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Chapter 4: The 4 Portal Trees:

Owl wall:

At the Owl Wall there are now 4 strange men, each wearing a wooden mask over their face. The 4 men are warming themselves at a campfire and, if you listen to their conversation, they are apparently already dividing any loot. One of the men wants the body of the deceased because he has freed him from prison. 1 of the men wants the property because he placed the "4 metals" in the deceased's house. 1 of the men wants the land of the deceased and the last man wants the soul of the deceased. The 4 strange men then notice Jerry and they call him "one of us".  Go talk to these 4 strange men.......the 4 men are somewhat concerned about Jerry and they say that they have the solution for money, land, happiness and health and that soon the country will be "healed".

 Go via the exit arrow above the Owl Wall to:

Forrest Pond: Portal Tree 1:

Learn the Fat Toad's "Rock Whisper Spell":

So it is still night. The spider, which always sits in its web to the left of the Portal Tree during the day, is there fore not present at night. 

Aro and Hoto are at the pond and they call Jerry to them.

They open the portal in the tree and Jerry steps through and he ends up back on the forest pond screen. 

Wake up the Toad:

Jerry has been sent back to his own world and is therefore back to normal size. The big toad sleeps and talks in his sleep about the sounds that the Crickets and the Woodpecker and the sparrows make and apparently those are very comforting sounds for the fat toad. Click on the fat toad to try to wake it up....but that doesn't work. Take the indian White Pepper from inventory and use it on the toad.

The pepper makes the toad sneeze but it doesn't wake him up, but now the birds have been chased away. Double-click the Exit arrow, bottom left, and.....Jerry walks over the bridge plank to the Crossroads screen. A Woodpecker is pecking the lamppost with its sharp beak. With his tapping, the Woodpecker tries to "tell" Jerry something. Take the Branch (Stick) from inventory and ram it on the lamppost to chase away the Woodpecker... but the woodpecker does not fly away... Use the "Pock" options a few times and... 

Jerry hits the lamppost with the branch while he now shouts "Pock Pock". Do this again a few times and.....the woodpecker flies away disappointed.....Jerry did not understand what the Woodpecker was trying to "tell" him. Continue to Jerry's House......At Jerry's house we hear the Cricket, but we do not see the animal. Continue to the house. The wooden Rain Barrel is located at the right window. Look into the water barrel and......

...... Jerry reports that the cricket is in the barrel and he gives the barrel a firm kick....the cricket is now also silent. Return, via the crossroad, to the forest pond with the sleeping toad. Walk over the bridge plank to the thick path. The toad now murmurs that it is "so quiet now"........Take the Clicker Frog from inventory and click with it on the toad and.....

Toad now wakes up and stays awake just long enough to talk to Jerry for a moment and you get conversation options... 

So continue talking to Toad via the conversation options...

Toad is not very talkative and only talks about Time Streams, so ask Toad what those Time Streams are... Toad then continues talking and says something about "listening carefully to the rocks", so ask a little further about the "Whispering Rocks"  and...... Toad then teaches Jerry how to listen to the "Voices of the Rocks that have a face". The "Rock Whisper Spell" is now attached to Jerry's magic wand in inventory and a screen informs you of this.

Click the screen away. Toad continues and warns Jerry about bad things and also says that Jerry will also experience great joy when he finds what he has lost, while Jerry does not even know that he has lost anything. Jerry then returns to Mousewood via Portal Tree 1 and of course he ends up back at the forest, where Hoto is waiting for him


Portal tree 2

Of course Jerry has become small again. Hoto says that now that Jerry has learned the "Rock Whisper Spell", he should use it first on the Crystal Stone here.

 So open the inventory.......Jerry's wand now also has the purple "Rockwhisper icon" attached to it.......

so click on the "Rockwhisper icon" and then click on the Crystal Stone and...

The stone says that it has seen what Jerry has lost and......the shadow of the man with his dog appears briefly on the left side of the screen and calls out "Jerry?"...

.......then we see how a hand drives a nail through a painting and.....

Hoto then sees that that nail, magically, also sticks into the portal tree. Hoto then tells Jerry that he now has to look for the other 3 portal trees on his own...Hoto will no longer help Jerry with this and Jerry can best have those portals opened by one of the magical people of Mousewood, such as the Green Hat. So look for the other 3 Portal Trees. 

The ghost nail is now in the tree, so look at the nail

City Gate:

It is still night. If it is not night for you now, use the "Day and Night Book" to make it night again. Go back to the Owl Wall via the exit behind the crystal stone and then to the City Gate. At the City Gate the left guard is gone, because he is standing at the Hedgehogs' tree house at night. The right guard, with the large blade, is now on the left.

You can now, wherever you are and where there are rocks with faces, use the Rock Whisper spell on those rock faces, such as the large Owl at the Owl Wall, the white face at the City Gate. But for now it won't do you much good. Go talk to the gate guard.....

........the guard complains to Jerry because his girlfriend is on the way to Coldwater Bridge and the gunner here on the wall is not exactly cheerful company. The guard also says that at night, in the field near Coldwater Bridge, you can clearly see the stars in the sky.  Take the Exit, bottom right at the signpost stones, to:

Coldwater Bridge:

Across the stream stands Plato the postman. You can use the Rock Whisper spell on the 3 animal statues to hear what they have to whisper. Walk across the bridge to Plato and.....In the field, behind Plato, you will see a strange yellow/green light floating. Look at the floating light (Fields With Eerie Green Lights). Then take the Star Map from inventory and click with it on the starry sky, above the floating light.  

Jerry sees the galaxies and they give him the location of the 4 portal trees. Listen to Jerry. You have earned another Achievement.


Use the "Day and Night Book" to switch to Day and behold...

..Plato and the star constellations have disappeared. The fox is now sitting by the cornfield and Edith is also present here now. 

You can use the Rock Whisper spell on the fox, but she won't say much. You can also talk to Edith and if you do she will tell you that she is sorry that Jerry no longer delivers packages and that she is standing here hoping to see ghosts in the cornfield. Walk back over the bridge and then double-click the exit, to the left of the 3 animal statues, to return to:

City Gate/City Square and City Hall:

At the City Gate we find one of those strange men with a wooden mask (Odd Figure). 

The guy is holding a pen in his hand. Go talk to the man.....

......the man keeps saying that Jerry only has to sign his name to make all his money problems disappear. Jerry has no idea what the guy is talking about. Go through the gate to the Town Square. A second  wooden mask guy is on the Town square (Dubious Figure), so speak to this guy to hear what he has to say. 

Playing hide and seek with owl Ursula:

Enter the Town Hall again and....

...the 3rd wooden mask idiot is in the council chamber (Suspicious Figure) and he has a document in his hands. A Zaroff poster hangs above the fireplace. Talk to the masked guy to find out what he has to offer. Ursula flies back and forth here again. If you feel the need, you can play the quartet game with Jonathan. Click on Ursula, when she is sitting among the books again or on the balcony above the fireplace, and..........

Uncle Conrad then says that he cannot think because of Ursula's fluttering back and forth and he asks if Jerry wouldn't like to play a game of hide and seek with Ursula outside. Ursula will hide within the city walls and Jerry must find her 4 times... you can refuse or agree... Say Yes and... Jerry closes his eyes and counts to 10 and.....Ursula has disappeared to hide. 

So you have to find Ursula 4 times to complete this hide and seek game. 

These are the places where Ursula will hide, however, keep in mind that the order may be different in your game.

1st time:

Ursula has hidden and Jerry is still in the council chamber of the city hall. Leave the town hall and go to the back of the town hall and then on to "The Edge of the City", so to the Tree House of the Hedgehog brothers...... At the tree house take a good look at the large pumpkins, which hang above the small tunnel on the hill... there are 3 pumpkins there and Ursula has hidden between those pumpkins... Click with your gear cursor on Ursula and... Jerry has found Ursula.

2nd time:

Ursula immediately goes to hide again. You're still at the treehouse. 

Go back to the Town square via the tunnel and the back of the town hall and then on to the City Wall.

 At the City Wall, Ursula has hidden behind the stone Owl. Click with your gear on the stone Owl to find Ursula:

3rd time:

Ursula immediately goes to hide again and this time she does so in the Garden Hare's garden. So make sure you end up in the Garden. We hear someone singing in the garden, but we leave that aside for the moment. Ursula is hidden here behind the large wooden tub, which is at the bottom right. Walk to the wooden tub and then click on Ursula again with your gear.

4th time:

Ursula immediately disappears again to hide for the 4th time. Now you will find Ursula on the Town Square, so return to the Town Square.

 You will find Ursula behind the stones with the smiling faces, which are to the right of the entrance to the town hall. 

Click on Ursula again with your gear to "score" her for the 4th time

 Ursula then gives Jerry a Quartet card, which she found in the bushes, and she disappears back to the council chamber. 

Click away the pop-up screen. You are still in daylight and will remain so for a while. Now return to the Garden of the Garden Hare.


As you already know, there is half a statue at the bottom left of the round trefoil stone. Use the "Rock Whisper Spell" on half the Statue......

......half the statue complains that it can't see anything because it has no top, so the statue no longer has eyes. In the garden of the Hare, behind the café, a large blue butterfly is now sitting on the Pretty Flower. Left click on the Butterfly and...... the butterfly then flies to the half statue and...... the butterfly now serves as the "eyes" of the half statue...... So use again the Rock whispering spell on the half statue and l listen to what it says.

All the time we hear someone singing loudly here, but we don't see that singer. That singer is hidden here somewhere, so press your space bar to make that singer visible via the magic ring and...... it turns out to be the Green Hat who is loudly bathing and drinking naked in the washing up bowl. Green Hat's  green clothes are on the table, where Party Guast is still sleeping off his haze. Grab the Green Garments and.......

Green Hat doesn't like that Jerry has taken his clothes.....Jerry asks Green Hat about the portal tree. Green Hat promises to take Jerry to his world if he gets his clothes back. Jerry returns the clothes, but keeps the green hat behind just to be safe. Green Hat  then says that he will meet Jerry behind the town hall at night. 

So go back behind the Town Hall and when you get there use the "Day and Night Book" to change the day into Night:


Follow Green Head

Behind the Town Hall:

At night the Green Hat stands here on a thick branch at the top of the screen. The tree here is the 2nd Portal Tree, but Green Hat has not yet opened the portal. Click with your talk cursor on Green Hat....Jerry tells that he has to get to Green Hat to talk to the annoying little guy. Now double-click with the Exit arrow on the round and illuminated window of the Town Hall and......Jerry climbs through the window into the council chamber where Conrad and his niece Ursula are still present. Ursula sleeps against Conrad's soft chest, but Conrad still has his eyes wide open. Click with your talking cursor on Conrad and.....Jerry notices that Conrad is sleeping after all.....

There are documents on the balcony, above the fireplace. Click on those documents with your hand cursor and.......

....Jerry walks to the balcony and finds a Quartet card among the documents. 

Click away the pop-up screen.....look for the hand cursor again, slightly to the left of Jerry, and.....he will find another Quartet card.

At the top right you get the Exit arrow to climb onto the roof of the town hall. Double-click the Up arrow and......

Jerry ends up outside on the roof of the town hall, at the rear, and we see Green Hat on the thick branch. Green Hat wants Jerry to follow him. Click on the branch with your hand cursor, but Jerry whines that it is way too dark to jump from the roof to the branch. So there must be light....Double-click the left Exit arrow to climb back to the council chamber and then climb back out through the round window.

Provide more light:


Go, via the bottom left, back to the Town Square and then on to the Garden and see...... During the night there is a big party going on, the Haze family has a birthday to celebrate here every night because it is a very extended family and there is a birthday boy or girl there every night. The party is illuminated by various glowing nuts. The grumpy Garden Hare is now standing by the table and the gate to his little garden is now open. Go talk to the grumpy Garden Hare

Jerry is not allowed to join the party because he has no invitation. Ask the Garden Hare anything you can ask......Hare is even nastier than usual because Anja has not yet delivered the ordered cake. And if you ask the Hare about the glow nuts, Jerry is told to stay away from them. Jerry is not posh enough to get an invitation to the party. 

Because it is night, Backpack mouse does not come out through the back door of the coffee shop. Backpack mouse also has to sleep at night. But at night the back door of the coffee shop is locked, so we cannot enter through the back door, nor through the front door because of course the coffee shop is closed at night.

Coffee shop:

Make it Day again, via the "Day and Night Book" and then go back to the Town Square and enter the coffee shop again. 

We now find dwarf Steinberg in the Coffeeshop. 

Go talk to Steinberg, and in the meantime you will see that Backpack mouse keeps coming in through the back door and going back to the garden. Steinberg is not happy.....although Anja's medicine has cured his cold, but, thanks to that medicine, he can no longer sleep during the day. If you want, you can earn a Quartet card by beating Steinberg in a game of Quartet... click on Steinberg with the Quartet cards and win the Quartet game. Whether or not you play the Quartet Game with Steinberg... Wait until Backpack mouse has disappeared through the back door again... The key to the back door will then hang on the left of the door. Open the inventory and take out the Cuckoo Clock Key (Key-Shaped Clock Part) and click with it on the back door key and ..... 

Jerry hangs the Clock Key over the back door key and ....Backpack mouse will then "lock" the back door with the clock key, but of course the door will not be locked, but Backpack mouse doesn't notice this. From now on, Backpack will try to lock the back door every time with the clock key, which means that from now on the door will never be locked again, not even at night. Press Anja's counter bell to summon Anja. Talk to Anja and ask her about the cake for the Garden Hare via "I've heard that the Hare family is waiting for a cake......"....

Anja says that she is missing some ingredients for the cake and she gives Jerry a list of ingredients that he can now look for. Say hello and look at the list (Ingredients List) in inventory and Jerry lists what is needed and these are: Beetroot syrup, Sweet Red Berries, Milk and Chocolate. Jerry already has a Chocolate because he found it at Aro the Magician. So go look for the other stuff.

Find the Ingredients for the Cake:

Sweet Red Berries:

Leave the Coffeeshop and go to the Radio Station screen. You can do this on foot or use the Clikker Frog on the post horn of the town square to open the map with Plato. On the map you click on the post horn of the Mousewood Radio Station and.....Floeps.... in the blink of an eye Jerry ends up there.

At the symbol stone, during the day, there is the 4th masked guy (Not Very Trustworthy Figure). Ludwig Burrower is standing in front of the radio and the fox is in the radio. There is a mouse guard on top of the radio. So behind the radio is the bush with red berries. If you speak to the masked guy, he will talk about how Jerry could use a little luck. You can talk to DJ Ludwig about the radio broadcasts. You can't play the quartet game here with Ludwig because that would be broadcast live on the radio and the mole doesn't like that. Try to pick the red berries.......

....Jerry walks onto the roof of the radio to pick the berries but the guard does not allow it. Click on the berries again and now listen carefully to what the guard screams......the guard is not allowed to leave his post here, but he is desperately hungry but the only thing he can eat here are those red berries but he would rather have a nice cheese fondue . Aha.....cheese fondue.....Jerry has a piece of rock hard and very dry cheese in his top hat that you already have cut off the cheese wheel in the Coffee shop. Now use the "Day and Night Book" again to make it Night. During the night only the guard is still on guard, ontop of the radio, and he has built a nice campfire to warm up.

Walk up the radio again by clicking on the campfire with your eye. When the guard has finished talking, take the piece of Heat-resistant Tinfoil from inventory and then place the foil on the campfire...Jerry folds the foil into a bowl and then places it on the fire. Take the piece of Aromatic But Hard Piece Of Chees from inventory and click it on the fire to put the cheese in the aluminum bowl. Then sprinkle some Indian Pepper (from the pepper bag) over the whole thing and...

 .........we have a delicious Cheese Fondue and Jerry can now pick as many red berries from the mouse as he needs. 

So click on the red berries with your hand to pick them.

Now go, on foot or via the Plato map, to the front of the:

Dwarf house:

 Beetroot syrup:

The dwarves have now started working hard again in and around their house. At the 2 dwarfs who are working on the right side you get the exit arrow to walk to the back of the house, so double click that arrow and Jerry walks to the back and right next to the large sugar beet. Take the tap from inventory and ram the tap into the sugar beet... beet juice immediately comes out of the tap, so take the empty Coffee Mug With Logo from inventory and click it on the tap and..... 

Jerry fills the cup with Beet Syrup. Enter the dwarf house through the back door. The Blue Juice machine is now running at full speed again to produce Blue Juice. At the bottom right is a guest bed. If you click on the guest bed with your hand, Jerry will sleep in it and when he wakes up it will be daytime again.

NB: By lying down in this guest bed you can also turn day into night or night into day. If you click Jerry in this guest bed you will earn the Calendar Achievement..... to score this Achievement you have to click the guest bed a lot of times. Don't ask me how many times you must click this bed to earn the achievement because I do not know

 If it is still night, you now switch back to Day, so you can do this via the "Day and Night Book" or you can put Jerry here in the dwarfs' guest bed. When it is day again, you leave the dwarf house through the front door. Jerry is back in the front yard of the dwarf house. Use the Frog Clicker on the Post horn to bring up the Plato map and then click on the Posthoorn of the Treehouse location (Edge of Mousewood)

House of Aro:


The Hedgehog brothers are still working on the low cupboard at their tree house. 

Enter the train station again and then through the hole in the wall to Aro's living room. 

Aro and Hoto are still chatting. The teacup with milk is still behind Hoto's chair. 

Take the empty Blue Juice Keg from inventory and click with it on the cup with milk and Jerry fills the barrel with milk.

Coffeeshop: the Birthday Cake

Jerry now has everything for the cake. So rush back to the Coffee Shop. If it is still night, first make sure it is day. Back in the Coffeeshop you hit Anja's counter bell again. When Anja has emerged again, give her the chocolate, the red berries, the cup with milk and the barrel with beet syrup. Once you have handed over all the ingredients to Anja, she will say that Jerry can pick up the birthday cake the next day. Anja gave the Coffee Mug back to Jerry. Leave the Coffeeshop and on the town square you make it Night, via the "Day and Night Book" and then immediately make it Day again, so that it is immediately the next day. Then enter the Coffee Shop again and......the beautiful large Birthday Cake (Tasty-Looking Cake) is ready on Anja's counter.

So grab the Birthday Cake and go back outside and make it night again:



Go back to the Garden and...... At the Hares it is of course a big party again, because there is a party every night at the Hares. 

Give the Birthday Cake to the grumpy Garden Bunny.

Garden hare remains grumpy, but Jerry receives an Invitation to the party as a thank you and Jerry mingles with the party people 

Go talk to our well-known Party Guest, who is now fully awake and fully participating in the party.

 Party Guest is still grateful to Jerry for the coffee you gave him earlier, and to show his gratitude, Party Guest now gives Jerry a Trophy Cup and a Quartet Card. 

Click the pop-up screen.  If Party guest only gave the Quartet card or only the Trophy cup to Jerry, then talk to him again to also receive the Trophy cup or the Quartet card. Look at the other party guests with your eye...they are divided into groups...look at each group. On the far right, in front of the house door, is Dancing Mouse, who is always practicing his dance on the town square during the day. However, Dancing Mouse is not dancing now, so go and talk to Dancing Mouse..

You will experience that Dancing Mouse cannot dance because of the blisters on his feet. You can also play the Quartet Game with Dansmouse. To the right of Dancing Mouse is Jonathan, behind the large wooden tub that is now filled with Glow Nuts. Also talk to Jonathan.....Jonathan tries to tell Jerry 3 jokes but no longer remembers the punch line of the joke. Jerry writes down the beginning of each of these 3 jokes on the paper he received from Churchmouse senior. Ok...the wooden barrel is now full of Glowing Nuts, so now take a Glowing Nut from the wooden barrel...Jonathan explains the usefulness of the glowing nuts and gives Jerry permission to take such a nut.

Optional: The Audiobooks:

If you want, you can collect the Audiobooks during the Night. . You can then listen to these Audiobooks via the Bonus Screen/Audio Book. There are 8 Audio Books to score. To score an Audio book you have to talk to the Woodsprite  8 times. The Woodsprite then gives Jerry an Audio Book. So let's first score all those 8 Audio Books... again... this is only possible during the Night, but it is Night now.

Audio Book 1: Coffee Shop:

We are still at the Hares' party and, if all goes well, we can now enter the Coffee shop through the back door, because Backpack mouse no longer locks the back door because he always does so with the Clock Key. So enter the Coffee shop through the back door and.......on the table where Ludwig always sat there is now a Woodsprite.

Talk to the Woodsprite and he will tell Jerry a story and will give you the Audio Book of this story. 

The game notifies you of this via a pop-up screen.Click away the screen. 

So the Woodsprite does not tell the story....

if you want to hear the story, you have to listen to the Audio Book via the Bonus Screen/Audio Book.

Audio Book 2: Radio Station:

Leave the Coffee shop through the back door and then make sure that Jerry ends up on the Swamp Radio Station screen, for example via the Post horn on the town square and then the Plato Map (Mousewood Radio Station). The Woodsprite is then on the right, near the Exit Tunnel.

Talk to the Woodsprite to receive the 2nd Audio Book.... then click away the pop-up screen and Jerry will have received the Audio Book.

Audio Book 3: Back of Dwarf House.

Go to the front of the Dwarf House and then walk to the back.

Speak to the Woodsprite to receive the 3rd Audio Book

Audio Book 4: Tree House:

Go to "Edge of Town" and speak to the Woodsprite, which is on the other side of the stream at the bridge, to get the 4th Audio Book.

Click the pop-up screen away again.

Audio Book 5: Coldwater Bridge:

Travel to the Coldwater Bridge and...well...you know the drill now...

Receive the Audio Book and click away the pop-up screen.

Audio Book 6:

Unfortunately.....You cannot score Audio Book 6 yet....that is only possible later in the game once you have found Portal Tree 4.

Audio Book 7: Path above the Dwarven House.

Return to the Radio screen and then take the top right Exit (Forest Path On This Side Of The Brook) to get to the slope path above the dwarves house. 

The Woodsprite is then hidden behind the bush on the left behind the tree stump.

Talk to the Woodsprite to obtain the Audio Book and click away the pop-up screen.

Audio Book 8: Forest pond:

Go, via the City Gate, to the Owl Wall and then to the forest pondscreen. The Woodsprite then sits in front of the mushroom circle.

Talk to the Woodsprite to score the 8th Audio Book and then click away the pop-up screen. Open the Bonus Screen/Audio Book and see......you have now scored Audio Books 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 and you can now listen to them all if you wish.
You can only get Audio Book 6 once you have found Portal Tree 4. Click on an Audio Book to listen to the story. 

When you have finished this intermezzo with the Audio Books, make sure you return to the top of the City Wall

Provide more light:

Night: City Wall ........Firing the Cannon:

It is still night. Jerry still has to jump from the roof of the Town Hall to the Green Hat on the branch. However, Jerry needs light for that. Jerry has now brought a Glownut from the Garden Hare's garden, but that nut does not provide enough light to take the plunge. But if Jerry could shoot the glowing nut into the air, it would probably give off a lot more light, because fireflies will be attracted to the liquid. So Jerry has to load the cannon with the glow nut and then fire the cannon. The mouse, who is standing on the wall guarding the cannon, is sleeping. Touch the cannon and ..... 

.......the mouse wakes up .... talk to the mouse, who then says that he could use a cup of strong coffee to stay awake. Jerry promises to get the mouse a cup of strong coffee. So go to the Garden and then enter the Coffee Shop through the back door. Tap another cup of coffee in the Coffee Shop by clicking the coffee mug back on the coffee machine. 

Then combine the bottle of Valerian drops with the coffee mug in inventory to turn the coffee into a strong sleeping drink (Hot Coffee With Reverse Effect). Go back to the city wall and give the coffee mug to the gunner mouse, and he will immediately fall asleep and will not wake up when Jerry touches the cannon.

As you have undoubtedly noticed, Mousewood was built under a very large tree. It is also the tree on which, at the back of the town hall, Green Hat is standing on the branch and... it is Portal Tree 2. Once you have given the coffee to the gunner mouse, click on the cannon again and... ...Jerry aims the cannon with the barrel up....the cannon is now aimed at the top of the tree above the city. Put the Glownut in the cannon and....

Jerry then automatically fires the cannon and the glowing sap in the glow nut spreads over the top of the tree and attracts a whole army of fireflies, which completely light up the back of the town hall. So quickly go to the town square and then on to the back of the town hall. 

Crawl back into the council chamber through the round window and then climb back onto the roof at the rear via the top exit. 

The branch on which Green Hat is still standing is now beautifully illuminated by the fireflies. So click on the branch with your hand and...

Jerry now takes the plunge and ends up on the branch near the Green Hat, who keeps complaining that he will catch a cold if he doesn't get his hat back. If you feel the need, you can first play the Quartet Game with Green Hat, but as said before... I am not interested in this. Talk to Green Hat. Green Hat wants his hat back, but Jerry will not give the hat back until Green Hat has kept his word. Green Hat now introduces himself as Emmet Melanoplus O'Donnell and he opens a Portal to the world he comes from. Green Hat and Jerry go through the Portal and.......

.......we end up in Green Hat's world and in:

Chapter 5: Ireland

Bully Green Hat O'Donnell has brought Jerry to his world and it turns out to be Ireland and he now wants his hat back, because it is cold and wet here. We are at a stone tower that stand at a lake. The taunt head wants Jerry to make 3 wishes. Click on O'Donnell with your talk cursor to continue talking to him...Jerry then gives the green hat back to O'Donnell and he then continues to talk for a while and uses a number of swear words for Jerry. Conversation options will then appear........

....use the last option first and do it 3 times to earn an Achievement. So click on the option "Um, what was that you just called me?" and.......the little green hat then repeats all the swear words and adds a few new ones. Then use 1 of the 2 options to make a wish and then ask again " What did you call me earlier?"......Green Hat repeats the swear words again and then click on 1 of the remaining options again to make your 2nd wish and then you say again "Can you repeat those names you gave me one more time?" and.....you have earned the Achievement.You will hear a sound and you will see a trophy cup appear at the top left. Then make your last wish and during all of this, O'Donnell immediately granted Jerry's 3 wishes, but they didn't turn out so well for Jerry.

Jerry also gives the silver spoon and the lump of cobalt back to O'Donnell, who undoes Jerry's 3 wishes and then disappears. But Jerry keeps his skills as a plumber, because O'Donnell finds that useful. There is a Cross near the tower. Behind the tower we see an island in the distance. There is a window at the bottom of the tower and the entrance is on the left side. Look at the cross, the tower, the window and the island and listen to Jerry all the time. Enter the tower via the entrance on the left side. 

Inside the tower we see that there is an old Flag flying in the window, but no trace of O'Donnell. Take the old Flag.....

Jerry says that the flag smells like a dog, but he doesn't understand why he recognizes the smell. 

To the right of the window is a Zaroff Poster that you can view. 

Use the magic Ring, so press your space bar to reveal O'Donnell. Talk to O'Donnell.

 the little bully is now in a bad mood and so he doesn't want to do magic and he has to conjure another rainbow to go home. Go back outside......the little shitty Green Hat likes to steal things, so maybe Jerry can take advantage of that to put O'Donnell in a better mood. Take the Trophy Cup, which Jerry received from the party guest, from inventory and place the thing in the tower window and......

Green Hat sees the cup, but because the thing doesn't shine nicely, he doesn't think it's worth stealing.

So take the old Flag from inventory and click it on the cup to give it a good clean.

After Jerry puts the cup back in the window, Green Hat steals the cup and that puts him in a good mood so that he conjures up the rainbow and disappears to the island. So Green Hat is now gone, to the island, but the rainbow is still there. Go back into the tower......Hoto's voice then tells Jerry to touch the rainbow to learn his 2nd spell. So click on the rainbow with your hand and......

Jerry then gets the green "Growth Spell" and it also gets stuck on Jerry's (Greengrow) wand. 

Hoto explains that with this spell, Jerry can make the plants grow and also make it rain

. As a reward, Jerry earns a Quartet card, which O'Donnell dropped. Jerry automatically picks up the quartet card. 

On this card we see Jerry with a small dog in his arms.

Leave the tower and.........

....the portal on the tree will automatically open, so click the tree to step through the portal to return to Mousewood:

Chapter 6: Back in Mousewood:

2024: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot