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Chapter 5: Komkolzgrad Revisited

Helena has her performance at the factory with only Kate and the hand-rubbing director as her audience. During the performance you see all sorts of things happening and at the end of the performance Helena is caught in an iron cage. The director has not been completely honest with Kate because he has not informed her about this part of his plan. 

Click on the top of the stairs and Kate walks up the stairs again and arrives at the large round cage. 

Helena calls for help. Zoom in on the door of the cage and then open your Items Inventory and click on the big Pliers. Then click on the Padlock of the cage and Helena is released.


Helena thanks you and walks down the stairs and Kate walks into the cage. Zoom in on the Organ player Automaton, open your Items Inventory again and click on your Screwdriver and then click on one of the Organ player Hands and you will have Oscar's Hands back.

Zoom out and click at the bottom left of your screen to go down the stairs and then click at the bottom right of your screen. 

Kate goes to the big steel door and there is a short conversation between Kate and Helena after which Kate presses the button and the large steel door opens. Helena gets through and then .....

.......the director closes the door with iron bars and Kate can not get through. Kate gives Oscar's Hands to Helena and she disappears to the train. 

Click in the elevator and Kate goes back down to the mine. 

Click at the bottom of the screen and on the next screen you will again be at the junction with the monitor. Click further into the tunnel and Kate continues a lot and you will hear a "detonation". Continue forward through the mine, all the way to the end, and then click on the Lever, right at the end of the rail. The elevator is coming down ....... O..oooo DYNAMITE .....

Kate runs away quickly and the dynamite explodes. 

Click at the bottom of your screen and walk back to the elevator. Well...Kate ....... I do not think this elevator is "doing" it anymore. 

Go back 1 screen and then click in the large round ventilation shaft and.......

Kate goes into the ventilation shaft and she will come outside on the platform. Click on the half-opened dynamite box at the bottom left of the screen and take out the Dynamite

Now go over the platform until you reach the locomotive. Here is Oscar. Talk to him. Oscar tells you to go into the car. Helena is already inside. Click on the right and then on the balcony of the car and on the balcony you click on the car door to enter the car. 

You now see how the Giant is heading towards the train and the Giant now has steel beams and now blocks the train. The train can not drive away. Kate immediately receives a phone call from Danny Boy who goes out of his mind to apologize for his action with Olivia. Kate is not impressed. 

Leave the wagon and go right on the platform, click on the Giant and walk through 2 screens until Kate is standing next to the Giant. 

Open your Items Inventory and click on the Dynamite and then click below the right leg of the Giant. 

Kate places the Dynamite and quickly runs away ....... After a few seconds, the Giant says "BOOM" and .........

........ the train leaves and takes us back to Aralbad.

Chapter 6: Final in Aralbad

Helena is driven back into the hotel and Kate is in the car. Leave the train car and then turn right onto the platform. Then click on the left side of the screen and Kate walks to the left of the platform. Then click to the right of the screen. We see Oscar and we see the Train Wind-up Machine behind him.

So click on the turning wheel again and then on the lever to wind up the train again. Then talk to Oscar and from your dialog options choose "MISSION"

Felix comes in and tells us that a package has been delivered for Kate. Felix walks back to the hotel. Go back 1 screen and then go through the fence and you'll be back at the fountain. Go left into the hotel and click on the corner of the reception desk. You then have a complete overview of the counter and see an opened box on it, at the TV. Zoom in on this box and then take out the Mammoth Automaton

Kate gets another phone call from her annoying boss again and he is really pissed now and he more or less threatened Kate with dismissal if she do not finalizes  the deal within 24 hours. However, Kate breaks off the conversation. Then the hotel telephone rings and Felix picks it up. It is Helena and she is in the bar and wants to speak to Kate

 Click at the bottom of your screen and on do this also on the next screen and then go through the fence to the pool. 

Go left through the gate into the bar / dining room and then click on Helena. 

A long conversation with Helena follows in which she eventually tells that the supply plane has arrived and she advises Kate to go and have a look outside. 

Helena is then rolled away by James. James has said  that the air outside is clean now. \

Click at the bottom of your screen and then go right through the door back into the hallway. 

You do not have to take that gas mask anymore, so click on the glass door and Kate will be back outside on the promenade. 

Click on the old man who is sitting on the bench and .....

..... actually this is it......sit back and enjoy the ending of Syberia 1

This old man is Hans Voralberg. He is old, weak and very tired and he actually expected his sister Anna. Kate tells him that Anna died. Hans wants only one thing and that is with his train to SYBERIA. Hans signs the sales contract, without even reading the fine print,  and when Kate asks him why he does not read it first, he tells him that he can't read. 

Kate's boss calls her again and start shouting at her. Kate  silence her boss with the announcement that Hans Voralberg has just signed the contract. Boss is happy and promises Kate a golden future at the firm. Hans asks if Kate goes with him on his further trip to Syberia, but Kate hesitates and then decides to go back to New York to continue her career and she goes to the plane. 

But ......as Kate arrives at the plane and she gets a change of heart and......Kate runs and runs and runs, over the promenade and  through the hotel, 

......to the platform where she's  just in time to catch the train, to travel with Hans Voralberg and Oscar to Syberia

The END......see you in Syberia 2:

2018:Walkthrough door: Louis Koot