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Chapter 4: Aralbad first visit

The airship has brought Kate to Aralbad. Click, left, on the door of the gondola to leave it. Then click left at the bottom of the screen and Kate will walk down the stairs

Then click again at the bottom left of the screen to go to the next screen. 

Kate gets another call from her boss and he's is getting more and more angry now.

Hotel troubles

Kate is now standing on a square with a fountain. On the left is the Kronsky hotel. On the other side of the fountain is the Station, and at the bottom right you return to the Airship. Click on the entrance of the hotel..... Kate enters the hotel and walks to the reception and she speaks to the receptionist. Note that there is a bell on the corner of the desk. The dialog options appear after the greeting. Just go through all dialog options with the receptionist.

His name is Felix Smetana. Also take a look at the TV, there is a football game going on Felix tells a lot........Hotel Kronsky used to be an expensive and renowned hotel and Aralbad used to be a fashionable seaside resort. But because of the large amounts of dust, outside in the air, Aralbad is now more decayed glory. Kate may not see the guest book and she can not simply go into the hotel to speak to one of the guests. Kate must make a telephone appointment if she want to speak with one of the guests...... But Kate has no time for that.

Close the conversation and click at the bottom of the screen and then in the bottom left corner to move a screen to the left. Kate then stands in front of a large fence. Left of Kate is a small wooden door. The fence closes the passage to the pool and the dining room / bar. Click on the small wooden door and Kate opens them. 

It is a storage closet. On the middle shelf is a green bottle. Take the green bottle. .....it is a bottle of "Detergent", so a bottle of Soap.

Zoom out and click at the bottom of your screen and then at the hotel entrance / exit. Kate is outside again at the fountain. 

Open your Items Inventory and click on the "Detergent" bottle and then click on the fountain. 

Kate pours the soap into the fountain and it starts to foam and the foam flows.

Enter the hotel again and look at the Red Curtains to the left of the entrance. The curtain cord hangs right next to the pillar. Click on the curtain cord and Kate opens the curtains.

Then click on the corner of the reception desk. On the corner of the counter stands a tiny bell. You have to move your cursor over the corner to find it because it is really a small bell. Click on the bell and Felix comes to you and sees through the windows the mess Kate made in the fountain.

Felix picks up a mop and goes outside to clear away the mess. Now click behind the reception desk and then zoom in on the Guest book, at the telephone.

Zoom in again and you will read through the list of guest names. You read that Helena Romanski really stays in the hotel and her code number is 1270. Zoom out and then click on the hotel Brochure. The brochure appears in your screen. Open the brochure and notice the number written in red on the right-hand page, it is: 46433643.

Close the brochure and it goes into the "Personal Files". 

Now click on the small Red Button under the counter and you will hear that the gate, towards the swimming pool, opens.

Zoom out again and click left behind Kate to leave the reception. Click at the bottom of your screen and on the next screen you will do that again.

Find Helena

Kate is standing in front of the passage to the pool again. 

Click on the fence and Kate goes through and she comes into the pool. Left you can go directly to the dining room / bar, but do not do this now

Now first go to the right, to the pillar gallery on the right side of the swimming pool. Then walk through the gallery to the left and on the next screen to the bottom of your screen. To the right is a fence / door but it is closed. Click at the top left of your screen, behind the pillars and Kate is on the other side of the pool.

Click in the passage, right behind the pool, so in the middle of your screen, and you come in a short corridor. At the bottom of your screen stand a table with a bottle of Champagne in a cooler and a pair of Champagne Glasses. Click on the Champagne Glasses and Kate picks up 1 and puts them in here bag

Then click behind Kate and you will be back by the pool. Click, left, on the windows and you will enter the round dining room. To the right is the exit to the outside with a small console in front of it. Zoom in on that console and enter Helena's Code 1270, and then pull the lever.

Unfortunately, the door does not open. Zoom out and click at the bottom left of your screen to leave the dining room again, back to the swimming pool.

Then click to the right of the screen and see ...... that gate / door that was closed is now open. Enter through the gate into the dressing room.

To the left of the table lies a card on the floor. Pick up that card. It is a Hotel Access Card and the code number on it is 0968.

Zoom out and return to that console at the fence door in the dining room and enter this number now, so enter 0968, and pull the Lever again and ........

... the door opens now. Go through the door and immediately pick up the Gas Mask that hangs from the coat rack

Kate puts the Gas Mask on. Click on the glass door and Kate goes outside and is now on the promenade. 

Click at the bottom right of your screen to walk over the promenade  to the next screen. 

Click again at the bottom of your screen to continue to the right. 

Click on the Gazebo at the end of the promenade and Kate will enter and.....finally Kate has found Helena Romanski. 

Click on Helena. There is a short conversation. 

Helena is old and she has a headache and does not want to talk. She asks you to call her servant, James. 

Click at the bottom of the screen to go out of the gazebo. 

Felix appears now and he is a little angry with Kate, but Kate is "rescued" by Helena who says that Kate is now her guest and should therefore be treated with the utmost respect by the staff. Felix is sent away 

Click again at the bottom of your screen. You now see 2 lantern poles standing in front of the gazebo. Just before the left lamp post you see a black pole. Zoom in on that black pole. 

It is a Bell pole and there is a bell hanging on it. Click on the bell to take with you and then zoom out. 

Now go all the way back to the left until you are back at the hotel, but do not enter the hotel. Kate is back at the beginning of the promenade and just before the second series of lantern poles. There is also a black Bell pole here. Zoom in on this black bell pole

Open your Items Inventory and click on the Bell and then click below the "flag" of the post to hang the bell on this pole. Then click on the chain to "call" James. 

Zoom out and click on the hotel door. Kate will enter the hotel again. Click immediately on the coat rack to hang the Gasmask back on it. 

Click at the bottom of the screen to go back into the dining room. Then click on the Bar, in the middle of the dining room, and Kate walks towards it. 

Here is James, Helena's Wheelchair Automaton. Talk to James. 

James finds it a bit windy outside, and especially too dusty, so he's afraid that all that dust is not good for him. But Kate convince James that he really has got to go to get his mistress and James disappears. Kate then gets another phone call from her Mother. When this phone call is over, James reappears with Helena in the wheelchair and Helena takes a seat at the bar. 

Click Helena to talk to her again and then choose the "Hans" option from your dialog options.

Helena tell's quite a story but the most important thing is that Helena tells about a Special Cocktail that George, the barman of the Meuritz Hotel in Paris, once mixed for her when she lost her voice. After drinking this cocktail Helena could sing again. Kate would also like to mix this cocktail for Helena, but none of the attendees knows the right ingredients. Just go through all the other Dialogue Options and then close the conversation. 

Open your Personal Files Inventory and click on " eye "and then click on the Hotel Brochure. Look again at the red number in the brochure, write it down and then close the brochure again and go to Kate's Cell Phone.  Click on the Cell Phone and key in the number  46433643 and press "send". 

Kate gets connected with the reception of Hotel Meuritz in Paris. Kate asks to speak to the bartender.  It is not George because he is already retired. The barman lists a few cocktails and on hearing the name "Blue Helena" Kate says that it is the cocktail in question and the bartender now sums up all the ingredients. Write them down. The ingredients are: 1 part Vodka, 1 part Clue Curacao, 1 part Honey, 1 part Lemon, 1 part Ice, Shake well. 

Click the phone away and then zoom in on the hatch at the bottom of the bar........ It is a small refrigerator. Take out the Lemon and the pot of Crystallized Honey and zoom out again. 

It is a pity that the Honey is not liquid. That is what Kate has to take care of first. Click at the bottom right of your screen and then the bottom left corner and then again and you'll be back at the pool. Go to the right and then straight into the pillars Gallery. You now see 2 bathers busy with a game of chess. Behind these two bathers you see a square basin with water. Click there and Kate comes at that basin

Behind the basin you can see pipes on the wall with a turning wheel. Click on the turning wheel and ......... the water in the basin is heated. Open your Items Inventory and click on the  Honey and then on the basin and the Honey is now liquid honey. Return until you are back behind the bar in the dining room and....... SAVE GAME now because if you go wrong with mixing the drink for Helena then you can do it again from this starting position. Then zoom in on the back of the bar and ....... you are zoomed in on the bar taps. 

A Blue Helena Cocktail for Helena:

In the middle you see the Shaker and left and  right of it three white buttons with a symbol on each button. Above the Shaker are the Bottles and between the Bottles you see 3 Cups / Presses. There is 1 left and 2 right. Below the white buttons you see a white keyboard and to the right a little lever with 2 musical notes. Between the Bottles, right above the Shaker, there is a Scroll. 

Do the following: 

  • Pick up the Scroll. It is a Music Scroll and you will see a series of dots with the names of drinks on it. 

  • Place the Lemon in the Lemon press, which is located on the top left between the 2 bottles. 

  • Place the Vodka bottle in the 1st cup on the right. Place Honey Pot in the rightmost cup.

  • Click on the White Button 1. This is the On/ Off button. 

  • On the keyboard, click button B. 

  • Click on the lever, on the right of the keyboard, to put it to the right. 

  • On the keyboard, click button C. 

  • Click the White Button 5. 

  • Click the White Button 4.

  •  Click the White Button 2. C

  • lick the White Button 6 to shake the Shaker.

The drink will come up the bar and Helena picks it up. If you have not brewed the right drink now, Helena will refuse it. Then you made a mistake somewhere and you will have to do all this again. But if you have carefully followed the instructions above, Helena will drink the drink and burst into an Aria. 

Helena is not satisfied with the quality of her voice and she thinks she can not act like that. You will have to give her self-confidence a "boost". 

Open your Items Inventory and click on the Champagne Glass and then click on the end of the Bar, to the right of Helena. Kate puts the glass on the Bar there.

Then click again Helena and Helena burst into an Aria and ...... she sings the Champagne glass to smithereens and she is now convinced that her voice is good enough to resume singing. Helena now agrees to come back with you to Komkolzgrad. 

Click at the bottom right of your screen and then on the passage in the back of the dining room and you'll be back at the front of the pool. Click at the bottom of your screen and you will be back in the hotel lobby. Click at the bottom of your screen and then at the entrance / exit of the hotel and you will be at the fountain again. Click at the bottom right to enter the path to your airship and then click on the Gondola to go up the stairs. 

Click on the gondola door and Kate gets back into the Gondola and gets a phone call from Olivia.

Olivia is a bit out of her self and it takes her a long time to tell Kate that she has "DONE IT" with Danny Boy. Well, Katie does not really care so she hangs up

 James brings Helena Romanski into the gondola and together you fly back to Komkolzgrad.

Chapter 5: Komkolzgrad Revisited

2018:Walkthrough door: Louis Koot