April  2022: Text and screenshots by Louis Koot

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Syberia 4: The World Before: Index page

NB: I do not have the STEAM version of this game so I can't tell you anything about the STEAM Achievements you can "earn" with the STEAM edition....

.... I don't care about those stupid achievements they put in the games just to please STEAM. I also do not play the game with Gog's Galaxy, witch I also don't like much

Syberia 4 The World Before is the 4th game in the Syberia series and it will be the last one. The game has been released on March 18, 2022.   

The creator and artist of the Syberia games, Benoit Sokal, has passed away in 2021 

In the game we are introduced to a redesigned Kate Walker and to a new character Dana Roze. As Kate Walker we are in 2004 / 2005 but as Dana Roze we are in 1937 in a German speaking country where the Nazis have seized power and where we are on the eve of the persecution of the Jews and the start of the 2nd World War. When you start the game you must first choose a profile slot. There are 3 profile slots and in each of these slots you can start a New Game. 

Your progress in the game is recorded in the profile slot you have chosen and that you are playing. 

After you have chosen 1 of the profile slots you can go to the Options of the game to set everything to your own preference, of course depending on your system configuration.

The game is mouse controlled, so you do all the actions with your mouse. I haven't try it but I believe you can also use a game controller in the game

During play you get help screens that tell you how to perform the actions, so I'm not going to explain the mouse control in detail for you

The game has an auto- save function that saves your progress at checkpoints / save points.

 In the lower left corner of your screen appears the gear icon when the game saves your progress. You can not save your progress yourself in this game. So when you leave the game between two checkpoints you loose your progress from the last checkpoint and you must do that part all over again. But don't worry....the game saves your progress frequently and you can always find a checkpoint nearby. So when you're ready to begin click "New Game" in your profile to start with Kate Walker's last journey.  I promise you it will be an emotional trip that will take you back to the years of Nazi Germany and London during the years of WO II. The game starts with Chapter 0: Prologue

Chapter 0: Prologue: Part 1: Vaghen:1937 Dana Roze. Winter 2004: Salt Mine part 1: Kate Walker

Chapter 0: Proloque: Part 2: Winter 2004: Salt mine part 2 and train tunnel: Kate Walker

Chapter 1: 2005: Kate Walker: Vaghen: Flower District 1: Guest House

Chapter 2: 2005: Kate Walker: Vaghen: Antique district: Antique Shop: Fix Oscar

Chapter 3: 2005: Kate Walker: Vaghen: Mountains: Kate Walker on her way to the Silberspiegel Refuge

Chapter 4: page 1: Vaghen: Silberspiegel Refuge part 1: 2005 as Kate Walker and 1937 as Dana Roze

Chapter 4: page 2: Vaghen: Silberspiegel Refuge part 1: 2005 as Kate Walker

Chapter 4: page 3: Vaghen: Silberspiegel Refuge part 1: Switchen between Kate and Dana

Chapter 5: Vaghen: 2005 Flower District part 2: Kate Walker and New Jersey part 1: Young Kate Walker

Chapter 6: Vaghen: 2005: Musician District: Kate Walker (and Dana): Play the Hymn of Vaghen part 1

Chapter 6: Vaghen: 2005: Musician District: Kate Walker (and Dana): Play the Hymn of Vaghen part 2

Chapter 7: Vaghen: 2005: Kate Walker: Bridge of Mists part 1.

Chapter 8: Baltayar: Mountains: 1937: Leon and Dana

Chapter 9:  Vaghen: 2005: Bridge of Mists part 2: Kate Walker:  Kate meets frau Junta

Chapter 10: Vaghen: 2005: Baden Island: Kate Walker and London 1944: Foreign Office: Dana Roze

Chapter 11: page 1:Vaghen: 2005: Silverspiegel Refuge part 2: Kate Walker

Chapter 11: page 2: Silverspiegel Refuge part 2: 1944: Dana Roze

Chapter 12: Vaghen: Spring: 1945: Musician District: Dana Roze and 2005: Silverspiegel Refuge part 3: Kate Walker

Chapter 13: 1983: New York U.S.A and New Jersey part 2: Dana Roze

Chapter 14: Vaghen: 2005: Central Station and the Ending: Kate Walker

April 2022: Text and screenshots by Louis Koot