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Chapter 1: At Jerry's House and in the Forest:

We see Jeremiah Hazelnut being tucked in by his mother. Jeremiah is way too difficult to pronounce, so he wants us to say Jerry and we will do that from now on. 

Just like every night, Jerry says that one day he will be a famous magician. 

Jerry still has two days of vacation and that is still enough time to experience great adventures. The game will then really begin.

At Jeremiah's house:

Jerry's mommy is busy hanging out the clean laundry in the garden and she shouts that it is high time for Jeremiah to come outside too. So our little hero comes out the house cheerfully, thinking that today is his first day of school after the summer holidays. But Mommy quickly tells that  Jerry still has 2 days of vacation.

Jerry then sees the radio on the table and the radio immediately starts chattering. The radio acts as a tutorial and gives you the opportunity to perform a few commands to become familiar with the game's controls. If you want to do this, follow the commands that the radio shouts at you. If you do not want to go through the Tutorial, click on the Cross button, which will appear at the top right after a few moments. I'm really not going to explain the Tutorial to you.

The radio reports that this will be a beautiful day, because there is not a crow in the sky. Jerry is surprised because he didn't know this radio could receive signals from 'Mousewood'. Jerry and his mother have a vegetable garden outside where they grow carrots in a Carrot Bed and strawberries. Between the carrot field and the strawberry field there is a weather-damaged boulder that looks like an Old dwarf. The mailbox is located near the strawberry field. 

To the right of the mailbox is an abandoned Bird's Nest. On the windowsill of the right window is an Empty Basket and there is a rain barrel. Jerry's bicycle is in front of the rain barrel, but you cannot click on the bicycle. The path to the forest starts on the right of your screen.....you will now see a few question marks there. There is also a bench and the old well near the path. There is a cactus plant on the well and apparently Jerry uses the old well as his secret hiding place because you get the marking "Well-Camouflaged Secret Stash". Some ripe Red Currant berries  hang on the earth wall, behind the bench and the well.  

if you have found all  clickable points then we can continue. Just start by grabbing the Empty Basket......

....as soon as you have grabbed the basket, Jerry's mother screams whether Jerry wants to pick some Blackberries in the forest.  

Take a carrot  from the carrot field. 

Jerry says that he sees large footprints of an animal in the window of his room. Jerry thinks they are the prints of a gremlin wolf. Jerry recently joined the jungle explorer club and since then he feels a lot more confident naming his discoveries, and it only costs him fifty cents a month.

Jerry stores the basket and the carrot in his backpack (Inventory). Look at  the weathered boulder....Jerry and his mother have named this weathered block of stone the Old Dwarf. Jerry automatically takes a twig and places the twig in front of the Old Dwarf, as an offering so that the Old Dwarf will continue to watch over Jerry's house in the future. Look at  the Mailbox....the mailbox is empty. Pick a strawberry from the strawberry field.......

...Jerry eats the strawberry with relish and his mother then screams that he must not forget to pack his school supplies today. 

You can keep repeating this until Jerry gets a stomach ache from eating strawberries.

Look closely at Jerry's bicycle. You can't get a hold of the bike, but if you look closely you will see that there is a sticker on the saddle bar. 

The sticker is only very faintly visible, but you can grab the thing. There are a total of 8 Stickers in the Game, so they are a Bonus that you can collect, but you don't have to collect them to finish the game. The Stickers you find are saved on the Bonus page. So if you also want to go on a Sticker hunt, you can now score the 1st Sticker here. Click with your white arrow on the sticker, which is stuck on the saddle post of Jerry's bicycle, to score the sticker.....You may have to quickly double-click on the sticker to get it... you will hear a "ping" sound and you will then see a screen telling you that you have scored a sticker. In the Bonus screen/Stickers you can see which Sticker you have now taken... it is the Lizard.

Left click on Jerry's Secret Stash and.......

.....after Jerry has checked that no one is looking, he opens his secret stash and takes out the following items: a Matchbook with 1 Match in it, a Coin With Hole in it and an Decayed Firecracker. Behind the old well there are a number of bunches of red currants (Ripe Red Currants)....Left click on a bunch of red currants and......Jerry picks a berry and eats it but he doesn't really like it because the berries are sour. If you have now done everything I told you above, we can go pick blackberries for Mommy. Double-click on the path with the white arrow and......Jerry skips into the dark forest

In the Forest

Jerry has ended up in the forest, at a crossroad. Behind Jerry we can still see his house. First take a good look around here.  There are 3 trees here snd between the middele and the right tree a path goes to the forest pond. To Jerry's right, near the left tree, there is a Coke can on the ground. Take the Coke can

To the right of the left tree is a lamp post. Look at the Lamppost and listen to Jerry's commentary. Between the roots of the middle tree is a group of small boulders shaped like animals (Group Of Small Statues). There is also such a boulder (Small Prone Statue) leaning under the right tree. Look at those animal rocks and listen to Jerry's commentary. The 3 trees here are Oaks and in the leaves of the right tree hang Acorns Up High.  Look at those Acorns......Jerry then walks a little to the right, but he cannot pick an acorn from the tree......the acorns hang too high. However, you now also see a old stone Wall. Look at the wall.....Jerry tells that this is the Old Owl Wall and that this wall runs all the way to the Big Tree, deep in the forest. Walk a little further to the right and.........We then see the City. Look at the City and listen to Jerry's commentary.

Walk a bit further to the right. A Stone Squirrel holding an acorn (Large Statue With Acorn) leans against the roots of the thick tree. Look at the stone Squirrel and listen to Jerry's commentary. Walk further to the right and......the path ends here and we see some Blackberries. A thorny Rosehip bush grows under the blackberries.

Try to pick the blackberries..... However, Jerry cannot pick the blackberries because that prickly rosehip bush is in the way. There are also 2 spider webs hanging in the blackberry bush. Walk back to the left and then double-click with your arrow in the passage between the middle and the right tree and........

....Jerry walks deeper into the forest and ends up at:

The Forest Pond:

A wooden plank serves as a bridge to walk across the elongated pond to the other side. 

To the right of the plank is a Heavy, Round Stone on a Flat Stone. Left click on the Heavy round Stone and...

...Jerry lifts the stone, but the boulder is too heavy to carry, so put the stone back on the Flat Stone.

Look at the water of the Pond and listen to Jerry's commentary. Walk across the plank to the other side. To Jerry's left is a pile of Chalk Quarry and there is also a rock statue in the shape of a Toad. Look at the Strangely Shaped Rock to hear Jerry's commentary. Left click on the pile of Chalk Quarry to break off a chunk of Chalk stone.

You then have a chunk of Crumbly Chalk in inventory. On the right you see a circle of mushrooms and just in front of the mushrooms there is a thin Branch/Stick  on a thick root that sticks out of the water. Look at the CircleMushrooms and listen to Jerry's commentary. Then take the Stick....Jerry stores the stick in his backpack.

Double-click the bottom left (Way To the Forest Crossroads) to return to the previous screen. Back on the 1st forest path, walk all the way to the right again, to the Blackberries bush. Open the Inventory (Mouse wheel up or down or press your I key). Left click on the stick in inventory.....The stick is then attached to your arrow cursor.  Drag your stick cursor to the Thorny bush and then left click with the stick on the Thorny Bush and......

Jerry knocks the thorny bush out of the game with the branch. There are 2 rosehips left behind, which Jerry automatically picks up and puts in his backpack. Now Jerry can pick the blackberries, so left click on the Ripe Blackberries, with your hand and do that twice to pick both blackberry bunches. 

There are more blackberries on the bush, but they hang behind the 2 Spider Webs. So take the Stick from inventory again and then use it on the spider webs to knock them out of the way. Now Jerry can also pick the other blackberries, so click on the blackberries again to put the last 2 blackberry bunches in Jerry's basket.....you now only have to click once.  If you now open the inventory and then place your cursor on the basket, you will read that the basket is now full of blackberries. "Basket With Lots Of Berries" you should now read. If you don't read this, you haven't picked all the blackberries from the bush yet. 

Walk back to the left, to the right tree where the acorn is hang in. Take the Stick from inventory again and click with the branch on the Acorns High Up.

Jerry throws the stick up at the acorns, causing a few acorns to fall to the ground. So pick up the Acorns......

5 acorns have fallen but Jerry only picks up 3, Jerry does not need the other 2 acorns. Jerry has the blackberries, so now go back home. 

Back at home, Jerry automatically places the basket of blackberries on the windowsill and his mother promises him the first and largest piece of the blackberry pie that she will bake. Suddenly a magical letter arrives and it disappears into the mailbox.

 Click on the mailbox twice to unpack the letter and........

.... the letter flies out of the mailbox again and flies around for a while and then ends up in Jerry's pocket... 

So open it the inventory and then double-click or right-click on the Mysterious Letter and.......

The letter is sealed with a stamp that looks like 2 circles underneath each other.... 

Jerry reads the letter out loud. It is a riddle that explains how to make Carrot Flame..

.“After drawing a white symbol on a rock, it is good to grind the white into powder.
Then add black, the kind you don't want to light.
Black and white combine, in the inside of the keg, with three things:
house of a tree, fruit of a tree and finally a root.
At the fork in the road, draw a circle with the powder and place the keg. in the center of the powder circle.
Set the circle - boom - on fire, the root flame will rise higher and higher and.......
... I will devour it in haste to enjoy its wonderful taste.”


Jerry thinks he can complete this assignment, so go back to the forest pond. Walk over the plank bridge again to the other side. Jerry is standing again at the thick tree with the large rock on the left that has the shape of a toad. Take the chunk of chalk  from inventory and click with it on the toad stone and.......

Jerry draws the seal symbol of the letter on the toad rock with the chalk and as soon as Jerry has chalked the 2 circles on the rock, a few squirrels appear near the mushrooms. The squirrels disappear again, but they have left a piece of Squirrels Bark behind in the middle of the mushroom circle. So walk to the mushrooms and then pick up the piece of Squirrels bark.

Walk back over the plank bridge, but don't leave this screen yet. The heavy Stone is still lying on the flat stone, to the right of the plank bridge. Take the chunk of chalk from inventory again and click with it on the flat stone. Jerry places the chunk of limestone on the flat stone. Pick up the heavy Stone again......Jerry lifts the heavy boulder and your cursor is now the heavy boulder........Now click with the heavy stone on the chunk of chalk and.....

With the heavy boulder, Jerry crushes the chunk chalk into a pile of white chalk powder and he automatically picks up the powder. Open the inventory. We are now going to combine items in inventory. Combine the Decayed Firecracker with the Chalk Powder. You have then mixed the black powder from the firecracker with the white chalk powder and you now have a pile of Powder Mixture. 

Stay in your inventory and now put the Powder Mixture in the Coke Can

Also put the piece of tree Bark, the 3 Acorns and the Carrot in the Coke Can. 

You then have a Coke can containing the Powder Mix, the Tree Bark, the Acorns and the Carrot.

 Close the inventory and walk back to the Crossroad. Take the Coke can from inventory and click with it on the Forrest Crossroads and........

......Jerry draws a circle on the ground with the powder from the can and then he places the can in the circle. 

Now take the Match Book from inventory and click with it on the Mysterious Circle Of Powder With Can and......

.....BOOM.....and..........out of nowhere a large trunk appears containing the belongings of a magician

The Trunk:

Look at the Impossible Trunk....Jerry suspects that it is the trunk of the "Great Zaroff", because he reads that name on the poster in the trunk. 

Take the Poster from the trunk. 

When Jerry has grabed the poster he says there is a tear in the trunk's lid lining..

....the tear was covered by the poster but now that Jerry has grabbed the poster we can see the tear. 

So click on the Rip to make it larger and then take the Magic Wand  that is hidden behind the fabric...

Also try to take the Top Hat from the suitcase, but... something is moving in the top hat and so Jerry does not dare to just take the hat.

Get the Magic Wand from inventory and click with it on the Top Hat and....

........a little white Rabbit comes out of the top hat but......

......the little rabbit quickly turns into a life-sized rabbit and introduces itself as Marquis de Hoto......... .

Marquis de Hoto:

It continues on its own for quite some time now. You just have to answer or ask a question a few times. It really doesn't matter what you answer to Hoto's questions.....the outcome is always the same.....You also have to press your space key once when Hoto tells you to use the coin.  

Hoto is a magician and he offers Jerry to become his apprentice. Hoto wants to take Jerry to Mousewood to train him further. The training may take weeks, but the Marquis promises that Jerry will be home in time for dinner. Hoto then says that the coin, with the hole in it that Jerry always carries with him, is a magic coin. Jerry should just look through the coin. Jerry does that and...... now Jerry sees glittering places everywhere in the forest.

From now on you can use that coin to see the active spots (hotspots) in your game. 

Click on the coin in your inventory or press your space bar or click with your mouse wheel, all Hotspots on the screen will then become visible.

Jerry then gets a Top Hat from Hoto and then Hoto takes us to the forest pond. 

At the forest pond, Jerry is instructed to look through the coin again. So press your Space bar and..........

The forest screen will then look very different because......Jerry sees a mouse with a backpack and the large stone toad suddenly appears to be alive.  Hoto then explains what "Treewalkers" are. A screen will then appear with talk options, so use the talk options. Hoto then explains further that the trees have their roots in other Worlds. The trees are actually Gates and Hoto makes such a Portal appear on the thick tree.

The Treewalkers can also travel through time via those Gates and to those other worlds. Mousewood is such a different world and Jerry can go there with Hoto. Jerry will then automatically step through the tree portal and you will have earned the 1st Achievement, which is "Follow the White Rabbit"...... You can check this later on the Bonus screen/Achievements.

Before Hoto follows Jerry through the portal, he first looks into the distance and sees how someone steps into the light. Hoto then mumbles something about four nails and then Hoto also steps through the tree portal and we end up back at the pond. Jerry and Hoto have now become very small.....as small as a mouse. 

Hoto explains a few more things and.........

........ then we continue walking and end up in:

Chapter 2: In and Around Mousewood:

2024: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot