2018 Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Introduction and explanation about the Pots, Pot Covers and the Ixupi's

You play this game in Professor Windlenot's "Museum of the Strange and Unusual",  where a large number of so-called "Ixupi's" wander around. Ixupi's are "spirits" from the past and they live on people's "Life Essence". Because of a bet  your friens lock you in the museum for 1 night and you have to use your mind to survive a night in this "ghost" museum.

You start the game in the garden of the museum and your first task is to get inside the museum. Once inside the museum you will discover that you have to start a "Struggle for Life" to stay alive. The Ixipu have escaped and are hiding in certain places in the museum. To catch an Ixipu you need the "Pots and Covers". A certain pot is required for each Ixipu and only a certain cover fits on each pot.

The annoying thing is that you can not just find those pots and covers. They are hidden in the various rooms of the museum and to access the rooms, and to get the pots and covers, you have to solve a large number of puzzles. The places where the pots and covers are hidden in every "New Game" are different and also the places where the different Ixupi's are hidden differs from game to game. So this walkthrough can not be a "Step by step Walkthrough". But I can explain everything in the game for you and can give you the solution for all the puzzles.

However, it is important that you also take notes and keep track of where you find the various Pots, Covers  and Ixipu because you can only take 1 Pot with you. If you click with the wrong pot on an Ixupi you lose that pot but and also a piece of your "Life essence" and the Ixupi then usually disappears to another location in the museum

After the short intro you choose "New Game".  A voice asks you to give a name to your game. You do so by clicking on the letters of the keyboard. 

So type in  a name for your "New Game"  and also check if "Auto-Save on" is on. This is the case by default, but check it anyway. This is important because "Auto-Save On" automatically saves the game once you have caught an Ixupi. Then click on "Play" and your game starts

Once you have started a "new Game" you always see your "Life Essence Bar" at the bottom of your screen. Your "Life Essence" is the green stuff in the bar. On the right side of the bar you see an "Eye" and a button. If you click the button than you open up the main menu screen. 

Close this screen by clicking the Head again and then place the Head back in the desk drawer where you took it out from. 

It might be handy if I  explain you some basic things about Ixupi's and the Pots and Head Covers, before we move on, so here it is

10 Ixupi's "roam" around the museum. Each Ixupi has a certain property and as a result of that property there are always a number of places for each Ixupi where they can hide. Those hiding places have something to do with the property of a Ixupi. For every Ixupi there is a certain pot that fits a certain head cover. There is a drawing on each pot and that drawing has to do with the property of the Ixupi for which the Pot is destined. You will soon find a book in the library in which all Pots are described with there drawings. 

Those 10 Pots and 10 Covers / Lids  are hidden through out the museum. The Covers/ Lids of the Pots are all Heads, such as a Bull's Head. The places where the Pots and Covers are hidden are always the same, but which Pot or Cover you will find  in those places is different from game to game. Also the location of the Ixupi's is always different, but for each Ixupi these places have to do with their specific characteristics. 

In order to find the Pots and Covers you will have to go to every room in the museum. But Windlenot have protected those rooms with Puzzles. In order to enter the rooms you will therefore have to solve the puzzles first. Also, most of the pots and covers are hidden behind a puzzle, which you first have to solve. You can only carry 1 pot or 1 lid with at a time with you, or a complete pot. 

When you have found a Pot or a Pot Cover then you can view it in close-up. To do so pick up the Pot / Cover.......The Cover / Pot will be placed on your "Life Essence Bar". Pick up the Cover or Pot  again and lick with the Pot or the Head on the "Eye" of your "Life Essence Bar" to view it from all sides. 

You can turn the head / pot  in all directions by moving  your mouse.  In this screenshot you see the Bull's Head cover  and this Head fit's only onto the Ash Pot.

 The Ash Pot is for catching the Ash Ixupi but you need the complete pot, so the Ash Pot with this Bull's Head cover, to be able to catch the Ash Ixupi

So you need a Complete Pot to be able to catch an Ixupi and you need the right Pot with the right Head Cover for every Ixupi. If you click on an Ixupi with a wrong pot, you will not only lose a piece of your "Life Essence", but you will also lose the pot and head cover and the Ixupi will disappear to one of its other shelters. You will then have to look for that Pot and Cover again.  When you are "bitten" by an Ixupi then you lose some of your "Life's Essence", but when you catch that same Ixupi you get that little bit of "Life Essence" back. However, you will die when your green "life Essence Bar" is empty. 

How to catch an Ixupi:

In order to catch an Ixupi, you must carry the complete pot that is specific for that Ixupi. So the Pot with its Head cover  on it, for that specific Ixupi.  When you have that complete pot on your "Life Essence Bar"  then go to where an Ixupi can sits and stand straight in front of it. Stand as close to it as possible. You can hear from a certain sound whether or not an Ixupi is hidden in that spot. When you hear that sound then immediately take the Ixupi Pot in your hand. The Pot is then your cursor.......Wait until the Ixupi becomes visible as a Green Cloud and then Immediately click with the Pot on the Green Cloud. 

The Green Cloud is the life essence of the Ixupi and you have to catch that with the pot. If you do this quickly and  accurately then you will catch the Ixupi. If you are too slow or just too late, then the Green Cloud turns into the Ixupi and you get bitten by the Ixupi. You then lose some "Life Essence" yourself and the Ixupi steals your Pot and Cover and will hide both separately from each other in a different place. The Ixupi then disappears to one of his other hiding places. 

However, if you catch the Green Cloud, you also catch the Ixupi. The Pot then lands on one of the circles above your "Life Essence Bar". If you have turned on Auto-Save, your game will automatically be saved every time you catch an Ixupi. Even if you do not save yourself afterwards. But to be sure, I would also save myself. You never know. 

 About this walkthrough:

Because it is not possible  to tell you exactly where you will find which Pot, Lid or Ixupi, this can not be a " step by step" walkthrough. I went  through the museum MY WAY and at first I did that without trying to catch an Ixupi's. My intention is to first solve all the puzzles and find out where all the Pots and Head Covers  are hidden, and where all the hiding places of the Ixupi's are and in this way open up all routes through the museum. You need Pen and Paper at hand to note down where in your game all the Pots and Covers are hidden, so you keep track of them.  I invite you to follow me on my wanderings through the museum, but if you find it handy to catch an Ixupi's already, when you have a complete Pot, then off course you can do so. 

However......it could be that it is not possible to find all the Pots and Covers without catching one or two Ixupi's, because a couple of Pots  / Covers may be  hidden in places that are protected by an Ixupi. For example, the "Tar Ixupi" may be hidden in the Tar Lake of the underground Maze and therefore it is not wise to go through the maze before you have caught that "Tar Ixupi" or before you carry the complete "Tar Ixupi Pot" with you . But we can solve  a large part of the puzzles and find most  Pots / Covers.....So again......I advise you to note down, on a piece of paper, where you'll find the Pots / Covers. It is possible to collect the Pots / Covers and then "store" them somewhere else until you need a specific Pot / Cover.

Chapter 1: The Museum Garden: How to get into the Museum
Chapter 2: Office; Workshop and the Bedroom: Your first Pot or Head Cover
Chapter 3: Main Museum Hall, Library and Basement
Chapter 4: Strange Beast, Mysteries of the Deep and Amazing Plants rooms
Chapter 5: Theater and the Clock Tower
Chapter 6: Tombs and Curses, Funeral Rites, Shaman, Harp Puzzle and the Red Door puzzle
Chapter 6B: Bypass the Red Door Puzzle if you can not solve it
Chapter 7: Myths and Legend, Planets, Attick and beyond

Chapter 8: Fortune teller, Maze, Tar Lake,. Last Riddle and End Game

All Complete Pots: How they look

All. Ixupi Hiding Places