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2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot    

The Critter Chronicles is the Prequel to The Book of Unwritten Tales series. It was released after The Book of Unwritten Tales 1.

Chapter 3: Friend and Foe


Nate is with Petra and his airship. The airship is in urgent need of repair, but Nate can't do it alone. So Nate needs help, which is a bit ironic given that he doesn't want to help Critter himself, who's waiting a little further. Talk to Petra, after tickling her with your magnifying glass cursor first. Talk to Petra through all the conversation options you get....

Petra is pissed off at Nate because his barge has ended up in her reservation and she tells Nate about her "Organization For The Protection Of All Animals". Petra once released a number of cattle from a stable to give them back their freedom. But those cattle were totally unable to forage for their own food, so those cattle all starved to death. However, Petra is such a fanatical animal protector that she thinks those cattle are better off dead than captured. As a memento of that incident, Petra has brought a Leather Rag with her. Nate inquires about the sweater Petra is wearing and also whether she is not hungry.

Petra tells that she had bread but that the bread is gone and that she is actually quite hungry. Petra once ate a sandwich with a beetle on it and that made her very nauseous. Since then, Petra no longer eats meat and she is a "vego maniac" which means that she does not eat animal products, but also no products that are eaten by animals.

Ask Petra about that Leather Patch via "About that piece of leather"......Nate asks if he can have the leather patch....Petra then wants to know what Nate wants her leather patch for....Say " I want to do good with it".....Nate talks his tongue raw but Petra doesn't give a damn. Then say "It will be a memento" ...... Nate then "excites" Petra quite a bit and she gives Nate her Leather Rag. Nate promises himself that he will stay far away from that crazy Petra, but it won't be easy. Check out the wreckage of The Mary and also the iron cage. In front of the iron cage, and therefore behind Critter, a loose plank of The Mary sticks out in the snow. Look at that loose plank and then grab the plank with your gripping hand.

Talk to Critter for a second. Critter then points Nate to Laya's cave, meaning Nate should check it out. So go to the:


Critter doesn't leave Nate's side. In the workshop, Nate sees that this Critter tribe is a technically advanced race. Nate then proposes to Critter that his people fix The Mary and he will see what he can do in return. Nate then wants Critter to take him to his leader and we end up at the door of the Shrine. The Sanctuary is locked because the clan has locked itself in hoping to keep Munkus out.

Click on the door with your wrench cursor and Critter presses a button and the video intercom appears and Nate then talks to Laya's dad via the intercom. 

Dad won't let Nate in. Continue talking through the conversation options.....

Dad now tells Nate how the Critters got here and about Munkus not wanting to give the Heart back. The Critters are scientists and they have come here to observe. Munkus lives in a submarine. Dad is desperate because if he doesn't get the Heart back before tomorrow night he and the rest can't return to the homeland.....then the Critters will have to stay here forever. Dad doesn't have much faith in Humans either, he only knows the fake Yeti and Petra and those are not 2 examples that give him confidence in Humans. So when Nate suggests they can help each other Dad wants to know why Nate thinks he can trick Munkus.

Then say you are an accomplished thief via "I'm a skilled thief" ..... Dad then wants a test of Nate's skills as a thief. Petra has the antenna she got from Critter, and Dad wants Nate to return that antenna to the Critters. If Nate manages to return the antenna, Dad will fix "the Mary" with his Critter's. Critter can't help Nate, so Critter disappears into the shrine. Go back to Petra and talk to her again


Say "I really need the handle of your sign...."...... did Nate really think that the sweet Petra would just voluntarily give the antenna back ...... Nate has to meet 3 conditions if he wants to acquire the right to wear a real original Petra protest sign. Nate has heard enough. In the 1st conversation with Nate, Petra told about the beetle sandwich she once ate and that that's why she became a "vega maniac". Perhaps Nate can use this info to get the crazy Petra out of here, leaving the antenna behind of course. Go to the:

Yeti cave:

Walk into the cave to the right ..... Yeti is busy in the kitchen again and Nate refuses to get too close to the beast. 

You can't talk to Yeti, because then Nate end up in the cooking pot again. So Nate must try to bring Cornelius back out of the Yeti suit.

Look at the backpack again ..... Nate now sees that there is a pickaxe on the backpack. Take the pickaxe. To the left of the now burnt woodpile, the scales are still on the ice block. Walk to the ice block. The hook Critter screwed into the ice wall is gone, and Yeti has also retrieved his salt shaker. Look again, now as Nate, at the ice wall above the ice block, where Critter screwed the hook. Then click on the wall with the pickaxe and ..... with the flat side of the pickaxe Nate then scrapes the wall spot a bit smooth. Then take the leather rag from inventory and click it on the now smooth-scraped wall to sand the wall spot even smoother ..........

...on the wall Nate has made a round "mirror" ........

 Now call Yeti to the "mirror" by pulling the rope of the gong with your wrench cursor and ...... .

Nate strategically retreats himself and Yeti then sees himself in the "mirror" is shocked and we have Cornelius back in the Yeti suit. But Cornelius is still bonkers mad because he now thinks that there is a real Yeti in his wall and that that Yeti has also captured a human. But okay....at least we now have Cornelius back and so Nate can now steal more stuff from the cave. Cornelius returns to the kitchen.....

A gray-blue scarf now hangs over the left back of the armchair. Look at the scarf and then take the scarf .....

Nate doesn't take the whole scarf but he pulls out a loose thread. Look at, and then pick up, the horseshoe hanging from the fireplace. On the kitchen cupboard is a clay pot. Look at the clay pot ..... there is sugar in the pot and Cornelius allows Nate to take a handful of sugar from the pot. There is a greasy frying pan on the stove .... Look at the frying pan ..... Cornelius allows Nate to use the frying pan, so throw the handful of sugar in the pan and ........

The sugar caramelizes, but it's too hot to take from the frying pan with bare hands. Look at Cornelius again and then go talk with him and ask him all you can ask him.. 

Cornelius is starving and can't think very well, so he made himself a vegetarian sandwich. If you ask if you can have the sandwich the answer is of course .... NO .... then use the "Hmmm......"  option and ...... Nate then convinces Cornelius that the Yeti has put poison in his sandwich and that he should first examine the sandwich in the lab ..... Nate then gets the sandwich.

Of course the sandwich is not poisonous but very tasty, so if Nate give the sandwich to Petra then sge will just eat the sandwich and stay where she is. Nate has to make the sandwich inedible so that Petra will get sick if she takes a bite of it. Exit the Yeti cave and go, through the ice field, to the:

Workshop: The Baby:

Walk through to the shrine door. A Critter is working at the work table and a baby Critter is now playing on the floor with him. Look at the baby and then talk to the baby and the baby answers with a very deep, and mature, voice and  the Critter who is working tells that it is his baby and that the baby repeats everything that is said to him and will do this very precisely and with the voice of the person who said it.  Now go and talk to the baby and keep talking until the little one gives Nate a screwdriver ..... so keep clicking with the talk cursor on the baby until Nate has obtained a yellow screwdriver.

Once you have the screwdriver, return to the Yeti Cave. Back in the Yeti cave you continue to the kitchen. 

Take the screwdriver from inventory and click it on the greasy frying pan to scrape the caramelized sugar from the pan with the screwdriver.

Nate then has a homemade Lollipop. Go back to the Workshop.


Get rid of Petra:

Continue to the baby. Take the lollipop from inventory and offer it to the baby. But the baby's father doesn't want Nate to give his baby sweets, so Nate puts the lollipop away again. Try to pick up the baby, but Daddy thinks this is too dangerous and vetoes it. A ruse must be made up. A prominent item from the scrap heap is a refrigerator and in front of the refrigerator is a thick metal plate on the floor. Look at that metal plate ....... Nate could do something with the metal plate but the thing is much too heavy and is also sunk in the snow. Opposite the metal plate, to the left of the purple paint pot, is a large coil spring. Check out the coil spring and then take it

Then attach the spring to the metal plate. Then place the wooden plank on the coil spring. In inventory, combine the horseshoe with the wire to tie the wire to the horseshoe. Then take the horseshoe from inventory and click it on the wooden slab, which is now on the coil spring and on the metal plate ...........

......Nate pulls the plank and the spring down and secures the whole with the horseshoe ......

.... the plank is now under enormous tension. Now put the lollipop on the Board and ....... the baby trap is ready.

Click on the baby again with your talk cursor and ........ Nate points to the lollipop and ........

....I don't think it's the way to "move" a baby, but it turns out to be very effective. So the baby has been launched to Petra and the lollipop has fallen off the shelf. Nate automatically put the horseshoe back in inventory ...... Pick up the lollipop again and now go back to Petra


Baby has landed in the snow in front of The Mary's iron cage. Pick up baby and.....

.....but baby doesn't like Nate much so he bites Nate and then runs back to his father in the workshop.  it doesn't work that way .... you have to act much faster when Nate has the baby in his arms .......Go back to the workshop and now do the baby launch again. Tension the spring / board again with the horseshoe/rope combo and then put the lollipop back on the board. Then go talk to baby again and ........ baby turns out to be tough and it is shot out of the workshop again. Pick up the lollipop again and go outside again. Pull baby out of the snow again and .......

...when Nate has baby in his arms, quickly give the lollipop to baby the  and ....... Baby now ends up in inventory ......

NB: you have to be very fast to give the lollipop to baby...if you are too slow Nate will lose the baby again and you will have to do the trap thing again

If you have baby in inventory, combine baby with the sandwich to put baby as a topping between the two slices of bread. Then give the sandwich to Petra and ........

Petra doesn't like meat very much and certainly not meat that is still alive. Baby escapes Petra's jaws, who then also runs away sick , leaving her protest sign unattended. Look at the protest sign and .... Nate takes the antenna from the Critters. Go back to the workshop.......

Critter and Laya are waiting for Nate at the door of the shrine. Nate automatically hands the antenna to Laya and her father is now willing to fix Nate's barge. Meanwhile, Nate will then go and find the Heart and steal it back from Munkus. Laya disappears back into the Sanctuary but our Critter will join Nate on his quest and has already walked on to the ice plain. Nate doesn't really intend to get that heart back, but he'll have to pretend he's making a serious effort to do so.

Repear The Mary:

as Nate:

From now on you can switch between Nate and Critter by clicking on their icon, which is in the top left corner of the screen. You are now Nate.... If you click on the Critter icon, you will become Critter. If you are a Critter and you want to continue as Nate, click on the Nate icon.  For now stay Nate. Leave the workshop to the ice field .......

Critter is impatiently waiting for Nate and in the distance we now see Munkus' submarine.


Look at the submarine and then click with the door cursor and ........ Nate still knows Munkus from the city and he would rather have nothing to do with him. But with Critter with him, Nate can do nothing but go to the submarine anyway. We then arrive at the submarine. 2 heavily armored guards are guarding the submarine. In front of the right guard is a penguin. To the left of the sub are wooden crates and a small metal bottle. Look at the submarine, the 2 guards, the penguin, the wooden crates and the cannister ......... When Nate bends down to take a closer look at the crates, the left guard yells that he must go away .... the crates contain "Secret stuff" such as grenades and missiles. Take the small  Cannister, after you have looked at it first ......

......the cannister is empty but, according to the yellow label, it has contained cleaning fluid. Click with the door cursor on the door of the submarine and ........ Oh no ..... Nate really doesn't want to go in, he really doesn't want to come near Munkus. Go back to The Mary via the left side of the screen

2 Critter techs are already hard at work fixing Mary. 1 technician is on the ground working on the large propeller and the other is standing on the propeller to measure the top propeller. Look at the two techs and then talk to the tech who is turning the big screw ...... both techs then tell Nate that they need a new piston  and machine oil. Well...it's Nate's barge so he promises the techs he'll look for a piston and engine oil. Go to the:

Yeti cave:

Continue to the kitchen and speak to Cornelius. However, Cornelius now wants to hear a code word from Nate before he wants to talk to Nate further. Ask "What code word?" ...... Cornelius suspects that the Yeti is a shapeshifter. If Nate says the correct code word then Cornelius knows that Nate really is Nate. But Cornelius never gave Nate the code word, so keep talking about the "Yeti is a shapeshifter" and..... Cornelius then says the code word and that is "Mellon". Then continue talking to Cornelius through all other conversation options..... Cornelius has a can full of very good machine oil but he needs it for his Yeti suit. Nate can have the machine oil if the real Yeti is captured, but of course Nate can't wait for that so a ruse is needed. The cell is on the right. Check out the cell door if you haven't done so before. Then click with your wrench cursor on the cell door and .....

Nate gets an idea and he then walks into the cell and locks himself in the cell. Then click with the talk cursor on Cornelius again and ....... Cornelius wants to hear the code word ....... don't say "mellon" now, but say "The code word is "Bratburger liverwurst" and .... .Cornelius gets all excited because he thinks Nate is the Yeti and that he has now trapped him in his cell, but then Cornelius wonders how the "Yeti" ended up in the cell... .could there be a secret door or corridor in the cell? Cornelius wants to investigate this himself so Nate comes out of the cell and Cornelius enters the cell and is locked up by Nate. Nate then automatically takes the yellow can of machine oil. Nate has now machine oil, but still need another piston. The only place Nate could find a properly working piston in this desolate ice world is in Munkus' submarine. So go back to the Ice field and continue to the:


Click again with the door cursor on the entrance door of the submarine ..... the left guard stops Nate .... he wants to know who you are and what you are coming to do ..... Say "My name is irrelevant" and Nate also says that he is coming to Munkus to make a proposal that he cannot refuse .... Nate can then go in, so click on the door and ..... Nate then ends up in the submarine, deep under the ice. A door on the left and a door on the right. Go through the left door and ..... Nate ends up in Munkus' hut. Talk to Munkus through the conversation options and start with saying "My name is Nate and I'm too young to die", or 1 of the other options and then continue talking to Munky through all the other options you get... ...

Munkus tells that he is the ninth son. However, only 6 sons are left and Munkus craves his mother's affection. Munkus wants to exterminate all his 5 remaining brothers, but he needs weapons to do so. Munkus has already killed his brother, who was the previous owner of the sub. About a year ago, Munkus came across the Critters by chance and he pretended to be their friend and gave them all kinds of material they needed. Then when Munkus got access to the shrine, he saw the machine that can build machines. Such a machine could therefore build weapons for Munkus. Munkus then stole the "heart" of the machine, but it turned out that he's unable to do anything with it without the rest of the machine. Nate promises Munkus that he will get Munkus into the sanctuary to make those weapons himself, but in return Nate wants a piston. Munkus agrees.

When the conversation ends, Munkus shows Nate the "heart". The "heart" is an irregularly shaped, red crystal. Nate then automatically leaves the submarine and then automatically starts talking to Critter, who has now followed Nate to the submarine. Nate is now convinced that he is on the side of the Critters and therefore wants to he now really steal the "heart" back from Munkus. But first, Nate wants his promised piston.

Go back into the submarine and now go through the right door to the engine room ...... the guard / engineer in the engine room screams that only personnel are allowed to come here. Nate says he has permission from boss Munkus to pick up a piston and ..... Nate then gets his piston from the engineer. Exit the sub again via the ladder and go back to The Mary . Talk to the bottom tech to give him the piston. Then take the oil can from inventory and give it to the bottom technician as well. Go back to the Submarine

Look at the two guards again and listen to what Nate says ...... Nate wants to be able to walk undisturbed through the submarine and that is only possible if he joins the Black Guards. Talk to the left guard and ask "Can I sign on with your crew?" ...... however there are currentlyno  vacancies. Well ...... then Nate will have to take care of a vacancy himself, by removing 1 of the two guards from the game. Go back to

The Mary:

The 2 technicians have now repaired The Mary ...... the barge is in the air again. Nate is briefly reminded that he has yet to fulfill his part of the deal... returning the Heart. The 2 techs disappear into the workshop/shrine. Walk to Petra's chest. Search Petra's chest and then click on it with your grab hand and ......

In the chest Nate finds a glass water bottle with a little bit of liquid in it. Look at the bottle in inventory, so right click on the bottle ....... Nate tells that there is still a little sour apple juice in the bottle. Return to the submarine where Critter still stand. Now give the empty metal bottle (Cannister) and the glass water bottle to Critter.

Then click on Critter's icon to continue as.....


Dip the metal bottle into the hole to fill the bottle with salt water and soak the yellow label.

Then stick the yellow label on the glass water bottle in inventory. Go to the workshop and then through the sanctuary door to the Sanctuary


Laya is on the balcony with her father. Laya has brought her father a bottle of brandy and that brandy bottle is on the small round table and has the same yellow label as the one you stuck on the water bottle. Walk up to the balcony. Laya always takes the brandy bottle from the table to pour her father a sip of brandy down his throat and then she puts the brandy bottle back on the table ..... As soon as the brandy bottle is back on the table set you exchange the brandy bottle with the glass water bottle of Critter .....

Critter then has a bottle of brandy, so alcohol. Return to the:


The penguin is still standing in front of the right guard and that penguin is standing on a weak spot in the ice. Give the Brandy to the penguin and ........

Critter pours the penguin full of brandy and shakes the animal for a while and then puts the animal back on its flaps. The penguin is then toggling on its flaps. Look at the penguin and then click the animal with your wrench cursor and ......... Critter teases the penguin a bit and the animal then seeks protection from the right guard and that does not end well for the guard because he then falls through the ice ...... Well .....there is now a vacancy, so switch back to:


You're Nate again. Talk to the remaining guard again and ask for a job again and keep talking until you have convinced the guard that Munkus is really 1 guard short. The guard then hangs a note on the submarine. Look at that note (Poster), it is an advertisement for the position of Black Guard.

Talk to the guard again and say you're coming for the job, via:  "I'm here about the job....".....But Nate has to take a number and then wait for his turn. To the left behind the guard there is now a number machine on the crates (Number dispenser). Look at the number machine and then pull out a number ...... Nate draws number 1 .....

Talk to the guard again and say you have a number. Nate has to wait for his number to be called. after a few seconds the guard screams that it is Number 1's turn so click on the guard again and say you are number 1 via "I'm number 1" and ....... Nate now has to prove that he is suitable to be a Black Guard by giving the correct answers to the guard's 3 questions.....

The guard adds up Nate's "good" qualities and Nate is hired as an apprentice guard for the time being and his first job is to clean the toilets and make coffee in the engine room. However, first switch back to Critter. As Critter, return to the Sanctuary and exchange the brandy bottle for the water bottle again. With the water bottle, return to Nate at the submarine and return the water bottle and the metal cannister to Nate. Then switch back to Nate

Inside the Submarine


Enter the sub and go through the left door back into Munkus' hut. Munkus is reading in his chair, completely ignoring Nate

Don't talk to Munkus because Nate doesn't want to do that anyway. To the right of Munkus is the Crystal Heart of the Critters. Look at the Heart and do that twice and listen to Nate. A loudspeaker protrudes from the wall and under the loudspeaker hangs a thick tube with a hatch in it. Music comes from the speaker that Munkus is listening to and that thick tube goes all the way through the submarine .........

Look at the loudspeaker and look at the thick tube 2 times. Maybe Nate can get the heart out of the submarine through the thick pipe, because just picking up the heart and running away with it will of course not work. In the corner is a newspaper on a cupboard ...... Look at the newspaper and then take the newspaper .... it is an old newspaper. Leave the hut and then go through the right door to the engine room and ......

The engineer yells again that the crew may enter the engine room. Nate yells that he is now an apprentice crew member and points to the coffee maker. The operator is startled and sends Nate outside for a moment and then screams that Nate can come back in, so Nate then goes back inside. The engineer is then busy doing something unclear with the coffee machine and it's clearly that he has something to hide that no one should know.

Nate doesn't want to talk to the engineer. The torpedo tube hangs to the right of the coffee maker. Look at the torpedo tube, there can be large heavy torpedoes in the tube. Under the porthole you also see a thick tube, look at that thick tube and also look at the porthole. The porthole is so dirty that Nate can't see through it. There are 2 levers at the door .... look at the 2 levers and then click on them with your wrench cursor ........ The engineer screams that Nate must keep his hands off the lever.

The porthole is very dirty because there is a greasy gunk on it. In inventory right click on the water bottle. The leftover apple juice in the bottle has become so sour that it is now vinegar. The bottle now contains "Fermented Apple Juice". Take the old newspaper from inventory and click it on the dirty porthole and ......

....... Nate then puts the sour apple juice on the newspaper and then he wipes the porthole with the newspaper. Exit the submarine.

Back outside you go talk to Crittertje and say "You have to help me watch the engineer"...........

Nate convinces Critter to duck into the hole where the right guard has disappeared and then peer underwater through the porthole into the engine room to see what the engineer is up to with the coffeemaker. After some hesitation Critter then dives into the hole and looks through the porthole and meanwhile Nate has reentered the sub and stalled at the engine room door. The Engineer panics and Critter sees what he is doing ....... Nate goes back inside

Leave the engine room immediately and climb outside again via the ladder and talk to the shivering Critter and Critter then makes it clear to Nate that the engineer has hidden something behind the thick pipe in the engine room. So go back to the engine room and look behind the thick tube that hangs under the porthole and ....... Nate finds a number of dirty magazines behind the pipe.

Immediately take the dirty magazines from inventory and put them in the torpedo tube and then talk to the engineer .....

....Nate tells the guard that there are magazines in the torpedo tube and he asks if he should take them out ...... the engineer then crawls into the torpedo tube himself and Nate slams the tube shut and then presses a button and......well....we don't know if the engineer torpedo actually exploded, but at least the pesky gland is out of the way now.

There is already a coffee cup in the coffee maker. Click with your grab hand and Nate taps a nice fresh, and hot, cup of coffee.

Click on the lever at the door again and the hatch, on the right side of the submarine, will now goopen.

Go back outside and give the coffee to the shivering Critter .

Look at the now open hatch ........ Nate does not fit through the hatch, but Critter might so talk to Critter and ......

Nate asks Critter to dive into the submarine through the open hatch to the engine room. Nate also goes back to the engine room and Critter dives through the open hatch and we automatically end up back in the engine room. Nate opens the hatch in the thick tube and tells Critter that he must steal the heart from Munkus' hut through the tube .... Nate goes to Munkus to distract him ......

With Munkus you use the conversation options and while you talk to Munkus through the conversation options you see Critter's hand coming out of the thick tube. Keep talking with Munkus until Critter has taken the heart and returns through the tube to the engine room. Nate will automatically leave Munkus, but he will not enter the engine room automatically, so open the engine room door yourself and it then proceeds all by itself to Chapter 4:

In the engine room, Nate opens the hatch in the tube again and takes the Heart from Critter and then closes the hatch. Critter is locked in the tube. Nate leaves the submarine with heart and rushes to The Mary with the intention of quickly sail away and leaving the Critters to their fate

But then Laya approaches and she speaks to Nate ..... Talk to Laya through the conversation options and she will convinces Nate not to leave.  Nate is going to free Critter from the tube and a little later we are all in the Sanctuary where Nate gives the Heart to Laya's father and then .Munkus suddenly appears out of nowhere and....

Munkus cast a "Portal Spell" on the Heart and this now allowes him to connect directly to the Sanctuary from the submarine. Munkus has deliberately had the heart stolen by Nate in order to get into the Sanctuary ..... Munkus has used Nate ...... All Critters are captured and Nate and our Critter are taken away by 2 guards to the submarine and Munkus has a serious "talk" with Daddy Critter about making weapons after all. We end up in:

Chapter 4: Madness:

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot