2024: Walkthrough by Marietje Spijker

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Introduction to the game

Sotano is a first-person mystery Escape the Room  adventure game that is made in 2021. 

You start the game on the main menu screen. Here you can start a new game, load a saved game, go to Options and quit the game.

In the options you can set some things to your own preference and you can read how to control this game.

Return to the main screen and start a New Game and......You must then choose a Save Slot. 

The save slot you choose is where your saves are stored. There are 3 save slots so you can start 3 new games.

The game then starts with a short intro cut scene.

Driving home from the airport you glance at your fuel gauge and notice the needle is hitting the red line. 

Starting to feel tired you decide to take a little known short cut through a quiet village, the shorter drive will save fuel rather than stopping to fill up. 

Passing some of the large old houses the car begins to make some strange noises and you realize you have pushed your luck. 

Rolling slowly your car comes to a halt in front of one of the largest houses on the street. How embarrassing.

You decide to swallow your pride and knock the door for help. 

Moments after knocking on the door your world turns black and you find yourself waking up in the basement

The basement

You are in a small room. You see a small cupboard with a lamp and a note on it. Click on the note and read it. 

The owner of the house has locked you up and will be back shortly.

 In the room is a bed with a painting above it and another cupboard with a box on it.

The door to leave the room is locked, so you need to find the key.

Click on the box and you will see 4 symbols on the front.

 You don't know what to do with this yet, so zoom out again. Look at the walls at the door. 

You will see a triangle on the wall and on the other you will see 4 circles. 

Turn to around and look at the wall behind the lamp. There you will see 2 star shapes. 

Finally, look at the ceiling because at the ceiling lamp you'll see 3 squares on the ceiling

Look down again and now zoom in on the painting above the bed. There's a vague picture on it with 3 stripes above it and 3 stripes beneath it.

Don't now what this means yet but I bet this will be important later on. Now zoom in on the box again.  The order of the number of symbols is the order in which you should click on the symbols on the box.  So 1-triangle, 2-star shape, 3-squares and 4-circles.  So click in this 1, 2, 3, 4 order on the symbols

After you enter the code, you will receive a key for the door.  Take the key

Walk to the door and click on it and now you open it. You enter a small hallway. 

You see a bookcase on the right wall. Opposite the bookcase is another room and at the end of the corridor is an exit door. Both doors are locked

Walk to the bookcase. Click on the click spot and you will see a book behind bars. 

There is a combination lock in front of the bars, where a 5-digit code must be entered. You don't know these numbers yet, so zoom out again.

Go to the green exit door and zoom in on the panel above the door. There's a diagram with letters and numbers on it. 

You need this in a little while, so draw it over

Zoom out and turn around.  At the back wall stand  a cupboard with a painting above it . 

Go there an on your way to it close the door you came through

There is a click spot on the cupboard. Click on that. You will see 3 books and the message that a book is missing. Zoom out again. Click on the painting and the painting will slide up. A code is now visible on the wall. It turns out to be a number in Roman numerals. The number is: 4, 3, 2, 3 and 4.

Go back to the bookcase and click on the combination lock for the bars. Enter the code you just found and the bars will go up. 

Take the book and put it in your inventory.

Go back to the cupboard with the painting above it. Click on the cupboard and you place the book from your inventory on the shelf. 

Now put all 4 books on the shelf in the correct order

The books have a symbol of a season. A flower is spring, a sun is summer, a leaf is autumn and the star is winter. 

The books must be placed from left to right in the order: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

You will now receive a key. Take the key. With this key you can open the other room.

Enter this room.  There is an electrical box on the right wall with a code box next to it. Zoom in on the code box.

You must enter a 4-digit code. Above the numbers you will see the letters "VAMABCSY". You don't know the code yet, so zoom out again.

Go to the end of the room and you will see 4 levers. There is a message that a lever is missing.

To find the code for the code box next to the electrical box, we need  the diagram with letters and numbers avove the exit door in the small hallway. The letters V, B, M and S are in front of the rows. Above the columns are the letters A, C and Y. We are supposed to look for a number that is at the intersection of a row and a column. Which row and column you need can be seen in the word above the numbers in the code box. That's VA, MA, BC and SY.
First find the number at the intersection of row V and column A. That is number 5. Then we need the number at the intersection of row M and column A. That is number 6. The next 2 letters are B and C. We now look for the number at the intersection of row B and column C. That is number 1. Finally, we look for the number at the intersection of row S and column Y. That is number 5. The code is: 5615, so enter this code on the code box.

The door of the electrical box opens now and a lever is available. Take the lever and it goes to your inventory.

Go to the levers at the end of the room and zoom in. The 6th lever is placed automatically. To find out how the levers should be positioned, go to the room you were in before. Above the bed is a painting with small lines above and below a wide thick line. This is a total of 6 small lines. The order of the small lines is: down, up, up, down, up, down. The levers must be placed in the same order, so go to the levers and place them: down, up, up, down, up, down.

 If the levers are positioned correctly, a key will appear on the bedside table. Take this key and go to the exit door in the hallway.

Click on the door and open it. You see a staircase at your left. Go up the stairs and open the door at the top of the stairs. 


Apparently you were in the basement and are now on the ground floor. On the left you see windows and halfway there is a table with vases on it. These vases must be placed in the correct order. At the end is a door with planks in front of it. On the right wall you see radiators. Above the first radiator is a panel with a sliding puzzle. Opposite the table is a mirror on the wall with the text: "I can wave all day without tiring". Below that mirror is a box with a code lock. If you click on it, you will see that button 4 is missing.

Go to the table. The vases should be placed in the right order on the circles. You can do this by solving the sliding puzzle. 

I was unable to solve the sliding puzzle and placed the vases in the right order through trial and error. 

 The order is 1-large vase with stripes, 2-small thick vase with stripes, 3 large green vase and 4-small brown vase.

If the vases are in the correct order, you will get the missing button with the number 4. Take the button.

Turn around and go to yhe mirror.

 Look at the writing on the mirror. It says:  "I can wave all day without tiring". You can wave a flag, so the solution is the word "FLAG".

Now click on the box under the mirror. The missing button with number 4 will be placed automatically on the code lock. Above the numbers it says "D=4". D is the 4th number of the alphabet. That means E=5, F=6, G=7 etc. Now we have to convert the word "FLAG" to numbers. That means F=6, L=12, A=1 and G=7. So the code is 61217. Enter the code 61217 on the code lock of the box.

A hammer comes out of the box. Take this hammer and it disappears in your inventory.

 Go to the door with the planks in front of it. Click on the planks and they are removed with the hammer. You can go through the door.

Short Passage

Go down the stairs. On the right is a code box where you can enter a 6 letters code. At the end there is a door and on the left you will see a pipe puzzle.

 Zoom in on the pipe puzzle. The pipes must be connected together from top left to bottom left. 

When the pipes are connected, you will receive a note with a lock clue.

The note you will see a Spanish flag and a cape. The clue says "Looks like a flag and a cape worn by a super hero?"

The 2-letter code for Spain is "ES". Now merge "ES" with "CAPE" and you get the word "ESCAPE".

Turn around and go to code box. Enter the word "ESCAPE" on the code box and you will get a key.

Take the key and go to the exit door.

Page 2: Living Room and further

2024: Walkthrough by Marietje Spijker