2023 :Walkthrough by: Louis Koot 

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The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is graphically a "heavy game". If you are having problems with the game, for example because your computer and/or your video chip/card is not up to date, you can try to solve the problems by going to the options menu and then in the "graphics Setup" make some changes in the graphics, with the "special effects" unchecked.

This is the 6th game in the Sherlock Holmes series from Frogware. It's another Adventure Game and you can play the game with the mouse and/or keyboard.

You can play the game from a 1st person or 3rd person perspective.

1st person perspective.....

This means that you don't see the character you are controlling.... you see the environment through the eyes of your character


3rd person perspective......

it means that you look at the screen as a spectator...you then see the character  that you control.

While playing the game, it's sometimes better to be in 1st person and sometimes it's better to be in 3rd person....Especially if you have to watch/study things, it's better to do it in 1st person perspective. You switch between these two perspectives by pressing the R key on your keyboard. You can control the game entirely with your mouse, but also with your keyboard or a combination of keyboard and mouse. When you have installed the game you will find the subfolder "Support" in the game folder and in that folder you will find the Game manual.... this is a PDF file, so you need the Acrobat reader to open it and read.

In the "Controls" screen you can specify which keys of your keyboard you want to use for certain functions, such as walk, view, grab, etc., or you can use the standard pre-programmed keys. Again....it is not necessary to use your keyboard to control Holmes and Watson....you can do that entirely with your mouse. With your right mouse button pressed you move Watson or Holmes around your screen and with your left mouse button you examine items or pick up items. You still need the keyboard to open the Inventory, for example. You can run by double clicking. You can also make Holmes or Watson run with your Shift key, but that is often not a wise thing to do.

If you hit your space key, you will see all the so-called "Hotspots" in the screen. A blue-rimmed magnifying glass contains new information, a green-rimmed magnifying glass indicates that you have already viewed the information. If you hit the space key more than 15 times, you get a "Pea-Souper honor". However, this "Help" function is not always available because depending on the difficulty level you have chosen, it takes shorter or longer before the help function is available again. Holmes has to solve many puzzles in the game, but through Holmes' "Sixth sense" option you can have the game simulate the solution of a puzzle. You must first be in a puzzle to get this feature available. Pressing the ESC key will take you back to the main menu screen, where you can save and start the game. You can also skip the cut scenes while playing with the ESC key.

The Investigation menu screen:

In the game you open the so-called Investigation Menu screen with your right mouse button, or with the I (one) key on your keyboard.

  • In the Investigation Menu screen you will find the Inventory, which is Watson's Bag. 

  • You can re-read the dialogues via the bordered picture.

  • The collected documents are stored in the stack of books.

  • The blackboard shows Holmes' inferences in a deduction scheme.

  • Through the portraits you can switch between the characters of Holmes and Watson.

  • Through the medal, you can see the "Honours" you achieved while playing.

  • The map is used for travel, but you have to find the map in the game first, so you don't see it in this screen yet

  • You go to the previous screen via the camera.

The collected objects are stored in the inventory.

Scroll through the objects with your mouse wheel. If you want to use an item from inventory, left click on an item. The box containing the item will then turn blue, indicating that the item has been selected. Then close the inventory, right click or via the curved blue arrow. You will then see the selected inventory object at the top right of the screen and so you can use it. That's about  as far as the introduction is concerned. I shall explain the more difficult things in the walkthrough when you are confronted with in the game. On the main menu screen, click "New Game" to get started

When  you choose "New Game" the game will start with the:

Intro movie

Three children, 2 girls and a boy, climb up an attic to have a good look around.  The youngest of the bunch, finds a Sherlock Holmes and a Dr. Watson puppet doll. 

The boy pulls the Watson doll down and ......... a book falls out of the Watson doll.

The oldest girl picks up the book and starts reading it ...... The book turns out to be the diary of Dr. Watson...........

When the girl has read a few lines, Watson takes over the story and we are then back in the past, in Watson's time .........

Watson sits at his desk in Baker Street writing in his diary.....

Watson notes that it all began one morning in 1898, when he accompanied Sherlock Holmes to the residence of the Marquis of Conyngham. We then end up in Chapter 1

Chapter 01 : The theft of the Samoan necklace

Chapter 02:The Murder of the Bishop

Chapter 03: West Gate Prison

Chapter 04: Whitechapel

Chapter 05: Kensington Garden

Chapter 06: Wharf 321: Hunt for Henry Hampford

Chapter 07: Journalist O. Farley

Chapter 08: Judge Becket

Chapter 09: Where the hell is Holmes

Chapter 10: In the Sewers

Chapter 11: Fair, the Factory and the End

2023 :Walkthrough by: Louis Koot