2024: Walkthrough by Marietje Spijker

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Introduction to the game

Subnet is a first-person mystery Escape the Room adventure game. The previous game by the same developer is Alumni.
You start the game on the main menu screen. Here you can start a new game, load a saved game, go to Options and quit the game.

In the options you can set some things to your own preference and you can read how to control this game.

Return to the main screen and start a New Game and......You must then choose a Save Slot.

The save slot you choose, is where your saves are stored. There are 3 save slots so you can start 3 new games.


When you want to save a game, press the ESC-button and choose: SAVE.


A cyber attack has just been announced on the news, a new hacker group called drkFORCE has infiltrated the subway shutting down and compromising the transport system. You are an IT expert and frequent subway traveller. You are invited to help track down the hackers before they escape. Time is of the essence, you must stop the hackers before the true reason for their exploit becomes reality. On this assignment you won’t be alone! Along the way you will be accompanied by an AI assistant who will monitor CCTV, feedback news and information to help guide and assist you on your mission.

The game then starts with a short intro cut scene.

You arrive by subway and leave the subway station by the stairs.

You walk through the alley to the apartment.

The Apartment

After the short cut scene you end up in an apartment.

In front of you is a sofa, a chair with a guitar, a small round table and against the wall you see a television.

Turn to the right and you will see a tablet and a radio on the table. There is another sofa against the wall and a painting hangs above it.

If you turn a little further to the right, you will see the exit door, which is locked.

In the other corner of the room is a table with a laptop on it.

Go to the small round table in the middle.

Click on the phone that has a voicemail notification. Listen to this message.

The voicemail message refers to the tablet, which is on the table to the right of the television. Go there and zoom in on the tablet.

Here you must enter a 7-digit code. You don't know it yet, so zoom out again.

Turn around and go to the laptop. There is a post-it in the top right corner of the laptop.

Zoom in on the laptop and the post-it says "#113113". Write this down.

Go back to the tablet in the other corner. Enter the code "#113113". The tablet now opens. It says there is breaking news on the laptop. There is also an encoded key for the package that is sent to you. The code states that the pentagon is number 2, the 3-pointed star is number 6 and the heptagon is number 7. There are 2 dashes at the end. The order must be continued. So after the pentagon comes another pentagon and at the end comes another 3-pointed star. So the code is: "2267226".

Go to the cupboard that is against the wall left of the table with the laptop.

There is a box on this cupbpard on which a 7-digit code must be entered.

Zoom in and enter the code you just found so: "2267226".

The box now opens.

Click on it and you will now receive your help RAINI.

RAINI has now been added to your inventory.

Go to the laptop and read the breaking news that the tablet referred to.

Now look at the wall where the painting hangs. Zoom in and you will see "5, a black area, 3, a black area".

Go to the small table next to the sofa in the middle.

Zoom in on the puzzle. There are four sliders that you can slide. The number 8797 is now in the 4 openings.

This puzzle is linked to the numbers in the painting.

Slide the left slider down so that the 5 becomes visible at the top.

The 2nd slider is already up so there is a dark box next to the number 5.

Slide the 3rd slider down until the number 3 is visible at the top.

The 4th slider is already up so there is a dark box next to the number 3.

The code "1727" is now visible in the openings.

Now go to the table next to the chair and zoom in on the box. A 4-digit code must be entered here. The code is the just found "1727".

You will now receive the key for the exit door.

Go to the exit door and click on it. The door will open and you can go through.

The Alley

Raini tells you: "I'm analyzing CCTV and the hackers are located across town. Use the subway to travel to their location".

Look around.

Suddenly you get a flashlight.

Look to the right and you will see a dumpster. When you click on it, you will get the message "nothing helpfull in the dumpster".

Turn around and you will see a metal pipe against the wall. Zoom in and grab this pipe.

Look around the corner into the alley. A dumpster blocks the alley.

Go to the dumpster. You can't push it aside because it's too heavy.

Click on the lid of the dumpster and then on the trash bag. Put this trash in the other dumpster at the beginning.

Now the trash bag is out of the dumpster, you can push the dumpster that is blocking the alley to the right.

Continue into the alley. On the right side there is a sign hanging on one of the shops. Zoom in on this sign. The signs mentions the weights of various tools. A hammer and a saw weigh 10 kg. A saw and a toolbox weigh 20 kg and a hammer and a toolbox weigh 24 kg. This means that the hammer is 4 kg heavier than the saw. If the hammer is 4 kg heavier than the saw, then the saw is 3 kg and the hammer is 7 kg. They are both 7+3=10 kg. If the toolbox and saw weigh 20 kg, then the toolbox weighs 20-3=17 kg. The toolbox, the hammer and the saw together weigh 17+7+3=27 kg. Write this down because you'll need it later.

Continue down the alley and you will come to a locked gate.

Now go all the way back to the beginning to the dumpster. There is a red toolbox in front of this dumpster. You can open this toolbox with a 3-digit code. Enter the answer you just found, of the total weight of the hammer, the saw and the toolbox, namely 27 kg. Because you have to enter a 3-digit code, you enter 027.

The toolbox opens and you take out the screwdriver. With this screwdriver you can open the gate.

Now go back through the alley to the gate. Click on it and the gate will open.

Go down the stairs and on the right is a bucket of water.

Turn around and at the end you'll see a car. Go to the car.

Just in front of the car you will see a mattress against the wall. A cloth hangs on the mattress.

Take this cloth.

Click on the car door.

The car door is dirty and you can't read what's written there.

Now go back to the bucket with water and zoom in on it. The dry cloth is automatically put in and is wet now.

Go back to the car and zoom in on the door.

The door is now being cleaned and you can see that it is a taxi with a telephone number. Note the last 4 digits. These all have a different color.

Enter the taxi and notice the colors on the steering wheel (red, yellow, green, blue). You need to enter the numbers from the side of the taxi, re-ordered based on the colors on the steering wheel, so: 9291

After getting back out of the taxi, the taxi drives backwards.

Now look at the symbol on the bonnet. Note down the position of the 4 open circles of the symbol.

Go further into the alley and you will see that the entrance to the subway is blocked by a fence.

Look at the bricks on the left wall and zoom in on them.

You need to press the 4 bricks corresponding with the open circles from the taxi logo:

Go to the subway entrance. You 'll see that the fence has disappeared. Head down the stairs.

Subway entrance

Enter the subway entrance via the stairs.

First take a look around.

Turn right and go to the end.

Turn left and you will see  turnstiles to go to the platform. You can't go through the turnstiles because you need a ticket.

Turn left and go to the ticket machine. You can't buy a ticket because you first have to find out where you are going.

Now go all the way back to the subway entrance. There is a door that is locked.

To the left of this door is a note stating that the area is closed from 9 03 - 3 04.

Subtract the number 304 from 903 and you get the number 599 (903-304=599). Enter the code 599 on the keypad next to the door.

Now the door opens. Enter the small room. At the end is a box with keys. Go there and grab a door key.

Turn around and leave the room. Return to the main corridor and look at the laptop on the low table. Zoom in on the laptop.

You need a code to log in to the laptop. To find the code, you need to count the number of triangles in the symbol on the display. There are 13 triangles so enter 13 on the keypad to unlock the laptop.

Follow the corridor and at the end turn left. You can open the first door with the door key that is in your inventory. On the back of this door are 5 circles. Number the circles from top to bottom 1 to 5. The order is to what extent the circle is filled (filled to empty). The order then is: 5, 2, 1, 3, 4.

Back in the corridor, examine the large ticket machine and zoom in on it.

You need to press the buttons on the left of the ticket machine in the order indicated by those circles (filled to empty) so: 5, 2, 1, 3, 4.

Grab the ticket and then go to the turnstiles.

You now are on the platform.

At the end is a glowing panel on the wall. Zoom in and you will see that it is a sliding puzzle.

Solve the sliding puzzel.

When you have solved the sliding puzzle, the door next to the sliding puzzle is open. Go through the door.

Notice a locked briefcase with a series of numbers on the lid here. The numbers in each row add up to 1000. There is a number missing on the lid. This number can be calculated. First add the numbers that are already there, so: 610+110=720. The missing number up to 1000 is 280 (1000-720=280).

Enter the number 280 on the combination lock of the briefcase. Take out the triangle button.

Continue through to the next platform.

Notice the symbols on the subway: triangle, triangle, triangle, circle circle.

Board the subway and look on the seats to find a weekday service schedule. Notice the large blue numbers next to the doors of the subway and the matching symbols on the outside (2-Triangle, 4-Triangle, 1-Circle, 5-Triangle, 3-Circle) .

Inside the subway car, go to the end and attach your triangle button next to the circle button on the wall. Press the buttons in the order indicated by the numbers and symbols on the subway car: Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle.

Go through the opened door into the next car. Look at the colored marks and numbers on the window to the right, to work out their individual values. Red: Four red dots is 28, 28:4=7, so 1 red is 7. Yellow: Two yellow and one red is 17; 17-7 (red)=10 and 10:2=5, so 1 yellow is 5. Blue: One yellow and one blue is 9; 9-5 (yellow)=4, so 1 blue is 4.

A little further on, look at the diagram in the newspaper on a seat. You'll need this later.

Continue to the end of the car and look at the keypad. The code of the keypad is based on the colors on the EXIT sign and the numbers of the color which you found earlier. The colors are blue (4), red (7), yellow (5) and blue (4). So enter the code 4754 on the keypad.

Exit the subway car and find an electrical panel that is locked with another keypad. The writing on the outside mentions "Crestwood 6-13".

If you look at the service schedule, the subway, which arrives in Crestwood at 6:13 AM, leaves Ridgewood at 5:50 AM. At 5:58 AM the subway is in Pinewood. I don't know why, but the time 5:58 AM is the code for the electric panel. So enter the code 558. Grab the keypad button from inside of the electrical panel. Also note the date of last inspection (03/12/2022).

Board the subway car again and go all the way to the far end. Zoom in on the panel on the left wall.

Use the diagram in the newspaper. Follow the lines to get the correct order of symbols from left to right (two lines, star, down triangle, up triangle).

Go through the opened door into the next car and go to the far end.

At the far end, attach your keypad button. Then enter the date you saw earlier as the code, so: 03122022.

Go through the door and access the controls - you need to drag the colors to the correct places based on the subway map outside.

Exit the subway car and look at the subway map on the wall. Note the colors of the subway to Palmview.

Board the subway car again and zoom in on the panel. Now drag the colors to the correct places.

Once the colors are put in the right order, the subway will leave the station.

Leave the Subway and go to the Backstreets

Page 2: Backstreets

2024: Walkthrough by Marietje Spijker