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Chapter 3: The Magician of Mousewood:

Hall of the Students:

Jerry and Hoto have arrived in a large round hall, with a very large tree in it. This is where Jerry's training will take place and end. The tree is a "Tree of Transition" and is connected to the hidden "First Tree", where Jerry will go when his training is complete. It is cold in the hall and it has been a long time since anyone was here. On the round wall, behind the tree, hang 7 large plates with the portraits of 7 former magician's students. To start Jerry's training, Hoto wants to turn on a machine, but he can't... apparently the machine is broken and Hoto doesn't understand anything.

There is a Metal Frame in the base of the Tree and in front of the tree are 2 semi-circular metal bands (Half Arc), which Jerry can pick up. 

So pick up both Half arc's

Hoto is complaining about the Machine, which consists of 2 metal "balls". There is a long Glass Tube And Metal Ball attached to the right machine "Ball".

 Click with your hand cursor on the Glass Tube. Jerry then tells you that there is a metal ball in the glass tube

Walk to the left machine part and place the two Half Arc's on it, and you have to do that one by one.

 Both half arc's fit on the left machine part and there is a round hole in the, now complete, metal band.  

Take the piece of Magical Leprechaun Cobalt, which you took from the Green Hat, from inventory and click with it on the glass tube and.....

..... with the help of the magnetic cobalt, Jerry manages to get the metal ball out of the tube and the ball is then in Jerry's top hat (Inventory) 

Take the Metal Ball immediately from inventory and put it in the large hole that is in the metal band on the left machine part

 ...and the machine turns on and spits out 16 Quartet cards, which Jerry then picks up automatically.  Hoto explains what these 16 cards mean and what Jerry can do with them... They are "Dream Cards" and it is up to Jerry to interpret each card in his own way. Something special then happens because the machine spits out another card and on it Jerry sees......himself....this is the 3rd Acorns Quartet card. 

Suddenly a floating Spirit appears. It is the Spirit of the "Magician of Mousewood" and he asks how Hoto managed to escape.....but Hoto does not elaborate further. 

The ghost then disappears again, but he does leave behind a Transparent Key (Ghostly Key) that Jerry then automatically picks up, because Hoto says that Jerry needs this key. We then return to the Town Hall at Mousewood City Hall.


Open the inventory and right click on the Ghost Key......the transparent glow of this key reminds Jerry of a door he has seen......the glass door of A. Molena. Leave the town hall and then return to the tree house of the Hedgehog brothers (Edge of Town) via the garden  or via the rear of the Town Hall.

Back at the Hedgehog Carpenters' Tree House, walk to the glass door. Take the Ghost Key from inventory and click with it on the glass door

The Ghost key dissolve and Jerry automatically steps through the now opened gate and ends up in a:

Railway station:

The train station is somewhat neglected. If you let Jerry stand still for a while, there is a chance that a freight train will pass by, but you have to let Jerry stand still here for a long time. Jerry is standing on the wide ledge on the right. There is a large hole in the wall and, at the top right, hangs a Thermometer. There is a shelf under the ledge and just above that shelf there is a sticker on the wall. At the end of the ledge is a magical stone slab (Stone Stele). That stone stele is covered with ivy and a dew drop hangs from one of the top leaves of that ivy.

Score the Sticker and score the Dew drop, it's dew drop 28. the Sticker is the Goldfish Sticker. Look at the magical Stone Stele.......

You then hear a voice explaining that it is just like the plaques with portraits in the Hall of the Apprentices. The voice continues to say that the portrait on this plate is also a sorcerer's apprentice, but that he has been banished by the Hall and ended up here in this station. The portrait shattered into 32 Dew drops and those Dew drops were scattered throughout Mousewood. If Jerry manages to find all 32 Dew drops, the Voice will teach Jerry the "Rock Whisper Spell" with which the portrait can be made visible again

If you have heard the voice and you have taken the Sticker and the Dew drop, you continue through the Hole in the Wall and... we end up in the house of:

Magician Aro Molena:

There must be a giant living here, considering how big everything is here...but then...Jerry is of course as small as a mouse. We hear someone snoring loudly. Look around. There is a wooden cupboard (Shelf) containing glass bottles and a box. There is a bag on top of the box. Under the hanging cupboard is a large Cup With Milk. A Napkin  hangs over the edge of the Cup. Right under the cup there is a Chocolate, at the very bottom of the screen, on an aluminum wrapper. A Hammock hangs between the cactus plant and the Ivy plant, but the hammock is not of giant size

Take the Napkin and take the Chocolate....Jerry also puts the aluminum wrapper (Heat-resistant Tinfoil) in his top hat.

Continue to the right.....Jerry ends up on the pot containing the ivy plant. Jerry cannot go any further because it is too high to jump down.....we now see the rest of the room and that turns out to be the sleeping area. The giant is lying on his bed snoring enormously, but we only see his legs. Above the bed hangs a huge Cuckoo Clock. 

Click with your eye cursor on the snoring giant... However, Jerry cannot wake the giant, no matter how much he shouts.

 So take the Sharp Grappling Hook from inventory again and click with it on the stick of the ivy plant  and..... 

With the Grappling Hook Jerry manages to bend the ivy plant over and the ivy is now a "little bridge" " over which Jerry can walk to the cuckoo clock.  

So click in the clock with your empty white arrow and Jerry then walks over the ivy into the cuckoo clock. 

If the cuckoo clock were to "ring" the noise would be extremely loud and the giant would wake up. So Jerry is now standing in the Cuckoo Clock and in front of the mechanism. The cuckoo sits on top of the mechanism. At the bottom left of the mechanism is a Screw Knob (Metal Knob With Thin Slot) and there is a long Metal Arm attached to the mechanism. On the left side of the mechanism there is a Drop of Oil. On the right hangs the Bellows with an Eye attached to it.

The "Metal Arm with Hook" is flexible.....Click on the "Metal Arm with Hook" and.....Jerry bends the Arm up a little.....The hook of the Arm should hook into the Eye of the bellows, but if you click on the arm a second time, Jerry tells you that the arm is now stuck because the hinge is rusted. The Arm must therefore be oiled. Take the Napkin from inventory and click with it on the Oil Drop to get Oil on the napkin... then use the Napkin on the Arm and....

Jerry lubricates the hinge with oil.... Click on the arm again with your Hand and.......

..... the hook hooks into the Eye and a Key falls out of the mechanism.... 

Jerry automatically picks up the Key-Shaped Clock Part. Now click, with the gear cursor, on the Screw button and......

Jerry winds the clock and the Cuckoo starts moving and bleats his Cuckoo but the Giant continues to sleep peacefully, but then a train passes by and the shaking causes the cuckoo clock to thunder down and fall on the giant, who wakes up rudely. So this giant is Aro Molena Molena and he tells that Jerry must find four magical portals in Mousewood. Behind each portal Jerry will learn a spell.  To start, Jerry has to go back through the portal tree he came through. 

Hoto then shows up and the giant makes himself smaller to be on the level of Hoto and Jerry and a conversation ensues and then that masked ghost that we saw in the intro shows up and chases Backpack. The mask ghost demands his book back and tells that he is a collector of stories and that he would like to add Jerry's story to his collection.

 Jerry returns the book and the mask ghost disappears. Jerry then goes to sleep into the hammock for a while, while Hoto and Aro quench their thirst with a cup of tea. When Jerry wakes up again, night has fallen. Aro then gives Jerry the "Day and Night Book" (Exciting Book) and this book is added to the inventory. Aro explains that with the "Day and Night Book" Jerry can switch between night and day, but that is also possible if Jerry lies down in the hammock here. The game treats you to a screen that explains this again.

Click away the screen and Aro will now teach Jerry the Magic Quartet Game.....

Quartet game

Aro Molena teaches Jerry the Quartet game and an explanation follows first. 

You must win this game from Aro. At the bottom of the screen you will see Jerry's cards. Molena's cards are shown at the top of the screen, but you do not see which cards Molena has. When it is your turn, 8 cards of the suit Jerry already has appear in the middle. You can only ask for a card if you have at least 1 card of that kind  yourself. 

Click on 1 of the middle 8 cards and the other cards of that quartet appear in the middle.....

These are the cards that Jerry does not yet have from that quartet and that you therefore can ask your opponent.

Click on one of the cards, in the middle row, and Jerry asks Molena for that card.

If Molena has the requested card, Jerry will receive that card and you can ask for another card.

If Molena does not have the requested card, Jerry's turn is over and he picks up an extra card from the upside-down deck of cards. The turn then passes to Molena, so pay close attention to which card Molena asks for. You then immediately know which type of quartet he has in his hands. If Jery, or Molena, has four cards of one suit, it becomes a quartet. Jerry's quartets are placed in the bottom right box and Molena's quartets are placed in the top left box. If you are the first to make 4 quartets, you win, but if your opponent is the first to make 4 quartets, you lose and you will have to play the game again. So play the game and win it. There is no Skip function to skip this quartet game so you really have to get through it to continue  If Jerry has won against the magician Molena, Molena will give him a quartet card with his mother on it and a star map.

The Star Map shows the locations of the portal trees. 

The Quartet Map symbol and the day and night book is also in a circle at the edge of the inventory and the Star Map is in the inventory.

NB: From now on you can play a game of quartets with all the other residents of Mousewood. If you play Quartet with all the residents of Mousewood and you always win, you will eventually earn an Achievement... but this Quartet igame is not necessary to complete the game, it is an extra. I'm not give any further attention to this optional card game in the walkthrough. If you feel like it, you can start with playing the card game against Hoto. To play quartets with someone, take the Quartet cards from the circle and click them on the person you want to play the quartet game with.

 In any case, go talk to Hoto because he will tell you where Jerry should go next, and you can also ask Hoto some other things via the conversation options.

During the day:

Jerry must return to the Portal Tree near the forest. It's night now, so it must be day. Open the inventory and click on the "Day and Night Book" (Exiting Book) and.....Jerry squats down to read the book and it then becomes Day. Leave Aro's house through the hole in the wall and then leave the train station to end up back at the Hedgehog brothers' tree house.


The Hedgehogs are busy repairing a small cupboard. Click on the box with your hand and the hedgehogs tell Jerry that the Magician left this box here and that they are repairing it so they can sell it. Jerry then tells you that he sees that there is something in the box, but he cannot look in the box as long as those Hedgehogs are busy with the box and are watching it. Now go talk to both Hedgehog brothers and tell the stupid hedgehogs that they don't do this work because they enjoy it so much. Tell the brothers that they should not work for pleasure but to earn a living. So click on "You work to earn money.....it doesn't need to be fun.".....

The brothers argue about this with each other and don't pay attention to Jerry for a moment. 

So quickly click on the Box again and Jerry takes out a whole Quartet of 4 cards.

Click away the pop-up screen and a Fox with 6 tails will appear, try to talk to the fox but she just giggles.


Use the "Day and Night Book" to make it night and... well, it looks completely different here at night. 

The Hedgehog brothers and the fox are gone and a soldier now stands guard at the entrance to the train station. Go talk to the soldier.......

the soldier says that he is keeping watch here because a fox has been spotted. But the soldier must also ensure that the lamp hanging above the gate does not go out. That lamp is a so-called Glow Nut and those things are made by this soldier's family, but they are very expensive. Only the City Council and the Hare family can afford such a Glow Nut. A glow nut contains a liquid that glows and resembles the glow of female fireflies... a glow nut also attracts male fireflies and you see a few of those males circling around the glow nut.

When the soldier has finished talking, dive through the wide tunnel back to the rear of the town hall and then, via the bottom left, to:

Town Square:

So it is still night and on the town square we see that the stage for the festival has now been set up. Present are the Hedgehog brothers and Mr. Churchmouse and son. Next to Churchmouse junior there is a wooden sign. There is a huge champagne glass on the stage with water and there is a Hazelnut behind the glass.  If you want you can challenge the Hedgehog brothers to a game of quartets, but I will leave this quartets game aside. So if you want to achieve the Quartet Achievement, you have to play the Quartet Game at least once with each of the residents of Mousewood and win. Go talk to Daddy Churchmouse and use the conversation options.

Mr. Churchmouse says that his son is also a magician. Junior can empty the glass of water on the stage without touching it. Son Churchmouse is a bit shy and does not move, so Jerry is instructed to put the nut, which is on the floor next to the glass, into the glass. The water nut absorbs the water.  Ask if you can borrow that nut via "Can I borrow your water nut?". Jerry can borrow the water nut if he tells Churchmouse a good joke. Say you're going to tell a joke and Jerry goes on stage and starts telling a joke about a chicken on the highway, but this kind of joke goes down very poorly with the Hedgehog brothers, who are hedgehogs after all and feel some affinity with the chicken . 

However, Mr. Churchmouse does give Jerry pencil and paper, so that he can find and write down better jokes. End the conversation with Mr. Churchmouse via "Break a leg! I have to go". A green beetle is drawn on the sign board next to junior....Look at the Sign that is next to junior and.....Mr. Churchmouse then tells that junior also knows a trick with a green beetle, but that beetle ran away when they entered the city.  Leave the city via the City Gate and when Jerry is outside the gate, look carefully at the right column of the gate and.... you will see that the green Beetle has hidden behind a leaf. Take the green Beetle and...........

 Jerry automatically returns to the square to give the beetle back to the Church Mouse 

As a thank you Jerry receives a quartet card from Mr. Churchmouse

Earn the "Beetle Achievement":

Jerry has placed the beetle on the wooden board and you get the hand cursor on it... If you now click on the green beetle 1,000 time (Thousand) times you will earn an Achievement, but you really have to click 1,000 times on the green beetle. You can do this in stages, so you don't have to do it all at once. The number of times you have clicked is indicated above the board and you also hear "ping" and the game remembers how many times you have already clicked on the beetle. So you can now click on the beetle until you have had enough. The game remembers how many times you have clicked so you can return here later to click on the beetle again. 

But this is only possible when it is night and until Mr. Churchmouse and Junior are present in the town square. If you now switch to Day, via the "Day and Night Book" you will see that  Mr. Churchmouse, the stage and the Hedgehogs are no longer present on the square. After you have clicked the beetle 1,000 times you will receive the Beetle Achievement which you can then find in the Achievement screen. Whether you try to achieve the "Beetle" Achievement immediately or you do it in stages is up to you.

 In any case you leave the city through the city gate and then take the path above the signpost stones to the Owl Wall to end up in:

Chapter 4: The 4 Portal Trees:

2024: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot