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Chapter 2: Barrockstadt

A: Sniffin' around the station

After a long train journey the train has arrived at the station of the city of Barrockstadt. 

Kate is in the middle of the wagon. Walk to the bottom of your screen and Kate starts a conversation with Oscar.

Oscar indicates that this station is not actually the end destination of the train, but that the train can not continue because the train has run out of "fuel". So in order to continue our journey Kate must wind up the locomotive again. Oscar does not like it here. It is much too "dampy" here, so Oscar is afraid he will start rusting, and therefore will die if he leaves the train. 

You can continue to talk to Oscar through your dialogue options, if you feel the need.

Then leave the train car to the balcony and then step onto the left platform. Continue to the left and Kate is in the middle between the 2 Arch Bridges.

There is an arch bridge over the left track and an arch bridge to the right, over the Channel. However, you can also go down the stairs. Go down the stairs via the lower edge of the screen and then continue to the left until you reach a guy standing on the sand slope near the canal. 

This guy is the Station Manager. Click on the Station Manager to talk to him. Just go through all of your dialog options in this conversation.

The station master actually wants you to get back on your train and leave Barrockstadt as fast as possible.  Station Master will chat about the flora and fauna in his station and especially about the cuckoo birds and cuckoo eggs that fill the nests. The Station Manager talks about an Eagle Automaton that 'flies' high above in the station through the air. Station Master is also very concerned about all those cuckoo eggs that fill the nests of the other birds. When you're done talking  close this conversation.

At the bottom of this sand slope, near the water, there is an object in the sand. Pick it up. It disappears in your Items Inventory and when you open it you see that the object is a Hook. Click above the station manager to get back on the platform. Then walk all the way back to the right until Kate is again between the two arch bridges. Now turn right twice over the Right Arch Bridge and Kate will be on the Canal Quay. Kate stands in front of the main entrance of the station. Click on the left side of your screen to let Kate go to the left.

Katie will then appear on the next screen. Here you see a device standing on the quay, in the back and right before the exit. Click on that device it and Kate walks towards it and then stand right in front of it. Behind this device you can still see the top of the lock / sluice gates. This device is the lock / sluice control console

Now first zoom in on the top of the device. You will then see a number of keys under a glass hood and you will also see 3 slots, 2 at the left and 1 at the right. If you click on the right slot, Kate says she needs a key. Zoom out. On the right side of this device you see a telephone and on the pole, behind the phone is sign board is nailed. Zoom in on this sign board and you read: "If you have problems, call the following number 2766-6742". Zoom out and click on the phone. The phone does not work.

Open your inventory and click Kate's Cell Phone. Key in the number 27666742 and then press the "Send" button. Kate gets connected to the "East Lock Control Center" and is asked to press the # key of her cell phone. So do that. Then you will hear a choice menu. Apparently there are 4 of these types of locks and since you are now at the Barrockstadt lock, you press the number 4 key of Kate's phone.

Then pay attention now. You will now hear the following: "To make the water rise, press key 1 and let the water drop. Press key 2". This does not mean the keys of Kate's cell phone, but the number keys of the device under the glass hood. But you can not press those number keys, because you need a key to open up that glass hood. And there is one more thing to keep in mind. As you have just experienced, the number for this Barrockstadt sluice is therefore number 4, so the code for rising the water in the lock / sluice is  # 41 and  for dropping the water is # 42. Remember this.

Store your cell phone back in inventory and then go back to the left, to the Arch Bridge. 

Go up the arch bridge again and when Kate stands between the two bridges, click on the Train.  Back at the train you now walk further on to the right. 

After 3 screens Kate goes down a staircase and she is then outside the station. Kate is standing on the path that runs along the canal.

Just walk on this path and you will come to a screen where you can see a large wall in the back....It's the other wall of Barrockstadt

Kate then says that she sees such a Train Winding Machine on the other side of the rails and she wonders how she can get the train there.  Walk all the way back to the train until you are on the screen just before the Arch Bridges. Kate is called by Oscar, because he has something to tell Kate.

So enter the car and Oscar tells that the Rectors of the University wants to meet and speak with Kate

Go outside again and back to the arch bridges and go right again on the right arch bridge.

 Do not exit the station but walk all the way to the right over the quay. On the next screen, click on the exit door. 

Kate is now outside the station hall. On the left you see a staircase goes down to the canal. Right you can go to the square in front of the station. Click, left, on the downward stairs, and Kate will decent down.  On the next screen you will see a barge lying in the canal and on the deck of this barge the skipper and his wife are standing. 

Click on the skipper's couple and Kate walks to the barge and addresses the couple. Your dialog options appear. Select "Help" option.  

Kate asks if the skipper can drag the Train out of the station with his barge, to the Windup Machine. This can be done but it will cost Kate $100,-  and she has to pay in advance. 

You can use the other dialog options, but besides the fact that you think this couple, and especially the man, is crazy, it won't give Kate much information.. 

So go back up the stairs and then click on the right side of the screen to go to the Square. Kate is now on the square in front of the station and on the right you see the university buildings. Click, right in the middle, on the stairs and Kate runs towards them and goes up these stairs and then she is standing in the forecourt of the University.

B: University troubles

1: Find some Sauvignon Grapes

Behind the gazebo you see the front door of the university, at the top of the stone staircase . Click on the front door and Kate walks towards it.

 Ignore the guy on the left of the stairs and click on the large front door at the top of the stairs. Kate enters the university. 

Click right side screen and Kate will arrive on the next screen. Kate has arrived in the central hall and she is standing on circle that's been painted on the floor. A large Mammoth skeleton stand in a niche. You can move left or right. To the left is the library and the rectors room. To the right is the way to the laboratory

First go 1 screen to the left and then click on the big door and ...... Katie ends up in the           ;


Click at the bottom of the screen to go down the stairs. Right in front of Kate there is another staircase going up and left and at Kate's left  are the reading tables. Students are working on some of them. On the table, at the bottom right of your screen, there is a Blue Book. Walk to the table and pick up the Blue Book from the table and read it. 

It is a book about "Amerzone" and you learn some interesting facts about the cuckoo bird of Amerzone. 

It is especially important to read that this bird loves the grape of the "Sauvignon plant". 

Close the book. It comes in your "Personal Files" so you can always read it again. Now go up the left stairs and when Kate is on top click at the bottom of your screen. 

On the next screen you will see a ladder, that stands in the book gallery.

Click on the ladder and Kate climbs up. You now see a row of Yellow Books with Brown Labels. 

In the last box, on the right, you see that one of these books stands upside down. The brown label is below and this book also sticks a bit out. Click on this book.

This is: "The Illustrated Dictionary of Plants and Mushrooms" book. Read it through and learn something about the Yangala-Cola Mushroom. 

Close the book and zoom out. Kate is at the bottom of the ladder again. Click at the back of your screen on the back of the book wall and you will see the door to the hall again. Click on the door and Kate is back in the hall. Now go 1 screen to the left and then through the large door into 

the Rectors room. 

Walk to the right and you will see the 3 Rectors / Headmasters sitting at a high table. Zoom in on the 3 Rectors. They are 3 arrogant bastards. 

The Headmasters are babbling terrible elitist academic nonsense, but it becomes clear to Kate that they really only want one thing from her. That is that she get out of their station with her damn train as quickly as possible. Kate briefly reminds the 3 idiots that she wants nothing more than to move on, but that their beautiful station does not contain a wind up mechanism with which she can wind up her train. This throws the 3 idiots of for a moment. Kate also mentions the large wall she has seen and this fact isn't appreciated by the rectors. The 3 rectors strongly advise Kate not to get close to their Wall. 

Then your questions appear. First choose the "Money" option. Kate tells the rectors about the skipper and that he wants to take the train out of the station with his barge. But the skipper is asking for 100 dollars. So Kate asks if the university could contribute financially. The rectors think about this for a moment, and then they are prepared to do so, as long as Kate does something for them first. There seems to be some kind of machine somewhere and that machine is broken. If Kate can fix the machine and then the Rectors will help Kate with her financial problem. Then choose the "Sauvignon" topic.  Kate asks if the gentlemen know whether there is a plant of this name in the university. The 3 rectors do not know this, but they deny this somewhat too categorically After this you can hear some more elite nonsense from the 3 rectors through the other options, but that is not really necessary. Close your dialogue screen and Kate may leave. The tea awaits the rectors. 

Click at the bottom of your screen and then click the door and Kate is back in the hall. Click again at the bottom of your screen and then right and Kate is back in the central hall with the Mammoth. Go one more screen to the right and..... You see a guy who is busy studying another mammoth skeleton. Walk towards him. 

This is Professor Pons. Talk to him. The good professor is a bit deaf. From your dialog options you choose the "Hans" option. 

The professor tells a whole story and it becomes clear that he has known Hans when he was a student. Furthermore, it becomes clear that Hans was crazy about Mammoths and of a special Mammoth doll. Pons describes this Mammoth doll in detail. It is the Mammoth doll that you have found in Valadilene, in the cave, and that now stand on the table in the train carriage.  The professor talks about a natives tribe in Syberia and that the Mammoth is a sacred symbol for this tribe. After this story you choose the "Sauvignon" option. Prof. Pons denies knowing if there is such a plant here in the university and he is referring you to the Station Manager, who seems to be able to tell you more about this.

Close this conversation and walk 1 Screen back to the central hall, click at the bottom of your screen and on the next screen on the outside door and Kate is outside on the forecourt. Kate gets another call from the boss. Then click the bottom of the screen again and on the next screen you click in the lower left corner and Kate arrives at the "station square" again. Click on the main entrance of the station, right in front of Kate. Kate enters the station again. Go over the arch bridge and back to the Station Manager, who is still standing on the sand slope. Talk to the Station Manager again and ask him about "Sauvignon"

The station master strongly denies  that he knows anything about this plant. But isn't strange that he knows that this plant comes from Amerzone? 

The station master really does not want to tell Kate about the plant and finally he runs away in anger.

Walk back to the Bridges and walk on to the train. Enter the train car and continue to the middle compartment. Take the Mammoth Doll  from the table. Leave the car and go back to the right Arch bridge. Here is the Station Manager now. Talk to the Chief again and ask him again for the "Sauvignon". 

Again the chief denies that he knows anything about the sauvignon plant, but again he isn't very convincing and Kate says that he is lying. Chief gets really angry now and says that Kate should talk to Professor Pons, that old guy with the fossils. So leave the station via the main entrance and go back into the university and then right to Professor Pons, who is still standing in the hall near the Mammoth skeleton. Give the Mammoth doll to Pons. 

Pons is delighted with the Mammoth doll and wants to examine the thing right away in the laboratory. He wants to give a lecture this afternoon and he invites Kate to attend. In fact, he says that it is very important for Kate to attend his lecture. He will give Kate a call as soon as the lecture begins. Pons then  disappear into the Laboratory. 

Click on the open door and Kate is also in the


 Zoom in on the display case, left of the door. On the second shelf from the bottom, in the left cabinet part, there is a Musical Cylinder. 

Take the Musical Cylinder. In your inventory this is called the "Barrockstadt Voice Cylinder"

Zoom out and click bottom of the screen to walk down a screen. Prof. Pons stand behind the table. 

First, zoom in on the sink that you see hanging on the right-hand side of the last work table of the right row of work tables

Then pick up the bottle of Yangala-Cola and also the Forcers next to it. This is a tool for holding test tubes. Zoom out and click Professor Pons. Ask him again about "Sauvignon"

Again Pons tells you that you should really talk about this with the Station Manager. Kate tells him that she has already done that and that the station master has just referred to him. Pons becomes nervous and rattles a little and says that you should talk to the Rectors about "Sauvignon". After all, they are the bosses of the university. 

Left of Pons stand the Mammoth doll on the table. Kate mustn't  forget to take the mammoth doll with her again when she's ready to leave Barrockstadt, so remember that the Mammoth doll is here on the table. Leave the lab and walk all the way back to the Rector Room. Talk to the three arrogant headmasters again and ask them your "Sauvignon" question again. 

Again the three gentlemen denied any knowledge of this plant, but one of the rectors has a "slip of the tongue" about a "secret" garden, behind the station. Kate continues on this and we find out that in this garden the Sauvignon Grapes are grown by the station chief. Professor Pons then processes the grapes, in the laboratory, into wine for the rectors. So the university has an illegal wine distillery. 

Say goodbye and leave the university and return to the Station Manager, on the arch bridge in the station. Ask him again the "Sauvignon" option and....... 

Kate now confronts the station Chief with her newly acquired knowledge about the illegal wine distillery and she asks the station master to open the gate to that garden for her. The station master then runs away to do this.  Walk to the left and then cross over  the left arch bridge. If Kate has gone over this bridge then you will see a path in front of her that goes into the garden. 

Walk into this garden path and follow it all the way to the end. The Station Manager has now opened the "back gate" of the station and that is the passage to that "secret" garden. 

When the station master has walked away, click in the open gate and Kate steps outside. 

Walk 2 screens to the left and Kate is at the end of the path, just in front of some bushes between the trees. Click on those bushes and Kate picks up some Sauvignon grapes

Now go back into the station and follow the "garden" path back to the arch bridge but do not enter the arch bridge. Go to the right over the "platform" to the next screen.......

..... and then walk another screen to the right ....... You will see a ladder going up and at  the ladder you see 3 Amerzone Cuckoo birds on the ground.  Click on the ladder. Kate walks to the ladder, but because of the birds she can not climb the ladder. Open your Items Inventory and click on the Sauvignon grapes and then click on the birds and .........

Kate throws the grapes on the ground, on other side of the ladder, and the birds wobble towards it to eat them. Click on the ladder again and ........

....... Kate climbs up and ends up on an platform, high above the ground. Click on the next ladder and Kate climbs further up and comes on top of the big platform and here is the mechanical Eagle that the station master told Kate about. Zoom in on the backside of the eagle. There is a little nest in the back and there are a number of eggs in it. That "red" egg is a cuckoo egg.  Open your Inventory and click on the Forcers Tang, the "Test Tube Holder", and then click on the "Red Egg"

Kate takes the egg out of the nest. Zoom out and climb the ladders down again. 

2: Earn your 100 Dollars 

Walk the screens back to the arch bridge, go over it and then go up the right Arch Bridge. 

The Station Manager speaks to Kate again and apologizes again for all his secrecy and now he gives Kate a Bottle of Wine. 

Leave the station through the main entrance and go up the stairs to the forecourt of the university. You are now back on the big screen with the Gazebo. Click on the little bridge, on the right side of the gazebo, and Kate runs over it and then stands at the gazebo. 

Walk around the gazebo to the right and then click on the left door. You see a turning wheel and a balance above it. The balance is out of balance because there is an egg on the left scale but not on the right scale. Open your Items Inventory, click on your Egg and then click on the right scale of the balance, to place your Egg on it and.......the balance is now in balance.

Click on the wheel and the door will open. Go inside and then go down through the floor hole. 

Below you click on the large standing Lever and ...........

............. the Violinists, at the top of the gazebo, now play their tune again ....

 ........ Kate will be back outside by herself. Walk back around the gazebo and click on the bridge and then on the front door of the university. 

Go inside and go to the rector room, address the rectors and in your dialog options you choose the "Money" option.

 After some back and forth talk Kate finally gets her 100 Dollars from these arrogant 3 men.  Leave the university, but do not enter the station through the main entrance. 

3:Opening the Lock / Sluice

On the screen where Kate is standing in front of the station, click the bottom left corner and Kate will walk to the side entrance

Then click on the Stairs and ...... Kate is back at the Skippers couple on the barge. Walk to the barge. 

Open your items inventory and click on the Bag of Money and then click on the couple and ...... Kate throws the moneybag towards them. 

If you think that you're done  now and that the skippers couple are now going to tow your train, then you are wrong. The barge has to go through the locks first and because Mrs. and Mr. Skipper do not understand the lock instructions, that's a job that Kate needs to fix. The shipper throws the Lock Key to Kate. 

Pick up the Lock key and go back up the stairs again and then straight into the station. Walk 1 screen to the left. On the screen with the arch bridge Kate gets another call from her Mommy and again she talks about one FRANK in this conversation. This is important for later. Continue to the left and past the arch bridge and then click again the Lock / sluice device in the back.  Zoom in again on the number keys and then open your inventory and click on the "Lock Key" and then on the rightmost slot. The hood opens and you can now press the keys. 

First the barge has to enter the lock and so you first have to bring down the water in the lock so that the front lock gates will open.

 You know the code to lower the water in the lock?.... It is # 42 *. So click, consecutively, on the following keys: #, 4, 2, * (Hash tack, 4, 2, Asterisk) 

You see that  the water in the lock drops and then the front doors goes open. Go back to the barge, address the couple and choose from your dialogue options the "Locks" option.


The barge now sails into the lock. Now the water in the lock must be raised again so that the front doors close again and the rear doors goes open. So back to the lock console and zoom in again on the number keys and enter the code # 41 * ...... so key in: #, 4,1, *. (Hash tack, 4, 1, Asterisk) and the barge comes up in the lock and sails out. 

Go over the right arch bridge back to your train and then walk  2 screens to the right until the end of the station. Here lies the barge now. Click on the skippers couple and choose the option "Help". The skipper now throws a chain at you. Open your inventory and click on the Hook and then, just behind Kate, click on the end of the chain.....

 Cut scene: Kate attaches the hook to the chain and then attaches the chain to the locomotive. The barge now tows the train to the Windup mechanism, just in front of the wall. 

Walk in that direction and follow the path until you get to the screen where you see the train and the wall and ........

,Kate gets a call from Professor Pons and he informs you that he with his lecture is about to begin

Because you MUST attend this lecture you walk all the way back to the arch bridges. Then go over the right arch bridge and out of the station through the main entrance. Enter the university until  Kate stand  back in the circle of the central hall. Click on the big Mammoth in the niche and Kate will be at the mammoth

Click on the stairs and then climb up the stairs and above you click at the bottom of your screen and ........ Kate arrives in the large Aula / College Room and is welcomed by Professor Pons and he now starts with his lecture. You just have to sit this out, and listen to what Pons says. It will take a while. You can of course right-click to go through this quickly

Pons tells about a tribe that lives in Siberia, the Youkols People, and that they have managed to tame the Mammoth and use them as burden animals. The Youkols also fed themselves with the Mammoth meat and dressed themselves with the skins of the Mammoth. After the ice age, the Youkols survived by feeding themselves, for centuries, with the meat from the deep frozen Mammoth Carcasses. The Youkols exists to this very day. It is claimed that, in Siberia, there is a "Lost Island" called "Syberia" on which there are still mammoths a live today.  After his lecture, Pons asks Kate if she would like to come to his lab to get the Mammoth doll back. 

Click top left of the screen and then on the opened doors and then at the bottom of your screen to go down the stairs again. 

Below you click in the lower left corner and Kate is back in the Central Hall. Go 1 screen to the right and then click at the bottom of the screen and then on the Lab doors.

Kate enters the Lab again. Click at the bottom of the screen to walk through the lab. On the left Pons is standing behind the table again. Click on the white paper that is on the table and Kate picks it up. It is the type written version of Pons lecture, so if you feel like it you can always read it again. On the other side of the table lies the Mammoth doll. Pick up the Mammoth Doll now as well ... 

NB: do you forget to take back the Mammoth doll now and just continue with the game  then you can not finish the game. Once you have left Barrockstadt, you will never be able to come back here to get the Mammoth doll.

4: Wind Up the train again

Leave the university and go back into the station and over the right arch bridge onto the platform. Follow the platform all the way to the right until Kate is out of the station and then follow the path along the canal until you get back to the train. Click on the balcony stairs of the wagon and then go of the balcony, on the right side. Kate is then are on the other side of the train. 

Walk to the Windup Machine and click on the turning wheel and then on the lever and the locomotive again has "juice". Kate immediately gets a call from Danny Boy. The conversation is not  going quite as Danny Boy probably has thought it would go. Kate is now showing her teeth pretty well  Enter the rain car and continue to the middle compartment. Put the Mammoth doll back on the table and then open your inventory and click on the "Barrockstadt Voice Cylinder" and place this cylinder in the hole of the pillar 

 Watch the scene: Anna informs her brother Hans about the death of their father. 

Kate will then automatically put this cylinder in the left case. Go to Oscar, who is in the front of the train car. Talk to Oscar and choose the "Mission" option and ........The train leaves, but it is only a short ride because the train stops right in front of the great wall. 

5: Get an Exit Visa

Go out onto the balcony and then of the balcony on the right side. Zoom in on the cottage......it is a Ticket office and Oscar is already there. 

Oscar now tells that, in order to go through the wall, you need a VISA. Kate gets a little pissed and asks where she should get such a visa from. Oscar tells her that someone on the wall can give her such a visa. For a more entertaining conversation between Kate and Oscar, you can now use all of your dialog options and then end the conversation. 

Click on the left side of your screen, behind the ticket house. 

You will see the back of the house and you will see a door in the pillar of the wall. Click on that door and Kate will enter that pillar. 

Kate is now in the pillar of the wall. An iron staircase goes up. Click on the bottom step of the  iron staircase and...... 

Kate climbs up and ends up on top of the wall. Kate now gets another call from fellow Olivia who tells that Danny Boy has become completely upset about the earlier conversation with Kate. Click on the bottom left of the screen and on the next screen you do that again and then you click on the door and......

Kate enters the

 Tower Room

Zoom in on the guy who's looking out the window, behind the telescope. A conversation follows. 

This is Captain Malastesta and he is a bit strange. In your dialog options you choose the  "Mission" option. 

Kate asks the Captain for a Visa. Unfortunately, Malastesta does not want to give Kate a Visa, because according to him it is too dangerous to go past the wall, because of some enemy who seems to be lying there. Malastesta invites Kate to go look through the telescope to see that enemy for herself 

So close the dialogue window and zoom in on the telescope. You see a very vague image through the telescope. 

Click twice on the right Red Button and you will see it much sharper. Instead of a dangerous Cossack, Kate sees a DEAD TREE.

Apparently the captain does not see it all that sharp anymore. Maybe there's something wrong with his eyes? Zoom out and click on the Captain again and choose the "Mission" option again.  Kate explains that the so-called Cossack is in fact just a dead tree. But the captain does not believe her. Exit and then look at the table. There is a pair of glasses on the table. Click on the glasses to zoom in on. Then click on the glasses again and Kate says that the lenses are broken. 

There are also 2 Wine Glasses on the table. Stay in this screen and open your Items Inventory and then click on the Bottle of Wine and then on the wine glasses. Kate pours the wine into the glasses. Open your inventory again and click on the Yangala-Cola Powder. Then click on the wine glasses again and Kate will put the Yangala powder in one of the glasses. Now zoom out and .....

..... Kate now invites the captain to come and drink a glass of wine. After some deliberation, the captain drinks his glass of wine and then looks through the telescope and now he sees, very sharply, that the "enemy" is only a dead tree and Kate now gets her Exit Visa. 

Go outside through the door and walk back over the wall to the door and go down the stairs and then through the door to the outside. Then click on the road, to the right of the Ticket house. When Kate is back at the train then you open your "Personal Files" and then click the Exit Visa .... Then click on the Ticket house again and ......... Kate gives Oscar the Visa now and she gets a new Train Ticket

Enter the train car and give Oscar the train ticket and.......... enjoy the train journey again .......

.... After another long journey the train stops at the station of Komkolzgrad .... did you see the 2 Giants? 

Chapter 3: Komkolzgrad

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