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2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot    

I did a Dutch walkthrough fot this game in 2016 and this is my English translation of this Dutch walkthrough. The texts that are written on some of the screenshots is in Dutch. I can't change this because I no longer have this game, so I can't make new screenshots. The Critter Chronicles is the Prequel to The Book of Unwritten Tales series. It was released after The Book of Unwritten Tales 1.

The story is set before the events that plays out in  "The Book of Unwritten Tales 1". The main characters are Nate Bonnet and the furry creature Critter. When you start the game you have to choose on which difficulty you want to play. You can choose between Normal and Hard. On Hard there is more, and also other, stuff to pick up and the puzzles are also a bit more difficult and different than on Normal. Of course you choose Hard and my walkthrough is also based on that. 

For players who have already played The Book of Unwritten Tales 1 and 2, the controls of The Critter Chronicles will be familiar territory, but I will briefly tell you the most important things about the controls. You play the game with your mouse and you need both your left mouse button and your right mouse button. You usually have to look at things before you can pick them up. Sometimes you even have to look at an item several times before Nate wants to pick it up. To look at things you get a magnifying glass cursor and to pick things up you get a hand cursor. You can often left-click and right-click on items to view them and hear Nate, or whatever character you are, talk about them.

The items you pick up disappear into the Inventory. The inventory is located at the bottom of the game screen and will open automatically when you move the cursor to the bottom of the screen. Press the Esc key on your keyboard to open the Main Menu screen, where you can save, load and exit the game. You can save as much and as often as you want and at any time you want.


Nate Bonnet has so far managed to survive in the land of Aventasia, which for years has been plagued by wars between Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, Elves and Wizards. Nate did odd jobs for one and then for the other. But Nate's dream is to explore the wide world and, thanks to a game of poker with the Red Pirate, Nate can finally realize his dream. Because Nate has won the Red Pirate's airship and he has chosen the "open air" with that airship, "The Mary". But Nate is not a "sailor" and he has yet to master the art of navigation, but that is only a small thing compared to the problem Nate must first overcome

The Red Pirate turns out to be a bad loser because he wants his airship back and Nate behind bars. For 3 bags of gold, the Red Pontius Piratus has hired the bounty hunter Ma'Zaz to take Nate and return the airship. And that Ma'Zaz hasn't be sitting idle because in her fast speedboat she has already caught up with Nate and threatens to shoot "The Mary" if Nate doesn't surrender.

Chapter 1: Freedom:

As Nate Bonnet:

On the deck of the Mary:

Nate is on the deck of "The Mary" and Ma'Zaz is hanging in the upper left, holding "The Mary" at gunpoint with her naval gun. On the deck of "The Mary" is a cannon and the steering wheel. Sandbags hang on the side of the barge. Left click, or right click, with your magnifying glass on the sandbags ...... Nate will tell something about those sandbags.

At the other railing is the cannon ..... the cannon is aimed at Ma'Zaz's barge. To the left of the cannon is a barrel and to the right a chest. Behind the hatch is an iron cage and the large steam engine on which the airship "floats". There is a wine bottle on the steam engine and a hose is attached to the boiler.

Look at the cannon ..... there is no gunpowder and cannonball in the cannon. 

Left click with your magnifying glass on the barrel (keg) ...... Nate takes an empty powder keg from the barrel.

Look at the chest with your magnifying glass ........ Nate then opens the chest and sees that to his disappointment that there are only carnival (mardi grass) stuff in the box ....

 Click with your hand on the open chest and ..... from the chest Nate then takes Confetti, a horn and a roller whistle.

Behind the hatch is an iron cage and the steam engine. There is a bottle on the steam engine. Look at the cage with your magnifying glass. Nate then walks around the hatch to view the cage and he tells something about it. There is a wine bottle on the steam engine. There is a hose on the right side of the steam boiler. Check out the steam engine....Nate doesn't understand steam engines. Look at the wine bottle.......

Nate tells that the cork is still on the bottle and that there is a corkscrew in the cork. Click with your hand on the wine bottle to grab the corkscrew.

Look at the hose that sticks to the right side of the boiler ..... Then take the hose.

Walk to the steering wheel. At the back of the steering wheel is a Coffee grinder.

Look at the steering wheel (helmet) and look at the coffee grinder and do that several times. 

In inventory you must now have the following items: an empty powder keg, confetti, a paper whistle, horn, corkscrew and the black snake.

Now go down the deck hatch to the:

Captain's cabin:

Nate hasn't been to the cabin before, so he's a bit surprised at what he finds here. On the left is the oven and 2 large barrels. There is also a large closet. Above the desk hangs the figurehead of "The Mary" and that figurehead is alive. On the desk, just below the figurehead, there are documents and, above the right desk drawers, is a small box. In the right corner is a make-up table with a round mirror. Between the desk and the round mirror is a "ship in a bottle" on a small barrel.

Click with your magnifying glass on the face of the figurehead and ..... To Nate's shock, the figurehead starts talking. The figurehead is alive and she is not happy.You will now be presented with conversation options for the first time to continue talking. So continue talking to the figurehead through the conversation options and use them all.

So the figurehead is Mary .... she is the ship and she is not happy that she is hanging here in the cabin because a figurehead is supposed to hang outside at the bow of the barge. Mary also finds it terrible that the barge is now an airship and no longer sails in the sea because she misses the smell of the salty sea water. Mary also tells what the ship has been going through over the years.

When you have used all conversation options, this conversation with Mary ends automatically. Then look at the documents that are on the desk. Nate reads the documents, thinks it is nonsense and puts the documents back on the desk .... then click with the hand cursor on the documents and ......

Nate does not want the documents, but he does want the paperclip that sticks on the documents. The paperclip ends up in your inventory. Now look at the small box, which is above the right desk drawer on the desk. Nate says it's a cigar box but it's locked. Take the paperclip from inventory and click it on the box and .......

You now end up in your first puzzle of the game: 

The Cigar box slot puzzle:

Nate straightened the paperclip into a thin rod. You see the lock of the box .... on the left is the straightened paperclip bar.

The interior of the lock has 8 rods with thickenings on each rod. You now have to put the paperclip rod through the lock, to the small ball on the right side. However, that is not so simple because you have to push the rods in the lock with the paperclip rod so that the paperclip rod can go exactly through the middle of the lock to the ball on the right side.

Click with your wrench cursor on the paperclip rod and then hold down your left mouse button to hold the rod. Then drag the rod to the right into the lock and then diagonally downwards until the paperclip rod sticks under the balls of the first 2 or 3 lock rods. Then grab the rod again and move it up to push the 2, or 3, push rods up and immediately pull the paperclip further to the right until it is under the ball of the next lock bar ..... continue in this way until you have put the bar through all the lock bars. Then push the paperclip rod up, to push the lock rods up, and then pull the paperclip rod further to, and against, the ball and .........

.....the box opens and Nate takes out the only remaining cigar

Check out the "Ship in a Bottle", it's a model of The Mary and Nate erupts into a long monologue. Look at the make-up table ..... Nate lists what is on the make-up table. Then click with your hand on the make-up table and ..... Nate then takes some cotton balls, make-up powder and Sulfur powder from the table.

Click with your magnifying glass on the large wardrobe ..... Nate opens the closet .... search the contents of the closet with your magnifying glass and ......

.......Nate sees a skeleton arm hanging between the clothes. Take the Skeleton Arm.

To the left of the closet are 2 barrels on top of each other. Look at the large bottom barrel ...... there good be anything in the barrel. There is a cork at the bottom of the barrel. Pull the cork out of the barrel with the corkscrew and ...... some gray powder flows from the barrel .... it is saltpeter powder. Scoop up the saltpeter powder with your empty powder keg. You then have a keg of saltpeter powder

To the left of the barrels is the oven. Look at the oven ..... Nate opens the right door of the oven. 

There's no fire in the oven, but Nate sees that there is a piece of smoldering wood in the oven. Take the skeleton arm from inventory and click with it in the oven and .......

.......with the skeleton arm Nate then fishes a piece of charcoal out from the oven but .... the skeleton arm is alive and it burns itself on the hot charcoal and .......

...the arm throws the lump of charcoal on the floor and disappears under the cupboard itself. Pick up the lump of charcoal from the floor.

Take the cigar from inventory and click it into the oven to try to light the cigar, but.......Nate can't do this and he doesn't want to try it again. 

Combine the cigar with the hose in inventory to put the cigar on the snake. Then take the hose/cigar combo from inventory and click it into the oven and ........

....now Nate manages to light the cigar. You then have a burning cigar in inventory. Go back up the stairs to the deck.

Firing the cannon:

Nate has saltpeter, sulfur and charcoal and with these he can make gunpowder for the cannon. Walk to the steering wheel. The coffee grinder hangs on the back of the steering wheel. Take the charcoal  from inventory and put it in the coffee grinder to grind the charcoal into powder.

In inventory you then put the charcoal powder and the saltpeter powder in the empty gunpowder keg and ..... you then have a keg of gunpowder.

Walk to the cannon. Empty the Powder keg with gunpowder into the cannon.

Then put the confetti in the cannon. Then light the cannon with the burning cigar and ....... BOOM ....... but Ma'Zaz is not very impressed by the confetti rain and she answers with a shot across the bow. Nate will have to treat Ma'Zaz to something more powerful. Fill the cannon with gunpowder again and then put the cotton balls in it. Light the cannon again with the burning cigar and ....... BOOM ........ Ma'Zaz still does not panic and she fires her cannon again ..... the cannon ball of Ma'Zaz ends up on Nate's deck. Pick up the cannon ball.

Nate has just enough gunpowder left in his keg to fire the cannon one more time. So fill the cannon with gunpowder again, then put the cannon ball in it and light the cannon again with the burning cigar and .......YES.... Ma'Zaz speedboat gets shot out of the sky but..........Unfortunately for Nate, the normal laws of physics laws do not apply in this game because Ma'Zaz enters the Mary and Nate gets locked up in the iron cage .....

Escape from the Cage

Nate is locked up in the cage by Ma'Zaz and Ma'Zaz steers the ship. Look at the lock of the cage. Look at the top of the cage ...... The "ceiling" and "floor" of the cage are wooden planks and Nate tells that one of the planks in the ceiling is a bit loose, but he can't get his fingers between the planks. Take the corkscrew from inventory and then click with the corkscrew on top of the cage to pull out the staples from the loose board .....

There is now a hole in the ceiling ... Look at the hole in the ceiling ...... Nate can't get out of the cage through the narrow hole and he can't get the other planks loose. The 2 ends of a chain are hanging above the cage ..... Look at those chains ..... Combine the corkscrew with the rubber hose in inventory to bind the corkscrew to the hose .... Take the hose / corkscrew combo from inventory and click with it on the chains to pull down 1 of the chains, but ..... Nate does not want to do this because the chain will make noise and this would alarm Ma'Zaz. 

Through the open hatch you can have Nate talk to Mary in the cabin to ask the figurehead for help, but this is of no use. 

Look at Ma'Zaz and then click on her with the talk cursor to talk to her. Keep talking to Ma'Zaz until you can ask her "Are we there yet?"

To get this option you have to click again with the talk cursor on Ma'Zaz and then keep nagging her some more ........ Ma'Zaz then gets tired of Nate's nagging and she then puts earplugs in her ears so she don't hear Nate's nagging anymore. When Ma'Zaz has put the earplugs in her fluffy ears, she will not be able to hear the sound of the chains. 

So take the hose / corkscrew combo out again and click it on the chains again and ...... Nate then pulls the chain down into the cage .... Ma'Zaz thinks she hears something but Nate reassures her and thenhe  pick up the chain. Use the chain on the bars of the cage door ...... Nate ties the chain to the door and the other end of the chain lies on the floor in the cage. Click with your wrench cursor on the end of the chain to grab the chain .... The chain is then attached to your cursor again ....... 

Move your cursor with chain to the rotating flywheel of the steam engine and then click and ....... Nate throws the chain to the rotating flywheel and .........The door of the cage is yanked out of its rods and Nate escapes and locks himself in the captain's cabin. Ma'Zaz tries to break open the hatch, so Nate doesn't have much time.

In the Hut: A secret hatch:

Talk to figurehead Mary and use all conversation options. Mary tells that there is a hidden hatch in the floor under the rug. That hatch is the entrance to the secret hold of The Mary. The rug Mary meant is on the front floor of the cabin. Click with the wrench cursor on the front of the rug to roll it up and ...... Nate exposes the secret hatch.

The hatch has a lock, so look at the lock of the hatch ..... it is a combination lock with symbols instead of numbers.

Nate also sees that there is a note under the lock and you get into the close-up of the lock:

First pick up the note that is under the lock ..... it is a hint paper and Nate reads aloud what it says, but not everything is legible, this is what Nate can read on the note: "Under the ship. .........Symbol in the mirror.....Age of The Mary". Get out of the close-up, via the door cursor at the top left or top right. Now follow the 2 directions from the hint paper:

Hint: "Under the Ship":

Look again at the "Ship in the bottle", which is on the barrel to the right of the desk. Then click with your hand cursor on the bottle and ......

After some hesitation, Nate breaks the bottle to look under the ship model but.....unfortunately....there is no symbol on the bottom of the ship model. Now look at the barrel where the bottle stood on and ...... on the barrel Nate sees the symbol and it is a square with a circle in it.

Hint: "Symbol in the mirror":

Look at the round mirror ..... there are stains on the mirror. Take the powder box from inventory and click it on the mirror and .....

Nate blows the powder on the mirror and this makes a symbol visible on the mirror ..... it is a cross with a circle.

Hint: "The Age of The Mary"

Now to find out the age of The Mary ..... Talk to Mary again and ask her about the lock of the hatch and then ask when Captain Olos installed the lock ..... that was 12 years ago. Then ask how old Mary is ...... Mary won't tell you how old she is, so you have to use the right talk options.... Say "How do you manage to look so young?" and......Mary is flattered and then she screams that she is 81 years young......Well....81 minus 12 = 69. Then end the conversation and zoom in again on the lock of the floor hatch. You must turn 2 symbols and an age on the 3 tumblers of the slot. Click with your wrench on each of the 3 tumblers until you have the correct symbol in each tumbler. On the left it must be the square with a circle, in the middle the cross with a circle and on the right the number 69 and .......

......The hatch opens. Climb down through the floor hatch and ........Nate ends up outside on a water barrel that hangs on the side of the barge.

Get Ma'Zaz of the ship:

Ma'Zaz is busy trying to break the hatch in the deck with her axe, but she's not very successful. At Nate's, Ma'Zaz's grappling hook hangs from the railing and a rope dangles from the grappling hook. A rope ladder flutters above the deck. Look at the rope of the grappling hook and then take the rope / grappling hook.

Immediately take the grappling hook/rope from inventory and use it on the fluttering rope ladder, when the rope ladder has flung all the way to the left and ..... Nate throws the grappling hook, which then hooks onto the rope ladder. Click, just below the rope ladder, with your wrench cursor on the grappling hook rope and ..... Nate climbs up via the rope and he ends up high above the deck on a wooden platform, which we will call the Ra.

Nate is sitting, bend over,  in front of a box that contains repair material for the balloons (Repair box). Look at the box ....... Nate opens the box and takes out a roll of adhesive tape. Click again with the wrench cursor on the rope ladder to climb back down. Nate is then back on the barrel, witch is hanging from the side of the barge. Now combine the horn with the adhesive tape in inventory and then combine this combo with the roller whistle and Nate then has a Party Horn (Funstrument). Then use the party horn on the water barrel, which Nate is on and ......

Nate rams the horn into the barrel ..... the horn makes a sound and .... Ma'Zaz hears the sound of the horn, she puts down her axe and walks to the railing to see where that horn sound comes from. ...Nate climbs through the secret hatch back into the hut, then manages to grab Ma'Zaz's axe and quickly ducks back into the hut.

Nate now has Ma'Zaz's axe. Climb back through the floor hatch to the water barrel and then up the rope ladder again to the rap platform. A large red flag hangs above the platform. Look at the red flag ..... the flag is attached to the large balloon ... Try to pull the red flag free ...... Nate does not succeed ..... Take the axe from inventory and click it on the flag and....

Nate then has the flag. Climb back to the water barrel via the rope ladder. Back on the water barrel, take the grappling hook back by clicking with your hand cursor on the grappling hook rope, just below the rope ladder. Then combine the grappling hook with the red flag in inventory into a homemade parachute. Take the parachute from inventory and click it on Ma'Zaz and ......

Nate climbs onto the deck and hooks the parachute to Ma'Zaz ..... Ma'Zaz is blown off the deck but she just manages to grab hold of the railing with 1 hand ........

Click on Ma'Zaz's hand and keep doing that until she lets go and finally gets blown off the ship..........

But it doesn't end well for Nate either because The Mary collides with a rock and Nate also falls down.  Nate ends up briefly in a nature reserve, between the penguins and we hear that a certain Petra is not very happy with Nate and the penguins throw Nate out of their nest and then Nate ends up at the:

Yeti, the Abominable Snowman:

When Nate has come to his senses, he finds himself hanging upside down on Yeti's clothesline. Nate has ended up in the home of the Abominable Snowman, Yeti. 

Check out Yeti. Look at the big cooking pot.....will Nate be Yeti's dinner?.....Under Nate is a snowshoe in the ice and also a small metal cylinder. Look at that metal cylinder. That cylinder is the handle of a lightsaber. Try to pull the lightsaber (Handle) out of the ice a few times .... but of course Nate does not succeed and after 2 tries he gives up and starts grumbling .... Yeti hears Nate's grumbling and walks to him and puts an apple in Nate's mouth and puts some pepper on it. The apple ends up in Nate's inventory. Yeti then proceeds to prepare his Nate dinner.

Above Yeti, a burning oil lamp hangs from the ceiling. Look at the oil lamp and do that twice .... If only Nate could repel that lamp. A fire could start and Nate could escape. Well ..... it's no use hanging around here useless, so take the apple from inventory and throw the apple to the oil lamp and ...... well ... you didn't really expect Nate's plan would work out well, did you?

Nate misses the oil lamp but he hits the large salt spreader, which falls to the ground .... Yeti slips over the salt spreader and is then lying on the floor. Nate tries to free herself from the clothesline but does not succeed and .... Yeti comes around again and ........ the terrible monster turns out not to be real ....... Yeti turns out to be a scientist in a Yeti suit.

Talk to "Yeti" through all the conversation options you get.

This is Cornelius Montgomery Happerflap and he is a zoologist andhe  has disguised himself as a Yeti in hopes of finding a real Yeti. Cornelius has seen footprints and hair of a real Yeti, so he thinks he's on the right track. However.....not so long ago Cornelius fell into a crack and since then he suffers from huge headaches and blackouts and hears voices in his head. Cornelius then suggests that Nate should take off his shoes to get out of the clothesline and so it happens. Nate ends up out of the washing line but then Cornelius slips over the salt spreader again and bangs his head hard on the floor again. This makes Cornelius Yeti again and Nate ends up in the hot cooking pot, to be eaten by Cornelius/Yeti. 

Look at the cooking pot with your magnifying cursor........Nate tries to climb out of the cooking pot but Yeti notices this and growls that he has to stay in the cooking pot and then ...... a "new kid on the block" appears ....... a funny purple monster enters the cave and it wonders what's going on. Nate asks the little monster for help but the little critter is afraid of Yeti and therefore does not dare to come closer.

The little Critter is willing to help Nate but it will have to come up with a plan to free Nate, so Critter disappears again. Nate is somewhat disappointed and he calls the monster "Critter" and that will also be the name of the monster. We now leave Nate to let him stew in thecooking pot, because we continue with:

Chapter 2: Marooned:

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot