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2020: walkthrough by Louis Koot

This is the 2016 Remastered version of the game and it is the English version.

You can  play this game with the keyboard or with the mouse and you can switch between 1st person perspective and 3rd person perspective.  In my walkthrough for Sherlock Holmes The Awakened I  have  explained in detail what the difference is  between 1st person and 3rd person perspective. So if you don't know what 1st person and 3rd person perspective is, then look this  up in my The Awakened walkthrough. 

On the Main Menu screen you can first go to the "Options" to set some graphics and game options according to your own preferences. You can also change the default keys to your own preference on the "Controls" screen. You can SAVE and LOAD the game at any time and there are unlimited "save slots". You open up the menu screen by pressing your "Escape key".

In this game you also have access to an "Inventory / Book screen, which you open by pressing your right mouse button. On this screen you can open the inventory via "Items", in which all items collected are stored. You can read back on all the conversations in "Dialogues". In "Documents" you can read letters and documents and in "Notes" you can read the notes of Holmes. Via "Map" you open the map of London and then the map of London district Whitechapel.

The game starts with the :

Intro: August 31, 1888: Baker Street 221B

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are in the living room of Holmes. Holmes is bored to death because there has been no intriguing crime with which he can "enjoy" himself. Holmes and Watson decide to go to sleep. While Holmes and Watson are sound asleep, the camera takes us on a tour of the narrow alleys and slums of the Whitechapel district.

Whitechapel is a rough and dangerous neighborhood, full of whores, pimps, thieves and other scum. The camera takes us through a gate and gives us a look at the Whitechapel, the church that gave this neighborhood its name. The camera takes us deeper and deeper into the neighborhood and we end up the Buck's Row alley. A prostitute is busy satisfying a customer.

Unfortunately for this hooker she will pay dearly for her "services". The customer appears to have no sexual interest in the hooker. 

We are witnessing how the customer strangles the hooker and then removes some organs from her defiled body. It is quite gory.

Then it is morning and we are back in Baker Street 221B and this is where the game really starts.

Chapter 1: September 1, 1888:

Baker Street 221B

Holmes and Watson have breakfast and Holmes is punishing his violin while Watson is reading the morning paper.

Watson reads the article about the murder of the hooker in Buck's Row last night. Holmes is rather degenerate about hookers and that does not go well with Watson. It is not the first hooker that has been killed recently. Apparently several hookers have been murdered in the same way as last night's hooker. Although Holmes does not really like whores and Whitechapel, he decides to investigate the matter. Holmes plans to begin his investigation at Whitechapel Police Station and instructs Watson to locate the map of London. You are now:


The "Inventory screen" will open automatically. You can also open and close this screen in the game by right-clicking. This screen also gives you access to the Inventory, but since you haven't packed any items yet, the inventory is still empty. You can also read all dialogues in the "Dialogue screen". You do not have a map yet, but once you have found the map you can open it via the "Map button". The Document screen is automatically opened. Read the "The Star" article.

You read about the murder of prostitute Polly last night in Buck's Row. You also read that Polly is already the 3rd prostitute who has been murdered in Whitechapel recently, and that all 3 murders have been committed in the same way. Polly's guts have been cut from her body and her throat has been slit. Polly's body has been identified by Mary Ann Monk, who also says Polly's real name was Mary Ann Nichols. The article also reports that 2 other hookers have recently been murdered, in exactly the same way as poor Polly. The first murder took place on Osborne Street. The second victim was a hooker named Martha Turner. Close the window by clicking on "Resume" or by right-clicking.

NB: You have to decide for yourself whether you prefer to play in 1st person or 3rd person. 

I often switch between the 1st person and the 3rd person because sometimes one is easier and sometimes the other

Holmes has instructed you to find the map of London. In this first bit, the game always gives you screens on how to control the game.

So find Holmes's desk and walk over. On Holmes's desk is the map of London. Take the London Map.

The map will appear large on your screen, but it is the map of all of London.

In the enlarged circle you can see the Whitechapel district. The map allow you to travel quickly from location to location, but you must have visited a location once to get them available on the map. Click on the Whitechapel circle to open the map of Whitechapel.

Currently, only the Whitechapel Police Station is available as a location. So click on the Police station dot and .... Holmes and Watson end up in:



Police station:

Holmes and Watson are at the door of the Whitechapel Police Station. Walk to the door, open the door and step inside. Constable Humphries is behind the table. Walk to the table and then click on constable Humphries to talk to him. Your talk options will then appear in the top right. Click on a option to use it.

Holmes wants to speak to the Chief Inspector, but he is not present. Constable Humphries asks if Holmes is on the Buck's Row case. Watson wants to confirm this, but Holmes silences him and pretends that he knows nothing about a murder in Buck's Row. Holmes offers his services and asks if he can see the preliminary report of the murder. Humphries has lost a leather bag with papers. If Holmes can return that bag of papers, he may see the report on the murder in Buck's Row. Humphries says he lost the bag of papers at the "Boarding House" nearby. End the conversation.

A: Find  Constable Humphries bag:

Low-class Boarding house:

Holmes and Watson are outside the police station again. Holmes wants to find the lost bag of Constable Humphries. We are now going for a walk through the narrow streets and alleys of the Whitechapel district. Apart from the police station, there are no other locations on the Whitechapel map. So now we have to walk through Whitechapel to find the various locations so that they become available on the map. So first we have to find that Low-Class Boarding House where Constable Humphries has lost his bag of papers.

Go forward and then turn left into the street. You are now on Commercial Street.

Go forward and past the first exit to the right. On the left is a gateway.

Go through the gateway and then immediately left into the courtyard.

You have arrived at the boarding house. Concierge Finley is at the door to sweep the courtyard.

Walk through to Finley and then click on him to talk to him and use all conversation options.

An hour ago Finley found Humphries' bag, but a few local bastards took it away. Finley goes on to say that Inspector Abberline is leading the investigation into Polly's murder. Finley will hand over Humphries bag if Holmes wants to do something for him. Finley says he is bothered by a bum who comes here every night to disturb the peace. If Holmes wants to ask the police to arrest the bum, Finley will hand over Humphries bag. The bum is known as "The Captain".

In the "Documents" section of the inventory screen you have the newspaper article of the "East London Advertiser" about the murder of Polly. This is the article Finley has read and it does not yet mention the victim's name. Close the screen. Holmes wants to go back to the police station. You can walk back or go back to the police station via the map now. If you open the map of Whitechapel you will see that Finley's lodging house is now also shown as location on the map. Make sure you come back to:

The Police station:

Go back inside and talk to Constable Humphries again and use the "Captain" option.

Humphries says he can't do much about the "Captain" problem. 

Humphries also says that the bum's cousin / niece lives on Commercial Street. Maybe that cousin wants to take her uncle home.

Lucy, the niece of "The Captain":

Holmes and Watson are outside again. Turn left again onto Commercial Street and follow the street straight ahead and past the gateway to the boarding house.

The game itself shows you a woman looking out a window. A little further on is a carriage in the street.

That woman looking out the window is Lucy, the niece of the "Captain". Walk to the door of the house and then look up at Lucy in the open window. With the talk cursor, click on Lucy to talk to her. Lucy is indeed the niece of the "Captain" and she comes out. Continue talking to Lucy through the conversation options.

Lucy says that she have given her uncle  accommodation for a while once, but her landlord did not tolerate it. Uncle's coughing fits kept all other tenants awake. Watson offers to examine Uncle to help him get rid of his coughing fits. Lucy says that her uncle has already been examined in the Clinic, but that the medicines for her uncle cannot be paid by her. Lucy doesn't know where her uncle is now, but he can't be far away.

Holmes wants to find the "Captain", but Watson thinks finding one particular drunk in Whitechapel is even more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack. But Holmes thinks he can gather some street kids from his "secret police" to find the "captain. The game then shows us a street kid and that is Wiggens, a member of Holmes's "secret police" or a member of the "Irregulars".

Find The Captain:

Turn around to the side street opposite the niece's house. 

Wiggens is on the sidewalk on the right, at the corner of Batty Street and Commercial Street. Walk to Wiggens and talk to him about the "Captain".

Wiggens is the newspaper boy who tries to sell his newspapers every morning on Baker Street. 

Wiggens says that the Captain can be found at the end of the street, and by that he means Batty Street. Wiggens disappears.

Take a look at the street name sign ........ so we are on the corner of Commerce Street and Batty Street.

Walk down Batty Street and walk on until Watson reports hearing someone cough. Holmes then reports that the "Captain" cannot be far away. Batty Street then turns right and there is a bum on the corner but that's not the "Captain". Look to the left.  In the niche of the street, a vagrant is lying on the floor coughing up his guts. So this is "The Captain"

Walk over to the bum and ... Watson examines the bum a bit.

Use the "State of the Captain" option to ask Watson how the bum is doing. Watson says that the Captain has a month to live at the most, and he orders Holmes to go get medicines to help relieve the Captain's cough. So Holmes has to find medicines for the Captain. Open the map. A few new locations have become available on the map. These are the "Lucy's Lodgings" where the Captain's niece lives, the "Dead End" where you are now and where the Captain is, and the "Clinic" and that is the clinic where the Captain has already been examined. Now travel, via the map, to the:


You end up in front of the entrance gate of the Clinic. If you turn around you will see that you are also here at the Whitechapel Church. Open the entrance gate and continue to the front door of the Clinic. Click on the front door and .... you enter the hospital ward. Turn slightly to the right. Dr. Gibbons is filling a syringe.

Walk to Dr. Gibbon and talk to him about the medications for bum Captain. Holmes carries just enough cash to buy the drug for 1 month. As Holmes has got the medicine from Dr. Gibbons, you can talk to the doctor a little further. Open the map and click on the "Dead End" location to return to Watson and the bum on Batty Street. Open the inventory screen and then the Items screen. You have the medicine in "Items". Click on the drug to select it, then right click to close the window. The medicine is now at the top right of your screen. Click on Watson to give the medicine to him.

Watson makes sure the bum drinks some of the medicine. Holmes then orders Watson to escort the sick man to Lucy and then return to the police station. Holmes now wants to return to the Boarding House himself. Watson and the bum are gone. So travel back to the:

Low-class Boarding house:

Talk to Finley again.

Holmes tells Finley that "The Captain" will no longer be a nuisance because the bum has moved in with his niece.

Finley now gives Holmes the Police Bag from Constable Humphries. Go back to the:

Police station:

Go back inside and continue to the table where Constable Humphries is still behind. Open the "Items" screen and select the Police Bag.

 Right click and then click on Constable Humphries to give him the bag. Holmes puts the bag on the table.

Humphries, however, report that attempts have been made to force open the lock of the bag. That did not work but the lock is broken.

Humphries asks if Holmes can open the bag. Click on the bag with your hand.

You end up in your first real puzzle of the game:

The Bag Lock puzzle:

The lock of the bag consists of 3 turning wheels. Each wheel has 3 red arrows. The red arrows have the numbers 1 to 5. You have to turn the turning wheels but that must be done in the correct order. To spin a wheel, click on it with your red arrow cursor. Name the top rotary wheel A, the left rotary wheel B and the right rotary wheel C.

Then click on the turning wheels in this order:

Click twice on wheel C.
Click twice on wheel B.
Click once on wheel C.
Click twice on wheel B.
Click twice on wheel A and ....

"All done" exclaims Holmes and the bag is open.

Continue talking to Constable Humphries about the "Reports" and, after some hesitation, Humphries hands over the Preliminary Report on the Death of Polly Nichols. Read this report in your Document section.

The report was written by Dr. Henry Llewellyn, the coroner. Polly's throat is cut from side to side, and her belly is also cut open. Polly has also been stabbed twice in her "private areas" and she has 2 bruises on her cheeks. 

Right click to close the screen and ...... Watson and Holmes are outside the police station. Holmes now wants to investigate the "crime scene" in Buck's Row. A loading will follow. After the loading we are still in the courtyard of the police station. Holmes wants to go to Buck's Row to see the scene of the murder. You can walk there but you can also travel there via the map, because the map now shows the murder location (scene of Polly Nichols murder).

If you want to walk then you have to find the route to the Polly murder location yourself because I am not going to take you by the hand. But if you walk, you will taste much more of the dark atmosphere of the streets and narrow alleys of the Whitechapel district. I advise you to wander the streets and alleys there for a while. If you do not find the murder location yourself, you can always use the map to get there.

When you have reached Buck's Row, on foot or via the map, you continue walking down the street. 

Buck's row then turns to the right and Holmes sees that a crowd has gathered at the murder location ......

Holmes decides to return home and return here tonight to investigate the murder site in peace. It then automatically turns into night:

B: Reconstruction of the murder of Polly Nichols:

Examine the "Body"

It's 10 p.m. and Holmes and Watson are back in Buck's Row, where poor Polly Nichols were murdered.

Click with the magnifying glass on the large wide barn door or on the chalk drawing of the corpse .... you end up in the overview screen of the murder site.

You can exit this screen by clicking on the curve arrow at the bottom left. A chalk drawing of the body of Polly Nichols has been drawn on the ground. Investigate everything, so click your magnifying glass on anything you can click on. Holmes instructs Watson to record all their findings on the Deduction Board

Start by clicking on the cut in the abdomen of the Polly drawing (1) with the magnifying glass and then listen to Holmes's comment. The "Deduction Board" screen will then appear on your screen.

I shall explain this "Deduction Board" screen later when you have to work with it. Close the window by right-clicking or by clicking the "Exit button".

Click on the head of the chalk drawing (2) You will now see Polly's head in your screen. You see 2 red cuts in Polly's throat. At the bottom left is your magnifying glass.

  • Pick up the magnifying glass and then place the magnifying glass on the throat of Polly, so that you can see the 2 knife cuts in the magnifying glass.

  • Then click with your left mouse button and .... Holmes says that Polly's throat has been cut from left to right and that there are 2 cuts.

  • Move the magnifying glass up to Polly's mouth so that Polly's mouth and her tongue are enlarged in the magnifying glass.

  • Then click again with your left mouse button and .... Holmes reports that Polly's tongue is swollen.

  • Now move the magnifying glass to the left ear of Polly, so from your point of view to the right.

  • You see a bruise on Polly's left cheek. Click again with your left mouse button and ... Holmes reports that there is a bruise on Polly's left cheek.

  • Move the magnifying glass down to the left, toward the bottom of Polly's right cheek.

  • You will also see a bruise here. Click with your left mouse button again and Holmes reports that he has also found this bruise (Maxilla).

  • Now place the magnifying glass on the blood pool, above Polly's right shoulder, and then click your left mouse button again.

  • Holmes reports that the blood pool is 6 inches tall. Click the magnifying glass back on the spot at the bottom left.

  • Click the Exit arrow to close this screen. You are back at the chalk drawing of Polly's body. Polly's left hand (3) is against the barn door.

  • In her left hand, Polly is holding her hat (bonnet) 

  • Click with your magnifying glass on Polly's left hand ..... Holmes reports that Polly's black hat is on Polly's left hand.

  • Now look at the ground (4), just before Holmes, with your magnifying glass.

  • Holmes reports that the ground is muddy but no footprints are visible.

  • Click with your magnifying glass on the barn door (5). Holmes reports that there is no blood on the barn door.

These were all click spots in the chalk drawing. Click on the Exit arrow to close this screen and then hit the Exit arrow again. Turn counterclockwise. You look at the end of the street, where the wooden gate is. There are street lamps just in front of the wooden gate. Click with your magnifying glass on the streetlights. Holmes reports that this is the only street lamp in the entire street, so it gives very little light in the street. Turn around to face the other end of the street. Behind Watson, 2 hookers are pleasing their customers. Click on the rear pair with your magnifying glass and ...

 Watson makes some comments and Holmes reports that he has now gathered all the facts here. Holmes now wants to physically reconstruct Polly's murder and Watson must serve as Polly, and Holmes will be the killer. Holmes first draws the bruises on Watson's cheeks and then invites Watson to lie down on the chalk drawing. You are now in the reconstruction screen:

Reconstruction of Polly's murder:

Watson lies on the floor and Holmes sits on top of him with the knife in his hands to cut Watson's throat. At the bottom of the screen you see the circles A, B, C, D, E. In these circles you always see 2 possibilities. You have a Play / stop button and a button to speed up the image. At the bottom right you see the Camera box with an Eye in it

If you take hold of the Eye in the Camera box and then move through the box, you move the camera and change the camera position. You can then get closer look of Holmes and Watson. At the top right you will see a "Help button", an "Inventory button" and an "Exit button". Click the "Help button" and then read the explanation about what to do next.

The circles A, B, C, D and E are divided into an upper part and a part. By clicking in the circles you now have to select the following: The position of the victim, the method of the murder, is the murderer left-handed or right-handed, the wounds inflicted and the position of the murderer.

You must therefore always click in the circles A, B, C, D, E of the 2 possibilities in the upper part of the circles. When you have done that, click the Play / stop button and you will see Holmes carry out the murder in the way you have set it in circles A, B, C, D, E. 

Holmes will make clear whether you have done something wrong. You have to do this twice. The first time you have to report how the killer slit Polly's throat and the second time you report how the killer strangled Polly.

1st time: Watson is on the floor and Holmes is sitting on Watson with the knife in his hand.

At the top of the circles, make sure that in the circles: A = lying person, B = Knife, C = left hand, D = Neck, E = Front view.

Then click the Play button and .... Holmes now imitates cutting the throat and says the killer has had enough room for it. Click the Play / stop button to stop the animation. You must now set the strangle.

2nd time: Standing upright. Now Holmes wants to copy the first part of the murder, so strangle Polly.

Click in the circles again and make sure that at the top of the circles the following appears: A = Standing upright, B: Hands, C = Right hand, D = Neck / Belly, E = Front view.

Click the Play / stop button again and .... Holmes will execute what you have set in the circles. 

If Holmes agrees with you, he is now copying the whole murder .

When Holmes has finished his reconstruction, the "Deduction" screen will open automatically.

The Deduction screen:

In this "Deduction" screen you now have to reason all the facts. The screen consists of 3 frames. In the left frame you can see the facts about the murder of Polly, as you have established through the chalk drawing and the murder reconstruction screen. In the middle "deduction" screen you see empty boxes. In the right frame you see the Help button, the Inventory button, the Exit button and the Page button. The Page button tells you how many pages the Deduction screen has. In this case, the Deduction Screen has 2 pages and you are now on Page 2

What should you do. 

First, you must place the Facts, which are in the left frame, in the empty boxes in the middle frame. Pick up a Fact and then click that fact in an empty box in the middle frame. The game automatically places the fact in the correct empty box. So first put all the Facts in the empty boxes. In the middle frame, some Facts are then connected by red lines to new empty squares. 

Those new empty boxes have an arrow button at the top right. Click on such an arrow button to make 3 options visible and then click on the right option. More follow-up screens will appear in which you have to make the right choice from 3 options. Eventually you will get green-rimmed screens in the right frame in which you have selected your conclusion. If the screens in the right frame get a red border, then you have made incorrect conclusions somewhere in the screens.

If you are now on page 2, first switch to Page 1. You should set page 1 like this:

If you have solved page 1 correctly, click the Browse button to go to page 2. Then also solve Page 2 by first clicking all the facts in the empty screens again. Then put the right choices in the subsequent boxes. You should set page 2 like this:

If you have solved the entire Deduction screen correctly, you will automatically return to the game and .....Holmes d explains the murder of Polly Nichols to Watson. You will then automatically return to Baker Street

September 2, 1888: Morning:

Baker Street 221B

Back at Holmes's house, a conversation between Holmes and Watson follows. Holmes now wants to hear from Watson about the murderer's possible motives for committing the murder the way he did it. The "Possible Motifs" screen opens. This screen shows 5 possible motifs.

You must indicate for each of the 5 motifs whether it is a "No" or a "Yes". At the bottom of the screen are the Reasoning. You have to put the right reasoning with the right motive. Click the "No" buttons you want to change to "Yes". Pick up a Reasoning and then click the Reason to the right motive. Holmes then gives his own reasoning and explanation for each motif.

After this you end up in:

Chapter 2: September 7, 1888:

2020: English walkthrough by: Louis Koot