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2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot    

The Critter Chronicles is the Prequel to The Book of Unwritten Tales series. It was released after The Book of Unwritten Tales 1.

Chapter 2: Marooned:

At the Critters:

Laya's Ball:

Sanctuary Cave

We go back in time a bit because just before the furry little Critter walked into the cave of Yeti he was still in the "Sanctuary" of the Critters and that's where we are now. We see that our Critter is a very cuddly but also a very clumsy monster. Critter assists with a repair. Also present are Laya, a lovely girl, and Egrofal. Our little Critter has a crush for Laya. Because Critter pays too much attention to Laya, the repair goes completely wrong ......

Laya thinks it's funny, but Laya's father, who is also the chief of this Critter tribe, doesn't think it's funny at all. Laya's father doesn't like our little Critter anyway, because he is apparently from a different tribe and also of little use and Critter doesn't speak the language of Laya's tribe. Daddy is angry and he takes Laya's beautiful crystal ball and returns to his seat where he puts Laya's ball on a table. Critter wants to impress the beautiful Laya by returning the ball to her, but first he has to get the ball himself. 

So you're now playing as Critter: It's a round cave where we have ended up in. The central point in the cave is the machine, which stands in the middle.

Critter is standing at the conveyer belt of the machine. Behind Critter, Egrofal is measuring something. Laya is on the right, by the door and her father sits high above everyone in his seat on the balcony and there is also Laya's ball on a small table. Under the balcony is the closed exit door. An antenna hangs to the left of the outer door. On the front of the machine, on the wooden planks, is an Alarm Light. Look at the conveyor belt  and Critter tells something about the conveyor belt, but we can't really understand his gibberish. Watch the alarm light and then walk to the closed outer door and look at the antenna. 

Then click with your grab hand on the antenna to break the thing off and put it in the inventory.

Then leave this cave through the door to the:

Workshop cave

Critter ends up in the workshop ice cave. At the scrap heap stands a penguin. To the left of the door hangs a beam lamp ...... a power cable provides the beam lamp with power. Look at the power cable. There is a roll of adhesive tape on the workbench. Look at and then take the adhesive tape

Check out the scrap heap (junk). Look at the penguin ...... Critter tries to scare the penguin, but the animal remains stoic. So click with your wrench cursor on the penguin to tease the beast ..... Critter gives the penguin a blow on the head but the beast doesn't care ....... try this again, so look at the penguin again and then click again with your wrench cursor on the penquin..... nope .... the penguin does not intend to clear off. 

At the bottom of the screen you see a barrel sticking out of the junk... the barrel has a purple rim....Look at that purple barrel... the barrel contains purple paint...... if you try to get some paint from the barrel, Critter will try to make it clear to you that he must first have something to take the paint out of the barrel and store it in.

Beyond the scrap heap is a cave and there is a generator. Click the generator with your magnifying glass ..... Critter then continues to inspect the generator ..... Critter shakes the generator .... the generator is broken and therefore does not work. In front of the generator is a wooden box. Look at the wooden box and then click on it with your wrench cursor and .....

.......our Critter takes a straw from the box.

 Further to the right is the exit .... click the door cursor in the exit of the cave and ...... Critter ends up outside on the :

Ice field:

Ulus is fishing in a hole ...... a few penguins are performing a dance. In the distance we see Yeti's smoke curling up from his cave. Walk on between Ulus and the penguins and ..... to the right of the penguins is a young woman sitting by a box on a stone. Go talk to the fishing Ulus ..... 

Critter asks Ulus if he can have his fishing line, but Ulus won't part with his fishing line. Ulus is hungry and hopes to catch a nice fish.

 Look at the 3 penguins and look at the box of the young woman ..... Critter looks in the box but the girl screams that it is not for little Critters ... The girl is here on a protest action. Talk to the girl. This is Petra and she likes animals more than people. Behind Petra is a stone Head on the ice. Check out that stone head and then enjoy Crittertje's strange behavior. Walk back to the left, just past Ulus, and then click with your door cursor on the mountain from which the smoke is coming out, to return to the:

Yeti Cave:

Yeti and Nate have disappeared. There is a ball of red wool in the ice chair. A gong hangs above Critter. Under the hallway is a pile of firewood and in the foreground is a scale at the 2 barrels. On the right is also a backpack and on the wall, to the left of the fireplace, there are 2 paintings and a table lamp. 

Look at the ball of red wool ...... Critter takes the ball of wool. Look at the scale and then grab the thing with your gripping hand. Look at the backpack ..... Critter takes a white balloon from the backpack. Look at the firewood and look at the gong. Click on the gong with your wrench cursor, but the gong is hanging too high. A warm ray of light radiates between the gong and the firewood ... Look at the ray of light .... The gong hangs on a rope and has a hammer. You now see the left end of the rope and there is a small button in the wall (Apparatus).

Look at that little button butCritter can't do anything with it. At that small button click with your wrench cursor on the rope of the gong and ..... the hammer then hits the gong. Walk to the fireplace and look at the 2 paintings and the table lamp. If you then click on the table lamp with your wrench cursor, Critter takes the lampshade and puts it on his head for a while, but he immediately throws it back on the lamp. There are 4 small hooks and a horseshoe on the fireplace. Look at the rightmost hook. To the right of the fireplace, above the kitchen cupboard, hangs a net with apples.

Look at the apples and then try to take an apple from the net ...... but the apples are hanging too high for Critter.

There is a kitchen knife on the kitchen cupboard. Look at and then take the kitchen knife.

In inventory, combine the adhesive tape with the kitchen knife and that whole again with the antenna. Then take the antenna /knife combo from inventory and click it on the apples and ....... Critter cuts the apple net open so that 4 apples roll out and Critter picks up those 4 apples automatically. Also take a look at the large cooking pot and the cell door. Walk back to the left and exit the Yeti Cave again via the door cursor to return to the fishing Ulus on the:

Ice field:

Walk to Ulus. Talk to Ulus to give him the apples, or give him the apples right away.

In either case, Ulus walks away satisfied, leaving his fishing line at the hole. Critter will automatically pick up the fishing line. In inventory you then have a fishing line with bait fish (Baited line). Meanwhile, Petra is rummaging in her box. Walk to Petra and talk to her ..... Petra then shows Critter a real Petracap, which she takes out of her box and she complains about "pigs" .......

Critter sees an opportunity to distract Petra so that he can steal the Petra cap, but Petra notices it anyway but she says that Critter can keep the cap. Then give the ball of red wool to Petra and Petra immediately goes to knit something for Critter, but it will take a while before she is done with it. So don't wait until Petra is finished knitting, but in the meantime go to the:

Workshop and Sanctuary caves:

Walk all the way to the left, to the workbench, where Ulus is now working. The penguin is still at the scrap heap and Little Critter wants the animal out of the way. In inventoryombine the fishing line with the Petra cap and then take this cap combo from inventory and click it on the penguin .........

Critter puts the cap on the penguin's head and ..... the penguin runs away and enters the sanctuary, where it apparently causes a lot of fuss. Ulus yells for Critter to grab the penguin. So enter the Sanctuary again. The penguin runs in circles around the machine and everyone is in a slight panic....no one is watching Critter and Laya's ball, so this is Critter's chance to win the ball. Click with your gripping hand on Laya's Ball and .......

Critter runs up to the balcony and grabs the ball and runs back down. Critter immediately wants to give the ball to Laya but unfortunately .......

..... the penguin runs Critter over and the ball falls to the ground ..... Laya picks up the ball but the thing is broken. Inconsolable, Laya runs out of the cave.

Daddy is now even angrier at Critter....where will Critter get a new glass ball for Laya?

Critter goes after Laya, who is crying in the workshop, in the large behind the generator.

Walk up to Laya and talk to her, then use the conversation options you get.

Laya isn't angry with Critter, but she is sad because her ball was her only memory of her home. Laya misses the stars and her house and she also thinks that her father is unjustly being so rude to Critter. After this conversation with Laya, go back into the Sanctuary. Walk to the right, where Yttocs is now also repairing something. At the entrance to the balcony are a number of colored notes on the wall. Look at those colored notes and then rip them off the wall.

In inventory, click with your wrench cursor on the colored notes to tear them into strips (Colored strips of paper). Combine the strips of paper with the straw and ..... Critter has made a bouquet of flowers (Assembled bouquet). Go back to Laya in the Workshop ....... Give the bouquet of flowers to Laya and .....

Laya thinks the bouquet is beautiful, but she nevertheless remains sad because she wants so much to see the stars shine in the sky again. Maybe Critter can project a starry sky into the small cave? But Critter needs some stuff for that and the generator also has to be started.

Look at the generator again ..... no .... the thing really doesn't work. Go to Petra on the Ice Field. If enough time has now passed, Petra has now finished knitting ..... she is then again staring gloomily. If this is also the case in your game, click with your talk cursor on Petra and ...... well .... Petra has knitted a sock for Critter and she now gives the sock to him.

After Critter has put away the sock, click again with the talk cursor on Petra and ..... Petra now asks Critter if he has a stick for her to nail her protest sign toit, so that the sign will be more visible. Take the antenna / kitchen knife combo from inventory and click with it on Petra and ....... Critter then first removes the kitchen knife from the antenna and then offers the antenna to Petra, but he does want something in return ..... Petra then gives Critter a colander in exchange for the antenna and she immediately ties her protest sign to it ......

Yeti cave:

Continue to the fireplace. There are 4 hooks and a horseshoe on the mantelpiece of the fireplace. 

Take the Sock from inventory and hang the sock on the rightmost hook.

Walk back to the left, to the entrance of the cave ..... Click with the door cursor to leave the cave but ...... We then hear the "YoHoHo" from Santa Claus, who puts a present in the sock. Critter then automatically hops back to the fireplace and sees that there is now something in the sock. So take the sock back from the hook and ......

Critter takes the present out of the sock and stores both in inventory. Now also unscrew that right hook from the mantelpiece.

Click in inventory with your wrench cursor on the present and an hourglass comes out of the package and Critter also holds the red Wrapping paper. 

Exit the cave to the ice field and then return through the workshop to the:

Sanctuary and Workshop

Peace has returned to the sanctuary because the penguin has disappeared. You've already had Critter check the conveyer belt and the alarm lamp of the big machine. Stand in front of the machine's alarm lamp. Try to turn the red lamp out of the holder with your gripping hand .... Critter does not succeed .... the lamp is stuck in the holder ....... so use the kitchen knife to loosen the red lamp a bit and then try to grab the lamp again with your gripping hand and .....

.........now Critter manages to grab the red alarm lamp. The conveyor belt protrudes from the machine on the left. Machines can't handle sand very well and the hourglass contains nice, fine sand. You will see 3 Gears rotating at the conveyor belt. Take the hourglass from inventory and click with it on the gears of the conveyor belt and ..........

...... the sand from the hourglass causes the gears, and thus the conveyor belt, to jam ...... the machine and the conveyor belt come to an abrupt halt and Yttocs is ordered to replace the broken conveyor belt. Yttocs immediately carries out his assignment neatly and he puts the broken conveyor belt down to the right. 

Walk to the right, to Yttocs and then take the disassembled conveyor belt.

Yttocs is repairing the right sliding handle of the door. There is also a sliding handle on the left side of the door.

Look at the left sliding lever and then click on it with your wrench cursor and ....

Critter pulls down on the slide lever and this turns off the beam lamp in the workshop. 

So go to the workshop and then use the kitchen knife on the power cable, under the beam lamps, and ..... Critter cuts off a piece of the cable and store it in inventory.

Walk to Laya, who is still grieving in the small cave by the generator.

Place the red alarm lamp on the chest. Place the colander on the alarm lamp. Click with the power cable on the alarm lamp and ......

Critter connect the alarm lamp with the cable to the generator. Click with the conveyor belt on the generator and ..... Critter then places the conveyor belt on the right behind the generator. Click with the sock on the generator, or on the conveyor belt, to connect the conveyor belt to the generator with the sock ....

The sock serves as a drive belt and the conveyor belt is now a treadmill, but it still needs a penguin to drive the generator

Now click with your wrench cursor on the conveyor belt (Treadmill) and ........ ....

The capped penguin reappears and runs around and bumps into Critter. Critter picks up the penguin and puts the animal on the conveyor belt ..... the stupid penquin immediately starts walking and this turns on the generator and the alarm lamp gets power and ..... via the alarm lamp and the colander a beautiful starry sky gets now been projected into the small cave.....

Laya thinks it's great, but just as she wants to thank Critter her father, the chief of the clan, throws a spanner in the workshop because Daddy definitely doesn't want Critter as a son-in-law.

But things don't end well for Dad either, because suddenly a Munkus appears in the cave, accompanied by a soldier. We now find out why the Critter clan is here and can't go back to their homeland. Munkus is an evil wizard and he stole the important Heart Crystal from the Critters, but he wants to return that heart in exchange for an invention from the Critters. Daddy Critter then wants to give Munkus an invention but that is not to Munkus' liking because Munkus does not want just an "ordinary" invention, he wants a weapon .... a weapon with which he can kill all his enemies

Dad refuses to make weapons for Munkus, but Munkus stuffs Dad a blueprint of the weapon he wants in his mouth and he leaves again, with the crystal heart. Dad, Laya and Critter return to the shrine. Dad doesn't want to build a weapon for Munkus so someone has to go get help and, to Dad's despair, it will have to be our clumsy Critter.

Click on the exit door to leave the sanctuary to the workshop and then continue to the ice field and ...... 

......Nate and his airship "The Mary" fall from the sky. Nate is found by Petra and she is not exactly happy with Nate.

Critter wants to help Nate but Yeti shows up and takes Nate again. Critter then returns to the Workshop/Sanctuary. 

Walk to Ulus, by the work table. On the work table is a small quadruped. Look at the quadruped and then try to grab the thing .....

Ulus doesn't want Critter to take the quadruped. Talk to Ulus and choose the 3rd option as answer...."Cesaarah-booyak!".......

Critter then points to something behind Ulus who looks around and Critter uses this opportunity to steal the quadruped .

 Enter the Sanctuary. On the left side of the machine, Egrofal was working earlier and there is a paint pot. Take the paint pot.

Go to the fishing hole on the ice plain. Fill the white balloon with water in the fish hole .... Critter then has a white water balloon.

Now go back to the:

Yeti Cave: 

Nate is sweating again in the cooking pot and Yeti is again preparing his dinner, with Nate as the main course. On the floor, in front of the fireplace, is the salt spreader, which Yeti tripped over in the beginning. Take the salt spreader after you have looked at the thing with your magnifying glass first.

Look at the pile of firewood, under the gong.

Take the red wrapping paper, that the hourglass was in, from inventory and stuff the paper between the wood blocks. 

Then place the quadruped on the logs.

Then place the water balloon on top of the quadruped  and ........

.......... the transparent water balloon works like a fire glass and the sunlight causes the paper to catch fire and we have a fire. Critter then automatically takes the water balloon from the quadruped and throws it away. To the left of the logs is a block of ice. Look at that block of ice. On the wall, above the block of ice, is a hotspot ... Look at the wall and then screw the iron hook in the wall in that hot spot in the wall

Now place the scale on the ice block.

Then place the paint pot on the right scale of the scale and then the salt spreader on the left scale.

The end of the gong rope is on the left side of the floor.

Pick up the end of the rope with your wrench cursor and then click it on the hook that you screwed into the wall ....

Critter ties the rope to the hook. 

Click again with your wrench cursoron the rope and then click with the rope on the salt spreader to tie the salt spreader to the rope


The fire will melt the stalagmite above the fire, causing water to drip into the paint pot.....

 the paint pot will become heavier and the scales will fall and the salt shaker will fall from the scales and because the spreader is attached to the gong rope, the gong will be struck ......

You should not wait for this because then it will not happen,

 so walk to the right and now click with your wrench  cursor on the lampshade of the table lamp that hangs on the wall and .....

Critter takes the lampshade and puts the thing on his head and then pretends to be a floor lamp ......

... the salt spreader falls off the scales, the gong sounds and the Yeti runs away to see who dares to enter his cave to come. 

Quickly ..... take the kitchen knife from inventory and click it on Nate's bound hands to free Nate ....

........Nate and Critter then make themselves "invisible" for Yeti who comes back and is shocked to see that Nate has disappeared ........ 

Yeti angrily runs out of the cave and Nate thanks Critter

...... Critter asks Nate for help but he wants to run as quickly as possible to stay out of the hands of the Ma'Zasje and ..... we end up in:

Chapter 3: Friend and Foe

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot