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Chapter 2: In and Around Mousewood:

Town square

Hoto continues to explain and then Hoto and Jerry continue walking and we end up in the town square of the city of Mousewood.

Hoto disappears to report Jerry's arrival to the city council.

There are 3 Mouswood residents in the town square. On the left is a dancing mouse. In front of the cafe is a squirrel girl and on the right is a fat guy with an umbrella (Pudgy Animal With Umbrella). Go talk to the squirrel girl first.  The squirrel girl is called Edith and she is waiting for Plato the frog. Plato is Mousewood's postman and Edith is expecting a package from the Supersquirrel Boutique, which is why she is here waiting for Plato.

To the right behind Edith, so to the right of the café, is a round collumm on which notices from the citizens of Mousewood are pasted (Advertising Pillar With Announcements).  At that collumm is also a big horn with a frog on it and behind it is an advertisement taped to the facade of the house, with a frog on it. Look at the Advertisement, the notices on the round collumm and the big horn. The advertisement promotes "Blue Juice", that is only brewed by the dwarves.

Go talk to the dancing Mouse.......The dancing mouse doesn't have time to chat with Jerry because he is practicing his dance for a birthday party that is being given at the hares tonight. Go talk to the umbrella fat guy. The fat guy is a squirrel and his name is Spitzweg and he is a traveler. Spitzweg has many maps and he wants to talk to Jerry, but not now and not here. Spitzweg wants to meet Jerry at the border. The slope to the right of the city gate leads to the border. When the conversation with Spitzweg is over, a little fat mouse shows up with a backpack on his back. The backpack mouse comes down the slope to the right of the town hall and then stands on the square. Talk to this little fat backpack guy.

The backpack mouse thinks he is being chased by a ghost. Backpack mouse has found a book in the woods that is unreadable. Backpack mouse asks Jerry if he can see the ghost, so this is a good time to use your magic Coin. So press your space bar to look through the magic coin and...Jerry does indeed see a Ghost....

It's the strange creature we started the game with, but it quickly disappears when it realizes Jerry has seen it. Jerry tells the backpack mouse what the ghost looks like and he tells him it is a "Woodsprite". Backpack is happy that the ghost has disappeared and he gives Jerry the Mysterious Book. Backpack thinks the ghost is chasing him because of the book and Jerry can give that book back to the ghost if he shows up again. The backpack mouse then disappears into the café and........Marquis de Hoto then returns and takes Jerry into the town hall....

Town Hall:

In the town hall we meet Jonathan the squirrel and Conrad the owl... the City Council. Jonathan recognizes Hoto as one of the first Treewalkers. Hoto asks permission to train his new student Jerry in Mousewood to become a magician. Jonathan is happy with it and says that it is tradition to celebrate the Treetop Festival. It is customary for the student to make preparations for the festival, which includes: Handing out invitations to everyone, ordering pastries and making sure there is enough blue juice to drink. Jerry can ask Anja for help with this.

Press your space bar to see all clickable hotspots. Conrad's niece, Ursula is busy cleaning up the enormous amount of books. Ursula keeps popping up among the books. However, instead of cleaning up, Ursula makes an increasingly bigger mess of it. Ursula is constantly flying back and forth and it happens so quickly that Jerry does not have the opportunity to speak to Ursula. Look at the Stacks Of Books, the fireplace, the armor , Oil Painting of a Rider, the table

The painting depicts the founder of Mousewood and owl Conrad tells something about him. If you look at the table, Jerry tells that the table has the shape of a "3-Leaf Clover" and we then hear that the City Council actually consists of 3 people......Hannah Mouse is also a member of the council, but Hannah has not being seen of heard off since the last attack of the crows. Above the fireplace is the balcony and Ursula will land on it to take a rest. Look at the Balcony......Jonathan says that Jerry is not allowed to enter the Balcony because only residents of Mousewood are allowed there . All kinds of important documents can be found on the Balcony and you can also climb up into the tower from there. Go talk to Marquis de Hoto again and ask him: "Treetop Festival? I thought I was going to be a magican" and then "What exactly am I suppost to do now?"......

Hoto and Jonathan and Conrad explain it all to Jerry again and......Hoto then conjures up a ninety-year-old Ancient Invitation, which he immediately gives to Jerry. Hoto also gives a Magic Postage Stamp to Jerry and an "Advice Seeker", which is immediately attached to Jerry's wand in inventory. The game tells you what the point of this Advice Seeker is......

Click the screen away and Hoto also explains it briefly and then you end the conversation. Open the inventory....Jerry's Magic Wand is attached to the bottom right of the inventory balloon and the Advice Seeker is now attached to the Magic Wand. This Advice Seeker is the Hint System in the game. If you click on the question mark you will receive a hint from Hoto. 

Close the inventory and leave the town hall, through the gate behind Owl Conrad.

Town Square

Extra reward: Dew drops:

Stand in the middle of the square, or near Edith. Two thick vines hang high above the square. The bottom vine is somewhat thinner than the top vine. A thick canopy of leaves floats in front of the vines Look carefully at the bottom vine.....just above the roof of the café you will see a small white drop on the vine......it's a Dew Drop

Your white arrow cursor will not change on the dew drop and you will not see it as a hotspot when you press the space bar. This dew  drop is the 1st of a total of 32 dew drops that you can find and collect in the game. If you manage to collect all 32 dew drops, you will score an extra reward in the Bonus Collection. These dew drops are not important for completing the game... they are an extra bonus in the game. So if you want to score all 32 dew drops, you now click with your empty white arrow cursor on the dew drop that is on the vine... the game immediately tells you that you have scored a dewdrop.

You have already scored your 1st Sticker. Here on the Town square you can score the 2nd Sticker because it is on the bottom of the round collumn, just behind the golden post horn. So click with the empty white arrow cursor on the sticker to score it. In the Bonus screen/Stickers you will see that this is the Ninja sticker.

Open the inventory. In inventory, Jerry has the Old Invitation and the Magic Stamp, which he received from Hoto. Jerry also has the Mysterious Book, which he got from Backpack. Right-click on the Old Invitation and then on the Magic Stamp and listen to what Jerry says about it. Jerry has to post the Invitation and the Magic Stamp only sticks to a sealed envelope containing the Invitation. Jerry must give the Invitation to postman Plato to send it.

There are several exits to leave the town square....Behind the dancing mouse is the town gate through which you can leave the city (Outside The Town Gate). To the right of the city gate a path goes up and there is a signpost (Small Sign) near that path. Look at the signpost and Jerry reads what it says...so the path goes up to the City Wall and the border (Path To The City Wall). Edith is standing in front of the Café and the café is in the stream (Brook). You reach the door of the café via the bridge. Between the round collumn and the town hall a steep slope goes up and above that slope is the Exit to another part of Mousewood (Path Over Tree Root). To the right of the town hall is the stair gate to the area behind the town hall (Path Behind Town Hall). Now first enter the Café, so double-click on the entrance door of the Café, above the bridge. We end up in:

The Treetrunk Coffee shop:

Jerry likes the smell in here. Backpack mouse also comes in through the back door. Backpack takes a large key from the hook with which he locks the back door and then hangs the key back. Backpack then stands in front of Jerry for a moment and then Backpack disappears through the back door. This keeps repeating itself. If you try to follow Backpack when he has disappeared through the back door, then Jerry is immediately sent back by a grumpy Hare because Jerry then ends up in that hare's garden. When Backpack mouse is standing in front of Jerry, click on him with your talk cursor... Backpack mouse doesn't answer, but you hear him mumbling that his friend Uli has disappeared. Backpack misses Uli but he will maintain Uli's garden until Uli returns.

On the right a Mole is drinking a cup of coffee. Go talk to the Mole.....Jerry recognizes the Mole's voice from the radio at home. The Mole is Ludwig Burrower and he is the radio DJ and he broadcasts from the swamp. However, the radio broadcasts are currently stopped because Ludwig cannot go to the radio studio because the path through the swamp is flooded. Continue talking to Ludwig via the conversation options. Once you have used it all, you say goodbye via "I have to be going.....". Once you have talked to Mol Ludwig, first take a look at everything you can look at. Behind mole Ludwig is a red open work mushroom that is a Herbal Pharmacy and a Stairway with Warning Sign. There is a bell on the counter of the pharmacy. Look at everything in the pharmacy and also look at the stairs. 

The Valerian drops cost 1 Leafbuck, but Jerry has no money. The stairs lead to the roof terrace of the café, but the terrace is closed due to the danger of the crows. On the left is Anja's bakery. Click on the pharmacy bell and......Anja emerges from her bakery and stands in the pharmacy to speak to Jerry.

Anja is not the owner of the pharmacy, that is Uli, but she is away on great adventures and will not be back for a while. Anja points Jerry to the photo of Uli, which hangs on the pole to her right. Anja gives Jerry a sugar-free Lollypop and a very dry cake. Anja then disappears back to the bakery and stands behind her counter. Click on Anja to continue talking to her and then use all conversation options. 

Once Anja has disappeared, hit the bell on her bakery counter and she will reappear there.

Anja is the owner and manager of this café. The sounds Jerry heard from the bakery come from the exploding cakes that Anja is trying to bake for Humbert, the special child Anja is babysitting. Anja is willing to bake the pastries for the festival, but she cannot supply Blue Juice because it's sold out. The dwarves who brew the Blue Juice have not delivered for weeks. Jerry will have to talk to the dwarves about supplying Blue Juice and those dwarves live at the other end of the Coldwater Brook, in Darkwood.

Anja then disappears back to her kitchen. At the end of Anja's counter is a Coffee Maker. There is a sign above the coffee machine that says the coffee is free, but Jerry has no cup to put the coffee in. There is a tap on the coffee machine and a container (sink) hangs under that tap. To the right of the coffee machine hangs the key that is always grabbed by Backpack mouse and put back again. Against the left side of Anja's counter is a barrel of Health Cakes. If you look at the health cakes, Jerry finds it strange that no one apparently wants to eat the cakes and... Anja then pops up again and asks if Jerry doesn't want to try a cake, but Jerry has no interest in it. 

At the bottom right you see another enormous round cheese (Cheese Wheel). If you click on the round cheese, Jerry will read that the cheese has been here for 3 years. The cheese is free but the thing is completely dried out and has become rock hard. For now there is nothing to do in this strange cafe, so go back to the town square via the EXIT in the bottom center. Back on the town square we now go to the Garden via the exit at the top of the slope, to the left of the town hall where Backpack mouse came from (Path Over Tree Root)

Garden of the Hare:

Jerry ends up behind the town hall and the cafe and we keep seeing Backpack Mouse coming out of the cafe and entering again through the back door of the cafe. If you had been followed backpack mouse through the back door earlier in the café, you would have been immediately chased away by the grumpy gardener hare. Take a moment to look around and start at the bottom left.

Jerry is standing on the sloped path and at the top of that path is the gate to return to the town square. At the bottom left is a wooden barrel with a tap (Keg). To the right of the wooden barrel is a Half Statue. At the bottom of the path is a round Flagstone With Cloverleaf (tile) on it. To the right of Jerry is a signposts . The garden of the Hare (Grumpy Garden Owner) has a wooden gate and in the garden there is a Pretty Flower. A Party Guest lies at the table in  the front of the garden. To the left of the party guest a Rake is leaning against the wall. There is also a Bowl Of Dirty Dishes and finally on the far right you see the Hare Family House and a large wooden tub

Dew drops:

There are 3 dew drops to score here in the garden. There is a dew drop on the top green leaf of the green plant, growing to Jerry's left against the slope. There is a dew drop on one of the leaves of the beautiful Flower that grows in the Garden Hare's garden. And there is a dew drop on the edge of the wooden tub, which is at the bottom right in front of the table. The dew drops are tiny and white in color, so you don't get a hand cursor on them.... to grab a dew drop you have to click on it with your empty white arrow cursor. You do not need to walk to a dew drop. So first go score the 3 dew drops.

Jerry just stays on the path, so he doesn't continue walking when you click on a dew drop. Once you have grabbed the 3 dew drops, you can look at everything else. 

Start at the bottom left with the wooden barrel and end at the bottom right with the wooden tub. There is a note on the wooden barrel (Keg) and Jerry reads that note when you click on the wooden barrel... The barrel is supposed to contain Blue Juice, but the barrel is empty and Jerry steals the tap from the barrel. You then have the tap in inventory. Also look at the half statue, the flat stone with the cloverleaf and the signpost.... you will then hear Jerry's commentary. 

Try to talk to the garden hare, but the garden hare is really grumpy and he warns Jerry not to touch anything. 

Try to walk through the garden gate into the garden, but the garden hare won't let you do that. Look at the Pretty Flower in the garden.

Click with your talk cursor around the sleep-drunk Party Guest....but he only mumbles that he wants coffee. 

Look at the dirthy dishes bowl, the Hare House and the wooden Tub.....The garden hare provides some commentary. 

The Hare house has many mailboxes. Finaly take the Rake.... 

The Garden Hare growls angrily, but Jerry can borrow the Rake from the Garden Hare.

 At the bottom left, at the Blue juice barrel, the path continues to "The Edge of the City".

 So double click at the bottom left to leave this screen and go to the next screen......

Edge of the city:

The enormous orange pumpkins cannot be overlooked here......

Dew drops:

A dew drop glitters on the large pumpkin at the bottom right, so click on it to score your 5th dew drop. On the left you see an orange post horn hanging from a pumpkin. The pumpkin on which the Horn hangs has a chimney and to the left of that chimney there is a dew drop on a green leaf. Take the dew drop.....You have now scored 6 Dewdrops.

In front of the bottom right pumpkin there is a statue of a crow. Jerry is standing at the bridge and to Jerry's right you see a huge yellow Beehive With Honey. The House At The Foot Of The Tree can be reached via the bridge over the fast-flowing stream. Behind the house is a Tunnel leading behind the Town Hall and to the left of that tunnel is a Narrow Little Tunnel Between Roots. There is also an orange Horn and you see a strange Glass Door. There is a Strange Mailbox next to the Strange Door. There are 2 Banner With Writing and in front of the tree house there is a Leafboat on a wooden slider.

Once you have grabbed the dew drops, look at the beehive and the crow statue. There are no bees in the beehive and Jerry finds it strange that there is a crow statue here, because aren't crows the biggest enemy of the residents of Mousewood?. Take the sugar-free Lollipop from inventory and click it on the beehive to add sweet honey to the lollipop. Jerry then has a nice sweet Honey Lolly. 

Click on the Leaf Boat. Jerry then walks over the bridge and under the tree house to the Leaf Boat and he then tells something about the leaf boat. 

There is a Wooden Board in front of the Bladerboot. Take the wooden board.

Check out the strange glass door and the strange mailbox. The door is locked and the mailbox says "A. Molena...no advertising please".

 Look at the wooden Treehouse and the 2 Banners......the Hedgehog brothers live in the treehouse and they are carpenters. Look at  the small/ little tunnel, between the roots. Jerry is small now, but still much too big to crawl into the small tunnel. Once you have scored the 2 dew drops here and taken the wooden board, added the honey to the lollipop, and looked at everything else, then you leave here through the Tunnel leading behind the Town Hall and Jerry then ends up in the forest behind the town hall:

Forest behind the Town Hall:

When Jerry comes out of the tunnel on the other side, he almost bumps into Mr. Churchmouse, who is standing here with his son Churchmouse Junior, in front of a number of Gigantic Brown Mushrooms. Above those mushrooms is a view of Mousewood. Under the gigantic roots of the gigantic tree is an old Crystal Statue in which you see a circle with a hand. We also see the round and yellow-lit rear window of the Town Hall and above it an Overgrown Mural on the rear facade of the Town Hall. Via the bottom left we can return to the town square and you can go back through the tunnel to the Tree House.

Dew Drops and Sticker:

The left side of the rear facade of the Town Hall is covered with ferns and on one of the long fern leaves there is a dew drop. At the top left of the rear facade, half hidden behind the green fern, there is a Sticker. There is another dew drop on a leaf at the bottom right of the screen. Above the 2 Church Mice you see the City Gate and the city wall. To the left of the City Gate a dew drop hangs on the tip of a green leaf. First take the 3 Dew Drops and also take the Sticker. The Sticker is the Ladybug sticker and you have now scored 9 Dew drops

Look at the mural on the rear facade of the Town Hall and also look at the round window. The mural is a rather sad sight and Jerry wonders who painted it. Look at the Crystal statue......There is a small face and an amber object in the statue and Jerry hears a sound. Go talk with Mr. Churchmouse...

 Mr. Church Mouse turns out to be a traveling salesman and he sells everything Jerry could want. Ask Mr. Churchmouse one of the things you can ask and, after Churchmouse  introduces his son, he ties a red thread to Jerry's magical Coin, so that Jerry can always find this Churchmouse  when he needs something. In inventory, the Coin with Hole now has a red thread. 

Also take a look at the large brown mushrooms and then disappear back to the Town Square via the white arrow at the bottom left.

 Back on the city square, take the path between the City Gate and the Café (Path To The City wall), up to the:

City wall:

Jerry has ended up on the city wall. The exit back to the Town Square is to Jerry's right. On the wall is a cannon and next to the cannon is the Gunner Mouse. In the tub next to the cannon are the cannon balls... they are large peas. To the left of the gate is an armed Town Guard and to the right of the gate is a Town Guard with a Leaf in his hand. In front of the gate is a Stone Head. A Catfish swims in the fast-flowing stream, which fortunately cannot swim into the city because of the gate that closes off the stream. Behind the gate that closes off the stream is an Owl statue and to the left of it we see Spitzweg the traveler. Spitzweg stands in front of the Tower. The Tower is closed by a wooden gate.

Dew drops:

There are again 3 dew drops to score here. There is a Dew drop on the fern that is to the left of the Gunner against the city wall. At the bottom of the screen, on the right bank of the stream, there is a dew drop on the leaf of the middle orange flower. And the 3rd dew drop can be found on the green leaf that protrudes from the gate of the tower at the bottom left.  You now have scored 12 Dew Drops

Once you have scored the 3 dew drops, go talk to the Gunner. Gunner tells you that the cannon is to repel an attack from the Crows. Those crows come from the northwest. Click the Owl statue.....Jerry then walks down the slope to the Owl to look at the thing and tell something about it. Then talk to Spitzweg.....

Spitzweg would like to continue his journey but he cannot. Spitzweg has ordered a leaf boat from the Hedgehog brothers to sail the ocean, but the carpenters have not yet delivered the boat. Jerry promises that he will inquire with the Hedgehog brothers where the boat is. 

Check out the Catfish and check out the sluice gate (barrier). You will then hear Hoto report that the gate (Barrier) can only be opened if the Catfish is not here. Try to open the gate of the Tower but unfortunately the gate is firmly locked. Double click with the arrow cursor, near the Gunner, to return to the town square. Back on the city square we now leave the city through the City Gate, behind the Dancing Mouse,  and.......we end up in:

In the Forest:

Jerry comes through the city gate under the city wall and is now on the right side of the stream. 

Go talk to the two city guards who are guarding the gate on the left and right. 

The 2 city guards warn Jerry that he better stay in the city because the crows are flying around in the forest.


The right city guard holds a large leaf and moves that leaf every now and then. There is a sticker stuck to the wall behind the leaf. Wait until the right soldier/city guard mouse moves his leaf back and forth and then quickly click on the Sticker to score it... it is the Snail sticker.

Also take a look at the white Stone Head. In front of the Stone Head is the bridge over the stream and there are also 2 signpost stones. Look at the road sign Stones. The left stone points to the Tree Path and the right stone points to the Coldwater Brook Bridge. Behind the 2 signpost stones is a path through the forest to the pond where Jerry and Hoto arrived. Double tap the arrow on the forest path and......We are back at the Owl Wall and the large Squirrel statue with an acorn in its mouth.

Dew drops:

There are another 2 dew drops to score here.

 At the bottom right of the screen, and then right below the Squirrel statue, there is a dew drop on a pointed leaf. 

The other dew drop hangs on the right point of the Owl Wall. Score the 2 Dew drops. You now have 14 Dew Drops

Then double-click the arrow at the top left of the Owl Wall to continue to the Forest Screen and the Portal Tree. At the Portal Tree we now see another strange Crystal statue that emits a thin high tone when you let Jerry look at it. Also in this Crystal there is a stone face and an Amber thing. To the left of the Portal Tree is a large Spider in its web. Look at the Spider Web.

Dew drops

Here too you can score 2 dew drops. There is a dew drop floating in the water just in front of the large flat stone. And a dew drop sticks to the trunk of the right tree, which is behind the mushroom circle. Score the 2 dew drops. If I count correctly, you have now scored 16 dew drops.  There is nothing else to do here now, so go back, via the path over the owl wall, to the previous screen and then go back to the City Gate.

 Back at the city gate, go via the bottom right, over the bridge at the 2 signpost stones, to the:

Coldwater Brook Bridge:

Here we meet the whining mouse Humbert and he is hungry and he actually wants to have a dessert before the meal. There are 3 Animal Statues (Group Of Animal Statues) and to the left of them is the Exit back to the City Gate. The Coldwater Brook Bridge is little more than a thick round beam laid across the wildly flowing stream and on the other side is the Path Through The Fields. A giant bird feeder rises from the fields.

Dew drops:

There are also 2 dew drops to score here. Behind the 3 animal statues, some grain stalks wave back and forth and behind the rightmost stalk you see a dew drop.... you have to wait until the grain stalks move to the left to see the dew drop and to score it. The other dew drop is on the sloping top of the Text Stone, which is on the left in front of the 3 animal statues, but this dew drop is very difficult to see.

You now have scored 18 Dew Drops

Look at the Text Stone and the 3 Animal statues and listen to what Jerry says about them. The 3 Animal Statues depict "speaking, working together and living together with other animals". Go talk to Humbert. So Humbert is the special child that Anja had to babysit and he refuses to let Jerry pass. Jerry has to pay a toll for the bridge, but Jerry has no money. But we now know that Humbert is hungry and that he wants a dessert, so take the sweet Lollypop from inventory and give the Lolly to Humbert and Jerry is allowed to cross the bridge to the other side, but first the screen scrolls to the right for a moment and we see a shadow of a man with a dog.

Another Dew drop

After this you will get the Exit Arrow on the Path through the Fields, under the scarecrow, but do not click that Exit yet. Click with your empty arrow cursor on the path on the other side of the bridge and Jerry will then walk over the bridge and then stand in front of the Path through the Fields. Do not take this path yet, but walk to the right and..... your screen will scroll along and at the bottom of the screen you will see a dew drop glistening on the tall ferns that grow here on the bank of the stream. Also score this dew drop....it is dew drop 19. 

Then take the Path through the Fields and.....Jerry ends up at

Coldwater Brook Radio Station:

Save Ursula:

On the broken radio sits Ursula, Jonathan's niece. Ursula is attacked by a big fat Crow, who is sitting on top of the radio. The crow keeps pecking at the radio with its sharp beak, on the side where Ursula is sitting. Jerry of course wants to help Ursula, so take the very dry Cupcake from inventory and click on the crow with it and.......

......Jerry puts the cake on top of the radio and the crow turns around and pecks at the cake. However, if you click on Ursula to talk to her, the crow will turn around and try to peck Ursula again to chase Jerry away. Jerry also can't read the note pinned to the radio because of the crow.  So this doesn't work to chase away the crow. There is an antenna attached to the radio. Click on the Antenna and then listen to Jerry who gets the idea to turn the antenna to chase away the crow.

 But the antenna is too high. At the top left, where Jerry entered this area, there is a road sign and a very large shoe. 

There is a Shoelace in the shoe (Old Boot). Walk to the Shoe and then take out the Shoelace.

Also take a look at the road sign.....The road sign points to the Swamp Path, but that is completely flooded. 

Walk back to the radio and then use the Shoelace on the Antenna...

Jerry uses the shoelace as a lasso on the antenna and he pulls it, causing the Hook to break off the antenna. Jerry automatically ties the hook to the shoelace and you then have a Sharp Grappling Hook in inventory. Take the Grappling shoelace/hook from inventory and click with it on the radio antenna again and...... now Jerry succeeds in chasing away the crow

Backpack mouse shows up, who has seen everything and thinks Jerry is a hero. Backpack gives Jerry a Flyer and then walks further and disappears via the exit on the left. Jerry then automatically take Owl Ursula from the radio and puts her in the inventory. Right-click in inventory on the tree leaf flyer  (Ad For Violin Lessons), which Jerry has just obtained from Backpack mouse.....it is an invitation for violin lessons by Maxim Mousakov, for only 1 talented student.


There is a sticker in the radio......Take the sticker...it is the Bee sticker. 

Read the note pinned to the radio. It's a note from DJ Ludwig. Left behind the radio is the swamp, but the path through the swamp is flooded (Flooded Area). Behind the radio grows a bunch of red Tasty Smelling Berries. When you look at the berries Jerry screams that he can't reach them. To the right of the berries a path goes deeper into the forest. Even further to the right it is snowing and there are mushrooms and if you look at them, Jerry tells you that those mushrooms form a staircase. But the mushrooms have to grow bigger and then Jerry could climb up the tree. 

To the right of the mushrooms is a tunnel through the large stone. There is a Golden Post Horn in the stream. At the bottom left is a Blue Juice vending machine with an advertisement hanging from it. Of course you have already seen the frozen Postal Bicycle. At the Postal Bike stand a Stone With Markings. Behind the enormous front wheel of the bicycle is a tuft of 3 Buttercups (Marsh Marigold).

Dew drops:

A dew drop glitters on the middle buttercup. Also above the snow-covered mushrooms, a dew drop dangles from a green leaf.

 First score the 2 Dew drops, so the Dew drop that lies on the buttercup and the Dew drop that dangles above the snowy mushrooms. 

You now have scored 21 Dew Drops

Once you have grabbed both dew drops, take a Buttercup  (Marsh Marigold) flower

It could be that Plato, the postman, has already turn up at his postal bike by now.  In my game he did but it depends on how long you took to liberate Ursula and looking around.  Plato is a frog.  Walk on to the frozen bike and then further on to the blue juice vending machine.  Look at the advertisement on the Blue juice machine....

 A barrel of Blue Juice from the vending machine costs 2 Leavebucks. Click with your hand on the Blue Juice Vending Machine. There is only 1 barrel of blue juice left in the machine. Jerry doesn't have Leavebucks but he does have a "Coin with a Hole on a String." Take the "Coin with a hole on a string" from inventory and click with it on the Blue Juice machine and..........It works....the barrel of blue juice falls. Take the barrel of blue juice from the machine......

it is the very last barrel of blue juice in all of Mousewood and Jerry also received a Blue Juice sticker, which you now also have in inventory.  

Plato the postman frog:

In my game Plato the frog postman now stand at his frozen bycicle and he has put 3 mail delivery orders at his bike. If in your game Plato now also is here then go talk with Plato. If Plato hasn't shown up now then he will be here later when you return here after your first visit to the dwarf house. Plato has placed a stack of packages that he has to deliver next to the bicycle. Go talk to Plato, and after the introductory conversation, use the conversation options you are given.

Plato is having problems delivering the mail because his bicycle is frozen. The legs of frog Plato are suitable for cycling, but not so suitable for walking. Plato has to deliver the packages today because otherwise he is in danger of being fired. Jerry can't defrost the bike either, so he offers Plato to help deliver the packages.

After the talk with Plato  pick up Plato's Mail...Jerry first asks if Plato agrees that he will deliver the mail today and of course Plato thinks this is great. 

Look at the mail in inventory. Right click in inventory on each of the 2 packages and the green letter and white envelope. The light green package is for Mr. Churchmouse senior, the purple package is for Miss Edith Squirrel, the green letter is for Señor Molena and the white letter is for DJ Ludwig. Once you have looked at the packages and letters, close the inventory. Look at the Symbol Stone near the frozen postal bicycle....the symbol is the Symbol of the Treewalkers. 

Once you have looked at everything here, freed Ursula, scored the 2 dew drops and the sticker and you have taken a buttercup and the barrel of blue juice, then we can continue to the Dwarfs. Then double-click the white exit arrow on the path, right behind the radio (Path on the other side of the stream) and...... we end up at:

The Dwarf House:

The dwarf house is built under and between the thick roots of a tree and we are on the left bank of the Gurling Brook. There is also a golden post horn. The dwarf house is locked and has a garden gate. There is a note on the garden gate. Above Jerry's head is the other path, which you can also take from the radio screen. Look at the post horn and look at the note on the garden gate and listen to what Jerry has to say about it...

 on the note Jerry reads that dwarf Steinberg is ill and that the house is in quarantine. Because of Steinberg's illness, the other two dwarfs, Softsteel and Logger, temporarily moved elsewhere and therefore the production of blue juice has been temporarily stopped. 

Try to open the garden gate ..... it doesn't work .... try to open the door of the house .... it doesn't work. 

The stream flows with a bend under the "bridge" and a poster hangs on the "bridge". The poster announces the performance of the Great Zaroff

Dew drops:

There are another 3 dew drops to score here. Above the chimney of the dwarven house, a dew drop hangs under a protruding rock. There is a dew drop on a green leaf, on the right bank of the stream... you will find this drop at the bottom right of the screen, right below the Zagaroff poster. The 3rd dew drop hangs on the far left, on a light green leaf that grows on the slope path, just above the orange signpost. 

Score these 3 dew drops, you then have scored 24 Dew Drops

 Then go back to the Radio, so double-click the white exit arrow in the tunnel under the slope path. Back at Coldwater Radio you get the chanche to talk with frog Plato the postman and to take his packages, if Plato didn't turn up when you was here the first time. If you already did this then you can go back to the dwarf house but this time through the path in the cave..

Jerry then ends up on the slope path that goes up on the left to the tree above the dwarf house. 

The exit back to the Radio is at the bottom left and at the bottom of your screen you can also go further down one screen, to the Hill in front of the City Gate. At the top of the slope path you see an old tree stump with holes (Big Old Tree Stump) and there is also a strangely shaped orange stone with a pattern on it. (Misshapen Rock With Pattern). Look at the tree stump and look at that strange orange stone and listen to what Jerry says about it...... through the holes in the tree stump Jerry hears the whistling of the wind and it sounds like a melody... .Jerry tries to lift the orange rock but the thing is stuck stiffly on the path. There is a sign at the bottom of your screen, near the stream and there you will get the Exit arrow to go down one screen.....double click the Exit arrow and.....

......Jerry ends up on the next screen and on the:

Hill opposite the City Gate:

Jerry has ended up on a hill opposite Mousewood's City Gate. Next to Jerry is the inevitable golden Post Horn, but this one has a frog figure on it. On the right is a Suspicious Figure. There is also a fish statue, a statue with a smile and a balancing rock with a face drawn on it. To the left of the suspicious man you get the exit arrow to return to the dwarf house screen and on the left side of the screen is the exit arrow to continue to the city gate. When you try to talk to the suspicious man all he says is "We have arrived, we are the solution". Look at the 3 stone statues. Press your space bar to use your magic coin and.....on the fish statue you will see the scales of the fish glow white and 3 scales remain white. Take the 3 white scales from the fish statue.

Then double-click the left exit arrow to continue to the city gate and the city wall. Jerry comes out through the wooden gate at the Tower and Spitzweg the traveler. Walk up the city wall and then double-click the exit arrow, behind the cannon and the gunner, to return to the Town Square:

Deliver the mail

Town Square

Enter the town hall again. Back in the town hall, take owl Ursula from inventory and give her to her uncle Owl Conrad. 

Jerry is thanked by Conrad and praised by Hoto and you have earned your 2nd Achievement, which you can view in the Bonus Screen. Leave the town hall. Back on the town square you walk to mouse Edith, who is still waiting in front of the café for Plato the postman. Take the purple (pink) Package from inventory and give it to Edith.

Edith immediately unpacks her package....it turns out to be a super elegant handbag for Edith herself and she immediately wears the bag. 

As a thank you, Edith gives Jerry a Leafbuck. Go to the back of the Town Hall via the stairs to the right of the Town Hall... 

Mr. Churchmouse

you may see a green dragon appear for a moment near the crystal statue, but the dragon quickly disappears again.

Mr. churchmouse and his son are also waiting patiently here and Jerry has a package for Mr. churchmouse

So give the remaining light green package to Mr. Churchmouse.......

Walk back to the town square via the bottom left and now enter the café (coffee shop) again. 

Coffee Shop

DJ Ludwig Burrower is still there to sip coffee at the table. Take the white/gray perfumed Letter from inventory and give the letter to Ludwig.

The letter is fan mail from a fan and Ludwig is happy with it and as a thank you Jerry receives a Drinking Mug with the logo of Ludwig's radio station on it. At the bottom right is the enormous round, but dried out, Cheese. Take the Sharp Grappling Hook from inventory and click with it on the Cheese and...... 

With the throwing hook, Jerry cuts a piece of cheese from the cheese wheel.....the cheese smells good but is rock hard. Take the Drinking Mug (Mug with Logo) from inventory and use the thing on the Coffee Machine to fill the cup with hot Coffee (Mug With Hot Coffee).

Go back to the Town Square and now take the Exit at the top of the slope, to the left of the Town Hall and we end up back in the garden of the garden hare. The Party Guest is still lying in front of pampus with his head on the table. Walk to the party animal and give him your cup of hot coffee....

From the party guest, Jerry then receives his 1st Quartet card and....Party animal immediately falls asleep again.

NB: If you had delayed going to the garden, or if you had taken a detour, your coffee may have become cold and you will not be able to give it to the party animal. Then empty your cup into the large waste bin here and then go back to the café to pour fresh hot coffee into your cup and then return quickly to the party goer to give him the hot coffee and receive your quartet card.

Tree House

There is one more letter that Jerry has to deliver...the Magic Letter and it is for Mr. Molena, who lives behind the strange door at the Tree House of the Hedgehog brothers. So go via the exit at the bottom left back to the Tree House and.....Hela...the Hedgehog brothers are at home and chatting at the leaf boat. Jerry is on the right, near the bridge and the beehive. Click to the left of the treehouse, and Jerry will then walk over the bridge to the area to the left of the treehouse. A. Molena's mailbox hangs to the left of the strange glass door, so take the Letter That Appears Magical from inventory and put the letter in the Strange Mailbox......

Your screen then scrolls slightly to the left and we hear a mysterious voice thanking Jerry. Jerry had promised Spitzweg that he would inquire with the Hedgehog brothers about the ordered leaf boat, so now that we are here, Jerry can keep his promise. One hedgehog wears red pants and the other wears blue pants. Click with your talk cursor on one of the two Hedgehogs to talk to them and.....

Jerry asks if the boat for Spitzweg will still be delivered. Unfortunately, the hedgehogs cannot continue working on the boat because their tools have been stolen. The two hedgehog brothers suspect that a "Green Hat" has stolen their tools. A "Green Hat" is an invisible creature that Dad Hedgehog used to tell his two sons about, but which they have never seen themselves. Jerry promises to look for the missing tools and we keep hearing a voice laughing but we don't see who is laughing. 

So press your space bar to look through the magic coin and .....

 in the doorway of the tree house a small green man wearing a green top hat will appear .... it's a "Green Hat figure" , so he really exists.

The Hunt  for the "Little Green Man"

The Green Hat mocks the two hedgehogs and Jerry for a moment and makes himself invisible again and disappears..... 

But the invisible Green Hat does leave behind green footprints and Jerry can see them and therefore follow them. Look at  the green Footsteps......

Jerry goes to look at the footprints and then tells you that they lead to the small tunnel, behind the large pumpkin. However, Jerry is too big to crawl into that small tunnel, so go through the large tunnel back to Mr. Churchmouse, behind the town hall. Behind the town hall the Green Head appears again for a moment, 

But Green Head almost immediately disappears again and again he leaves green footprints that go over the mushrooms to the garden of the garden hare. Go back to the town square via the bottom left and then, via the exit on the left next to the town hall, to the garden of the garden hare...... and Green Hat appears again and he stands on the cloverleaf tile to strengthen his powers and then it disappears again.

This is getting annoying...it's time to set up a trap to catch the Green Hat. The round cloverleaf tile is apparently a "charging station" where the Green Hat needs to recharge its energy.Take the Rake from inventory and place the rake on the cloverleaf tile. Now go back to the Hedgehog brothers via the bottom left exit (Edge of Town) and..... At the hedgehogs, Green Head appears again and disappears again. 

Now chase Green Head back to the cloverleaf tile in the garden, so first via the large tunnel back to behind the town hall, then on to the town square and then on to the Garden and...... Green Head appears again on all screens and so also in the garden and.....in the garden Green Head stand on the cloverleaf tile again, but he steps on the rake and the rake handle hits his face. 

Green Head then drops the stolen carpenter's tools and disappears back to the hedgehogs. So pick up the stolen Tools 

Also pick up the Rake again.  To take the rake back click on the tile with your eye cursor and.....Jerry puts the rake back against the garden wall where he took it from. Jerry now has the tools and a loose nail in inventory. Go back to the Hedgehog brothers. Green Hat appears again but also disappears through the small tunnel. Walk across the bridge to the Hedgehogs and then try to give them their tools back... but the hedgehog brothers don't want their tools back now because Green Head will steal them again. Right click to put the tools back in inventory. 

Jerry will first have to get rid off Green Head once and for all to ensure that he will not steal the tools again. You already grabbed the wooden board here earlier, which was on the ground near the leaf boat. If not, you can still grab that wooden board now. Take the wooden board (Old Fence Picket) from inventory and click with it on the entrance to the small tunnel and......Jerry closes the small tunnel with the board.

Then follow Green Head again, so via the large tunnel to behind the town hall, then to the town square and then to the Garden... Green Head appears and disappears everywhere again and in the garden he stands on the cloverleaf tile again to recharge and then he disappears again to the Hedgehogs... Go quickly back to the Hedgehogs via the bottom left and... back at the Hedgehogs, Green Head appears again, but if he now wants to disappear again via the small tunnel he hits the board hard and he doesn't  like that......

Green Head has had enough and disappears into his house, which turns out to be the large pumpkin with the chimney, in front of which the post horn also stands. Walk to that pumpkin and now click on it with your hand and Jerry knocks on the pumpkin and accidentally breaks the entire "façade" of Green Head's house and that is the end for Green Head who now permanently disappears.  

Jerry automatically takes a Silver Sugar Spoon and a piece of glittering Cobalt (Leprechaub Cobalt) from the pumpkin house.

Now give the Hedgehogs their carpenter's tools back and.....

The Hedgehog brothers immediately finish the boat and Jerry is left with the honor of launching the boat. 

The boat will float via the fast-flowing stream to the City Wall/City Gate, where Spitzweg is waiting for his boat. So go back, via the tunnel and the back of the City Hall, to the city square and then, via the slope to the left of the café, to the City Wall/City Gate. Jerry of course ends up back on top of the city wall, behind the cannon and.....The green leaf boat floats at Spitzweg on the safe side of the fence. Walk to Spitzweg and talk to him.

Spitzweg is happy that he finally has his boat, but the boat has no rudder and no anchor. Moreover, the gate cannot be opened as long as that Catfish is still swimming here, because then the Catfish would swim into the city and the residents of Mousewood will not appreciate it.

On the leaf boat you get the gear cursor to indicate that you have to do something with it. So the boat needs a rudder and an anchor. Take the Grappling Hook from inventory and click with it on the boat.... the throwing hook serves as an anchor. Take the Silver Sugar Spoon from inventory and click with it on the boat... the spoon serves as a rudder. Now to get rid of that Catfish. Go back to the Town Square and enter the coffee shop again


On the counter of the pharmacy there is a bottle of valerian drops and that bottle costs 1 Leafbuck. 

Jerry received a Leafbuck from Edith so he can now buy the Valerian drops. Take the Valerian Drops........

Jerry will automaticaly pay for the drops with his leafbuck. If Backpack mouse is in the way, wait until Backpack mouse has disappeared through the back door... Valerian drops are a strong sleeping aid. If you have the Valiraan drops, then also take the Empty Envelope that is on Ludwig's table.... it is the envelope that contained the letter to Ludwig and Ludwig does not mind you taking the envelope. Leave the café through the front door and return to the City Wall and Spitzweg.

City wall:

Take the Valerian drops from inventory and click with them on the Catfish and......The Catfish immediately falls asleep and floats away and......Jerry lowers the gate and he and Spitzweg jump into the boat... ...and this turns out to be an underwater boat....only the periscope still sticks out above the water....Double click the Downstream arrow and... we sail away

Restart the blue juice production

However, the boat with Jerry and Spitzweg does not get far... because they have to stop at the Coldwater Bridge and surface. Humbert demands a lot of tolls to remove the bridge so the boat can continue. Spitzweg is amused by Humbert's behavior and thinks that Jerry should solve this problem, while the little taunting mouse is bragging about how smart and special he is.

Meanwhile, Jerry has climbed out of the boat. Walk to the left and then double-click the Exit arrow, left next to the 3 animal statues (Trail Towards Mousewood) to walk back to the City Gate. Walk through the city gate onto the city square and enter the coffee shop again. In the coffee shop, ring the bell, which is on the counter of Anja's bakery, and Anja appears. Take the Leaf-shaped advertisement about the Violin Lessons (Ad For Violin Lessons) from inventory and give the leaf to Anja.......

Anja is delighted and thinks that violin lessons are the perfect way to spend time for bully Humbert. Anja will tell Humbert immediately. Leave the coffee shop and leave the city through the city gate and then walk back to Coldwater Bridge via the Exit at the bottom right at the 2 signposts. Anja is already there, but she has to work her tongue raw to convince the stubborn Humbert that he will be a great violinist.

Anja eventually succeeds and she and the rotten boy disappear. So left-click on the boat again with your gear cursor and..

....the boat sinks back underwater.....Click the Downstream arrow, behind the bridge, and.....

Jerry and Spitzweg continue their journey and we end up at Coldwater Radio Station.

Plato is also still here and Jerry and Spitzweg climb out of the boat.

 Spitzweg says goodbye to Jerry here because he continues on his journey alone, but not with the leaf boat. 

As a thank you for services rendered, Spitzweg gives Jerry a bag of Indian White Pepper. 

There is nothing else to do here now, so left click the leaf boat again and Jerry climbs back on board and dives underwater again.  Double-click the Downstream arrow again, at the top right of the middle large boulder, and Jerry continues to the next screen... Spitzweg warns Jerry that he must be careful at the waterfall and... indeed... ......because......On the next screen the boat plunges down a waterfall but Jerry manages to save himself using the Throw Hook and ends up at the back of the dwarfs house

Dwarf House:

Jerry has put the throwing hook back in inventory and also the silver spoon. We are at the back of the Dwarf House. Large dandelion seed fluffs are constantly blowing through your screen... those seed fluffs blow from right to left across your screen and they look like small parachutes... We see the back door and a window. We also see the chimney and a thick branch sticking out from the cliff. Under the branch we see the windows of the ground floor of the Dwarf House. To the left of the back door is the stairs to go to the front of the Dwarf House. To the left of the stairs is a large orange Sugar Beet (Really Huge Beet) and a Snail (Shimmering Snail) hangs on the edge of the sugar beet.

Dew drops:

Large dandelions grow at the bottom right. You see 1 dandelion completely and a Dew drop hangs from that dandelion. 

There are 3 green leaves on the sugar beet and a dew drop hangs on the left leaf. Score both Dew drops. You have then scored 26 Dew Drops

Look at the window and try to see if the back door opens. The window is shuttered and locked but there is someone inside and he is screaming to Jerry to stay away from his window. We hear that person coughing and sneezing and Jerry pretends that the person is calling for help. Jerry wants to go in, but if you click on the back door, it turns out to be locked from the inside. Look at the forked branch and look at the sugar beet and listen to what Jerry has to say about it. Take the Snail (Shimmering Snail) hanging from the sugar beet. Take the nail from inventory and click on the window with it and... Jerry scratches a circle in the window with the nail. Take the Snail from inventory and stick the snail, like a suction cup, on the circle in the window and...

Jerry climbs through the window into the house and meets the sick forest dwarf Steinberg.  Steinberg has a shitty cold and doesn't really want to see or talk to anyone and he doesn't want help either because a real forest dwarf doesn't ask for help. However, Jerry insists and eventually Steinberg says that he will only accept help from Anja Mouse. Now that we're inside, we might as well take a look around.

Steinberg, who has a cold, sits on the middle bed, because it is a bunk bed with 3 beds. Look at the lower bunk and the upper bunk. Dwarf Logger sleeps in the bottom bed and dwarf Softsteel sleeps in the top bed, but both are now somewhere else. Next to the bed is the front door. To the left of the front door there is a notice board on which the key to the garden gate (Gate Key) hangs and a note is placed on it. In the floor you will see a hatch with 47 written on it. On the right wall we see the Blue juice machine of the dwarves and there is a switch on the wall near the window. In the corner, behind the blue juice machine, is a metal cupboard whose rusty left door is a little damaged. Next to the cupboard is a small table with a chair and on that table is a vase of flowers. There is a loose floorboard against the foot of the bottom bed.

Sticker and Quartet card

A sticker is stuck to the vase of flowers that is on the table. Pull the sticker off the flower vase. it is the Butterfly sticker, you have now found 6 stickers. 

Click on the loose floorboard and......Under the loose floorboard, Jerry will find a Quartet card and the game will report this.

Click on the floor hatch..........the floor hatch is the entrance to the dwarf tunnels and Jerry doesn't want to end up there. Look at the note hanging on the notice board.....the note is a reminder for Steinberg....that he still has to thank the Badgers for the rhubarb pie. Take the Gate Key hanging on the notice board. 

Look at the Blue Juice machine and look at the left cupboard door and listen to what Jerry has to say about it. You can also try the switch at the window, but nothing will happen. It's impossible to do anything with Steinberg, who has a cold.  Talk to Steinberg again........Steinberg says that Jerry must ask Anja for a medicine for his cold. Leave the house through the front door. Jerry ends up in the front yard in front of the house. Open the garden gate with the Gate Key....Jerry puts the key in the lock.

Go back to the City Gate via the Coldwater Radio and then the Coldwater Bridge and go via the City Gate to the City Square. Enter the Coffee Shop again and hit the bell on the left counter again to summon Anja again. Talk to Anja and tell her that 1 of the Dwarves is sick and......Anja immediately goes back to the dwarf house with Jerry.

Anja examines Steinberg and tells Jerry that she needs certain ingredients to brew a medicine for Steinberg and she gives Jerry a Recipe. Anja and Jerry then disappear back to the coffee shop. Read the Recipe (Doctor's Perscription) in inventory. Jerry must collect a Buttercup, Fish Scales and Pepper. Well...Jerry already has all these 3 ingredients in inventory. You already picked the Buttercup at the Coldwater Radio Station and the Fish Scales you got from the fish statue on the hill and the Pepper Jerrygot  from Spitzweg. So hit Anja's counter bell again to summon Anja from her bakery and then give Anja the Buttercup, or 1 of the other 2 items, and.....

........Jerry will give all 3 ingredients to Anja and Anja immediately starts brewing the Medicine and gives it to Jerry (Cold Medicine) and she says that the stuff must be dissolved in liquid so that the patient can drink it.... there was still some pepper left so Jerry also gets the bag of pepper back. 

In inventory, combine the Mug With Logo with the Full Blue Juice Keg to fill the cup with blue juice and then combine the Cold Medicne with the Mug. Return to the front door of the Dwarf House, via the city gate, Coldwater Bridge and Coldwater Radio, and re-enter through the front door.

Take the Mug with Cold Medicine In Blue Juice from inventory and give it to Steinberg.,.....Unfortunately.....Steinberg whines and whines and refuses to take the mug because he is too is weak. Right-click to put the mug away and then click, in inventory, on the silver Spoon with the Mug to put some of the medicine on the spoon. Then click on Steinberg with the spoon and.....

Jerry rams the spoon into Steinberg's mouth and he then gulps down the medicine.....The medicine immediately cures Steinberg of his cold and he promises that he will go out tomorrow to pick berries to make blue juice. Steinberg also says that he can quickly travel to the City via the tunnels under the floor hatch. Jerry automatically opens the floor hatch and Steinberg falls asleep.

Deliver the the Invitations:

The pastries and the Blue juice have been ordered because Anja will provide the pastries and Steinberg will brew a fresh supply ofblue juice. Now Jery just have to mail the invitations. Jerry opened the floor hatch automatically, so dive into the tunnels, under the floor hatch and......

Jerry ends up in Anja's coffee shop. The entrance/exit of the tunnel is therefore to the left of Anja's counter (Dwarves).

 Call Anja out again by hitting her counter bell again and then tell her that the Blue Juice will be delivered again (About the blue juice......) and then say goodbye. 

If you didn't grab the empty envelope earlier from the table where Ludwig is sitting, grab that envelope now. Then  in inventory put the Old Invitation (Ancient Invitation To The Tree Top Festival) in the Envelope . Then combine the Snail with the envelope to seal the envelope and then stick the Magic Stamp on it.......Jerry now  set the snail free and.....via Magic, Jerry now has a large pile of Invitations in his top hat (Giant Pile Of Invitations). Postman Plato could help Jerry deliver all the Invitations on time, but his bike is frozen. So Plato's bicycle needs to be defrosted. In the Coffee Shop, first fill the Coffee Mug with hot Coffee from the coffee machine. Then quickly dive into the Dwarf tunnel and Jerry ends up back with Steinberg in the Dwarf house. 

Quickly leave the Dwarf House through the front door and quickly run to the Coldwater Radio screen.....

The coffee in the cup should still be hot, so run to Plato's bicycle and empty the Mug of Hot Coffee on the bicycle to get the bicycle to thaw.

NB: if you were too slow and your coffee became cold, you go back to Anja's via the tunnel to get a fresh cup of hot coffee and then back to the bike. 

Plato's bicycle is usable again so give Plato the Invitations and........

Plato offers to move Jerry through Mousewood on the back of his bicycle and he says that if Jerry needs him he can a Posthorn must click with the Clicker Frog that Jerry now receives from Plato. We end up, with Plato, on the Hill in front of the City Wall/Gate and on the screen you now see all small Post Horns....

This is the Map on which you now see the locations where Jerry can be taken by Plato....

The post horns appear at the places where Jerry can go.

 If you click on a Post Horn then Plato will take Jerry to that place on his bicycle and that will happen in a blink of an eye.

 Press your Escape key to switch back to Jerry at the Coldwater Radio Station. Plato and his bicycle have disappeared and that is why we can now clearly see the "bridge" over the stream. On the right bank, just before the "bridge", there is another Dew drop dangling from one of the pointed green leaves. Score that Dew drop......it's number 27

Walk to the golden post horn. Take the Clicker Frog from inventory and click with it on the Post Horn, which is in the stream, and ..... 

The Post Horn Postmap appears....this is the screen on top of the hill with a view of all locations.

Now left click on the post horn, behind the City Gate, and...... in the blink of an eye, Plato will deliver Jerry to the City Square.

Now enter the Town Hall again and click on Hoto with your talk cursor to talk to him.

Hoto is a magician so he already knows that Jerry has now finished preparing for the Festival and also that Jerry has helped several residents of Mousewood in between.  For this you will now receive the Award, which you can view in the "Achievements" of the bonus screen. Hoto now thinks it's time to start Jerry's lessons as a sorcerer's apprentice. Hoto then snaps his fingers and.....the painting of the founder of the city turns into a Portal Tree and Hoto and Jerry step through the portal painting and.....we end up in:

Chapter 3: The Magician of Mousewood:

2024: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot