT key. You turn left, right or all the way around by turning your mouse left, right or round. With your left mouse button you also open doors etc. and grab the items that you have to take in the game. You have to stand very close to objects, for example doors, etc., to get the grab hand cursor. With your right mouse button you open the inventory screen.

I frequently switch between the 1st person and the 3rd person because it is sometimes more convenient to be in the 1st person but at other times it is more convenient to be in the 3rd person. However, you have to decide for yourself whether you find this useful ...... I will not always mention this in the walkthrough.

After you have set the game in the options screen to your own preferences, which depend on the performance of your computer, choose "New Game". You will then first have to endure a few screens with explanation text. Press your spacebar to go to the next screen. After the text screens, the intro movie starts, which is approximately exactly the same as the intro movie of "the Awakened".

Chapter 1: July 14, 1895

Baker Street 221b:

After a walk through the streets we end up in the sitting room of Baker Street 221b, the home of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. 

The detective's inevitable side-kick, Dr. Watson, is also back and reading the morning newspaper while  Holmes is punishing us with his violin.

The newspaper reports that the infamous French gentleman burglar Arsène Lupin seduced a young Italian Countess and robbed her of her dowry. However, Arsene Lupin has stated to the newspaper that he did this to save the Countess from the arranged marriage to a man who would not be worthy of her. The young Countess is now crying in a monastery while the fathers of the bride and groom have put an award on the head of Arsène Lupin.

After reading this newspaper article, and some more whining about Holmes's gloomy mood, Watson looks at this mornings mail. Between the mail appears to be a letter from Arsène Lupin and Watson wants Holmes to pick up the letter and read it. You now get control over the game.  Look down at the letters on the table and then grab the Arsène Lupin letter

The letter is stored in the "Documents" section of the inventory screen. Read the letter and use the arrows to scroll through the letter.

In the letter, Arsène Lupin says that he is a great admirer of Sherlock Holmes. Holmes, Lupin writes, is the only civilized man in the UK with enough brains to be a formidable opponent for him. Lupin announces that he wants to teach the arrogant self-righteous British a lesson. To that end, Lupin plans to steal 5 trophies of National Pride from the British in the coming week and publicly display these trophies to make fun of the British. Arsène Lupin, however, is a vain spout. He considers himself an artist, which is why he likes to have spectators while performing his actions. Lupin therefore challenges Holmes to follow his actions or try to prevent them. Lupin has added a poem in the letter.

This poem contains clues about this evening's theft. However, the letter is not signed with Arsène Lupin but with "Arseno Lotinho".

Right click to exit the inventory screen. Holmes then wonders why Lupin signed the letter with "Arseno Lotinho". Watson is instructed to go to Barnes' bookstore to look there for more information regarding the clues in the poem. Holmes himself leaves the room to have breakfast. So you are now:


In the Map section of the inventory screen you now also have the map, but you cannot yet travel via the map. Locations do not appear on the map until you have visited a location for the first time. If you feel like it, you can walk around the room and look at  everything. However, you cannot pick up or do anything else. So why bother? Locate the room door to the left of the coat rack. Open the door by clicking the doorknob with your hand and leave the room. 

Then walk down the stairs and open the outside door and step onto the street.  Baker Street 221b will now be available on the map. Well ... you have to go to the Barnes bookstore. Turn left and walk out of Baker Street onto Melcombe Street. turn right into Melcome Street and .....

.......continue to the side street . This is Glentworth Street and here you will find:

Barnes Bookstore:

Walk through to the front door of Barnes bookshop. The bookshop is now available on the map. Go inside. Watson notice that it's a mess in the bookstore. Walk to the counter and .... We see Barnes dancing a strange kind of ritual dance and making strange noises. Barnes is then reading a book. Barnes can be read in the "Forbidden Book" that Holmes found in The Awakened ". Walk through to Barnes and then click on him to talk to Barnes.

After the introductory pleasantries, you will see the conversation options in the top right of your screen. You now only get 1 option and that is "A strange affair".

Place your hand on it so that the sentence turns dark blue, then click and Watson tells Barnes that he is looking for information about a Spanish Cape and a man with one arm and one eye. Barnes answers that books about the history of the Navy can be found in one of the bookcases. Click on "Good-bye" to end the conversation.

Turn around to see the counter again. Then walk forward to the bookcases to the left of the counter and then turn left. You are now looking into the first bookcase niche. There is a ladder and a bench. In the right bookcase in this niche you can see a brown book on the bottom shelf. Walk over to the bench and then grab that brown book.

It is the "Great English Seaman Book" and the relevant information from this book is stored in "Documents" of the inventory screen. Read these 2 pages. You read about Admiral Horatio Nelson, who defeated the French at Cape Trafalgar. So Admiral Nelson had one arm and one eye. You will also see 3 drawings in these 2 pages of the book. Check out these 3 drawings. Close the inventory screen and ..... Watson will then automatically say goodbye to Barnes.

Open the inventory screen again and then the map via "Map". At the top of the map you will see 2 "Tabs". The "Map of London" tab opens the Map of Greater London and the "Map of Baker Street" tab opens the area of ​​Baker Street in the magnifying glass. The magnifying glass now shows 2 green dots. The green dots on the map are the locations available and where you can now go. At the moment these are Baker Street 221b and the Barnes Bookstore.

You can of course just walk back to Baker Street 221b, but why would you want to do that? Click on the Baker Street 221b dot and you will automatically be at the front door of Holmes's house. Go inside, up the stairs and then through the brown door back into Holmes' living room.

Baker Street 221b:

Holmes is already waiting for you pontifically and impatiently, by the fireplace. Walk to Holmes and address him by clicking on his head and ...

Holmes wants to know if Watson knows the meaning of the signature "Arseno Lotinho". At the bottom of your screen you see the alphabet and the letters 0 to 9. The question is "Who is Arsène Lotinho" On the right you see the "V-button". Under the "V-button" you will see the "box-button" and the "Arrow-button". With the "V-button" you confirm the answer. With the "box button" you put spaces in your answer and with the "Arrow button" you fix an error if you have clicked on the wrong letter or number

So you have 2 options to give the answer. You can give the answer by clicking on the letters and then on the "V". Or you can type the answer on your own keyboard and then press your ENTER key. If you give the answer by clicking on the letters, you must put a space, via the "box button", between Horatio and Nelson. So the answer to the question is ..... HORATIO NELSON. So enter HORATIO NELSON on your keyboard or by clicking the letters on the screen. Confirm the answer with your ENTER key or with the "V button" and ......

Watson then explains that "Arseno Lutinho" is an anagram of Horatio Nelson. Holmes now concludes that what Lupin wants to steal tonight has to do with Admiral Nelson. There is a statue of Admiral Nelson in Trafalgar Square. Since the clue in the poem speaks of "at the feet of the master," Holmes concludes that what Lupin wants to steal must be near the Nelson statue in Trafalgar Square. Holmes wants to check out the London map to see if there is anything interesting near Trafalgar Square. But our great detective is not going to get the map himself.  So, as Watson, you must do that.

Turn left and look at the right window. Holmes's desk is on the wall. Walk towards it and stand very close to it.

On the right is the red London book on the desk. Have your hand on the book and then grab the book.

Watson screams that he has the map of London and Holmes wants to know what's in Trafalgar Square that is "at the feet of Admiral Nelson." Open the inventory screen and then the Map section. The map opens with the area surrounding Baker Street. So click on the "Map of London" tab to open the map of Greater London. On the map of Greater London you will see, in the pink center part, 4 yellow dots. These 4 yellow dots are for "West", "Center", "East", and "South".

Trafalgar Square is a square in the center of London, so click on the "Center" dot to open the Center map. There are 3 yellow dots on the map of the Center. The top left dot is The British Museum, the dot in the middle is the Justice Court, and the dot in the bottom left is Trafalgar Square. Place your cursor on these dots and you will read a description of the location. At Trafalgar Square you can read that there is also the "National Gallery of Paintings".

Click on the Trafalgar Square dot and .....

Watson screams to Holmes that the "National Gallery of Paintings" is directly opposite the statue of Admiral Nelson. So Holmes concludes that Lupin plans to steal a painting from that museum, but which painting? Holmes now wants to visit the museum and instructs Watson to arrange a carriage (Hansom) while he will call Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard to accompany them to the museum.

Well ... you are put on your place again. After all, you are nothing more than the side kick of the Great Detective, so go out onto the street and arrange a carriage for your Lord and Master. When you are back on the street, turn right and see ..... a carriage is already waiting and coachman Lamb is on the box.

Stand close to the rear of the carriage and then look up to get your hand on the back of Coachman Lamb. 

Then click to speak to Lamp and ...... we will end up in the museum:

National Gallery of Paintings:


Entrance hall

So you are now Holmes and you are standing downstairs in the entrance hall of the museum. Watson is on the left. Turn right to the reception and go to the young man behind the desk. Talk to him. This is Palinor, the museum's student archivist. The conversation first goes by itself.

Palinor begins by telling that Holmes and Watson are the only visitors at the moment, but Holmes interrupts the young man. Holmes explains why he and Watson came to the museum. You then get 2 options, "Director" and "Ledger". Use them both. Through "Director", Palinor explains that the Director of the museum, Sir Poynter, is currently talking to an artist. We then see Sir Poynter and that artist.

The artist has quite a few requirements regarding the exhibition of his work. His paintings are hung in the staircase and he doesn't like that place. Sir Poynter then sees Holmes and Watson and decides to continue the conversation with the artist in his office. Holmes asks for the catalog of the paintings on display via "Ledger", which means Catalog. Unfortunately ..... Palinor says there is a catalog, but he lost the catalog somewhere. Holmes then offers to search the catalog. You will then get the option "Blueprint". So use this option and Palinor will give Holmes a map of the museum. Say "Good-bye" to end the conversation.

The map of the museum is now part of the maps in the "Map section" of the inventory screen and you can open this map via the Tab "National Gallery of Painting". Do that now and look at the layout of the museum. There is a green dot in almost every room of the museum.

Place your hand on the green dots and you will read the name of the room in question. By clicking on the green dots you end up in those rooms. But of course you can also reach all rooms on foot. You should now first go to the French Gallery. So you can now go to the French Gallery via the map or go there on foot. I'm going to walk to it now to get a feel for the place

Find the Catalog:

Turn counterclockwise to the stairs. The stairs consist of 2 parts. The top part of the stairs is covered with red carpet, the bottom part is bare. At the top of the lower part, a narrow red staircase goes to the left and to the right. Now walk up the bottom stairs and then turn left. You then look at the Spanish Gallery.

Walk up the narrow red stairs and enter the Spanish Gallery and then straight on into the French Gallery. In the French Gallery you walk to the closed double doors and then turn right. You then look at the gate to the English Gallery. To the left of the gateway is a chair and to the left of the chair is a green book on the floor.

Walk into the corner to the left of the chair, then turn around to the chair. Look down at the book and get the hand cursor on it. Then grab the green Book. So this book is the Catalog (Ledger) of the museum. Holmes tells you that the Catalog is written in "shorthand" (steno).

Entrance hall:

Open the map of the museum and click on the "Entrance Hall" dot to return to the front doors. Then turn to Palinor and walk towards him again. Open the inventory screen and then click on "Items" to open your inventory. Click on the Catalog to select this book. Then close the inventory screen. The green book is then at the top right of your screen.

Now click on Palinor and then click on "Ledger", in the conversation screen and Holmes gives the catalog to Palinor. Holmes now asks Palinor if there is a painting in the museum depicting something from the Battle of Trafalgar. Palinor thinks so, but he needs more information about the painting and asks Holmes what is depicted in that painting. The alphabet reappears at the bottom of the screen, so you have to solve another Quiz question.

So the question is "What does the painting based on the Battle of Trafalgar depict?". So you have to look up the answer first. Open the inventory screen and then the "Documents" section. You will see page 93 of the "Great English Seamen Boat" book. So on page 93 is a drawing of the Battle of Trafalgar. You see the flagship of Admiral Nelson, the Victory

Close the inventory screen and then answer the question with: SHIP or BOAT.

The quiz screen disappears and Palinor asks "Yes Mister Holmes?". You will now receive "Boat" as an topic. So click on "Boat" and....... 

 Palinor now says that during the Battle of Trafalgar, Nelson's ship, the Victory, was protected by another ship, the Temeraire. This is depicted in the painting "The Fighting Temeraire" that hangs here in the museum. So ask further about this "Fighting Temeraire". Palinor doesn't know where the Temeraire painting hangs, but he thinks it should be in the English Gallery.

Say hello and then go to the English Gallery via the museum map. Or you walk to the French Gallery and then to the English Gallery

English Gallery:

The English Gallery consists of 2 parts. A round room and a square room. At the gateways there is always a sign with the name of the room. If you have gone through the map you will end up in the round part of the room. On the right is the Dutch Gallery. Turn around and enter the front part of the English Gallery and ...... the game will show you the painting you are looking for

Stand in front of each painting and then make sure you get the eye cursor on the bottom edge of the picture frames. Then click and Holmes will give you a description of the painting. The "Fighting Temeraine" painting is the 2 painting hanging on the right wall. Click twice on the painting with your magnifying glass to view it in close-up

Holmes says this must be the painting Lupin wants to steal tonight. Watson thinks that they must now warn the Director of the museum.

Open the museum map and click on the green dot in the Director's Office and.......

 Holmes and Watson will automatically be at the doors of the Director's office. Click with your hand on the doorknob and ......

Director Sir Pyonter and that Artist step out of the office. Palinor approaches and introduces Holmes and Watson. Horace Velmont, the French painter, leaves as soon as he hears that Holmes and Watson have not come to talk about the arts. Holmes asks who the guy is and the director says it is Horace Velmont, a French painter. Watson is sent behind the guy to see where he goes. Watson returns and reports that the artist has disappeared. Holmes is informing the Director about why he and Watson are here and Inspector Lestrade is now arriving. The whole party then goes to the English Gallery.

At the "Fighting Temeraire" painting, Holmes then talks about Arsène Lupin's letter and that he has announced that he will steal this painting this evening. Holmes proposes to close the museum to the public and that Lestrade take a tour through the museum to see if every possible escape route has been closed. Lestrade struggles at first, but he too has to bow to the will of the Great Detective. Holmes and Watson leave and will return the next morning. You now continue as:

Inspector Lestrade:

You are now Lestrade and you are in the entrance hall of the museum. As Lestrade you are now going to walk through the museum, looking for possible places where a burglar could enter the museum. You are at the bottom of the stairs in the reception hall of the museum, and therefore in front of the front doors of the museum. If you like it, you can have Lestrade view the paintings in every room. Lestrade has its own view and comments of all the artworks. You must then stand in front of each painting so that you get the eye cursor on the bottom edge of the picture frames. Click and you will hear the comment from Lestrade, but this does not mean much, you often hear the same 2 sentences. In the painting rooms there are signs on the wall with the name of the room you are in. You cannot get lost because there are only a few rooms and they are all connected to each other.

Turn around and click on the front doors. The doors are securely locked, but Lestrade decides to put an constable on guard anyway.

Turn right. In the corner are boxes and wrapped paintings. On the left is a large box with a bracket but without a lock. If you walk all the way through, you can click with your eye on the packed paintings, which are on the left and right against the wall. Lestrade then says "Nothing to report". Climb the bottom stairs. Turn right and walk up the right narrow red staircase and continue to the closed doors.

Click on the doors with your hand and Lestrade reports that these doors are securely locked. Turn around and walk back to the narrow stairs and then turn right again and enter the right room. This is a small rest room with sofas and chairs against the walls. There are 2 narrow doors in the right wall.

Open the right door and then enter the dark storeroom. Lestrade tells you that it is a dark loft with no windows, so no entrance or exit. Leave the room and go through the left door. Lestrade ends up in the restoration studio of the museum. Walk all the way through and the game will show you the glass roof of the museum.

Lestrade thinks the glass roof is a weak spot and therefore an opportunity for Lupin to enter. Lestrade decides to put a constable on guard here. Go back and through the door back into the rest room then go through the right gateway back to the hall. Then immediately turn right to the Italian Gallery. Lestrade immediately reports that this room does not pose any problems.

There is a door on the right in the Italian Gallery. Click with your hand on that door and Lestrade tells you that this is not an exit door and therefore no problem. Go left into the Flemish Gallery and then straight on to the Dutch Gallery. Continue to the round section of the English Gallery. Lestrade again reports that there are no Exits.

Turn left and continue through the 2nd part of the English Gallery to the French Gallery. In the French Gallery is another closed door, on the right. Click on that door and Lestrade again reports that this is not an exit either. Turn around and walk to the Spanish Gallery and then through the gate back to the staircase. On the right is the door of the director's office and on the left is the German Gallery. Go to the doors of the office, open the left door and step inside. In the office are the Director and Palinor.

Talk to the Director and the rest will go by itself ......

The director will draw a map of the museum for Lestrade and Lestrade will give instructions to his constables. It is then getting night and ..... Well ..... look at the theft of the painting. Lupin has come up with a very original way to take out the agents and steal the painting. He uses a toy train and a toy hot-air balloon that emits gas. 

Then we see Lupin at the painting and ......

We will then end up in:

Chapter 2: July 15, 1895

2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot