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Chapter 3: Komkolzgrad

A: Wind Up the Train again

Up on arrival Kate is back in the middle section of the train carriage. Click at the bottom of the screen and then on the outside door and then turn right onto the balcony and then step on the platform. It is mountainous, gloomy and cold here. Click, at the back of your screen, on the Giant, who is standing over the rails, and Kate then walks one screen to the left,. Kate is then at  the locomotive. Kate is approached by Oscar who is in the locomotive.

The train must be wind up again because Komkolzgrad is still not the final stop but just a stopover. Of course Kate has to do this job again because Oscar finds the air pollution too dangerous for his jolts. You can use all conversation options if you want to enjoy the conversation between Kate and Oscar. 

Continue to the left and on the next screen to the right. Click on the ladder that goes up along the leg of the Giant.

Kate climbs up and enters a small control room at the top of the giant.  

Here stand a bed and above it you can see a cupboard with some papers sticking out. On the right you see a small console, at the "window". 

First zoom in on the cupboard above the bed and  take  the Musical Cylinder out of it.  

The musical cylinder goes to your items inventory. It is the "Komkolzgrad Voice Cylinder". Then take the blueprint out of the cupboard.

The blueprint appears in your screen to view. It is a design of this giant and it shows that the winding mechanism for the train is in the left leg of the giant

Click the Blueprint way to your "Personal Files". Then take the lever out of the cupboard. Zoom out now. 

Zoom in on that little console. You then look through the window. You see the train with another giant behind it. There is a slot in the console and a red button on the top right. Take the Lever, the one you took from the cupboard, out of your items inventory and click on the slot of the console to put the lever in it. Then click ABOVE the Lever to move it up. You will now see the Giant driving towards the train once, with Kate in it

Click again above the lever to drive the giant all the way to the locomotive

 Now press the Red Button and ........ the locomotive will be re-wound.

Click twice under the Lever to return the giant 2 times. 

Click at the bottom of your screen and Kate goes back down the ladder and ........... A stranger comes out of the train and this person runs away and into the building

Run back to the train carriage and enter and walk to the middle compartment and then enter the sleeping cabin on the right. 

Oscar is sitting here now on the bed and he's gagged. A red tongs lies on the floor.

First take the red tongs off the floor. Click on Oscar, but not with the tongs, to free him.

a conversation follows in which Oscar tells how he was robbed and gagged by a monster. Something terrible has happened. ... the "monster" stole Oscar's HANDS. And that is really a disaster, because without hands Oscar can not ride the train and without Oscar the train does not go any further. Just for fun go through all Dialogue options with Oscar. Well.....Kate's assignment is clear:

B:  Find and recover Oscar's Hands ...

Click at the bottom of the screen and then go back through the doorway into the middle compartment

 Open your Items Inventory and click on the "Komkolzgrad Voice Cylinder" and place it in the groove of  the little pillar.

You see a cut scene again and it plays at the time of the 2nd World War when Hans Voralberg was working for Stalin.

Kate puts the cylinder back in the left case after the film. You gradually have a whole collection of these things.

Leave the train car  and then turn right again on the platform. Go back to the Giant, the one that stand in front of the Locomotive. On the way you can try if you can enter the building, where that thief of Oscar's hands has disappeared into. Unfortunately, the entrance to the warehouse is locked.

So walk on to the Giant again and climb via the ladder back to the control room. Zoom in again on the small console and click once again above the lever, to drive the giant once again towards the train. The Giant then stands at the warehouse. Zoom out and click at the bottom of the screen and Kate climbs down the  ladder once and then stands on the small intermediate platform. Kate is now at the same height as the ledge and the "window" of the warehouse. Click on the ledge and Kate will jump on it.

Zoom in on the metal plate in the wall and .......Kate will look through a hole in this metal plate. Open your Items Inventory and click on the red pair of Tongs and then click again in the hole and ......We get a view from the inside and we see how Kate "cuts" the entire metal plate. Click in the hatch again and Kate climbs inside. 

Click at the bottom of the screen and on the next screen zoom in on the shelves rack, which is located on the left side of the wall. 

Take the White Spark Plug that is in the rack cabinet .........

Zoom out and climb out through the hole in the wall. Climb up to the control room, in the Giant again 

Drive the Giant back once again, by clicking again below the Lever on the console again Then descend back down to the platform via the ladder. Now walk all the way back to your train but do not enter the train car. Continue on the platform to the right until you see the end. On the left side of this screen you see a number of crates with dynamite and you also see a lever on the iron platform, behind the pillar. Walk to the Lever and click on it and a lift cabin will now rise up, in the square floor hole. 

In the Mine

Get in the elevator and .......... Kate goes down with the elevator and ends up in the mine and she gets another call from Danny boy, but fortunately the reception down here is pretty bad  It is dark in the mine. On the left you see a generator. Zoom in on the generator. 

Open your Items Inventory and click on the Spark plug and then click on the top of the generator between the 2 spark plug points. 

Then click on the lever to slide the lever to the right in the slot and .....

....  you have now switched on the light in the mine tunnel. Click at the bottom of your screen and continue through the mine corridor all the way to the back. 

There is another lift right at the back of the mine.

Click on the elevator and Kate gets in and presses the button. With this lift Kate goes up to the: 


Left in front of you hangs a monitor and further to the left you see a large massive Steel Door. Move your cursor to the left of this steel door. There is a button, on he left side of the Steel door. It is difficult to see, but when you move the cursor to the bottom left corner you get a click hotspot. Then click and Kate walks towards it and she presses the button and this steel door opens. 

You are not going through this steel door now. Click at the right-hand side of your screen, and Kate walks 1 screen to the right and she  arrives at a staircase that goes up to the large church organ. 

Click on the stairs and Kate climbs up to the enormous Organ.  In the middle of the organ sits the Organ player Automaton. 

Zoom in on the Organ Player and then pick up the Screwdriver ....

Zoom out again. Click left to go down the stairs again and when Kate is down again you click again at the bottom of the screen and you are back on the screen with the lift and the Steel Door. Click at bottom of the screen and then go another screen to the left

Kate will appear on the next screen. A ladder goes up to a platform. Right behind it,  in the corner, you see a niche where cabin should stand. That cabin is not there now. There is an iron plate screwed to the ladder so Kate can not climb up the ladder. Zoom in on the ladder. 

The iron plate is fixed with 4 screws. Take the screwdriver from your inventory and then click, in turn, on each of the 4 screws to loosen them one by one. The iron plate disappears. Then click on the ladder again and Kate climbs up. Kate is then on a platform. On the left you see a steel "house" and on the right you see a doorway. 

First click in that doorway....... Kate tells you that it is a Monorail but that the controls for it  are somewhere else. Then click on the door of that steel "House" and......Kate enters there and she's in the control room of the factory and the Director of the factory sits in the chair. Click on the Director and a long conversation follows. 

Kate accuses the director of being the thief of Oscar's hands. However, the Director claims that he has not stolen Oscar's hands but only "borrowed" them. He will give back the hands when he no longer needs them. The director needs Oscar's hands for his Organ player Automaton.  

Your Options dialog appears. Choose the "Mission" option

The director now tells a long story....... it comes down to the fact that the Director is a very big fan of some opera singer, Helena Romanski, who once performed here in Komkolzgrad and then also has visited the factory. Since then The Director has one dream and that is that this Helena Romanski will perform one more time, but only for him......a private concert so to speak. For this reason the director has converted this gigantic factory into one giant ORGAN and he has built an advanced Organ player Automaton to perfectly play that organ. 

However.....there's a problem.....The director can not make good hands for his organ player, but then and then Kate and Oscar arrived here and he saw Oscar's hands and these are just the perfect hands for his Organ player. If Helena Romanski will have her performance here, then Oscar will get his hands back. However, there's another little problem......... Helena Romanski does not know anything about this and the Director does not know where she is staying right now. Kate must find Helena Romanski and convince to come and sing in this factory for the Director. The director then says that he has arranged a room with all sorts of personal stuff from Helena Romanski and he then presses a button and we see that room coming down.

Close the conversation and click at the bottom of your screen and then click on the ladder and Kate climbs down again.

 Right at the back of your screen you now see that "Helena Romanski room"....Click there and Kate will enter. 

This "Helena" room is a kind of museum, full with personal things of Helena Romanski. 

Click at the bottom of your screen to go to the next screen and then, in the back, click under the curtains. 

Kate is standing in front of the dressing table. On the left you see a small cupboard with 1 drawer open. Zoom in on the open drawer. There is a Scrapbook in the drawer. Take the Scrapbook and browse through it. The scrapbook is full of photos and newspaper cutting about Helena Romanski. Click away the scrapbook and then take the Letters out of the drawer. 

On all envelopes you read that there's no Helena Romanski at the address mentioned. You read 1 letter and then click it to your "Personal Files". 

Well, how to find out where we can find Helena Romanski. Remember the 2 calls Kate  received from her Mother? . Mother has mentioned  a  certain Frank, an opera fanatic. Maybe this Frank knows where Helena Romanski hangs out these days. Open your inventory and click the Cell phone. Use the arrows to scroll through the phone memory until you see the phone number of your mother in the screen and then press the "Send" button. 

Talk to mother and she then asks Frank, who has apparently moved in with Kate's mother, if he knows where Helena Romanski can be found.

 Mother then says that Helena Romanski should be in Aralbad. 

Put the phone back in inventory and then go back 3 screens to the left. Then click on the ladder again to climb to the platform. Kate gets another call from Danny-boy. Go back into the control room and click again on the Director. When your dialog options reappear, click on the "Aralbad" option and then again on the "Mission" option. 

The director then talks about a "Drunken idiot " that guards a Space Compound, on the roof  of the factory. 

The director tells that Kate can go to the roof with the Monorail. The Director will make the Monorail available. 

Close the conversation and click at the bottom of your screen to go outside and then click again on the doorway, on the right,  and Kate goes with the Monorail to the roof of the factory. 

Space Compound and the Air Ship

Kate is, after a short drive, has stepped out of the monorail and is now on the roof of the factory. Click on the metal path, at the bottom right of the screen, to go to the next screen. 

Kate receives a phone call from Olivia. Olivia notices that Kate has become much more confident.

 It also seems that Danny-boy has switch his attention from Kate to Olivia and that Olivia seems to like this very much. Well, that's live. 

Click, past Kate, to go to the next screen. Then click, left in the corner, on the stairs and Kate climbs up and stands at the launcher rocket

Behind the rocket, you see a staircase. Remember this staircase. Click, on the right of the rocket, in the gate to go to the next screen. You come to a platform with a space Capsule on it

You can access the platform via the ladder. You can see a turning wheel at the bottom of the platform. Go up the stairs. Kate is standing on the platform with the Capsule. You see a crane. Left behind the crane stand the control console for the crane. Now enter the Capsule first and .... Kate meets Boris, the always drunk cosmonaut. 

Click on Boris and chat with him for a moment, but he does not have much to tell. Actually, Kate wants Boris to leave the capsule for a while, so close the conversation. 

Behind Boris lies a Vodka Bottle on the ground. Grab the Vodka Bottle.

Boris now leaves the capsule  and Kate follows him.......Boris then drops off the platform and he ends up in a container, beneath the crane, and goes to sleep in there .....Go back into the capsule and then click at the bottom of the screen. Then zoom in on the cupboard that hangs above the chair where Boris was sitting on the wall. Kate finds a Letter and a small Key in the cupboard. 

Take the Key and then pick up the Letter and read it. 

The letter tells about a secret project by Hans Voralberg. That secret program has been named the "Program XP25" or the "Voralberg Spring Loaded Launch Path Project". With this letter that whole project was cancelled by the Russian authorities, as being completely useless

Wake up Boris

Zoom out and leave the capsule again and then click to the left of the capsule to go down again via the stairs. 

Then click on the bottom right of the screen to go to the right. You'll see small turning wheel and you'll see Boris lying in the container under the crane.

Click on the turning wheel to turn on the water. Then go back 1 screen to the left and then back up the capsule platform via the stairs. Now zoom in on the crane console. 

The console has 3 levers, which you number 1, 2 and 3. On the right you can see a Key slot. A key must be insert in that slot

Open your Items Inventory and click on the Key and then click on the Contact Slot, to insert the key into the slot. The console now has power. 

  • Move lever 3 to the left...... You see that the container with Boris is moving to the left. 
  • Now click lever 1 up and ....... the Boris container goes backwards and is under the "shower". 
  • Now click lever 2 up and ........ Boris gets a cold shower and is completely sober again and awake. 

Click again to the left of the capsule to go down the stairs again and then go right again, back to Boris. Click Boris 

A conversation follows and then you just go through all your dialog options and you will experience some interesting things from Boris. Boris warns Kate to be on her guard for the director because he is not to be trusted. Boris tells a lot about the invention of Hans Voralberg and about an Airship with which Kate could fly to Aralbad. 

Close the conversation and go 1 screen further to the right. You come to the actual Launch platform and here you see, a very large steel "Wheel". In the wheel you see the Rocket Plane, invented by Hans Voralberg, with which he and Boris wanted to fly to the Stars.  You can now go to the Left side  or to the Right side of the Wheel. Click Kate's left to go to the left side of the wheel. You see a staircase that goes up to the Launch Control Room. 

Click on the stairs and Kate walks up and then enters the 

Launch Control Room

Zoom in on the right-hand side of the monitor, on the big table and you'll see a console: 

Take the Voralberg Key that lies on the left side of the console. Take the Voralberg Key from your inventory right away and insert the key into the Cross-shaped Keyhole. Then click on the rectangular glass cover to open it. You see a hole with two loose wires. Click on each of the 2 wires to plug them into the plugs. Then click on the black on / off lever, above the wire hole, and the monitor screen will now turn green. 

Now click on the black box with grip handle, to the right of the console. You take this box out. In your inventory this box is called the "Blood Testing Apparatus".

Zoom out now. Go outside again through the door and then click to the left of the screen to return 1 screen to the front side of the Wheel. Then click to the right of your screen to go to the right side of the "wheel". In the back ground you see a staircase, left of the rocket. Click on those stairs and .... 

Kate climbs the stairs and she then stands at the top, at the gondola of the Airship. Click on the door of the Gondola. Unfortunately, it is locked. Kate need a key. Click at the bottom right of the screen and..... Kate climbs down again. Click at the bottom left of the screen to go back to the front side of the big Wheel. Click at the bottom of your screen to go back to Boris. Talk to Boris again. In your Dialog Options you choose the "Airship" option. 

Boris gives you the key and tells you that you do not have to worry about the control of the airship. The Airship is on the autopilot. 


Now go back to the Airship, take the key from your inventory and click again on the door of the gondola. Kate enters the Gondola. 

To the right of the Steering Wheel Pilot Automaton stands a Lever, click on the Lever

Nothing happens....... 

Leave the Gondola and go back down and return to the left side of the Wheel. Here is Boris now. Click on Boris and talk to him. Boris wants to tell Kate how she should start the Airship but only if she can make sure that he can fly to the Stars with the Rocket Plane. Close the conversation but stay in front of Boris. Open your Items Inventory and click on the "Blood Testing Apparatus" and then click on Boris again. 

Kate takes a Blood Sample from Boris. Boris is now disappearing into the Cylinder. 

Click on the Staircase and Kate is back in the

 Launch Control Room. 

Click on the monitor again to zoom in on the console. Now do the following ....... 

Open your inventory and click on the Blood Test Apparatus, which now contains a blood sample from Boris. 

Put the Blood Test Apparatus back into the square hole on the right side of the console. 

Beneath the monitor are 4 white buttons. Number them, from left to right, 1, 2, 3, 4. 

  • Click on white button 1. You will see how the cylinder with Boris blood in it is hoisted up. 
  • Click on white button 2 to measure the blood sample. 

However, you get the message that Boris blood is refused because of too high alcohol content. 

  1. There is a Needle in the round hole of the Blood test apparatus. 
  2. Click in the round hole to get Kate to prick her finger at the Needle. 

Make sure that you do not click on the handle of the Blood Test apparatus because then you take the whole sample out and that is not the intention. Kate now adds a drop of her own blood to the sample

         Now click the white button 2 again and the blood sample will now be analysed. 

         Then click on the white button 3, the one with the "pivot arrows", and .....

......... the Cylinder with Boris now makes a quick lap. Boris gets out of the cylinder and enters the plane. 

         Now press white button 4 to start the launch. Kate now asks Boris how to start the airship ........

.... We see how Boris throws a Crank on the floor. Boris goes into the plane and the countdown starts and then ..... Boris is launched and finally his dream is fulfilled.

Click on the door to leave the Launch Control Room. Down again you go 1 Screen to the left. 

Just before the crates, left in front of the screen, lies the Crank that Boris left behind. Pick up the Crank. 

Go back 3 screens to the big launcher rocket. To the left behind the rocket you see a staircase. Click on the stairs and Kate walks towards it and climbs up. 

Above you click in front of Kate and she walks to the back side of the rocket and here you see a small column with a funnel on it and a small red hole in it. Open your Items Inventory and take out the Crank. Then click on that red hole to place the Crank in it. 

Kate places the Crank and turns it and a siren starts screaming. 

A big bird flies away and this picks up his "comrades" and they all fly to the airship. 

Click left and then left again on the stairs and now go all the way back to the gondola of the airship.

 Step back into the gondola and click again, on the right of the steering wheel, on the lever and enjoy the flight to: 

Chapter 4: Aralbad: First Visit

2018:Walkthrough door: Louis Koot